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Designer Interviews

metaphor cannot be found, the functionality is better exposed without an icon. Many projects have icon overload, creating visual noise rather than making it faster to scan through the interface.


Where do you see yourself and the field of icon design in 5 to 10 years time?

Free software has matured and people are more interested in task based design for apps rather than 'painting lipstick on a pig', so creating graphic assets is only a fraction of what I do these days. I doubt I will be creating more icons in the future. I am happy to see the symbolic stencils on the rise again, thanks to the mobile platforms. While the full color high-res illustrations are fun to do, they aren’t really icons.

Title: Moblin Description: Icons for the SUSE variant of the Moblin netbook platform. The app launcher icons were colored and composited automatically using a simple ruby script (all assets are SVG). Inkscape


SVG is the basis of many Linux icons. In your opinion what are the advantages and disadvantages of this format? Do you see scalable SVGs taking over as the main icon format in the future?