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Edgewater’s Monthly Community Newspaper Volume XXVI, No. 11

November 2013

Photo by Lynne Grasz Hall

Costumed children Trick or Treat for stickers and other assorted goodies at the Community Center on October 31st, Halloween night. Read more on page 11

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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Volume XXVI, Number 11 November 2013


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Edgewater EDGEWATER –Edgewater “A Great Place to Live” “A Great Place to Live”

By Gregory S. –S.Borough Administrator “AofFranz Great Live” From the desk Gregory Place Franz -to Borough Administrator From the desk of Gregory S. Franz - Borough Administrator

VETERAN’S Independence Day FIELD Celebration – The project was slow to progress but in Regular Trash Collection. REMEDIATION seemed to moving a Borough Hall Moving Day – The Edgewater Route 5months Rock Stabilization Project – atThe Edgewater MayorDay and AND Council along with the recent Independence Celebration – The New Jersey Department of Transportation will be Police andHall Municipal offices are Edgewater tentatively Route 5 Rock Stabilization Project – The Moving Day – The Recreation Department are proud to present Edgewater Mayor and Council along with the RESTORATION great pace and the Mayor and Council Borough QUANTA SUPERFUND SITE fireworks at Department Veterans Fieldare on proud Friday, to Julypresent 1 with Recreation Ondate Friday September 4,July2013, a rain of Monday July 5. Veterans fireworks at Veterans Field on Friday, 1 Field with will open to the public at 6:00 p.m. for children’s athe rain date of Monday July 5. Veterans Field borough was notified by its entertainment and activities, music, food. The will open to the public at 6:00 p.m. and for children’s environmental consultant TERMS event is free except for the music, cost ofand refreshments. entertainment and activities, food. The Environmental Services, that instead Bring is afree blanket chair watch the event except and for the cost and of refreshments. spectacular show produced by the Serpico Family Bring a blanket and chair and watch the of removing contaminated fill from of Newton, show New produced Jersey’s International Fireworks spectacular by the Serpico Family the site,since oneJersey’s of the original work Company 1906, overlooking the George of Newton, New International Fireworks Washington Bridge and New York City skyline. Company since 1906, overlooking the George orders, the contractor, Waterside The Edgewater trolley bus will Washington Bridge and New York operate City skyline. Construction, dumped fill along and RiverEdgewater Road and Undercliff betweenalong 5:30 The trolley busAvenue will operate aggregate onp.m. sitesowhich contained high p.m. and 10:30 leaveAvenue your carbetween at home and River Road and Undercliff 5:30 walk and ride to the event. Inflatable rides, face p.m. and 10:30 p.m. so leave your car at home and levels of PCB’s or polychlorinated painting, balloon tossInflatable are all available for walk and clowns, ride to the event. rides, face biphenyl’s. Any containing this the children, no alcoholic beverages painting, clowns, balloonfill toss are all permitted. available for the children, is no alcoholic beverages permitted. material not permitted and will

performing rock slope stabilization projectwill along scheduled move into the new Borough Hall at New Jersey aDepartment of Transportation be Police andto Municipal offices are tentatively

