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EDHEC Business  School  sponsors  best  Universities  to     compete  in  Brest,  France  this  April    

Thanks to  EDHEC  Business  School,  4  crews  representing  prestigious  schools  from  all  over  the  world   will  be  able  to  take  part  in  the  5-­‐day  coastal  and  tactical  competition.     Lille,   France   –   March   4,   2013.   The   45th   Annual   EDHEC   Sailing   Cup   will   take   place   in   Port   du   Moulin   Blanc  -­‐   Brest,   France   beginning   on   April   19,   2013.   Making   this   event   entirely   unique   to   other   competitions,   the   EDHEC   Sailing   Cup   is   organized   by   a   team   of   50   EDHEC   Business   School   students   selected   for   a   two-­‐year   internship   and   is   the   largest   and   among   one   of   Europe’s   most   prestigious   sporting  events.  It  is  officially  listed  on  the  calendar  of  the  Federation  Francaise  de  Voile  (FFV).     The   EDHEC   Sailing   Cup   gathers   more   than   3,000   students   and   182   crews   representing   22   countries   on   five  continents.  EDHEC  Business  School  associates  itself  to  this  international  reputation  and   maintains   tight   bonds   with   some   of   the   most   prestigious   universities   in   the   world.   This   year,   crews   from   UCLA,  Chicago   University,  London   Business   School,   and   the   University   of  Oxford   will   be   able   to   participate  in  the  EDHEC  Sailing  Cup  thanks  to  EDHEC  Business  School.     People   interested   are   invited   to   visit   the   website   of   the   event   (   for   more   information   or   visit   the   Organizing   team   on   its   Facebook   page   or   follow   the   event   on   Twitter   @ccedhec.   #  #  # EDHEC  Business  School  equips  students  and  executives  with  the  skills  required  to  manage  projects  and   lead   people   in   a   multicultural   environment.   The   School   offers   a   variety   of   education   and   training   courses   covering   the   full   spectrum   of   business   needs.   A   broad   range   of   international   degree   programs   attracts  students  the  world  over.  Close  to  6,000  students  and  10,000  executives  currently  participate   in   EDHEC   seminars   and   education   programs   on   the   five   sites   in   Lille,   London,   Nice,   Paris,   and   Singapore.   EDHEC   Business   School’s   international   strategy   comprises   an   innovative   business-­‐focused   research   policy   organized   around   specialist   research   centers.   EDHEC   holds   AACSB,   AMBA   and   EQUIS   accreditations  and  is  regularly  ranked  among  Europe’s  leading  business  schools.   More  information  is  available  on  the  EDHEC  website:   24  Avenue  Gustave  Delory   59100  Roubaix,  France   011  33  0  3  20  15  45  00

Press Release EDHEC  

Press release EDHEC

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