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DR. JEREMY D. BROWN, PRESIDENT With my first annual report as President of Edinboro

As an institution of higher education, our greatness is

University we will not only look back at the success of the

reflected first and foremost in its academic excellence. We

past year, but also take a glimpse into the future in the

are focused on creating and promoting an atmosphere

coming months and years.

where academic excellence is nurtured, revered and celebrated. We will raise the bar of excellence not only to

We clearly have much to be proud of as the University

the next level, but the level beyond that.

continues to grow and flourish. This report will highlight many of the wonderful changes that have taken place –

As a symbol of our renewed pride in Edinboro and our

especially with our expanding facilities. And we are also

dedication to excellence, we have re-established our

very excited about the changes taking place in the delivery

distinctive Royal Stewart tartan as the emblem of the

of education through online courses and distance

University. Its presence will be seen in abundance

education. That we are able to affect so many people's lives

everywhere on campus, reflecting the rich and proud

because we can deliver our highly valued services all over

heritage of our fine institution.

the globe is as gratifying as it is remarkable. Our mantra is that everything we do must reflect the Shortly after I became President of Edinboro University on

excellence of the University. And it is my hope that our

July 1, 2007, we created a new theme to help us realize

plaid will come to be associated with that excellence and all

who we are and where we want to go. That simple, but

of the great things that happen here!

powerful message is: Great things happen here!



MESSAGE “Our mantra is that everything we do must reflect the excellence of the University.”


A great university is measured primarily by its academic

Congress of Toxicology in Montreal, and The Society for

achievements, scholarship and service to the community.

Neuroscience Annual Conference in San Diego.

Great academics begin with an outstanding faculty supported by a dedicated staff.

? Institutional research and scholarship by the faculty

continue to flourish with faculty work published in such journals as Pediatric Nursing, Journal of the American

? We have a terrific faculty at Edinboro as indicated by the

high percentage of tenure-track faculty with terminal

Chemical Society, Psychopharmacology, and the Journal of Crustacean Biology this past year.

degrees. Of the 316 tenure-track faculty, 272 – 86 percent – have a terminal degree in their disciplines. ? Faculty excellence is also reflected in the 90 faculty


The fastest growing academic area of the University is Graduate Studies under the direction of Dr. Scott Baldwin.

members who received financial support from the

The numbers of students and programmes continue to grow

Provost's Office to present research at national and

at a remarkable rate:

international conventions including the 2007 International

? From fall of 2006 to fall of 2007, the number of students


Annual Growth Rate In Enrollment In Online Courses EDINBORO UNIVERSITY


23% 2004 18.2% 2005 36.5% 2006 9.7%

80.1% 65.8% 99.2% 25.1% 43.9% 69.7%*




in online master's degree programmes rose by a spectacular 44 percent.

?The Graduate Certificate in Palliative and End-of-Life Care was offered online for the first

time in the 2007-08 academic year. ?Three master's degree programmes have been approved for online delivery for the fall of

2008: Social Work, Middle and Secondary Education with initial certification in

2007 2008

Number Of Individual Graduate Students Enrolled In An Online Course

767* 452

251 314

Mathematics/Natural Sciences, and Middle and Secondary Education with emphasis on

76 126 24 42

middle school.

2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008

An institution's academic rigour can also be measured by its accreditations, in addition to that

Graduate Enrollment

of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. Edinboro University has accreditations from 14 accrediting bodies including three new accreditations or reaccreditations in the past year. Current accreditations include:









? Commission on Accreditation for Dietetics Education ? Council on Academic Accreditation of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association ? Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs ? Council on Rehabilitation Education, Inc.

2005 *Projected



? Council on Social Work Education

? In January, 25 students began a two-year associate's

? National Association of Schools of Music

degree in Preschool Education, meeting on weekends at

? National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education

the Porreco Center. In conjunction with the Erie School

? Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education

District, our “East Erie Cohort” programme has been

? Pennsylvania Department of Education

remarkably successful in retaining students in an

? Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related

innovative Associate of Arts degree program. More than 81 percent of the students are expected to graduate from

Educational Programs ? Pennsylvania State Board of Nursing ? National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission, Inc. ? National Association of Schools of Art and Design ? National Association of School Psychologists

the programme this year. This is significantly higher than the national three-year average of 29 percent in 2006. ?In April, Pennsylvania's Departments of Education and

Labor and Industry awarded Edinboro with a $216,000 Technical College Grant to provide training in

The growth of the University is evidenced by the expansion

Total Freshman & Transfer Student Applications


4609 4380





manufacturing technology at the Bessemer Complex in

of programmes at both

Meadville. The initiative is expected to be funded for more

Edinboro University in

than $1 million over five years.

