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A new high school draws attention. The Carolina Panthers help provide grant.

7 LEED®: THE NEXT GENERATION What’s changing? The LEED® AP program, the certification of buildings, and more… 14 PC3 How a cutting-edge church uses technology to communicate its message.

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Each issue of Building Principles Magazine spotlights one of the local non-profit organizations Edifice supports – helping to give them a platform to share what they do within the community. In this issue Charlotte area director for FCA, Shannon Powell, shares his thoughts on...




Viewpoint from the Presidnet They say the spirit of


giving is one of life’s great rewards. It is in


times like these that we are truly challenged


in continuing to do

CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER Tod Creech PRE-CONSTRUCTION SERVICES Andy Aldridge, VP & LEED® AP Max Venuti, VP & LEED® AP GROUP MANAGEMENT Mike Carlisto, LEED AP Brad Edwards, VP & Safety Director Scott Fandel BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT Wiley Brown Charles Cole Craig Goodson MARKETING & COMMUNICATIONS Vicki Barton Caroline Floyd

what we know is right. Here at Edifice, we are continuing to give to numerous charities and organizations this year. Supporting local non-profits is a step we can take to strengthen our communities, particularly during tough economic times. This economic challenge is an opportunity for us all to take a good hard look at how we spend money and decide what is important to us. For Edifice, being active in the community and local charities is a big part of our identity, a part of us we can’t give up. It is fundamentally important for businesses to give back and help strengthen the communities that they are a part of...after all; they are the cornerstone to future success. Photo above: president/CEO, n. eric laster accepts an award on behalf of edifice inc. for philanthropic small business of the year.

CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS Caroline Floyd Millie Holloman Chris Kuene Wayne Morris Scott Piner

CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Caroline Floyd Terry Hudgins Shannon Powell

1401 West Morehead Street Charlotte, North Carolina 28208 704.332.0900


Education/ Civic


Carolina Panthers Help Provide Grant 4 BUILDING PRINCIPLES

by Caroline Floyd

You don’t have to look very hard to realize why the new York Comprehensive High School & Floyd D. Technology Center in York County, South Carolina recently received a grant as part of the National Football Grassroots Program. The 128-acre campus will have 416,000 square feet of space, including an academic area, an activities building and an impressive athletic complex, and will accommodate 1,800 students in grades 9-12. The project will also include the Floyd D. Johnson Technology Center offering an array of programs ranging from automotive to cosmetology. The new campus, now being built by Edifice, will become the hub of this growing community. School officials said they selected the site at Alexander Love Highway and Lincoln Road in western York County because it’s located at the heart of the district. The campus will house the only high school in York School District One, and students from York, Sharon, Hickory Grove, McConnells, Smyrna and Bullocks Creek will begin attending classes there in fall 2010. Its athletic field will not only be used by the school district’s 5,300 students, but also by more than 14 local community groups and organizations.   “This will be more than just a high school,” says Edifice Group Manager Mike Carlisto. “It will be a part of the whole community.” That’s one reason why York School District One was chosen to receive a $200,000 grant from the NFL. The grant, awarded Renderings provided by LS3P Associates, LTD.

by the Carolina Panthers, the NFL Youth Football Fund and Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC), is part of $2.5 million awarded nationally for athletic field refurbishment. The money will be used to install a new synthetic playing surface at the new high school. LISC identifies local, nonprofit, neighborhood-based agencies that have an interest in building or refurbishing football fields in schools and parks in underserved neighborhoods. Through the program, local agencies are provided with the necessary financing and technical assistance to improve the quality and safety of fields in their BUILDING PRINCIPLES 5