were anticipating a 2014project opening QUESTION ANSWER New Jersey 5 in stabilization Edgewater. This project 55 River Road the weekend of June 17. Borough performing a Route rock slope along scheduled to move intoAND the new Borough Hall at calls for the removal and stabilization of rock along offices will be closed Friday, June 17 and Monday, New Jersey Route 5 in Edgewater. This project 55 River Road the weekend of June 17. Borough however, with this new contaminated SESSION the cliff face. The work for approximately 28 offices June 20will andbewill reopen to the public on Monday, Tuesday, calls for the removal and calls stabilization of rock along closed Friday, June 17 and material that be removed from the U.S. dayscliff of full ofhas Route 5fortoapproximately perform the most JuneRepresentatives 21 and so that can close the the face.closure The work callsto 28 June 20 willBorough reopen tostaff the public on down Tuesday, then fill, Environmental Protection Agency dangerous work first. The5clean borough requested old facility to staff open can the new We days of replaced full closure ofwith Route to perform themay most June 21 so and thatprepare Borough closefacility. down the that thisthe work notfirst. commence untilWaterside school ends old askfacility for residents’ cooperation wenew do facility. notbe respond dangerous work The borough requested and prepare to openifthe We delay project longer. (EPA) and Honeywell will on in June school is not effected. in afor timely manner during this period. will that this so work not transportation commence until school ends ask residents’ cooperation if we do notStaff respond Construction has hand to and answer anythis questions At June the conclusion of the provided 28 dayisclosure, Route in be a onsite email and telephones be in so school transportation not written effected. timely manner during period. should Staffyou will 5 will be open to east bound traffic only during operational by Saturday, June 18; however, we At the conclusion of the 28 day closure, Route be onsite and email and telephones should be correspondence to the borough may have about field work that is during morning afternoon may be distracted in attempting organize we the 5working will behours open and to east bound trafficand only during operational by Saturday, June 18;to however, informing the borough Waterside scheduled begin at the Quanta peak hours, bi-directional traffic willand be permitted. offices files.toThe Police Department shouldthe be working hours and during morning afternoon may beand distracted in attempting to organize will be responsible forwith thebe clean-up Resources Superfund site (145should River The hours, Edgewater Police along the Cliffside offices operational in the newPolice facility by Sunday, June 19; peak bi-directional traffic will permitted. and files. The Department be Park Edgewater and Lee Police Departments work operational however,in residents should not seeSunday, any interruption The Police along with the will Cliffside inNovember the new facility by June 19; but thisFortprovides little consolation Road) 2013. collectively an attempt to keep traffic flowing in emergency service during Park and FortinLee Police Departments will work however, residents should notthis see transition. any interruption to Mayor and Council whoflowing were in emergency The information andthe provide ample signage. collectively in an attempt to keep traffic service during generated this transition. from and provide ample signage. anticipating a grand opening and had this field demonstration project will be required to be removed. TERMS already started planning the grand be used to complete the final design Environmental Services which is the opening celebration. Mayor Delaney of the cleanup plan for the site. The borough’s Licensed Site Remediation has called for a special council work is scheduled to last for about 8 Professional, issued a stop work meeting on Wednesday November weeks. We will be on hand: Police Department is in need crossing order onThe the Edgewater site requiring Waterside 6 at 7:00pm to of meet with guards TERMSfor the 2011-2012 school year. The Edgewater Police Department is in need of crossing guards for the 2011-2012 school year. Construction to residents stop working, discuss November 2013 Edgewater 18 andthis olderEnvironmental can apply by to filling outthe an project applicationMonday, in the office of the 4, Borough 18 and older canclean filling out an applicationfrom in the office of the Borough was Edgewater in place onresidents Friday October 4, and Administrator of Borough Hall. A valid New Jersey Drivers License is preferred. Standard back2013. Administrator The LSRP has concluded taking PM – 4:00 PM and 7:00 PM of Borough Hall. A valid New Jersey Drivers License is 2:00 preferred. Standard background checks are performed and guards need to report to posts by 6:45 a.m.PM and again by 2:00 p.m. soil samples throughout the facility HOLIDAY CELEBRATION – 9:00 ground checks are performed and guards need to report to posts by 6:45 a.m. and again by 2:00 p.m. to determine the exact location of Thursday November 21 from at the material and have forwarded 5:00pm to 8:00pm at City Place, the Edgewater Borough Hall the results to Waterside’s LSRP for holiday kick off celebration with Council Chambers, 2nd floor review and comment. TERMS has the lighting of the holiday tree with 55 River Road put together a work plan and will music, raffles, and give a ways. Edgewater, NJ 07020 be submitting this plan to the New Jersey Department of Environment IMPORTANT DATES Protection and the Environmental Sunday November 3 Daylight For further information you Protection Agency for review and Savings Time Ends. can contact Natalie Loney, EPA Edgewater’s Good News Monthly Community Newspaper Edgewater’s Good News Monthly Community Newspaper subsequent approval. The Mayor and Tuesday November 5 Election Community Involvement Coordinator Council discussed this disappointing Day Polls Open 6:00am to 8:00pm. at 212-637-3639 or you can e-mail news at their meeting of October 7 Monday November 11 Veterans her at and October 21. The Veterans Field Day - Borough Offices Closed,

Crossing Guards Guards Needed Needed Crossing Community Celebrations Celebrations Community Call: 201-615-0927 201-615-0927 Call:


