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MACKENZIE MEDICINALS Topical Tincture Healing Oil

Mackenzie Medicinals Topical Oil is cannabis oil blended with other essential oils to further enhance the healing properties of cannabis. The base is organic coconut oil, and the bottle contains 450mg of THC. In addition to cannabis infused oil, this fine little topical tincture includes Copaiba - oil from the Amazon is a wound healer and anti-inflammatory, Emu oil - heals burns and is a transdermal, and Tamanu - from the South Pacific which is an anti-neuralgic and an antibacterial. According to the owners of Mackenzie Medicinals, patients have reported that it has helped them with pain from arthritis to fibromyalgia, as well helping to heal skin infections, burns and rashes. I have inadvertently carried the spray in a jacket I always wear. In fact, I walked into something - I am kind of clumsy - and had a giant bruise on my hip while out with friends one night. Since I happened to have the topical healing oil in my pocket, and within fifteen minutes after using it, the throbbing from the bruise was gone. It is no wonder they won first place for Best Topical Tincture in the 2015 Best of Edibles List Awards. It is smooth when sprayed on and leaves the skin feeling moisturized. For more information about Mackenzie Medicinals visit: mackenziemedicinals.com

Amongst the many chews available on the market, Veda Chews sets themselves apart with an unparallelled medical product. We really enjoyed these mini chocolate caramel chews. The products they have available are Gold CBD, Silver CBD, Indica, Hybrid, Sativa, and Mega Hybrid. With their products ranging from 40mg to 210mg they have taken the guesswork out of dosing with each package separated and individually packaged into 4 doses. It helps that they are individually sealed in a pharmaceutical-grade tray ensuring you eat one at a time.


Chocolate Caramel Chews & Topical Roll-On Balm

The THC flavor is strong, though they’re small, so it’s easy to digest. The recommended wait time for additional dosing is approximately 1 hour, to which I impatiently ate another about 40 mins in. Great body and head high, long-lasting with no hangover feeling. The high is light but noticeable and gives you some nice warm-fuzzies, and maybe a few extra laughs. What we really love about this product is the fact that it’s Non-GMO, Sugar-Free and Vegan. I’ve finally found what I’m looking for! - a truly healthy edible. In addition to the chews, they also offer a Veda Balm, a CBD topical product with 60mg THC and 60mg CBD (in the small roll-on), the large balm has exactly twice as much medicine, infused with 180mg THC and 180mg CBD.

BHANG CHOCOLATES Bhang Chocolate Bars & Vape Pens

Bhang is one of the most renowned brands in our young industry. Scott Van Rixel, the CEO and his team of licensees have turned a chocolate bar into an international sensation. Scott came into the industry with a great brand and amazing product (with fantastic packaging) and teamed up with the right people, and now the brand is in six states and has an international presence. At this point I am sure many of you have heard of Bhang, if not tried their products, but for anyone who has not tried one of their chocolates or someone looking for a safe and consistent edible to start with, Bhang would be it. If you are new to edibles, I would suggest trying the ice chocolate bar. It is peppermint milk chocolate using a hybrid CO2 infusion. Bhang’s chocolate is made using fairly traded Venezuelan criollo cacao and only the finest natural ingredients. In this specific bar, the flavor of cannabis is virtually undetectable and the flavor brings me back to when I was little and would eat the mint chocolates left on the pillows at a hotel. However, do note that this bar is 180mg, so start go and go slow. The bar is scored out in 45mg pieces, therefore, you can portion it out depending on your tolerance. Additionally, I tasted the fire chocolate, cookies & cream, cherries & cream and CBD caramel bars. I liked the fire chocolate because it is has a kick to it that actually creeps up on you. The textured packaging is eye catching and sleek. They even include barcodes, complete nutrition facts, along with all pertinent information. The Bhang vaporizer cartridges are smooth and clean tasting. I tried the 550mg All Natural Purple Diesel. It was great tasting and incredibly effective. The company offers a few lines of cartridge, the Bhang Black Private Reserve series (testing at 70%), the Pure Oil (testing at 50-60%) and the All Natural (2030%) lines as well. They also have the Bhang Perfecto, a discreet disposable pen filled with the All Natural oil. If you want to check out some more information on Bhang, please go to: WWW.EDIBLESMAGAZINE.COM | EDIBLES MAGAZINE | MARCH 2016 GotBhang.com 29

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Edibes List Magazine - March 2016 - Issue No. 22  

Edibes List Magazine - March 2016 - Issue No. 22. Celebrating Remarkable Women in Cannabis. Your number one source for news and informatio...

Edibes List Magazine - March 2016 - Issue No. 22  

Edibes List Magazine - March 2016 - Issue No. 22. Celebrating Remarkable Women in Cannabis. Your number one source for news and informatio...