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David Harvey: 'The financial crisis is an urban crisis' | Comment is free |

18/06/2012 19:37

out of the dilemma that they caused is to have strictures, systems and commonality. Against this background you have the fashionable blurting about social mobility. Come on, this runs counter to everything that big state professes. Mobile people are secret and self willed and that is not what the clan (or Government) does not want. It favours dependency. We are living in this urban prison only being allowed out to spend money on stuff we do not need to support the growth that only destroys. We are not even allowed to enjoy our country in a sort of measured way, to contemplate what we have, for when that realisation occurs we are already past the point of enjoyment like as in drunkenness. By the time you think you have a nice country which your peoples' endeavours have secured, all the social functions which centuries of trial and error have arrived at as being an acceptable norm, countryside that fits your temperament, someone has decided that all those commonplace, universal values have just made somewhere that is xenophobic and ripe enough for settlement for all and sundry. Those who arrive here find much of what they encounter as unsuitable to their temperament or inconvenient and then set about changing things in frighteningly small time frames that have no test or incubation. The result is the urban jungle that we are rushing towards. A massive economic state where the mores are a pick and mix a political rodomontade of prognostication that has nothing to do with individuals and fulfilment, becoming a system of unnatural selection without definition and a breeding ground for alienation. We are now so put upon by our own numbers that we have little hope of employing all those we are acquiring a responsibility for but blindly stutter on because we have assumed an obligation! So bad has the urban dysfunction become that Waltham Forest is going to pay ever more to the people is cannot use so that it cannot be accused of social stigma of being particular or discriminatory and assumes responsibility for everyone that find their way to their environs. The urban society was conjured as place to house workers not to become a supposed conscience of the nation. We are now inventing forms of conscience which are emanating from our disturbing ability to attract people here to destroy whatever it was that made the nation capable of responsibility. The EU's creation of the non-existent super state means that although the countries are still distinct entities they have obligations to 'the people' who are the citizens of the make believe place! We no longer know how to define our morality because of the constant expansion of the

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