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Online effort aims to expand diversity and opportunity in the food industry By Colleen Leonardi & Julia Turshen


“Every single decision we make every single day about food is a political one,” says organizer Julia Turshen, a cookbook author, radio host and recipe developer. Need a food writer? Search EATT. Looking for a caterer in your area? Search EATT. And if you’re not a woman of color or in the LGBTQ community but you’re hiring, you can submit your profile to EATT, too. The website, launched April 2018, is supported by a Patreon page, as there are no fees to join.

Edible Columbus: Much like Edible Communities Inc., it

seems like EATT arose out of a need in the food industry. How would you describe that need and how did you and your board design EATT to meet it?

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Julia Turshen: The need was, and continues to be, for a tool that

can help the industry move in a more equitable direction. In pro-


Room for All at This Table

quity At The Table (EATT) is a dynamic effort to level the playing field in the food industry by providing an online database of women, gender-nonconforming and LGBTQ food professionals. EATT is designed to change up who does the hiring and who gets hired to tip things to a more equitable alignment.

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edible COLUMBUS | Winter 2018 | Issue No. 35  

edible COLUMBUS | Winter 2018 | Issue No. 35