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reputable manufacturers that are leaders in these type of markets. LED allows for a bright, uniform lighting source that is not affected by vibration, has a high-temperature tolerance in either direction and rated at 100,000+ hours light deprecation is negligible for up to 12 plus years depending on hours of operation. Depending on the type of wash and equipment LED fixtures can be ceiling surface mount in a canopy or linear style or wall mount with cross light distribution inside the wash to maximize uniformity usually with 5000 K color temperature although some may prefer 4100K. However, it is important to eliminate glare as a driver is stuck in that wash for three to five minutes and does not need an irritating glare bomb coming through the windshield, proper diffusion is required to make this a comfortable venue. Most carwashes tend to go with pure white light, but lately, there is a move to more exciting wow factor lighting through the

Offering the best touchless, soft-touch, self-serve and drying systems.

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use of RGB color changing LED which definitely increases sales and profits not just for the carwash but gas and in-store c-store purchases as well due to increased traffic volume. Colour changing fixtures are easily installed above the glass windows and aimed at the side of the car as it passes through the wash or is stationary, and slowly colour changes as the rinse, soap and rinse cycles wash the car creating a kaleidoscope of wow factor colours and enhance the total car wash experience. Once this is completed the wash returns to normal white light for a safe exit from the wash. New lens lighting technology from LSI in the form of patented silicone lens technology now allows for maximum output with fewer fixtures and lower installed costs so a win-win for all involved and increased overall profits for carwash owners and happy motorists!


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Convenience & Carwash Canada 2018  

May/June issue 2018, trade magazine, carwash, petroleum industries

Convenience & Carwash Canada 2018  

May/June issue 2018, trade magazine, carwash, petroleum industries

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