Meadville at the

?We are expanding the global stature of Edinboro University

Bessemer Center, and

by increasing our recruitment and thus our enrollment of

Edinboro University in

international students while offering greater opportunities

Erie – The Porreco

for study abroad. In support of this I traveled to Poland and

Center, as well as a

China in May to strengthen and expand our ties to

renewed focus on

educational institutions in those countries as a result.


These are important steps to establish Edinboro as a major international presence in higher education. Our vision is to


EXCELLENCE take Edinboro University to the world, and to bring the world to the

16 International Nations Represented By Incoming Freshman And Transfers

University. Academic conferences renew and revitalize the mission of the University by bringing scholars and experts together in dialogue on critical topics. Some of the many conferences hosted by Edinboro this past year included: ? “Toward Global Excellence in the 21st Century: Development,

Germany United Kingdom

Poland Greece

Environment, and Pathways of Cooperation,” our first-ever international conference was co-sponsored by the Regional Science Consortium at the

Israel Ghana Nigeria

Tom Ridge Environmental Center. Among those participating were Dr.

Canada Japan


People’s Republic of China India Kenya Nepal



Mikhail Vishnevskiy, of the Institute of African Studies, Moscow, Russia; Mr. Matti Tweshiningilwa Ngihkembua, educational officer and senior research assistant, Cheetah Conservation Fund, Namibia Africa; and Dr. James Reichman, Former Director and Emeritus Professor, National Center of Ecological Analysis and Synthesis, Professor, Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology, University of California, Santa Barbara. ? The Public Relations Student Society of America's regional conference, “In Support of the Ivory Tower: Public Relations at

Colleges and Universities,” featured Edinboro alumnus Dr. Kenneth White, Vice President for Communication and Marketing at the University of Virginia's Darden School of Business. ? The annual Business Intelligence & Technology Summit of the Technology Council of Northwest PA had as a keynote

speaker Edinboro graduate Mike Zafirovski, president and CEO of Nortel. ? Dr. Victoria L. Bernhardt, executive director of the Education for the Future Initiative, gave the keynote address at the

“Leadership for Student Achievement Conference: Beyond Test Scores; Using Multiple Measures of Data.” Edinboro's programmes in Educational Leadership in collaboration with the Pennsylvania Department of Education sponsored the conference. ? The Art & Science of Interdisciplinary Palliative and End-of-Life-Care Conference featured speakers from Massachusetts

General Hospital speaking to health care professionals from throughout the region.




Enrollment By County

Enrollment By State 6922 269 227 76 59 32



Nothing has been more symbolic of the transformation of

A series of “Breakfast Club” meetings for management was

Edinboro University in the past year than the adoption of

introduced to improve communication across campus on a

our new theme: “Great things happen here!” Coupled with

range of topics. To afford faculty, staff and students the

that theme is a renewed emphasis on the use of the Royal

opportunity to personally meet with the President, we

Stewart Tartan as the visual symbol of the University. The

established monthly “President's Hour” sessions. And the

tartan can be seen everywhere on campus – from the

University created the Next Generation Leadership Team

banners hanging on Louis C. Cole Auditorium and in

to provide planning and visioning opportunities for mid-

Meadville and Erie, to the clothing in the Campus

level management employees.

Bookstore. To better prepare the University for emergencies, the ? Part of that tartan revival can be seen in our new

University created the Campus Emergency Response

Edinboro lapel pin. In a campus-wide contest, Troy

Team and installed the e2Campus emergency response

Wilkins' distinctive “E” design was selected not only for


the pin, but also for many other uses. ? We celebrated our first Tartan Day in November and will

During the first week of May, Edinboro was proud and

now observe it twice a year: in November on the birthday

honoured to host the Vietnam War Memorial Moving Wall,

of the patron saint of Scotland, St. Andrew; and in the

which drew 15,000 visitors to campus, and provided

spring to coincide with the national observance of Tartan

educational opportunities for many K-12 students.

Day. ? To help take our new image and message to a wider

Spring Commencement featured the first use in the nation

audience, we created The Thistle Post, an electronic

of automated video and audio introductions of each

newsletter named for the national emblem of Scotland. At

participating student on a large video screen in McComb

the same time we created a new employee recognition


programme called the Purple Thistle Award to thank those many staff members at the University who work diligently going above and beyond the call of duty, sometimes without the recognition they deserve.


