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During the late 1960s and early 1970s, the FBI waged what can be fairly described as a domestic war on the Black Panther Party. Collaborating with state and local forces, the FBI used a variety of tactics to completely dismantle the Panthers. From misinformation to false arrests, from violent harassment to murder, no tactic was too subtle or too outrageous for the United States government's War on the Panthers. Heavy political repression distracted Black Panther Party members from their community work. Funds raised for children's free breakfast programs were diverted to jail bonds and bail. Energy better spent organizing in their communities was instead spent on self-defense training. The FBI planted informants, provocateurs, and misinformation, which ended in chaos, infighting, and even murder. Ultimately, the Panthers could not match the unlimited resources and man-power of the U.S. government. In February 1970 the Black Panther Party's official newspaper published a special report, "Evidence of Intimidation and Fascist Crimes by U.S.A." The paper had meticulously collected information from Party chapters across the country to create an account of every act of political repression against the Panthers. Depicted here are acts of repression from 1968 until the murders of Mark Clark and Fred Hampton in December, 1969. Cops break down Bobby Seale’s door and arrest him without a warrent. Arthur Morris (28): First Panther murdered by government agents.

Lil’ Bobby Hutton (17) Police shot Hutton 12 times after he surrendered and stripped to his underwear. Murdered by LA police: Tommy Lewis (18) Robert Lawrence (22) Steve Bartholomew (21)

Police Raid a BPP headquarters was raided Arrest & Release temporary detainment with charges dropped

International foreign deportation or extradition

Arrested & Charged time served in jail and/or prison

Escape & Exile succusful evasion of the police

Violent Harrasment beaten or shot at by the police

Murdered killed by police or COINTELPRO tactics

27 New York 21: 21 Panthers in NYC were charged with conspiracy to bomb. Total bail was set at over $2,000,000. All were eventually acquitted.

Fred Hampton: Sentenced to serve 2-5 years in prison for allegedly stealing $71 worth of ice cream.

Aircraft Piracy: On separate occasions, William Lee Brent and Raymond Johnson successfully escape prison time and evade the police by hijacking planes to Cuba.

Bobby Seale: In order to demonize the Black Panther Party co-founder, a judge ordered Seale shackled and gagged in court, where he was facing charges of conspiracy and inciting a riot. The charges were eventually dropped. Larry Roberson (20): Coordinator of the Chicago BPP's Breakfast for Children program.

War on the Panthers (from the book Edible Secrets)  
War on the Panthers (from the book Edible Secrets)  

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