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What to Plant & Harvest September and October Planting if you didn’t have time to sow seeds for crops that like cool temperatures, there is still time to sow faster-maturing vegetables like radishes and greens: collards, kale, mache (corn salad), mustards, leaf lettuces, etc. Harvesting Winter squash and pumpkins are ready to harvest when the outside rind is hard and resists denting by your fingernail. they can tolerate a light frost*, but a hard frost** will damage the fruit. either cover them with row cover or bring them into a cool dry space. usually tomatoes offer their last fruits by the end of september, but it is possible to harvest them into october. Consider pickling the green tomatoes that will be caught by the first frost. tomato plants will be damaged or will shut down as temperatures dip below 40°. Potatoes signal they are ready for harvest when the plants yellow and die. this usually is in september for Central ohio. Harvest potatoes on a warm, dry day and allow them to dry in the sun one to three hours before storing in a cool, dry place. Harvest your basil for pesto before temperatures go below 40° for more than a couple of hours. August-planted peas will produce pods until a hard frost.**

October Planting october 15 is a good target date for planting garlic and shallots for next summer’s harvest. Plant them five inches apart in rows that are six to seven inches apart.

November/December Harvesting you can still harvest August- and september-sown lettuces, beets, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrots, leeks, kale, collards and turnips, and radishes if we have a warm fall and you have protected your plants with row cover.

Garden Notes: *Light frost: air temperatures are in the 33° to 28° range for a short period of time; the ground has not cooled significantly. **Hard frost: air temperatures are below 25° for an extended period of time (overnight) and ground temperatures begin to decrease.

—Debra Knapke


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