Three-year Graduation Rates Associates Degree EDINBORO’S EAST ERIE COHORT


SOUTH DAKOTA (highest state avgerage)

29% 62%


Change In Freshman Sat Scores From Last Year SAT RANGE 900-999 1000-1099 1100-1199 1200-1299 1300-1399




Ý13.8% Þ7.1% Ý9.6% Ý18.8% Ý60% Ý100%



and Designer's Association Award.

We take greatest pride in celebrating

The delegation of political science

the successes of our students –

majors received an honourable

whether it is engaging in professional-

mention for its representation of the

conferences of the National

level research with faculty mentors or

African nation of Mali.

Association of School Psychologists

vying against the top schools in the nation in academic competitions.

? At the 14th Annual Consortium for

Computer Science, Edinboro students took first prize in the poster

? Edinboro students competed for the

first time in the National College Bowl Competition. Edinboro's team of business administration students

? Students presented posters at

and the American Counseling Association. ? Four students from the Animation

competition and claimed third and

programme created a seven-minute

fourth places in the team

animated video to accompany the


Erie Philharmonic's performance of

? Students in the Geosciences

“Overture to La Scala di Seta” in the

placed fourth at the regional level

Department created Students at

Louis C. Cole Auditorium –

and was the only State System

Edinboro for Environmental Defense

Memorial Hall. The ambitious

University to advance to – and

(SEED) to promote Earth Week and

undertaking required 13,000

participate in – the final

present a series of activities on

individual images and thousands of

championship series.

environmental issues.

hours of combined effort.

? Edinboro students also represented

? Edinboro's literary journal of student

the University at the 2008 National

writings and artwork, Chimera,

Model United Nations Conference.

received its fifth University College


One of the most rewarding moments

? In February we officially opened the

during my first year as president was

new Dr. William P. Alexander Music

dome covering an area large enough

to announce the largest construction

Center, the University's first building

to house four basketball courts all

project in the University's 150-year

designed specifically for music. The

situated within an entire track and

history – our new, $115 million

$5 million state-of-the art facility

field facility. For the first time, the

residence hall project. This campus-

features group and individual

University will have a building

changing project will construct eight

rehearsal rooms, and a 104-seat

suitable for such activities as indoor

new suite-style residence halls to

recital hall with excellent acoustics

track and soccer, practice facilities

replace Shafer, Scranton and

for small group and individual

for softball and other sports, classes

Lawrence Towers. The first residence


and recreational uses for all students,

hall is expected to be completed for the start of spring semester 2009.

? With the installation last summer of

artificial turf, Sox Harrison Stadium now has one of the finest fields in the

? In April, the University dedicated the

and major university events such as Commencement. ? Planning is well underway for

PSAC. Coupled with a new

another new building project: the

Frank G. Pogue Student Center. The

scoreboard and lights, the Stadium

Institute for Human Services that

event marked the completion of the

provides a year-round venue for

will be the new home for our

$20 million expansion and renovation

many events that can be hosted day

Nursing Department and the

or night.

Speech, Language and Hearing

of the former University Center that doubled the size of the previous


structure will feature an inflated

? Construction has begun on what

structure. The Center is now truly

might become our most distinctive

the heart of campus with a

building on campus – a multipurpose

magnificent multipurpose room,

dome. Located just north of

theatre, weight room, running track

McComb Fieldhouse on the old

and many other features.

softball field, the 85,000 sq. ft.


The Past Campus

The Present Campus



The Future Campus


JENNIFER BOYKIN The University takes its greatest pride in the accomplishments of its star students. Representing the School of Liberal Arts is Jennifer Boykin, who graduated this spring with a 3.95 cumulative grade point average. Jennifer typifies the outstanding student-athlete model. She was both a basketball scholarship student and a member of the Robert C. Weber Honors Program. She completed a 450-hour internship in psychology at the Erie County Prison in the summer of 2007 and participated in two undergraduate research projects in psychology which led to poster presentations at the Western Pennsylvania Undergraduate Psychology Conference. Her volunteer work includes the Erie City Mission, Habitat for Humanity, and Random Acts of Kindness in Edinboro. Jennifer's poise, talent and communication skills were showcased when she shared duties as emcee of both the University's Honors Scholarship Luncheon and last year's inauguration gala. Her image is seen by thousands of people every day when they visit the University's website.






