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Designer Interviews


What’s the main style of your icon work and what process do you follow to create an icon from start to finish?


I’d say my style is semi-realistic when it comes to icon design. I prefer making Application icons and these tend to be kind of semi-realistic. I usually just start with a pen and a piece of paper. I sketch out all of my ideas and see what works best. When I think I have the right one, depending on the icon, I usually do a case study on the material. Say I have to make a wine bottle icon, I would go on Google and whatnot and collect a lot of examples of wine bottles, just to see how the glass forms and how I would go about making such an effect in Photoshop for example, just as reference images. When that process if finished, I go into Photoshop and start the actual icon.


Do you have a source of inspiration? If so, how has it contributed to your style?

I try to surround myself with a lot of excellent design work and design blogs. I think we can learn a lot from each other and for me personally it really helps to know what the best icon designers out there are putting out and how they go about making something. But besides that it’s also because I really enjoy visiting such websites. One I really like is Dribbble ( where designers from all around the world can showcase what they’re working on.

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