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David Harvey: 'The financial crisis is an urban crisis' | Comment is free |

18/06/2012 19:37

with affordable efficient industries with State stakeholders as shareholders, means that construction is industrial, commercial and has social implications for employment, wealth and welfare. Social mobility is social participation in suburbia, 'building houses and filling them with things', is about social economic choices and disposable design and income. If suburbanisation is equated with social stability, then economic decision making must facilitate intelligent consumerism. NegativeStateRelief 28 May 2012 1:08PM Response to 1nn1t, 28 May 2012 10:04AM If the Greek rich will not repatriate the money they have taken untaxed abroad over the last thirty years, and will not pay taxes on property they own abroad, revoke their citizenship. They can wander the world on Stateless Person papers.

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You have little inkling of the number of countries in this world that are more than willing to welcome these stateless millionaires and billionaires. Not everyone views the rich with envy and suspicion. Not everyone is a guardianista. NegativeStateRelief 28 May 2012 1:15PM How do you greedy Britons sleep at night while millions around the globe go hungry? Polly T reportedly makes 115,000 quid per annum penning anti-rich articles. How grotesque her obscene wealth is! The time is nigh for the government to arrogate her ill-gotten gains and redistribute to the undeserving poor of the world. Viva la Revoluci贸n! miserlyoldgit 28 May 2012 1:18PM As 'forty years ago' seems to resonate with this topic can I direct you to a pretty interesting and well argued theory contained in the following book "Blaming the Victim" by William Ryan, which was published in 1971. Ryan addressed a whole range of social issues such as crime, health, housing, wealth distribution,poverty and social unrest and manages to spear the right-wing, conservative arguments that were used to explain and justify the existence

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