Representing the School of Science,

Representing the School of

Representing Graduate Studies is

Management and Technology is

Education, Kimberly Hunter, is one of

Chad Waldron, who will earn an

Joseph (Joey) Braymer who

those remarkable students who

M.Ed. degree in reading in

graduated this spring Magna Cum

seemingly can do it all. Kimberly

December of 2008. Chad exemplifies

Laude from the chemistry

maintains a perfect 4.0 grade point

the high levels of success of our best

department. As a junior, Joey

average as an elementary

and brightest students. As an

conducted research dealing with

education/special education major.

undergraduate student at Edinboro,

syntheses and properties of

She competed in the University's

he served as president of the

photoprotecting groups. His work

College Bowl as a member of the

international education honour

earned him the runner-up prize for

Special Education team and was a

society Kappa Delta Pi, presented the

oral presentation at the Sigma-Xi

member of the team of students that

student address at Commencement,

Undergraduate Research and

planned and participated in the first

volunteered in local elementary

Creative Accomplishment

ever Readers' Theatre at McKean

schools at public service events, and

Conference. Praised by his professors

Elementary School. In addition, she

graduated Summa Cum Laude.

for his superior lab skills and quality

participates in the Council for

Outside of the classroom he has

of work, his many awards include

Exceptional Children, volunteers at

worked as a reading specialist for

Outstanding Departmental Senior,

Hermitage House, and is a student

grades 3-5 in the Fort LeBoeuf School

Valhakis Chemistry Scholar, and the

worker in the Office of the Dean of

District, and at the Heartwood

Society of Analytical Chemists of


Institute in Pittsburgh as their

Pittsburgh and the Pittsburgh ACS

educational initiatives coordinator for

“College Chemistry Award.� He has

two major grant projects.

been accepted into the Ph.D. programme at the University of Michigan.


DEVELOPMENT In addition to the millions of dollars

contains the seed of an entirely new

seed money to establish an incubator

generated through construction and


for a new concept called “art-based

renovation projects, the University's

manufacturing.” The concept brings

totaling $1.25 million will train

together innovative artistic design

the region year after year. We are the

dozens of critically needed

with product engineering to create

15th largest employer in Erie County,

manufacturing engineering

new products of high quality in both

providing more than 800 jobs directly

technicians over the next five years.

design and manufacturing. While this

and creating a total employment

Edinboro received $271,912 initially

grant is modest compared to our $20

impact of more than 2,300 jobs.

to enhance a training programme

million or even $4 million

leading to an Associate of Science

construction projects, the potential of

degree in Manufacturing

an art incubator is enormous as it

awarded a $600,000 grant to

Engineering Technology· In addition

contains the seed of an entirely new

Edinboro University to support

to the millions of dollars generated


enrollment in the fields of Science,

through construction and renovation

Technology, Engineering and Math.

projects, the University's economic

totaling $1.25 million will train

impact is felt throughout the region

dozens of critically needed

$182,667 grant from the Pennsylvania

year after year. We are the 15th

manufacturing engineering

State System of Higher Education as

largest employer in Erie County,

technicians over the next five years.

seed money to establish an incubator

providing more than 800 jobs directly

Edinboro received $271,912 initially

for a new concept called “art-based

and creating a total employment

to enhance a training programme

manufacturing.” The concept brings

impact of more than 2,300 jobs.

leading to an Associate of Science

? The National Science Foundation

? The University also received a

together innovative artistic design

? The National Science Foundation

with product engineering to create

awarded a $600,000 grant to

new products of high quality in both

Edinboro University to support

design and manufacturing. While this

enrollment in the fields of Science,

grant is modest compared to our $20 million or even $4 million


? Technical College Program Grants

economic impact is felt throughout

Technology, Engineering and Math. ? The University also received a

? Technical College Program Grants

degree in Manufacturing Engineering Technology. • We generate more than $336 million annually in direct and indirect business stimulus

construction projects, the potential of

$182,667 grant from the Pennsylvania

including nearly $180 million in

an art incubator is enormous as it

State System of Higher Education as

Erie County alone.


Edinboro University's Annual Fundraising $3,500,000.00







? The University's annual fundraising reached an all-time record, exceeding $3 million for the first time ever. ? The University also received three pledges of more than $1 million each ? Edinboro graduate and Nortel CEO Mike Zafirovski pledged $1.5 million to the new multipurpose domed facility.

Community Foundation made a major estate gift to Edinboro. ? Dr. William P. Alexander made a $2.1 million charitable remainder unitrust to fund philharmonic concerts and music scholarships. ? The first Jeremy D. Brown Millennium Leader Scholarship luncheon, featuring famed inventor

Edinboro University returns $11.41 to the people of Pennsylvania for every $1 in state funds appropriated.


