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Reeling in  EDINBO RO STUD ENTS GET HO OKE D ON ENVIRO NMENTALIST B USINES S TO SAV E L OCAL W ATE RW AYS By Christopher LaFuria & Nathan Brennan You’re taking in the majestic scenery of towering mountains and a babbling brook. You’ve got your fishing gear—fly rod, tackle box and hip waders. You never know what to expect with the quick rapids and slippery rock surfaces. Preparation is key. As you find your spot in the tranquil wilderness, your near-Zen moment is disrupted by unexpected visitors—a plastic soda pop bottle and sandwich wrapper, presumably discarded by previous anglers. Now your entire fishing trip is tainted, as you reflect on the state of your favorite fishing stream and the lack of responsibility by fellow sportsfolk. This is what happened to Edinboro University grad Tyler Waltenbaugh,



’20, and current student Hunter Klobucar—creators of the outdoors environmentalist business Fish Gods. During a recent trip with Brook Trout Odyssey, the pair measured local waterways and analyzed trout populations of their favorite spots. During the trip, Waltenbaugh and Klobucar noticed the pervasive pollution and discarded garbage in the watersheds. “Our company and our product come from seeing a problem out there,” said Waltenbaugh, one of the designers for the new Clean Earth Bag. “You take care of what you love. Being so passionate for the outdoors, we saw a problem with pollution. And we naturally wanted to take care of it.”

This fall the two co-founders of Fish Gods, LLC, launched the Clean Earth Bag, a reusable bag made specifically for outdoor enthusiasts to pick up, contain and recycle plastic and garbage pollution they encounter in the outdoors. The Clean Earth Bag eliminates the problems that come with using trash bags, grocery bags or any other home items you’ve been using to collect outdoor waste. Unlike a trash bag or garbage bag, the Clean Earth Bag is durable and tear resistant, while also being easily washable, drainable and foldable (making it simple to pack). Outdoor enthusiasts can easily attach the bag to a kayak, bike, boat, belt, backpack and more. “The Clean Earth Bag was designed to last,” added Klobucar,