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During the early 1960s LSD was tested by the CIA with participant consent at universities, including In late 1957 James Vicary held a press conference announcing success with subliminal mind control. Using the tachistoscope to flash imperceptible messages on the screen of a New Jersey movie theater, Vicary claimed to have convinced the audience they were hungry and should "eat popcorn."

Vicary's invention created a media frenzy.

The experiment proved to be a failure. Total mind control through subliminal messages is a hoax.

In 1958 the CIA thoroughly researched and then recreated Vicary's subliminal message experiment in a Virginia movie theater.

During the 1950s and 60s the CIA conducted and f u n d e d experiments seeking total human mind control under the code-named p r o g r a m

became a pop culture phenomenon. The Beatles injected subliminal messages into popular music with the 1966 album Revolver, after John Lennon stumbled upon the recording technique of

74 The Beatles’ subliminal messages had tremendous influence over

In 2004 pictures were unearthed showing torture and abuse by the US government of prisoners at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. A direct lineage to the mind control research and experiments of MKULTRA can be, and has been, traced.

the deliberate playing of a sound or message backward in a recording. The Beatles used it to mass effect with their hidden message “Paul is dead.”

Chuck believed the Beatles were speaking to him about the coming race war in the hidden messages of Revolution #9.

After James Vance and Ray Belknap commited suicide, their familes sued Judas Priest claiming subliminal messages on the album Stained Class were to blame. In his decision allowing the case to proceed, Judge Whitehead referenced Vicary’s popcorn experiments from 1957.

In 1985 two boys listened to the Judas Priest album Stained Class and then commited

released the album Stained Class in 1978. It would come under fire seven years later for containing the subliminal message “do it” in the song Better By You, Better Than Me.

Among them were experiments with subliminal messaging.

During the Iraq War, at detention centers and prisons like Abu Ghraib, the US used, and continues to use, music as a tool in torture interrogations.

Aside from one-word names and failed aliases, these artisits share two other things in common: 1. Each has used subliminal messages in their music and 2. The US government has used each artist’s music as a tool in torture interrogations.

A week after being secretly dosed with LSD by a CIA agent, Frank Olson committed

Ted Kaczynski was a Harvard undergraduate and MKULTRA LSD test subject in the early 1960s.

During the 1950s and 60s the CIA researched, refined, and extensively tested the drug LSD under the M K U L T R A program.

The CIA tested LSD on hundreds of people WITHOUT consent, including their own. In 1953 the OK was given to covertly dose Army Scientist Frank Olson.


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