08 20


20 0

20 0


? An anonymous friend of the Erie

20 02


20 0

19 9


19 96

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19 92


19 9

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19 86

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19 82

19 8

19 7



Dean Kamen, raised more than $40,000. ? The Inauguration's Presidential Scholarship Dinner raised more than $45,000. ? Private support for education continued to grow this year with the creation of 18 new endowments.


, Geosciences, received $6,000 for his

, Elementary Education, recently completed a study with colleagues from Texas Christian

project, “Changing Attitudes of Students with Disabilities

and the University of North Texas entitled "Effects of

Toward Attending College.” The goal of this project is to

AWARD reading on literacy achievement and attitudes

recruit students with disabilities in general and into

toward reading of students in the United States of

science, technology, engineering and math fields of study


specifically. , Library, copresented "LibQUAL+

Six Edinboro faculty contributed to “It matters when you read things 2007,” a community summer reading

in the Keystone Library Network: The Challenges and

programme co-sponsored by Edinboro University and the

Considerations of Implementing LibQUAL+ in a Statewide

Erie County Public Library.

Consortium" at the American Library Association's 2007

Library, and

, , English and Theatre Arts,

co-directed the program. Professors


, English and Theatre Arts; Art; and


Annual Conference in Washington, D.C. , Biology and Health Services,

, , History

and Anthropology; contributed as discussion leaders.

authored "A nuclear-encoded small-subunit ribosomal RNA timescale for diatom evolution," which was published in ScienceDirect.

Sociology, spent one week at Fort Knox, Kentucky as a participant in the U.S. Army's “Educator


Sociology, is coauthor of Structures

Visit” for the Leadership Training Course. She was

of Scientific Collaboration, published by MIT Press. The

interviewed by the Associated Press which quoted her in a

book examines how technology and bureaucracy shape

nationally distributed news story entitled “Army to Expand

collaborative scientific research projects. It is an empirical

Recruiting Incentives.”

study of multiorganizational collaboration in the physical


ACCOLADES one of only 36 social work educators in the country


selected to participate in the Research and Empirical English and Theatre Arts, conducted an in-service presentation on teaching and assessing

Applications for Curriculum Enhancement in Social Work pilot test.

writing for the faculty of the Penncrest School District and the Fort LeBeouf School District.

, Nursing, was a guest speaker at the national Emergency Nurses Association annual scientific

Elementary Education, had

assembly in Salt Lake City. He presented a workshop on

an article on Project Art Smart published in the Arts in

dental trauma and dental anesthesia for nurse practitioners

Education Newsletter published by the Association for

in an emergency department setting.

Supervision and Curriculum Development. “Utopia = Posthuman/Postgender?” a paper by English and Theatre Arts, received English and Theatre Arts, were invited

the Society for Utopian Studies' Lewis Award. She also

speakers for a Blasco Library panel entitled "Repeating the

presented “Messianic Masochism in James Joyce's

Past: Why The Great Gatsby Is Important to Read." The

Ulysses” at the SUS conference in Toronto, and “Porn and

event was part of the National Endowment for the Arts Big

Paradise: Joyce's Utopian Urges in Ulysses” at the North

Read project.

American James Joyce conference in Austin, Texas. , Social Work, presented “Assessing

Library, copresented “The Future of

Alcohol Use/Abuse in Victims of Street Violence” at the

the Rural Library” at the Annual Pennsylvania Library

30th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Research Society on

Association Conference in State College.

Alcoholism, held in Chicago. In addition, Dr. Scaggs was

, Political Science and Criminal Justice, and

, Associate Dean of

Science, Management and Technology, presented “Prisons

Award from the Delta Kappa Gamma Educational Foundation of the Delta Kappa Gamma International Society for key women educators. Holtz and colleagues and

and rural Pennsylvania communities: Exploring the health


of the relationship and the possibility of improvement” to

“Using Backward Design to Plan Effective Lessons in the

the Erie Chapter of the Pennsylvania Prison Society. They

Middle School” at the National Middle School

discussed their recently completed study funded by The

Association's 34th Annual Conference & Exhibit in

Center for Rural Pennsylvania. They also presented

Houston, Texas.

“Exploring the Perception of Economic Impact of State , Music, served as a clinician at the 2008

Correctional Institutions in Rural Pennsylvania,” at the Annual Meeting of the Academy of Criminal Justice

Pennsylvania Music Educators Association Annual

Sciences, in Cincinnati.

