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In queste pagine: diversi esempi di anelli Falcinelli Italy in oro, diamanti e pietre preziose e semipreziose. Nelle foto sopra e a destra, Fabrizio al lavoro e insieme alla sorella Laura. ■ These pages: severals examples of rings by Falcinelli Italy in gold with diamonds, precious and semiprecious stones. In the photos above and left, Fabrizio at work and with his sister Laura.

and any form of art in general. «I was born in Tuscany, surrounded by beauty, I have studied art and I sincerely believe in the need to send positive messages. With my jewels, I try to transmit strength, passion, enthusiasm, which I believe are the levers for dealing with any difficulty». Today, Falcinelli creations have more classic tones, they play less with volumes and focus on more sensual and softer shapes. «We pay great attention to the signals from the market, in terms both of trends and costs - confirms Fabrizio - And so as not to give up on the high quality and craftsmanship in jewellery, which is our irrevocable feature, we have lots of collections focused on individual markets, since each country has its own ways which we have to learn. This is why it is important for us to attend fairs all around the world, which always provide interesting clues. I always try to take some time off to get to know the cities I am visiting, I stop to look at shop windows and people on the streets, it is there where everything always starts!» Laura and Fabrizio insist on the importance, in work as in life, of continuing to grow and evolve. «Never as much as today has it been fundamental to be ready to listen, to understand different situations and market issues, to act quickly and without fear, indeed being aware that Italy still has so much to give the world in terms of culture, style and traditions». l'Orafo 2016



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l'Orafo Italiano 04 2016  

l'Orafo Italiano 04 2016  

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