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icon in the table top perspective. With this view, it should look like you’re viewing it from the front with a drop shadow underneath. Set the Canvas Size With this technique I like to start with the large scale icon as the details are added with smart filters so it’s easy to tweak or even turn off the effects for the smaller icons. I’m creating a 512px icon with a moderate drop shadow underneath so I’ll position the main objects 1px from the top of the artboard and leave at least 6px at the bottom for the shadow. Block Out the Main Shapes One of the most important things when designing icons that require a moderate level of rendering is to block out the shapes before you even think about adding the special finishes and small details. Blocking out the details will help you distinguish what looks right your designs, and change the things that may not look right.

Block out the main shapes of the design.

Apply some Base Layer Styles Once the shape is drawn out you can begin to apply some basic gradient and line effects. These will make up the base tone of the icon. Set the effects with the Layer Styles and save them for later