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Have you ever had bad dreams that can be Positive Thinking and Self-Reflection Giving Than truly frightening nightmares or feel that you Another method is to change your perspec- Next, anothe ByThe Bobfact Batch are being tired down to your bed by restrains? tive into a positive one. that spiritual One day is li It seems like every day there is some they are also observing the oldest objects in the real problems like learning to get along with one If you have terrible nightmares, can coninfluence can you or is keeping evidence that ourselves philosophy, t news on the internet sites about a new planetweuniverse. Since light, which we are approach observing another from wiping out of clude that in around most some casesfaryou wavelengths given off by your and to the being discovered awayare star.stressed travels atout a finitethe speed, presumably we are existence. God ismind probably havingsponds a good laugh Astronomers would a have us spiritual believe theyinfluence. are seeing something twelvewavelengths billion light years of away it are should give t and it attracts bad Also the theabout negative looking out into the void and seeing these new as it existed twelve billion years ago. I’d hate to sound like I’m anti – science just if you cannot sleep well, your mind that has the same, so in this case you should reverse this: “It is m worlds just the way the artist’s conceptions Okay, maybe you can imagine that something because I don’t buy into to these over reaching someYou negative thoughts musttheories eliminate any thinkI canand return appear. almost forget that most like of whatworries, they that anxietyou measure the to be situation. twelve billion You light years about the origin of the universe our ies, andisfears for inyour future so on attracts about things andmastery look towards over are ‘seeing’ fluctuations the amount of light away is at the ing beginning of negative the observable imminent of everything,back it’s only the my from stars that makes its way across billions of universe, but you are really not seeing it as it overblown notion of our superiority over nature negative energy. the light. Think only about wonderful, posi- I truly had a miles of space. In other words, the existence of is now. You don’t really know that it exists that I am dubious about. I saw a comic strip tive things within your mind. This is another Even if I sho these objects is presumed by evidence gathered anymore. You really only know that it was there called Dilbert the other day where one of the Remedies forlight Sleep Paralysis Spiritual method dealing this threat. By g from the observed spectrum. A lot of and the twelve billion years and a fewfor seconds ago. withcharacters says, “Futurists say we’llisfied.” soon be able rest of the story is fueled by the search for a Still, science presumes to be close to having to create our own universe”. The other character Restraints drive them a planet that’s like earth. Presumably, one without all these things worked out, and answering is fortosays “Where would we put it?” dealing with Another strategy practice self-reflecall the geopolitical problems. us all how everything came to be. Basically, the My problem with science is when it creates Breathing Even ifpopped the weight on your preIn a way, Methods there is a similarity to the answer right nowtion. is, “Everything into the illusion that chest its got all the answers when in Breathingof methods offer good If avents yourwhich body from and canThe next observations Mars by astronomer Percivalapproach. existence from singularity” is to say moving fact, as in the caseyou of how the universe works,tim Lowell. When he saw patterns criss crossing the everything in the universe came out of nothing. a lot of what it proposes is based on faith albeit you cannot move and there is nothing you not move your hands either, that does not suggest that y planet through the most advanced telescope of I know the fact that some physicist or derived from observable information. I don’t can do about it, in order to regain your own mean that this restraint is extending into your explained ab his time, he perceived them to be canals. And cosmologist with a couple of PhD’s next to think the people presenting this stuff see it as spirit, you should catching breath. head. while engage in you practice everybody believed him. try Today of course,your we their name declares that Therefore, everything began as lying doctrine,down, but that’s what it becomes. know that unless is adown, giant cover being a singularity it all seem scientifi but findIfyourself you were going to answer the question, As you are there lying tryup to breathe frommakes self-reflection. If c,you in such a and self-refle perpetrated about alien life as some believe, even with all the impressive equations and ‘Where is heaven?” which is a major proponent the lower stomach area below the belly but- situation, it means that as some point up to make you sle there are no canals on Mars, and no Martians complicated equipment, it’s really nothing more of spiritual belief, science doctrine would pretty ton. The idea is to provide your body with the prior day you have been having trouble rowing gondolas either. than another creation story. It’s the religion of much refudiate the whole concept. We visualize fresh oxygen.asTry in, and if you are with human relationships. In asthis situation, As interesting I findbreathing these discoveries, or science. ‘Heaven’ ‘up there’ somewhere. Well, it’s not observations, I am always a little put off by the In the religion of science a few High Priests on the moon, it’s not out in space, so it must be able to repeat this deep respiration several try thinking about the person with whom you way the information is presentedenough as a matteryou of speak a language that the the masses do not somewhere out whom there pastyou those galaxies twelve times over, strangely willinfind get along least, a person about fact. Only because every couple of years some comprehend but revere. The doctrine is that all billion light years away. You see the problem if thatobservation the evilchanges spirits the least, a person whom youc paradigm. new the have picture parted entirely from things flyou. ow from get our along understanding of matter. we relyabout strictly on the scientifi One ofexperts the secrets this that breathing method though think, can’t stand “Ifof only she Yoshi Taguch and these don’t seemof to notice what Paradoxically our “I understanding of all him”, Still,or, a lot us sense that there is more they claimed in the past keeps getting revised, or matter is that everything is mostly space and to the picture than just what can be examined is that as you breathe, light will enter your wasn’t around.” If there is someone in your Happy Scien at least it doesn’t stop them from making new even solid objects are only an illusion - got that? with telescopes of microscopes or even Hadrons body. When that happens, the negative influ- life who fits this description, then try think- 725 River Rd proclamations. Ever since Stephen Hawking created the colliders. More people are inclined to accept the ences that are holding you down will let go. of him ora her self-reflection, Edgewater, Of all the mind - boggling things we know universe, at leasting his model of it, few and years practice idea that there is some vastly superior entity that N about the universe and our place in it,be I fifree. nd the This ago, is it lead to thethen searchtry for the ‘God Particle’. made existence than believe that At that moment, you will how thinking of him orthings her pop andintopractice 201-313-012 concept that looking out intothe space is looking into This is the elusiveself-reflection. component of matter things just popped intoapoloexistence for no reason in C to escape through breathing method. Inthat anyis event, start with Meditation the past the most perplexing. When astronomers going to solve the whole mystery of existence. particular. When you are praying for your team gizing to this person. say they are finding the most distant objects Unfortunately, it’s not going to solve any of our to win on Sunday, you are not going to invoke