Conference in Hershey. The title of the session was "Curricular Pillars: The Basis of Effective Elementary

, Elementary Education, and

General Music Planning."

, Special Education & School , Psychology, was elected a member

Psychology, served as cochairpersons of the 36th Annual Teacher Education Assembly in Harrisburg. Others

of the Society for Research in Psychopathology

attending from Edinboro University were Dean of Education,

, Music, served on a team that

, and Elementary Education

evaluated courses at the Navy School of Music in Norfolk,

faculty members

Virginia, on behalf of the American Council on Education's Military Evaluations Program, which helps service , Business and Economics, and Dr.

members obtain academic recognition for learning

, Associate Dean of Science,

acquired through military courses and occupations.

Management and Technology, authored “The Sensitivity of Pennsylvania Unemployment to Changes in Crude Oil

An article co-authored by

Prices” in the Northeastern Journal of Business, Economics


and Technology, November 2007 issue.

, Career , Act 101 Program; and

, Professional Studies, appeared in The Journal About Women in Higher Education. The article,


, professor emeritus, was appointed to a

fifth two-year term as Executive Director of the

Professional Development of Counselor Educators,” was

Pennsylvania Association of Colleges and Teacher

released at National Association of Student Personnel


Administrators' annual conference in Boston. Middle and Secondary Education, was


“Professional Peer Clinical Supervision: A Model for the

awarded the Lucile Cornetet Professional Development

Special Education and School Psychology, was selected to participate on the Brain


STEPS School Re-Entry Consulting Team for

meeting of "Assembling the Tree of Life" researchers

northwestern Pennsylvania. Brain STEPS is working to

January 3-7 in San Antonio, Texas, where he presented

make sure that those who must provide educational

results of two years of research on crustacean evolution in

support to children with traumatic brain injury have a

a paper coauthored with

good understanding of brain injury, the resulting

Health Services, and biologists from Australia and China.

Biology and

challenges, and supports and interventions. A faculty-driven initiative at Edinboro University has led to , Sociology, had his paper, "W.E.B.

the creation of the Visiting Artist and Speaker Endowment,

DuBois: Defiant Defender of Peace in Cold War America,"

valued at more than $100,000. The endowment, which is

presented in absentia, at the International Conference on

the culmination of nine years of work, was led by Art

Peace Movements in the Cold War and Beyond, sponsored

Department faculty members including

by the Centre for the Study of Global Governance of the London School of Economics in association with the Free University of Amsterdam, and held in London, England. and Dean of the School of Liberal , Geosciences, attended an international



“Fish Story Altarpiece,” an installation by


History and Anthropology, presented

Art, has been purchased for exhibition in the Erie Bayfront

“Jihad and Terrorism: A Lethal Killing in the Name of

Convention Center. He was one of only six artists whose

Religion” at the Fifth International Conference, The

pieces were chosen for the exhibition.

History and Philosophy Research Division, held at the Athens Institute for Education and Research of Athens

Library, was the primary writer on a $51,000


University in Athens, Greece. The paper has been

Library Services and Technology Act grant which was

accepted for publication in the Research Journal of Social

awarded to the Keystone Library Network by the Office of

Science: An International Publication. The second part of

Commonwealth Libraries. The grant will pay for catalog

Dr. Mughal's research, “Jihad and Terror: Nature of

records for major microform collections at six PASSHE

International Terrorism and Its Impact on Democracy in

libraries: Bloomsburg, Clarion, Edinboro, Indiana,

Pakistan,” was presented at the Fifth International

Kutztown, and West Chester.

Conference, Hierarchy And Power in the History of Civilizations, in Moscow, Russia.




Justice, was named the 2007-2008 Educator of the Year at

Professional Studies, published an article in the inaugural

the Ohio Council of Criminal Justice Education's annual

issue of Field Experience Journal. Their article entitled,

research conference.

“Supervision: Vision and Leadership, The Effects of Leadership on the Teacher Candidate,” examines the impact of leadership on the teacher candidate.

, English and Theatre Arts, authored “ 'What You Would Like to Hear': Sex, Lies, and Lifewriting in Diane di Prima's Memoirs of a Beatnik” in


, Professional

the Summer 2007 issue of a/B: Auto/Biography Studies.

