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David Harvey: 'The financial crisis is an urban crisis' | Comment is free |

Response to DavidPavett, 28 May 2012 2:07PM as far as I can see he offers no explanation or justification for this assertion and no data either.

18/06/2012 19:37

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Try listening again - the whole thing is an explanation of the assertion. Maybe what you're looking for is figures. U00010 28 May 2012 2:36PM Property speculation doesn't regenerate economy.

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U00010 28 May 2012 2:39PM ...which is why the stupor rich allow it. It is a mistake to think the stupor rich want global economic regeneration.

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They want it all. Ummmmm 28 May 2012 2:53PM Ref: Rusticred

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Problem with this, if it pertains to Marx, is that it turns the old fella into an underconsumptionist - the problems of capitalism can be sorted by rebalancing the system by throwing the lower orders a few more quid to spend productively. It's not what Marx was about nor, arguably, a workable way out of the current minefield: what you use to pay workers, you must take from profits, of necessity lowering overall profits. And if capitalists don't make a profit, they don't invest. Increasing consumption, if it's at the expense of profitability, doesn't solve this. thebinmancometh 28 May 2012 3:08PM Response to Ummmmm, 28 May 2012 2:53PM Well, thre is certainly a case to be made that Marx was indeed an underconsumptionist (horrible

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