Infinity and Beyond

AUTO Insurance HOME Insurance BUSINESS Insurance Edgewater: 201-840-7891 Franklin Lakes: 201-840-7891 4 | EDGEWATER RESIDENTIAL | NOVEMBER 2013 8 | EDGEWATER RESIDENTIAL | JUNE 2011

the name of Stephen Hawking. Certainly the observation and quantification of the natural world around us has given us a better understanding of the complexity of all the components of the universe. It also gives us a greater appreciation of how remarkable it all is. It should also be a bit humbling as well. Personally, I think all the latest revelations, whether out in space or in the sub-atomic realm, inform our spiritual understanding profoundly. The more unfathomable and strange the things we learn become, the more it reinforces the wonder we experience as spirituality. If something randomly popped into existence it seems like it wouldn’t be very complicated, but if there were some design, there would be lots of complicated components. What does the universe we live in tell us? We are not just observers of this universe we are also an integral part of it. Maybe it’s our role to wonder about it, to discover whatever we can about it, and to appreciate it. Maybe we are the universe and whatever brought it into existence experiencing itself. Whatever the Monthly Newspaper case,Edgewater’s it seemsGood to News me that theCommunity scientist that would have us believe they have mastered the nature of existence should heed the story of Icarus who flew too high for his man made wings to carry him.

Call: 201-615-0927

One Driver Dead, the Other injured in River Road Crash

Photo by Lynne Grasz Hall

A police vehicle partially blocks the view of the white Mercedes. Ms. Cando’s red Mitsubishi is hidden by the Mercedes. Both cars are locked together in the positions where they came to rest after the crash. By Douglas E. Hall An Englewood Cliffs man was killed at around 5 a.m. Friday morning, in a pre-dawn head-on crash on River Road at Veterans Field that has closed River Road and tied up traffic on surrounding thoroughfares. Naim Nezaj, 42, was driving a white Mercedes north on River Road when it struck a curb and he lost control of the vehicle. The Mercedes then crossed over into the southbound lane, hitting a Mitsubishi Lanser driven by

Veronica Cando, 36, of Jersey City, according to police. Nezaj was pronounced dead at the scene, and Ms. Cando, driver of the other car, was taken to Hackensack University Medical Center with injuries sustained in the crash. She was initially treated at the scene by police officers and emergency medical technicians. According to a witness at the scene she was thrown from her car by the impact of the collision. She was listed in serious condi-

tion later on Friday. The accident closed River Road from the Fort Lee Borough boundary to Route 5 in Edgewater and created a massive traffic jam on River Road, Route 5, Undercliff Avenue and Valley Place for several hours and caused some school and commuter busses to alter their routes. The Bergen County Prosecutor’s Fatal Accident Unit investigated. The county Sheriff’s Bureau of Criminal Identification collected evidence.