Studies, presented a research discussion paper at the

Her article on Beat icons Jack Kerouac and Neal Cassady,

Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research

which originally appeared in the journal Journeys will be

Association, in New York City. The paper, “Neighborhood

reprinted in a volume of scholarly essays entitled “What's

Culture as a Central Theme in a PDS Partnership,”

Your Road, Man": Critical Essays on Kerouac's On the Road,

analyzed their focus group research conducted as part of

forthcoming from Southern Illinois University Press.

the Professional Development School Partnership between Edinboro University and three schools in The School District of the City of Erie. "Evolution of Body Size in the Map Turtles and Sawbacks (Emydidae: Deirochelyinae: Graptemys)," by , Biology and Health Services, was published in the March 2008 issue of the journal Herpetologica. , Political Science and Criminal


During the past year, our student

commitment to academics, and the

• Women's soccer Head Coach Gary

athletes and coaches received many

sense of importance on classroom

Kagiavas was named PSAC West

major Pennsylvania State Athletic

achievement Bruce instills in our

Conference and National Collegiate


Athletic Association honours.

star Rachael Lanzel was named PSAC

proud that Kyle Witucki earned a

Women's Runner of the Year for the

spot on the ESPN the Magazine

second straight year, and was also

deserved recognitions during the

Football College Division Academic

selected the United States Track &

previous year was the induction of

All-American Team, while football

Field/Cross Country Coaches

Athletic Director Bruce

standout Trevor Harris and cross

Association's Women's East Region

Baumgartner into the U.S. Olympic

country star Rachael Lanzel were

Runner of the Year. Men's cross

Hall of Fame; Bruce is only the

named to PSAC Fall Top Ten.

country standout Barry McLaughlin

second wrestler to receive such a

Additionally, Lanzel was also named

was named PSAC Rookie of the Year,

tribute. As most of us know, Bruce is

to PSAC Spring Top Ten.

and Coach Doug Watts was selected

• One of the greatest and well-

considered the greatest American


• Academically, we're also extremely

Coach of the Year. • In women's cross country, perennial

• In football, quarterback Trevor

as the Coach of the Year. Watts was also named the USTFCCCA East

wrestler ever. A former World

Harris was named PSAC West

Champion, he competed and

Offensive Player of the Year, In

medaled in four Olympics Games,

volleyball, Jenna Newman became

• Of course, Edinboro continued to

winning two Golds, one Silver and

the PSAC West Athlete of the Year

excel at wrestling with Gregor

one Bronze. He also captained the

and Katie Wilkins was recognised as

Gillespie being named the Most

U.S. Olympic Team at the 1996

Rookie of the Year; Wilkins was also

Outstanding Wrestler at the Eastern

Atlanta Games. We can all be proud

named the American Volleyball

Wrestling League Tournament.

of Bruce's lifetime accomplishments.

Coaches Association's Atlantic

Wrestler Chris Honeycutt was named

I am especially proud of his

Region Freshman of the Year.

the EWL and PSAC Freshman of the

Region Coach of the Year.


EXCELLENCE Year, and Tim Flynn was named the PSAC Wrestling Coach of the Year. • In men's basketball, Ryan McLemore

finished 28th to earn All-American

the second time with a 3rd place

distinction for the first time.

finish in the 10,000-metre

Basketball star Ryan McLemore was

competition. • Our athletic teams made the PSAC

was voted the PSAC West Player of

named an honourable mention

the Year, and in women's swimming,

Division II Bulletin All-American

Playoffs in women's soccer, volleyball

Brooke Heath was named PSAC's

Team, and in wrestling, Gregor

and men's basketball, and were

Women's Swimmer of the Year, and

Gillespie became a three-time All-

PSAC champions in men's cross

was also named Outstanding

American with a fifth place finish at

country (also East Regional

Swimmer at the PSAC

157 pounds at the NCAA Division I

champs!), and PSAC wrestling.


National Wrestling Championships.

Again, our outstanding wresling team

Swimmer Brooke Heath finished her

was crowned Eastern Wrestling

congratulate nine student athletes

career as an 11-time All-American,

League Champions. Making the

accorded All-American honours. In

earning All-American honours three

NCAA Playoffs were the volleyball,

football, nose guard Chris Amico was

times: 2nd in the 200-yard

men's basketball, men's and women's

named to the

breaststroke, 3rd in the 100-yard

cross country, women's swimming

honourable mention All-American

breaststroke, and 5th in the 200-yard

and wrestling teams.

