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Photoshop To make symbols from Illustrator shapes in Photoshop is a little bit trickier, but not totally impossible. To make symbols from Illustrator shapes, first make a new document in Photoshop, any size is fine, as long as it’s large enough for all of the designs you want to use. Then copy the glyphs you want to use in Illustrator and go into Photoshop and paste them into the new document you made. You will be prompted to paste the icons in a few different ways, choose the paste as Shape Layer and click OK. With the Direct Selection tool (A) select the symbol you would like to make into a custom shape and go to Edit > Define Custom Shape. You will be prompted to name the shape, do that and press OK. You will now have a custom icon shape. Repeat this for each icon and you will have a custom set of glyphs for Adobe Photoshop.

Creating a symbol set in Adobe Photoshop.

To save these icons as a set that you can load whenever you need, go to Edit > Preset Manager and select Custom Shapes from the