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From Brazil to China and Zimbabwe to Japan, students from countries throughout the world come to Edinboro University in Pennsylvania. In fact, many of our students are the second or third member from their family to select Edinboro University for their studies. With more than 100 undergraduate and graduate programs, Edinboro offers educational excellence, globally recognized faculty and modern academic facilities. In addition, we maintain strong mentoring relationships between students and faculty to help prepare you for professional success. At Edinboro University, you can immerse yourself in exciting, diverse opportunities with peers from nearly every cultural, ethnic, and racial background. Just as important, you can enjoy a vibrant college experience in a safe, friendly community.

Edinboro, Pennsylvania You may be surprised to know that the town of Edinboro is located within hours of more than half of the population in the United States. Situated in the northwest corner of Pennsylvania in the eastern part of the U.S., Edinboro is just 15 minutes from Lake Erie and the city of Erie.


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Edinboro, PA When it comes to weather, Edinboro enjoys the wonder of four distinct seasons – from warm summers and colorful autumns to snowy winters and cool springs. Since the school year runs from August to May, you will have the chance to experience each one. Travel time by car to select U.S. cities from Edinboro, PA Chicago, IL

7 hr 30 m 480 miles

Cleveland, OH

1 hr 45 m

95 miles

New York, NY

7 hr 15 m

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Pittsburgh, PA

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Washington, DC

6 hr 20 m 350 miles


Cleveland, OH

Chicago, IL

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Academics at Edinboro Undergraduate Programs – Bachelor’s and Associate Degrees

First and foremost, Edinboro University offers an outstanding environment for your education. Our undergraduate programs are designed to help you develop the knowledge and skills to face the challenges of the 21st century. Edinboro’s small class sizes enable you to forge close relationships with faculty members and get involved in extraordinary experiences, including independent research, internships and field study. Our academic programs are designed to challenge and transform students – preparing you to reach the heights you envision. School of Graduate Studies and Research

Edinboro University is committed to preparing graduate students for distinguished careers in both the public and private sectors. Our primary goal is to enable graduate students to master the ideas and methods of their subject areas and to engage in scholarly research work and other globally significant intellectual endeavors. To promote academic and intellectual integrity, the School of Graduate Studies provides leadership by reviewing academic programs, promoting strong mentoring relationships among students and faculty, and creating opportunities for the professional and intellectual development of graduate students. The School of Graduate Studies and Research also offers outstanding nationally accredited online master’s and non-degree certification programs.

undergradUATE and graduate Programs

UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAMS ASSOCIATE DEGREES (2 years) [0502] Business Administration (AS) [0401] Computer Science (AS) [0501] Criminal Justice (AA) [0503] Human Services - Social Services (AA) [0504] Human Services - Developmental Disabilities Specialist (AA) [0207] Liberal Studies (AA) (*6) [0244] Manufacturing Engineering Technology (AET) [0402] Pre-Pharmacy [0403] Pre-Pharmacy - LECOM (*2) [0242] Preschool Education (AS) BACHELOR’S DEGREES (4 years) [0570] Anthropology (BA) [0393] Applied Media Arts - Cinema (BFA) [0380] Applied Media Arts - Graphic Design (BFA) [0381] Applied Media Arts - Photography (BFA) [0210] Art Education (BSAE) [0337] Art History (BA) [0462] Biology (BA) [0477] Biology (BS) [0442] Biology - Pre-Dental - Temple (BS) [0449] Biology - Pre-Dental (BS) [0444] Biology - Pre-Medical - LECOM (BS) (*2) [0450] Biology - Pre-Medical (BS) [0452] Biology - Pre-Veterinary (BS) [0491] Business Admin - Accounting (BS) [0498] Business Admin - Accounting/Forensic Accounting (BS) [0490] Business Admin - Comp. Business Administration (BS) [0496] Business Admin - Financial Services (BS) [0561] Business Admin - General (Pre) [0455] Business Admin - Management Information Systems (BS) [0492] Business Admin - Marketing (BS) [0463] Chemistry (BA) [0478] Chemistry (BS) [0443] Chemistry - Forensic Science (BS) [0445] Chemistry - Industrial Biochemistry (BS) [0317] Communication Studies (BA) [0493] Computer Science - Application (BS) [0441] Computer Science - Game and Virtual World Development (BS) [0494] Computer Science - Theoretical (BS) [0573] Criminal Justice (BA) [0459] Earth Sciences (BA) [0268] Early Childhood Education (BSED) [0269] Early Childhood Education (P-4) and Special Education (P-8) (BSED) [0575] Economics (BS) [0333] English - Literature (BA)