The Carolina Panthers are excited to join forces with York County District One to provide this new resource for children in our community.” - RILEY FIELDS, DIRECTOR OF COMMUNITY RELATIONS FOR THE PANTHERS

neighborhoods. The local agencies oversee the construction, maintenance and programming. The York athletic complex will have a stadium, field houses, concession areas, track, tennis courts and fields for baseball, softball and soccer. “This grant will assist our school district in our efforts to provide our students a world-class athletic facility,” notes Russell Booker, superintendent for York School District One. “Our stadium is very much a large part of our instructional program as well as our community outreach initiatives. Our schools are a central hub of this community and provide recreational enjoyment for the broader community through participation at sporting events, cultural events, recreational events and a host of other activities.”  “The Carolina Panthers are excited to join forces with York County District One to provide this new resource for children in our community,” says Riley Fields, director of community relations for the Panthers. “The support and passion for youth and prep football have long been important links that help tie the York County community together. It is our privilege to be part of this effort to provide a top-rated playing surface that will serve children and families for years to come.”


Adds Carlisto, “Construction is progressing smoothly. We congratulate the district on this well-deserved Grant – we are proud to be a part of this community’s growth with construction of this facility.” The school was designed by the Columbia office of LS3P Associates Ltd. to reflect the traditional architecture of York, the oldest city in upstate South Carolina. The traditional design includes a two-story building to house classrooms, administrative suites and a media center with separate wings for the technology center and academic complex. A singlestory activities building will include a gymnasium, auxiliary gym, auditorium, cafeteria and other related facilities. Buildings will incorporate sustainable design features, including daylighting, water efficiency, outdoor spaces with labs and open-air social spaces. The $80 million-plus project is the largest of its kind in Edifice’s education portfolio, bringing its current educational workload to more than 800,000 square feet. “This project’s scope is more along the lines of some of the university work we have done in the past,” observes Edifice President and CEO Eric Laster. About 30% of Edifice’s business is educational construction. To date, it has built more than 3 million square feet of school projects in Mecklenburg, Cabarrus and Union counties.

Green Building

LEED : ®


by Terry Hudgins, Associate Principal of Green Ideas Environmental Building Consultants

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) program fostered by the US Green Building Council (USGBC) is undergoing some significant changes in 2009 that may impact you. While formal LEED® “certification” programs impact buildings; LEED® “accreditation” programs affect both practicing and potential candidates for the LEED® Accredited Professional credential; and both are being modified this year.

The LEED® Professional Credentialing Program is changing for 2009. As of June 2009 there will be a three-tier level of LEED® Accreditation. The Green Associate designation (tier 1) is for professionals who demonstrate a certain degree of understanding in green design, construction and operations. The LEED® AP+ (tier 2) is for professionals with a greater breadth of knowledge in green building practices, and who specialize in one of five LEED® certification fields. As an elite recognition, a LEED® Fellow (tier 3) is for professionals who are distinguished by their years of experience and project portfolio in the green building industry. Individuals wishing to become new LEED® APs must have already registered for the exam under the current program (the cutoff was April 1, 2009), and must have taken the exam by the end of June 2009. With the dawn of the new program, after June 2009, the LEED® AP exam will be a twostep process. The first exam will be a core examination (the Green Associate exam) and the second will be the specialty

exam in the desired field of certification. Existing LEED® AP ? Continuing education gets added to the program. Existing LEED® AP’s will have two years from the launch of the new credentialing program to opt-in to the new system in order to keep their accreditation active. To maintain a Green Associate and LEED® AP+ designation, the candidate must first sign a disciplinary policy and agree to the credentialing maintenance program which requires the accumulation of continuing education credits reportable every two years. LEED® Certification of Buildings: New Point Scale and more… The USGBC describes the three major changes: Harmonization “Credits and prerequisites from all LEED® commercial and institutional rating systems have been consolidated and aligned, drawing on their most effective common denominators, so that credits and prerequisites are consistent across all LEED® 2009 rating systems. Necessary precedent-setting and clarifying information from Credit Interpretation Rulings (CIRs) were incorporated into the rating systems. LEED® for Homes and LEED® for Neighborhood Development will not be changed under LEED® 2009.

Credit Weightings

What does this mean to me ?

