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PRODUCT REVIEWS Mackenzie’s Medicinals. Suppositories Tanganyika

Picture this... I was in some of the worst, excruciating pain ever. I'm literally hunched over a trash can throwing up for five hours straight, just nauseous and dry heaving because I literally had nothing else to give. This was last Tuesday and it was the first day of my horrible bloody mistress. I couldn't keep any edible down and smoking only made the nausea worse. My skin was clammy and I had hot flashes like I was going through third stage menopause. I call my editor

and tell her I'm barely surviving and she comes through with these cannabis suppositories. I gave zero cares and stuck it right up there as soon as I got it. You can use a glove but I just washed my hands and went straight for it. I laid down so that all that goodness of whatever was suppose to happen actually stayed in place to happen...and something did. I stopped having nausea after like 20 minutes and I was able lay in a comfortable position in the bed and finally pass out like my body needed to do the entire time. When I woke up I thought about all of the cancer patients that desperately need this but don't have amazing people in their lives with access or the willingness to do it. These suppositories really saved me in so many ways that day and it only reaffirmed my belief in this incredible plant.

Happy Seed Edibles. Cannabis Infused Honey

Edibles Magazine Issue 34

Cricket Lee


I don’t know about you, but when it comes to cannabis-infused edibles and potables, I sometimes regret that bitter aftertaste that comes with combining marijuana to butter; I get completely bummed out when I spend money on a product where the aftertaste is so strong, I feel nauseated before the edible has time to take effect. If you’ve ever felt the need to “wash it down” with the beverage of your choice with every bite, then you feel my pain. Then Happy Seed Edibles and their cannabis infused honey entered my life. Super smooth and buttery without any hint of canna-aftertaste, this honey will turn you into Winnie The Pooh because the taste is so good, you’ll want to forgo

the spoon and just eat it with your hands. You can use this honey in and on everything – tea, coffee, desserts, cocktails, meats, fruit, breakfast (a 50/50 blend with maple syrup for porous foods like pancakes or French toast), whatever you desire – Happy Seed will definitely change the way you look at edibles. Available in indica or sativa blends, this 2oz jar packs quite the punch (125mg of THC per oz) so I definitely recommend starting off with a teaspoon, then waiting at least 60 minutes before consuming any more. I know the jar is about the size of a room service jar of jelly, but don’t let the size fool you – there’s a lot going on in that jar. My particular jar was a sativa blend, so I spent the day feeling peaceful and pain-free the whole day through without feeling like I needed to sleep. It also seems to be a bit of an appetite enhancer, so act accordingly! This is a product I’d happily keep in stock at my home anytime. I

Edibles List Magazine - The 4:20 Issue - Edition 34  

April brings us 420, the highest of all holidays and we celebrate by exploring the historical origins of the dankest digits and look at what...

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