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self portrait taken with laptop webcam woods of abergele motorbike shop asked me to start tweeting after they gave me a discount on a new triumph scrambler. this is to help promote them through my next project

right: interior shot of yurt taken with pentax k10d & 1224mm lens far right: patagonian sunset shot taken with pentax dl2 & 18-55mm lens. this is my twitter page https://twitter. com/#!/wwwedgoldcouk

this e-book is a showcase for low quality digital cameras unless otherwise specified all images have been taken with an htc wildfire s smart phone camera

night yurt shot taken with pentax k10d & 12-24mm lens

it’s astounding to me that the 5 megapixel camera in this htc wildfire s smart phone can produce panormas like this when used with ‘hugin’ software

montaged interior shots from halls of residence, south west london, 1998 taken with sony mavica mvc-fd5

i finally get my website and homepage how i like it using iweb just as apple mac cease ‘mobileme’ in june 2012. i will have to upload it now using an ftp server rather than mac’s own

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Just before we die, if we can, I think we should write down what we have learnt from our lives - as a lesson to others that come after us & to show what we have done

2 things: More important than any one another

ything else - we should help

for a sense of scale check out the man just above these words walking on snow. at left are the 2 stones known as ‘adam & eve’ at the top of tryfan mountain in snowdonia

‘adam & eve’ are at the top of tryfan mountain - directly above

identical images at left: original at right: contrast +30 this rocky mountain top was in cloud and i only had one chance to take a shot before the scene disapperared of beautiful luminous ‘map lichen’ and blue sky

correction - ‘toss’ is actually 98 years old in dog years using the simplistic calculation that 1 dog year is equivalent to 7 human years. absolutely no chance i’ll be as good looking then!

i love the quiet, still, peaceful, mysterious feeling at dusk moments before the last light quickly recedes to darkness and the glowing turquoise blue of the sky radiates away


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2 things  

a book using some low quality digital photos taken using smart phone with good results

2 things  

a book using some low quality digital photos taken using smart phone with good results

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