GRADUATE PROGRAMS [0334] English - Writing (BA) [0456] Environmental Science/Biology (BS) [0382] Fine Arts/Studio Arts - Ceramics (BFA) [0383] Fine Arts/Studio Arts - Drawing (BFA) [0384] Fine Arts/Studio Arts - Jewelry/Metalsmithing (BFA) [0386] Fine Arts/Studio Arts - Painting (BFA) [0387] Fine Arts/Studio Arts - Printmaking (BFA) [0388] Fine Arts/Studio Arts - Sculpture (BFA) [0391] Fine Arts/Studio Arts - Wood/Furniture (BFA) [0580] Geography (BA) [0568] Geography - Environmental Studies (BA) [0567] Geography - Urban/Regional Planning (BA) [0470] Geology (BS) [0440] Geology - Environmental Geology (BS) [0345] German (BA) [0246] Health & Physical Ed - Health Promotion (BSHPE) [0257] Health & Physical Ed - Human Performance (BSHPE) [0247] Health & Physical Ed - Recreation Administration (BSHPE) [0248] Health & Physical Ed - Sport Administration (BSHPE) [0237] Health & Physical Ed - Teacher Certification (BSHPE) [0582] History (BA) [0350] Humanities/English (BA) [0314] World Languages and Cultures (BA) [0153] Individualized Studies (BA) (*6) [0559] Industrial & Engineering Administration (BS) [0319] Journalism and Mass Communications Broadcast Journalism (BA) [0320] Journalism and Mass Communications - Print Journalism (BA) [0321] Journalism and Mass Communications - Public Relations (BA) [0460] Mathematics (BA) [0499] Mathematics - Actuarial Science (BA) [0474] Medical Technology (BS) [0271] Middle Level Ed - English/Language Arts/Reading (BSED) [0272] Middle Level Ed - Mathematics (BSED) [0273] Middle Level Ed - Science (BSED) [0274] Middle Level Ed - Social Studies (BSED) [0275] Middle Level Ed - Math and English/Language Arts/ Reading (BSED) [0276] Middle Level Ed - Math and Science (BSED) [0277] Middle Level Ed - Math and Social Studies (BSED) [0278] Middle Level Ed - Science and English/Language Arts/ Reading (BSED) [0279] Middle Level Ed - Science and Social Studies (BSED) [0316] Music – Music Education (BA) [0339] Music – (BA) [0476] Nuclear Medicine Technology (BS) [0676] Nursing (BS) (*7) (*9) [0680] Nursing - Contemporary Nursing Issues for Foreign-Educated Nurses (*8)

[0678] Nursing - Innovative Nursing (BSN) (*3) (*7) (*10) [0679] Nursing - RN to BSN (BSN) (*4) (*10) [0342] Philosophy (BA) [0322] Philosophy - Religious Studies (BA) [0430] Physics - Cooperative Engineering (BA) [0431] Physics - Liberal Arts (BA) [0432] Physics - Theoretical (BA) [0584] Political Science (BA) [0564] Political Science - Legal Studies (BA) [0611] Psychology - Applied Developmental (BS) [0613] Psychology - Custom Focus (BS) [0612] Psychology - Applied Mental Health (BS) [0232] Secondary Education - Biology (BSED) [0233] Secondary Education - Chemistry (BSED) [0220] Secondary Education - Comprehensive English (BSED) [0226] Secondary Education - Earth/Space Science (BSED) [0234] Secondary Education - General Science (BSED) [0228] Secondary Education - Mathematics (BSED) [0235] Secondary Education - Physics (BSED) [0236] Secondary Education - Social Studies (BSED) [0574] Social Work (BS) [0588] Sociology (BA) [0313] Speech and Hearing Sciences (BS) [0327] Women’s Studies (BA) UNDECLARED (*1) [0104] Undeclared [0097] Undeclared - Education Notes: *1 - Students who are unsure of their curriculum major may choose “Undeclared” to begin their college experience. Although you cannot graduate from Edinboro University without choosing a major, most, if not all credits earned will be applicable to the degree program you select. In addition, students will receive special assistance in choosing a major. *2 - Coop program with Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine *3 - For students already possessing a four-year degree in another area *4 - For students possessing a license as a registered nurse (RN) *5 - Teacher certification available *6 - Self designed major *7 - Fall start only *8 - For International Nurses only *9 - Freshmen only *10 - Transfers only