The second major advancement that comes with LEED® 2009 is that credits will now have different weightings depending on their ability to impact different environmental and human health concerns. With revised credit weightings, LEED® now awards more points for strategies that will have greater positive impacts on what matters most – energy efficiency and CO2 reductions. Each credit was evaluated against a list of 13 environmental impact categories, including climate change, indoor environmental quality, resource depletion and water intake, among many others. The impact categories were prioriCredit No. tized, and credits Credit 2 were assigned a

While the USGBC has provided some incentives for “infill-buildings”, “brownfield” developments and the reuse of “existing buildings”, by all appearances they have taken this approach to a new level.

value based on Credit 4.1 how they contributed to mitigating each impact. The Credit 4.3 result revealed each credit’s portion of the big picture, giving the most value to credits that have the highest potential for making the biggest change. The credits are all intact; they are just worth different amounts. As a result, LEED® 2009 will operate on a 100-point scale. Regionalization

Through USGBC’s regional councils, chapters and affiliates, regionally specific environmental issues were identified. For a project’s specific location, six LEED® credits have been prioritized because they address the specific environmental issues. The project will be awarded up to four extra points (one point per credit) for earning the priority credits.”


In the Sustainable Sites category the point totals have been almost doubled from “14” in New Construction v2.2 to “26” points in v3. The most significant modifications have appeared in the categories listed below: The USGBC is moving to make that significant statement regarding the ap-

Credit Description Development Density & Community Connectivity Alternative Transporatation: Public Transportation Access Alternative Transporation: Low-emitting/Fuel Efficient Vehicles

NCv2.2 1 1


plication of infill and the use of public transportation over the continued reliance on single occupancy vehicles. Additional options and modified templates will increase the number of strategic decisions made during the charrette process. Water has new Prerequisite In the Water Efficiency Category, a prerequisite has emerged. Previously, water efficiency has been devoid of a prerequisite, but that has now been filled with the bar being established at the 20% level of conservation over the baseline case. The Water Efficient Landscaping credit has now expanded from 2 to 4 points, as has the Water

Use Reduction Credit 3. These changes mean more decisions for LEED® AP’s and project teams relative to water use and efficiencies. Energy & Atmosphere points have more than doubled… The Energy & Atmosphere category now comes in at a very weighty 35 points. Previously significant at 17 points, the USGBC has placed a great deal more emphasis on energy performance and renewable applications. The Optimized Energy Performance credit 1 has gone from 10 to 19 points and the On-site Renewable Energy credit 2 has more than doubled from 3 to 7 points. The NCv3 USGBC has also 5 raised the incentives on Measure6 ment & Verification by increasing the point totals from 3 1 to 3 points for performance. Overall the energy performance standard has been raised to ASHRAE 90.1-2007 plateau with the Minimum Energy Performance Prerequisite defined as 10% below this benchmark. The bar was also raised for achieving the first point under the Optimized Energy Performance credit 1 to require a 12% energy savings rather than the 10 % requirement used previously. To encourage the use of more On-site Renewable Resources (credit 2) the point scale has become more expansive with a point awarded for 1% energy savings and extending to 7 points at the 13% savings level.

Materials & Resources virtually unscathed… The LEED® Materials & Resources category has remained virtually unchanged with some modifications focused upon upgrading reference documents. The new CSI divisions are now incorporated reflecting the use of Masterformat 2004 as the overarching application, thereby referring to Divisions 3-10, 31 & 32 as the materials cost of the project.

Terry Hudgins is an Associate Principal of Green Ideas Environmental Building Consultants and provides significant expertise in charrette facilitations, LEED project management, training and Environmental Management Systems development. His involvement in the areas of land development, planning and

Indoor Environmental Quality…

zoning, and governmental affairs

Indoor Environmental Quality also sees only minor changes. Standards have been raised to incorporate ASHRAE 62.1—2007. Similarly, for Credit 3.1 Construction IAQ Management Plan, During Construction the standard has been raised to include the SMACNA 008-2008 Chapter 3 requirements. Additional clarifications and considerations have been included in various credits.