team. Volleyball standout Jenna

individual medley. Marie Nedley,

Newman was named an AVCA

another swimmer, was an honourable

own Greg Walcavich became just the

honourable mention All-American

mention All-American in the 1,650-

9th active Division II coach to reach

and also to the third team Daktronics

yard freestyle, finishing 10th. Again,

500 victories in men's basketball, and

All-American Team. In cross country,

one of our wheelchair basketball

that Kyle Witucki was selected to

Rachael Lanzel finished 17th at the

players excelled at the national level

play in the Cactus Bowl Football All-

NCAA Division II National

with Bryce Doody earning second

Star Game, while Ryan McLemore

Championships to earn All-American

team All-American honours. And in

played in the Collegiate Invitational

honours for the third time. Men's

track and field, it was Rachael Lanzel

Basketball Tournament.

cross country star Josh Arthur

again earning All-American status for

• We were also delighted to

• Also, I'm proud to point out that our


LOOKING A It's clear by the content of this, my first annual report to you and the

broader community beyond, that the previous year was highly successful in the many gains to our physical plant, including significant building renovations, new construction, and our ongoing efforts to go “green� at every available opportunity. Yet, no matter how useful or impressive our physical plant might be, the heart and soul of Edinboro University (as the report clearly demonstrates) is not in its brick and mortar complexes or state-of-the-art edifices, but rather in its tireless human endeavour toward educational attainment – a combined effort by faculty, staff and students working as a one team toward a single objective of academic excellence. To that end, during this past year we have made a collective very good start. But our work has just begun. Although America's system of higher education is unquestionably the best in the world, that system faces daunting challenges in the years and decades ahead. Edinboro University will not be immune from those challenges. Changing demographics, including the Commonwealth's shifting populations and declining numbers of high school graduates in our traditional northwestern Pennsylvania base, steadily increasing tuitions to keep up with technological advances as well as inflationary market dynamics, and continuing to adjust to not merely existing, but thriving in a global community are just several of the challenges we face as individuals and as a University team. However daunting, these challenges are not unsurpassable. In fact, I'm convinced that after this past year of our recommitment to excellence at every level, Edinboro University will not only meet its goals and objectives, but go beyond all expectations in continuing to well-position the University for serving generations of students to come. Like today, our students of tomorrow will be exceptionally prepared for the future because of Edinboro's complete college experience: in the classrooms, laboratories and libraries, and also on the athletic fields and myriad extracurricular activities.



HEAD Harold Shields, Chairperson Virginia McGarvey, Vice Chairperson Raymond Dombrowski, Secretary Joseph Cacchione Hon. John Evans John Horan Sr. Catherine Manning Ben Miceli John Pulice Harry Thomas, Esq. Nicole Nelson Dr. John C. Cavanaugh, Chancellor (ex officio)

Dr. Kenneth Adams, Dean of Education Dr. R. Scott Baldwin, Dean of Graduate Studies and Research Dr. Pearl Bartelt, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Mr. Sid Booker, Associate Vice President for Human Resources and Faculty Relations Dr. Donald Dilmore, Associate Vice President for University Libraries Ms. Valerie Hayes, Director of Social Equity and University Ombudsperson Mr. Gordon Herbst, Vice President for Finance and Administration Dr. Jerry Kiel, Vice President for Student Affairs and Student Success Dr. Andrew Lawlor, Associate Vice President for Technology and Communications Mr. Brian Pitzer, Director of Public Relations Dr. Eric Randall, Dean of Science, Management and Technology Dr. Kahan Sablo, Dean of Student Life Dr. Terry Smith, Dean of Liberal Arts Mr. Bruce Whitehair, Vice President for Development and Marketing

Dr. John C. Cavanaugh, Chancellor

Board of Governors Kenneth M. Jarin, Chairman Aaron Walton, Vice Chair C.R. "Chuck" Pennoni, Vice Chair Rep. Matthew E. Baker Marie Conley Lammando Paul S. Dlugolecki Daniel P. Elby Rep. Michael K. Hanna Sen. Vincent J. Hughes Kim E. Lyttle Guido M. Pichini Gov. Edward G. Rendell Sen. James J. Rhoades Christine J.Toretti Gerald L. Zahorchak There are currently five vacancies

Compliments of Dr. Jeremy Brown, President For additional information, contact: Office of the President Edinboro University of Pennsylvania 219 Meadville Street Edinboro, PA 16444 (814) 732-2711

One of the 14 universities in Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education. Edinboro University of Pennsylvania is an equal opportunity education institution and will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex and disability in its activities, programs or employment practices as required by Title VI, Title VII, Title IX, Section 504 and the ADA.

Special Thanks to Paul Haggerty, Student Designer of the 2008 Annual Report

President's Annual Report  

President Jeremy D. Brown's Annual Report 2008 Edinboro University

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