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Cities by David Harvey

IQRebel book is a timely and closely argued (Verso, ISBN 9781844678822)

polemic in which David Harvey puts the case for a more economically just and ecologically sound reorganization OOThis of urban life. The author's contention is that cities have, throughout history, been the wellspring of social change and radical and utopian thinking. He gives examples from Johannesburg and Sao Paulo, among others, but a consideration of recent events in Cairo, Benghazi and Horns adds contemporary weight to the case. Beginning with the idea that cities are among humanity's most ambitious attempts to shape the world we live in, the author moves on to a critinne of cities

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as centres of capital accumulation; the environment built by and for developers and financiers, the end-game of which we are presently experiencing. Against this is advanced the concept of urban commons, restoring democracy and local decisionmaking to a central role. The disparate 'Occupy' movements that have sprung up worldwide are, of course, excellent examples of this and Harvey ends his book with an overview of the 99% and 'Occupy Wall Street'. Accessible and largely free of jargon, Rebel Cities is an excellent primer for those who want to engage with the ferment of ideas emerging from the urban centres of anti-capitalist resistance.

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978 84 460 3799 6 dossier harvey