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Place the Shapes I’m using the vector drawing tools in Adobe Photoshop. I’ve set my document to “Snap to Grid” which will help to make the shapes pixel perfect and crisp. Go ahead and draw the shapes into the 32px canvas you set earlier. Be sure to leave 1px to 2px clear on the sides (2px if you’re creating an icon with a drop shadow to the side, but 1px is ok if the shadow is below only). 1px at the top of the design and 3px at the bottom, this will reduce the likelihood of clipping.

Create some basic shapes to block out the icon design.

Clipping happens when a semi-transparent pixel made by antialiasing or a layer effect renders as a sharp line because there weren't enough pixels to accommodate it. To avoid clipping, you will need sufficient space around all sides of the design to make sure that all lighting and shade effects have the space to fade out to 0% opacity.