(federal, state and local) uniquely qualifies him as one of the most experienced green building consultants in the region. Terry has spearheaded the LEED process for several high profile projects in Nevada including Lauth Development’s Montecito

Innovation & Design

Point, Boyd Gaming Group’s Laundry

ID credits have been increased to 5 points from the 4 that were recognized previously however, a new caveat has been added that will allow no more than 3 of the ID points achieved through exemplary performance. NEW: Regional Priority Category

Facility and Echelon Place, the single largest LEED project in existence. Terry encourages you to take the time to study these changes for yourself; get the necessary access to the new series of Reference Guides; check-out the USGBC

A new “Regional Priority Category” has been added to LEED® NC v3 raising the total number of points possible to 110. Six LEED credits have been prioritized because they address the specific environmental issues of the region. Upon project registration, LEED® Online automatically determines a project’s regional priority credits based upon the projects’ zip code. The project may be awarded up to four extra points (one point per credit) for earning the priority credits.

web site and join your local chapter to compare notes and become involved in the discussions surrounding LEED 2009 v3. For more information contact Green Ideas. P: 602.635.7925

Edifice Quick Facts:

100% of the pre-construction department is LEED® Accredited 50% of the project managers are LEED® Accredited or Green Advantage certified


Industrial Retail

PREGEL AMERICA a modern facility boasts a healthier trend by Caroline Floyd


Now more than ever, consumers are open-minded and eager for new experiences that extend


beyond just dessert. By combining European tradition with an understanding for modern trends, we want to create a market that teaches and excites the consumer..., gelato comes at just the right moment. - MARCO CASOL, CEO, PREGEL AMERICA


For most people, gelato is a cool, sweet

experience…I feel it is our duty to help

and the company brings a dynamic

and refreshing dessert, an Italian

people understand what gelato is, how

approach to the industry. It makes

variation of good old-fashioned ice

to make it right, and why it makes

significant investments in research and

cream. But for Marco Casol, CEO of

people smile.”

development to provide customers

PreGel in Concord, it’s a business, a family tradition and an important part of the Italian culture. Its corporate headquarters, located in Concord Business Park, is a vital part of his efforts to introduce this frozen treat to American palates and create a market

An expert in the gelato industry, Casol has quite a legacy to draw upon and to share. His family has been involved in

where you come from,” says Casol, who has turned his passion into a thriving enterprise. But there are some important differences between gelato and ice cream. Gelato is made from milk, not cream, producing a dessert lower in fat -- and calories. It is increasingly being served up in trendy, European-style cafes that are popping up throughout the U.S. and Canada, contributing

success. That, in turn, fuels PreGel’s growth.

the business for more than 100 years in

Casol says the new headquarters’

the Dolomite region of northern Italy,

location and versatility have been a key

where gelato was born.

part of the company’s expansion. “It lets us spend as much time as possible

for it throughout North America. “You can’t disregard who you are and

with even more resources and tools for

Raised in the in day-to-day operations of the gelato business, Casol feels

with our customers and be as helpful as possible.”

driven to share the family’s expertise

The $17-million-plus, 135,000 square-

with the world.

foot facility is anything but standard.

“Now more than ever, consumers are open-minded and eager for new experiences that extend beyond just dessert,” he says. “By combining European tradition with an understanding of modern trends, we want to create a market that teaches

Observes Edifice Group Manager Brad Edwards, “PreGel has been a surprisingly unique construction project for us. We have never built a project with such an exceptional mix of space. The project redefined my interpretation of mixed-use.”

and excites the consumer – while providing resources to support future

The facility features an architecturally

growth. And with the current focus

astute exterior consisting of concrete

PreGel doesn’t actually sell or make

on natural and healthy foods, gelato

and EIFS and is over 60% glass. Interior

gelato. It develops, manufactures and

comes at just the right moment.”

finishes show off an ultra-modern

further to its growing popularity.

distributes the all-natural ingredients – the base and flavorings -- necessary to make it. These ingredients are then used in gelato shops and restaurants all over North America. However, the company doesn’t stop there. PreGel does it all – helping retailers with training classes, marketing strategies, recipes and guidance in opening stores. For Casol, it’s important that retailers present “a true gelato

But PreGel is not tied to tradition,

European flair including charcoal Italian tile and sliding glass doorways.

photo: marco casol, ceo, pregel america

PreGel has been a surprisingly unique construction project for us.

