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Fancy seing your work on our cover? If you have a design or doodle, sketch or scribble, that you think would suit our zine then send it over to

This front cover was designed by Hattie Warren


“Welcome to the very first printed edition of Edge Zine. We’re very excited to share some of the fantastic work that you have submitted. We’d like to thank everyone that has taken the time to email us their work, everything that has come in has been great and We hope you enjoy looking at the small selection of student work shown in this zine, hopefully this is the start of something really big and exciting.”

4-7 Student Spotlight 8 Esme Lonsdale 9 Sam O’Shea 10-11 Dan Des Eynon 12 Freddie Strickland 13 Lewis Greensdale 14-15 Student Brief 16 Chris Thorpe 17 Rachael Saunders 18-19 Isabel Heubl 20-21 Owen Gent 22-23 John Kryrcz 24-25 Kate Mitchell 26 Harriet Billigham 27 Olivia Bossert 28 Music 29 Toni Bryson 30 Steph Wood/ Emily Day


Edge zine Team Mikie daniel & Harriet mcMahon


Photography of students and their work (pages 2,4,5,11,24,25) taken by Samuel Glazebrook _____________________ Back cover design by Fiona Rose Batey

Edge Zine Online: @edgezine

student s Fiona Rose Batey Ba illustration


spotlight 5


Fiona Batey is an illustrator who dreams in colour (And sometimes with a decent storyline, although that is rare.) Inspired by her northern roots, the people she passes and the way in which nothing is ever as it seems, Fiona revels the challenge of creating imagery that is intriguing and surreal. She is a maker of art, lover of antiques and the mother to some beautifully grotesque but lovable characters. Fiona has exhibited her work in several Lancashire galleries, won 1st and 3rd place in the Pendle Open Arts competition, given Prince Charles a screenprint of Burnley (which was commissioned by her college) and had her first solo exhibition at Towneley Hall during the summer. One of Fiona’s proudest moments is when she appeared on the TV for the BBC’s programme ‘Show Me The Monet’ (for a whole 7 Minutes!) Her oil painting beat 4000 other contestants for a place in the final of this art competition, and gave a huge boost to her confidence and reputation as an artist.


Esme Lonsdale Ba Illustration - 2nd year

“The illustrations were for a collage/montage project in a Visual Studies module, based on the theme of “The Universe”. They were done with a mixture of card, magazine cut outs, paint, ink and hand made textures”



BA Illustration - 2nd year

Sam o’shea

Dan Des Eynon Ba Illustration - 2nd year


Dan Says: “To Kill 10 Birds with 1 ‘Stone’, is a play on the well known idiom to ‘kill 2 birds with 1 stone’. It is also part of an ongoing series of work that will touch on our relationship with animals. The Image has been created with coloured pencils built up in layers; this can be a lengthy process but an enjoyable one. The use of this medium allows me to be in complete control of what I produce; knowing that every mark on the page is intentional, can be both satisfying and rewarding.”


Freddie Strickland fine art- 1st year


lewis greenslade ba Drawing - 2nd year

“My traditional drawings typically focus upon observations. I’ve trained myself over the years to have a good eye for tone and lighting effects, but also be keen in picking out details. As I’m starting to develop however, I’d like to push my work towards conceptual art, particularly landscapes. I’m hoping to expand on my visual memory through doing more close studies like this in the future. Being a person stuck between a fine art background, and an interest in conceptual designs, the drawing course is proving to be a good steady foundation to build on. Focusing on building up good draughtsmanship which can be used for any purpose.”


Background: “Cornish Rattler has evolved into something unique. A cheeky character combined with a 6% cloudy Cornish cyder.. the brand epitomises what is to be Cornish. Fun, friendly and with ‘Biting Refreshment’, Rattler is designed to be the cornerstone of social gatherings, parties on the beach, festivals and of course, summer barbeques.” - Joe Healey.

The Brief:

Design Rattler’s in-pub point of sale material whilst capturing the brand’s fun side. “We are looking to capture all the fun moments enjoyed with Rattler, and convey it through our in-pub Point of Sale. Think bar runners, flags, surfboards, banners, drip mats... and think outside the box.” It’s a blank canvas for you to play with. The only compulsory element is the logo - the rest is up to you.


How to Submit:

Send your designs to with the subject “Rattler” Any image format is fine as long as we can see your ideas. A shortlist of finalists will be invited to present their designs at Healey’s farm in a ‘Dragon’s Den’ style pitch. The Winner will have their design put into use by Healey’s


You must be a Falmouth or Exeter student studying in Cornwall to enter The Rattler logo must be included. The high-res logo is available in the brief pack, which you can download at

Deadline: Friday 18 January 2013


the nomade lamp Chris Thorpe BA 3D Design - 3rd year


Rachael Saunders BA illustration- 2nd year



Phillips Lighting award winner

rocky Isabel Heubl BA 3d Design



Owen Gent

BA Illustration - 3rd year 21

BA Drawing 22

John Kryrcz



Kate Mitchell

dance performance student creator of jewellery

Kate Says: “Starting University in 2011 it soon hit home how little money I had. Living as a ‘student’, soon allowed me to gain the true value for money and just how expensive luxuries were. As a girl who adores fashion, I found myself substituting healthy foods for the latest trends. This inspired me to start Gracie-Lou Jewellery. I wanted to give students the opportunity to rock the latest fashions but at affordable prices. Honestly, I had no idea how creative I was and I am very proud of my achievements. I would like to thank everyone for all the interest and support I have received as my business continues to expand.” Kate’s Jewellery is available to buy from


Harriet Billingham BA Drawing



Fashion Photography - 2nd year

Olivia Bossert


Silence by Matthew Dixon and Emily Maughan

Empty Frames by the white bicycles

Listen: Download a QR code scanning app to your smart phone or tablet and then scan the QR codes to listen to the tracks. Simple.

Darkest hour by Lyall Stephens


Toni Bryson

Marine and Natural History photography


Steph Wood

Ba Illustration - 1st year

Emily Day

BA Illustration - 1st year 30

Keep Submitting

We’ve had so much work sent to us so far - and we’ve been loving every bit of it. We want you to keep making great work and keep sharing it with our community. Sharing your work is so easy, simply email it over to tell us a bit about yourself, your course, what year you’re in, what inspired you, how you created your work etc. There’s already a huge collection of work online, you can check it out at now it’s your turn to get involved - we want to hear from every course and share the vast talents of our students. Make sure to follow us too: @edgezine


Edge Zine Issue 1  

The very first print edition of Edge Zine. A showcase of the many talents at Falmouth University.

Edge Zine Issue 1  

The very first print edition of Edge Zine. A showcase of the many talents at Falmouth University.