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Annual Fund Drive Launches & the Dear Friend and Supporter, GIVING Please consider making an end-of-year donation to the 60 SPIRIT District Service Office. Whether $10 or $50 or $1,000 and more, your generosity, quite simply, keeps our doors open. DRIVE You’ve kept these doors open for over 42 years. th

315 N Burdick St., Ste 100, Kalamazoo MI 49007 * 269-382-4676

60th District Ser vice Of f ice

60th DSO & CSC


This year, we’ve increased our programming. We’ve expanded our connections to teachers and students in the classroom. We hosted our first (annual) 300 N. Burdick Block Party, also showcasing high school student art at ArtHop. You may have seen one or more of our financially supported summer interns helping with issues like homelessness, food security, early education or voting access. Next year, we plan for even more growth.

In cooperation with CARES and the Kalamazoo Gay & Lesbian Resource Center, the 60th DSO and CSC are asking for your participation in a personal hygiene donation drive. Here is a listing of much needed items:

Annually, nearly a thousand folks rely on the DSO for one-to-one personal assistance with issues and concerns ranging from housing, health care, legal assistance referrals, tax issues and any one of another dozen areas. We never charge a fee and our work is entirely non-partisan.

 

While the DSO provides a local presence for State Representative Jon Hoadley and his legislative aide, Edie Trent, it receives no financial support from the State. The office space, equipment, technology and supplies are wholly provided through the financial and in-kind donations of individuals and organizations that understand the vital need to maintain this ‘around-the-corner’ resource. We need you to help us continue this level of hightouch, hands-on service. We greatly appreciate your consideration, and thank you for your support. Use the enclosed envelope for your gift, make your donation on-line through our website at or stop by our office with your DSO / CSC support along with a personal hygiene donation for Ministry with Community & the Gospel Mission [see a listing to the right]. Best regards,

Matt Lechel Chair, DSO

Stephanie Moore Jon Hoadley Chair, CSC State Representative

            

Toilet Paper Feminine hygiene products-tampons and maxi pads-all sizes Toothbrush Toothpaste Soap Body wash Shampoo/Conditioner Deodorant Lotions Facial Tissue Baby Wipes Diapers of all sizes including pull-ups Disposable razors Shaving cream Combs and hair brushes

These items can be dropped off in person at the DSO at 315 N. Burdick Street at any time during business hours, which are 9 am—5 pm Monday to Friday.

Representative Jon Hoadley Serves the Kalamazoo Area’s Fall 2015—Page 2

Who are we serving?

Conveniently located in Downtown Kalamazoo at 315 N. Burdick near the bus/train station, we welcome drop-in visitors as well as phone calls and emails. We  serve “face-to-face.” Here are a few examples of our recent constituent service work: 

Assisted a constituent who had received unemployment insurance benefits appeal a restitution order.

Received an update from the  Office of Retirement Services for a constituent who was eligible for a recalculation of his service credits, potentially granting him an increase in retirement income.

Received a letter from a state inmate who questioned the policies for special meal requirements. Worked with the MDOC Ombudsperson for  resolution.

Helped a tenant communicate appropriately with his management company about his neigh-  bor’s unleashed dogs and other outstanding maintenance issues.  Assisted a Department of Health & Human Services chore provider secure a replacement paycheck which was lost.  Referred several recipients who receive both Medicaid and Medicare to the expert at Senior Services, who is highly experi-  enced in navigating the fine points of how these two medical plans interact. Communicated with the Michigan Treasury on several state tax returns which had been audited.

No Poinsettia Sale After much considered thought this summer, the DSO Board of Directors has decided not to hold a Poinsettia Sale this holiday season, except for large orders. The competition has gotten fairly stiff and we are no longer permitted to market them in Lansing. The plants have always been grown locally at: Panse’s Greenhouse 7594 Douglas Ave. Kalamazoo 269 383-1150

Two constituents alleged racial profiling and were referred to appropriate resources for filing complaints. One was resolved with the assistance of the local NAACP branch. Made referrals to Loaves & Fishes Food Pantry. Helped a constituent get a lien removed from his bank account. Informed two constituents that free tax preparation services are available off season through Goodwill Industries. Provided a placement for an individual who needed to complete a court-ordered 30 hour community service. Expedited two gaming licenses for a local non-profit’s fundraising event. Notarized numerous documents. No cost for this service.