We have never built a project with such an exceptional mix of space. The project redefined my interpretation of mixed-use.



local places to enjoy gelato Café Mia – Birkdale Village Dolce Restaurant – Dilworth Revolution Pizza & Ale house – NoDa Tocana, il Posto – Southpark Pie Town, Coco Osteria, Luce – Uptown

Stainless steel fittings appear throughout the facility,

PreGel is remarkably happy in its new home, which is

including the lobby, staircase, kitchen/training areas, private

strategically located in a high-growth area. Despite a

office space and multi-function work areas. No matter what

sluggish economy, the company has no plans on slowing

area visitors are in, they will be positively affected by the


clean, crisp environment that surrounds them.

Doing business in more than 85 countries, the PreGel

The most recently completed area is the upscale residential

way of life is proving to be more than a successful spin

area on the third floor. These six suites are used to pamper

on dessert.

potential customers with high-end finishes and even maid service. BUILDING PRINCIPLES 13





This project was just a tangible reminder of how PC3 has always operated – by God honoring faith, says

Ashcraft. “We believe he was leading us to take on this challenge and, in turn, he has been faithful with every step. - PASTOR MIKE ASHCRAFT, PORT CITY COMMUNITY CHURCH


Building a complex for Port City

and love through sophisticated use of

we cannot do things.” says PC3 Senior

Community Church in Wilmington

video and internet communication

Pastor Mike Ashcraft.

was unlike any other church or

tools. The multi-media messages and

religious project Edifice has ever

performances are for those at the


church as well as for those who want

PC – as the congregation calls itself 3

-- welcomes some 5,000 worshippers each Sunday and operates its intensive, wide-ranging ministries and outreach programs seven days a week, so it’s a huge operation. But it wasn’t just the size that made the project unique. PC3 uses cutting-edge technology to communicate its messages of faith

to be there. Even people outside the faith-based community are impressed – last year, PC3 won two prestigious Telly Awards, which has been honoring excellence in video communications

“We really value the community and wanted to create a space where conversations can happen,” says Pastor of Worship Arts Chris Kuhne. THE MINISTRY IN ACTION There is no doubt the new 90,000-plus

for 30 years.

square-foot church fosters discussion.

“This building encourages and

clean and modern white exterior is

challenges us to remain flexible and creative – always focused on purpose and potential, and not the reasons

Sitting on 16 acres, the sanctuary’s reflected in a nearby pond. But you won’t find any steeples or religious symbols here, and it doesn’t even look BUILDING PRINCIPLES 15

like a church at a quick glance. The prominent rotunda marks the heart of the church and houses many of its gathering areas. Corridors from this point lead to its age-based ministries. The

performance-based sermons in the new building was about our walk with God, so we turned everything on stage and in the lobby area into a shoe store. You just can’t do that in a traditional space or one where the interior components are untenable,” says Rev. Kuhne.

youth ministries, such as the Grow Zone (Pre-K) and Treasure Island (K5 are adorned )

But a visitor’s focus is always drawn to the main auditorium with more than 1,700 seats on the main floor and balconies. The $1.3 million

with age

state-of-the-art A/V/L system is controlled by an audio and lighting production booth strategically placed in the middle of the floor. Says Rev. Kuhne, “We wanted our audio engineers where the people’s ears were and not up in the balcony, and


we wanted



including clouds, trees boardwalks and surf shops.

lighting designers

The middle and high school


students can be found just down the hall, outside one of Port City’s three auditoriums.


