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David Harvey: 'The financial crisis is an urban crisis' | Comment is free |

18/06/2012 19:37

whatsoever. We worship at the altar of a false god that best serves only the high priests who perpetuate the mythologies of capitalsim. As for fairness and justice... huh; forget it. GeorgeBall 28 May 2012 10:23AM Here is quite a short piece from a professor of Economics who gives, to my mind, a good summary:

Recommend (3) Responses (0) Report Link splat64 28 May 2012 10:26AM At last a proper thinker in the guardian...can we continue this trend please? To Melvin King and politicians and mainstream 'commentators' ...alongside many others on the Left Harvey has been predicting this current crises for years...of course he is mostly ignored due to his political affiliations. splat64 28 May 2012 10:37AM Response to GeorgeBall, 28 May 2012 9:40AM You will not get a sustained and rational economic programme under capitalism...that is the point Harvey makes in his work...if you don't like his angle then you could look at another marxist Prof Andrew Kliman who critiques Harveys view with an analysis of US govt financial stats to show that a long term and steady decline in production lies at the heart of current woes. Our woes are systemic and can be addressed but not within the forms presnted by capitalist dogma. Harvey is a geographer, which gives him his unique take.....trouble is that Marx and Engels wrote about all of this stuff 150 years ago and nowt has changed. Perhaps the 21st century has a chance ...but with expanding material consumption as the only driving force offered at present, resource wars, climate change and huge demographic shifts will necessitate economic reform or complete economic and social edit an old phrase if we don't abandon our individualism and work fetishism

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