Our Work “Gets An Encore!” Literally! We are thrilled to have been selected to have a story written about the DSO & CSC organizations in the local news. It will appear in the November issue of the local news magazine, Encore. What makes this equally, if not more exciting, is that the article has been written by Russell Hall, who served as our 60th DSO Intern in the Summer of 2013. Russell has returned to the Greater Kalamazoo area after completing his bachelor’s degree at Beloit College in Wisconsin last year.

60th House District Page 3—Fall 2015

Our marvelous summer interns are back to school year activities with a vengeance ….

from Left to right: Olivia Venus, Jack Marsden,

Zack Isaacs, Drake Collins & Marah Bell

The Community Services Charity thoroughly enjoyed each of our interns during this inaugural year of our summer service learning program.

not only to learn about constituent service in the district, but also to explore in-depth an area of social justice of their choosing. Topics included food security, homeThrough the generosity lessness, voter registration of the Sally Appleyard on campus and early eduTrust, we engaged the cation. talents of four bright interns for the full summer. Jack & Drake have This inaugural year of the returned to WMU to concommunity leadership tinue their studies. Zack program provided young entered his freshman year people with opportunities at Aquinas College in

Grand Rapids. Marah is spending the Fall semester as a United States Senate page in Washington DC with US Senator Gary Peters. She will return as a junior to Mattawan High School in late January.

base. She has returned to Kalamazoo Central High School as a junior. Thank you all so very much for your service in the 60th House District.

If you are interested in For the month of Au- a 2016 summer internship gust, Olivia joined in with with the CSC, please conthe group, providing addi- tact Edie Trent at (269) tional constituent service 382-4676, or send a cover work and lots of great or- letter and resume to ganizational work, partic- ularly with our new data-

Special Edition of the Newsletter for Educators This Fall, a special “WELCOME BACK” edition of the DSO / CSC Newsletter was produced and distributed with the assistance of the Kalamazoo Education Association. In it, Rep. Hoadley reiterated his dedication and support to investing our State’s resources in Education. He continues to offer his presence in the classroom or for parent group meetings. Through the DSO, State publications written for children and young adults are available for the asking. He is happy to assist in hosting tour groups and visitors to the Capitol in Lansing. In this newsletter, he also created a survey for educators to provide him with direct feedback and suggestions on what issues matter most to educators. “W hat should he be focused on to make schools better for kids?”

The Back Page i

Page 4 - Fall 2015 60th District Service Office 315 N. Burdick Ave., Ste. 100 Kalamazoo MI 49007 (269) 382-4676 Lansing Office N-994 House Office Bldg. P.O. Box 30014 Lansing, MI 48909 Phone: (517) 373-1785 Toll Free: (888) 833-6636 Fax: (517) 373-5762

60th DSO Board of Directors Matthew Lechel, Chair Tracy Hall, Vice Chair Laurie Harbaugh, Secretary Bob Cinabro, Treasurer Kelly Doyle Ken Greschak Janet Jones Millie Lambert Jessica Patterson Mary Roscoe Creed Stegall

Jon Hoadley State Representative 60th House District

Community Services Charity Board of Directors Stephanie Moore, Chair Matt Lechel, Vice Chair Jared Volz, Treasurer Rep Jon Hoadley

Oh, What a Night! Jay Maddox & Stephanie Moore


Our Living Reps Legacy

Over 175 individuals attended Mary Brown & Jon Hoadley’s birthday celebration on August 14th, including some of Mary’s colleagues from her years of service.

Mary Brown Ed LaForge Alexander Lipsey Sean McCann Rep Jon Hoadley Edie Trent, Staff Julie Vogel, Staff Established in 1973, the 60th District Service Office is a non-profit corporate entity established for the purpose of providing Kalamazoo area residents with direct access to their government and increasing the responsiveness of the government to their needs and concerns. Services are provided without fee through the contributions of supporters to fund the daily operations.

Creed Stegall

Mary with former colleagues

Sara Wick, Wendy Flora & Nancy Crowell

Sheriff & Lisa Fuller See the Mary Brown video on YouTube at:

The Community Services Charity is organized exclusively for the charitable purposes of providing financial and human resources to lessen the burdens of government and to assist the poor, the distressed, or the underprivileged.

Do you follow us on Facebook?

http:// MaryBrown80 A “memories” scrapbook & video were presented to Mary, along with the opportunity for partygoers to add their own stories for her.

Dso newsletter 2015 fall  
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