Tsunami (for middle schoolers)

to see the

and Ripple Effect (for high

stage and the

school students) share gaming stations,

symmetry of the

support rooms and an outdoor area. There’s also


a 250-seat theater fully equipped with advanced audio,


video and lighting (A/V/L) systems to give the youth a thunderous voice to carry out their ministries.

Getting to this

point was no easy task.

Windows from the rotunda flood the main lobby and curved stairway with natural light, creating an open, expansive space. Once in the lobby, you don’t have to walk far to find the church’s bookstore alongside breakout rooms and a café large enough to seat 60.

For church leaders, the building’s flexible spaces and neutral palates are important features. “One of our first 16 BUILDING PRINCIPLES

Like so many other independent churches, the young congregation met wherever they could – shopping centers, warehouses, schools – to meet their growing needs. After nine years ‘on the road,’ the church unveiled its plans to build its home on land it had recently acquired. “We asked everyone to prayerfully consider what they felt God wanted them to give as a one-time offering,” says Rev. Ashcraft. “At

the same time, we invited people to commit to giving a specific amount over an 18-month period.” These contributions paved the way for the $6 million needed to move forward. With the remaining amount securely financed, the ball was rolling on what would become not only a church, but the area’s premier performance venue. BUILDING COLLABORATION SAVES MONEY & TIME

However, the project was about halfway through the design stage when PC3 leaders realized they had a significant budget issue. It was at this point that Edifice was brought into the project by CCL Associates, a strategic planning and project management firm based in Alpharetta, Georgia. Edifice was able to keep the project moving by implementing Integrated Program Delivery (IPD), which saves money and time by eliminating foreseeable issues at the early stages of design and construction. Using this system, Edifice, PC3 and project architect Urban Design worked together to enable the church to meet its budget without compromising quality or sacrificing space. For example, to keep the church within budget, Edifice changed the steel frame and masonry systems to tilt-up concrete and re-evaluated every system, from flooring and mechanical to lighting and finish details. These efforts reduced the budget by $2.5 million, or 17%. THE BIGGER PICTURE As amazing as PC3 complex is, it will never overshadow its dedicated ministry. With more than 40% of the members volunteering each week, it’s clear the building is just a piece of the bigger picture. “This project is just a tangible reminder of how PC3 has always operated – by God honoring faith, says Rev. Ashcraft. “We believe He was leading us to take on this challenge and, in turn, He has been faithful with us at every step.”


LAYING DOWN WITH DOGS by Shannon Powell, Area Director - Fellowship of Christian Athletes to help motivate me to get the bar up to reach my goal. Do you have someone in your life that has “permission” to get in your face and be BOLD and LOUD? Someone who PUSHES you to accomplish your dreams and goals? Or do you surround yourself with people that simply tell you what you want to hear all the time? I challenge you to enlist at least ONE person in your life that can ask you the tough questions (and will still love you regardless of the answer)! YOU NEED SOMEONE WHO WILL ... VALIDATE YOU! Mom had a lot to say as I was growing up.

know, the people you hang out with will

Most of it was pretty useless stuff like,

determine your outcome in life. You pick

“Remember to brush your teeth before

the wrong friends, associates or business

you go to bed,” or, “Wash your hands be-

partners and you’ll quickly find yourself

fore you eat.” She should have just saved

in a “not-so-desirable” place. How do you

her breath - please! However, she had

safeguard? I think you have to put people

one saying about “dogs” and “fleas” that

around you that are winners, MVP’s, if

caught my interest. She used to tell me,

you will.