On-Line Programs Art Education (MA) Communication Studies (MA) Early Childhood Education* (MEd) Educational Leadership (MEd) Educational Psychology* (MEd) Middle/Secondary Instruction (MEd) Nursing (Collaborative Program with Clarion) (MSN) Reading* (MEd) Social Work (MSW) Special Education* (MEd) On-Campus Programs Biology (MS) Communication Studies (MA) Counseling (MA) Fine Arts (MFA) School Psychology (EdS) Social Sciences (MA) Social Work (MSW) Speech/Language Pathology (MA) *One week summer residency required

The edinboro experience Founded in 1857, Edinboro University boasts more than 8,000 students and over 400 faculty, making the university’s campus a “community within the community.” Over the past 150 years, more than 55,000 students have prepared for their futures here. Wired to the world

You will be pleased to know that Edinboro University is “WIRED TO THE WORLD!” With dozens of computer labs and wi-fi areas located on campus, students can accomplish a wide variety of tasks from research to communicating with family and friends. You can register for classes, add and drop courses, see your grades, check your student account and even pay your bill. Facilities for Learning and Living

At Edinboro, you will find a college campus just as you have imagined. Here, you can enjoy state-of-theart learning centers and contemporary facilities for on-campus living and dining. Our housing options include suite-style, living-learning floors and honors floors as well as private or shared rooms – all equipped with beds, dressers, desks, chairs and closets. For dining, there is a wide range of selection at food courts, cafes and restaurants on campus. Campus Life

Whatever your interest, we are committed to making your out-of-the-classroom experience the best it can be! Edinboro University offers a variety of ways for students to enjoy recreational and healthy experiences on and off campus. There are more than 220 clubs and organizations that focus on both academics and student interests, such as the Business and Accounting Club, the Chess Club, the Highland Ambassadors, the African Student Association, the Asia Club, the International Student Affiliation and the Latino Student Organization.

a Special Message for parents

Edinboro University is committed to providing affordable higher education for international students. The university community promotes a multicultural academic sphere where students can engage in a mutually-responsible learning environment. Your child will discover an exciting place to pursue higher education. Just as important, we have devoted significant resources to ensure the safety and security of our students on campus. As you consider Edinboro University, please be sure to contact us with any questions. Ready to apply? You will find all required forms and instructions on our website at, keyword: International.

If you have any questions, please contact: Undergraduate Admissions office

School of graduate studies & research

International Student Services




Edinboro University of Pennsylvania is an equal opportunity educational institution and will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex and disability in its activities, programs or employment practices as required by Title VI, Title VII, Title IX, Section 504 and the ADA. For educational information regarding civil rights or grievance procedures, contact the Office of Human Resources and Faculty Relations, Reeder

Edinboro University by the Numbers

Hall, 219 Meadville Street, Edinboro, PA 16444 (814-732-2810). For information or assistance

8,000+ students

regarding services, activities and facilities that

585 acres, 43 buildings

are accessible to and useable by persons with

100+ degree programs, 57 minors programs

Over 400 Full- and part-time faculty

18 to 1 student-faculty ratio

disabilities, contact Dr. Robert McConnell, Office of Students with Disabilities (814-732-2462 V/TTY). In addition, Edinboro

8 suite-style halls and 3 traditionaL halls with Guaranteed on-campus housing

University of Pennsylvania’s Discrimination Grievance Policy (G001) states: The University will not unlawfully discriminate against any

student, employee, or qualified candidate for employment because of national origin, sex, color,

Students from 30 countries

age, religion, disability, organizational affiliation, or sexual orientation.



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International Brochure  

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