“Son, if you lay down with dogs you’ll get up with fleas.” I was particularly interested in this one, because it was one I could directly relate to. After all, I can’t think of


too many days where I DIDN’T lay down

“As iron sharpens iron, a friend sharpens

in the backyard and roll around with the

a friend.” - Proverbs 27:17

dogs. That’s just what a boy does! After all, the dogs seemed to enjoy the activity

When I am working out and pumping

quite a bit, so naturally, I thought I would

iron, the last thing I need is a soft spo-

give it a try.

ken pansy looking over me as my spotter whispering sweet poetry about growing

Come to find out Mom wasn’t talking

stronger by jumping through fields of dai-

about my childhood escapades or canine

sies. I need someone who will get in my

adventures. What she was getting at

face and baptize me in their spit! I need

was SO much deeper! As you and I both

some STRONG, LOUD encouragement


“For we are God’s masterpiece.” - Ephesians 2:10a Several years ago, before my family and I decided to move out to the country, we had the luxury of having curbside garbage pick-up every Tuesday morning. Like clockwork, we could anticipate that big blue truck pulling up to our driveway, emptying our trashcan, then driving away with three men hanging from the side! It looked like fun to tell you the truth. This particular Tuesday morning, I happened to be outside as the truck arrived. As the man grabbed my can, he called out, “I’ll give you ten dollars for the bicycle in your garage.” I politely declined his offer, but told him he could come back with a better offer at any time. That got me thinking about how much I actually paid for that mountain bike back in college and how valuable it was to me (even if I hadn’t touched it in four years). You know, if I had become serious enough about selling

it, I would have went to a bike shop for

situation we are to encounter, there-

an appraisal, not my garbage collec-

fore we implore the people around us

tor. In the same way, you wouldn’t take

to “wish us luck.” As if God is not

your diamond engagement ring to a

nearly BIG enough to handle our

pawn shop to discover its true value,

problems. You don’t need “well-

you would go to a qualified jeweler.

wishers” in your life, what you do

Why then, do we intend to discover

need is people around you who

our true value and seek validation

understand the Sovereignty of

from every other source EXCEPT the

God, who will commit their time

One who knows us best? God crafted

to petition God on your behalf, lifting

you uniquely, and designed you with a

up prayers for you before the Creator.

specific purpose. If the people you sur-

You don’t need another “expert opin-

round yourself with are not reminding

ion,” you need someone who will pray

you of that on a regular basis then you

for God to give you discernment and

might want to start looking for new

wisdom about your next step. Do you

acquaintances. Enlist someone who

have a person in your life that doesn’t

will point you back to the truth … that

just “say” they’re praying for you, but

you are God’s masterpiece.

one who really is?




I had the privilege of speaking with

“Confess your sins to each other and

Michael Phelps personally during his

pray for each other so that you may

most recent trip to Charlotte. It was

be healed. The earnest prayer of a

mostly small talk, but understandable

righteous person has great power and

as it was immediately following his

wonderful results.” - James 5:16

press conference at which he answered questions about the Beijing Olympics

It really makes me want to puke every

and his eight gold medals. During

time I have someone tell me, “Good

the press conference the questions

Luck.” I realize most people mean

quickly turned to the drug related

no harm by the phrase and are sim-

episode which occurred last Fall, just

ply regurgitating what they believe to

miles down the road in Columbia, SC.

be the best departing statement they

Phelps reply: “You really always have to

can produce. But let’s just think for a

be aware of who your real friends are.” I

minute. Doesn’t this well wishing, at

couldn’t agree more.

its very core, unearth a deeply rooted theological distortion? Perhaps we believe that God, in all of His power, might not be able to handle the next

Who is your MVP?

About Shannon: Shannon Powell is the Charlotte Area Director for The Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Shannon speaks at local area churches, marriage retreats, and corporate functions... sharing the vision of FCA. What is Shannon all about? You might find that answer in his e-mail salutation that reads, “ Competing For Him” 704.574.1012

About FCA: FCA’s purpose, at its absolute core, is to combine people’s passion for sports with their passion for Christ, and teach them that those two worlds don’t have to be separate. FCA wants to give meaning to the athletic nature that all of us are born with and use it for something that stretches beyond sports.

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