Juvenile Events

1, 8, 15, 22 Friday; 10:15 AM: “Music with Ms. Fran” Open to those 18 Mos+: Parents and caregivers -- come bring your littlest musicians to enjoy Miss Fran’s Music Time each week. Please register via the library’s online website. 1, 15 Friday; 11:00 AM: “Tiny Hands Art Class” Open to those 18 Mos+: Children are encouraged to exercise and explore their naturally creative natures. A variety of materials and supplies are made available, and children are urged to use anything that may be unfamiliar to them and to “get messy!” Please register via the library’s online website. 1, 8, 15, 22 Friday; 4:00 PM: “Wee Read: Book Discussion Group”: Gr. 2-4: Led by the incomparable Miss Faten Masri, attendees meet, read and discuss books belonging to a variety of genres. The library recognizes that all participants have a school work-load, thus all that is expected is an effort and a positive attitude. Please register via the library’s online website. 5, 12, 19, 26, Dec. 3, 10 and 17th Tuesdays; 10:30 & 11:30 AM: “Storytime Yoga with Adra!” Ages 2 yrs+: Accomplished local Yoga instructor Adra Lemos (We Play Yoga) seamlessly blends picture books, songs and puppets with simple Yoga poses. Children with parents who value exercise and good health will become adults who value the same. Please enroll your young Yogi using the library’s online registration template 5, 12, 19, 26 Tuesday; 4:00 PM: “Book It Book

Club!: “ Gr. 5+: Join Sue Price as she reprises participants show up ... and do so on time! There her “Book Worms” book club and, now, works WILL be a Chess tournament on Saturday, Nov. with an older group of kids. There are always 16th! Please enroll your child via the library’s treats, great books and really fun discussions! online registration template! Please enroll your child using the library’s online 7, 14, 21, Dec. 5, 12, and 19th Thursdays; registration template! 10:30 AM: “Mother Goose Group Storytime & 6, 13, 20, Dec. 4, 11, and 18 Wednesdays; Movement!” Open to those 18 Mos. and Up OR 11:30 AM: “Babies’ Lapsit Sing-along and “capable walkers”: A storytime, sing-along and Storytime” Up to 18 Mos.: Babies’ Lapsit is movement program for those who have agedyour child’s first library-sponsored storytime and out of Babies’ Lapsit will be meeting Jake, a 5 “movement” program. Head of Youth Services year-old French Bulldog who is also a “therapy Jamey Feuer provides programming geared to dog!” Jake, from “Bright and Beautiful Therapy help infants through young toddlers discover Dogs,” will make a brief, 15 minute appearance at themselves... and one another! The program storytime! Those not enrolled will be turned away. includes age-appropriate picture books, puppets, Please make certain to get a FREE Edgewater instruments, the parachute and more! Ultimately, Resident Parking permit from borough hall, or a this is a very special time for caregiver and “Visitor Parking Permit” (good for that date only) child! Babies’ Lapsit is your child’s first library- from the library. Vehicles lacking permits that are sponsored storytime and “movement” program. parked on the streets around the library may be Head of Youth Services Jamey Feuer provides ticketed prior to 12:00 noon, Mon.-Fri. programming geared to help young attendees 7, 14, 21, Dec. 5, 12 and 19th Thursdays; discover themselves... and one another! Please 4:00 PM: “Starter Chess with Joe”: Ages 5 & enroll your child using the library’s online 6 plus caregivers: This initiative here is geared registration template! Please register via the for those players who are just embarking upon library’s online website. the Chess experience. Space is extremely limited 6, 13, 20, Dec. 4, 11, and 18th Wednesdays; 4:00 so we encourage caregivers and parents to enroll PM: “Chess Club” Ages 7 and up!: Chess teaches their youngsters as soon as possible via the online spatial thinking, pre-planning, mathematics registration template. and about consequences. Conveniently, for our 7, 14, 21, Dec. 5, 12 and 19th Thursdays; patrons, we provide excellent chess instruction 5:00 PM: “Guitar with Joe”: Gr. 4+: Join Joe here at the library! Every two months or so Licitra as he teaches children to put down the we offer a Saturday Chess Tournament with “Air Guitar” and to pick up a real instrument! Continued on page 10 trophies and pizza, and all we ask in return is that NOVEMBER 2013 | EDGEWATER RESIDENTIAL | 5

STORYTIME WITH JAMEY! Every Tuesday at 11:00 AM and 12:00 PM @ Ben & Jerry’s Scoopshop @ Riverwalk!: Join Jamey for a storytime, sing-along and movement program held EVERY week at Ben & Jerry’s Scoopshop at the Riverwalk Shopping Center! Shakers, puppets, songs, stories and more! The fee is $10 per child per session. Pay for the programs you attend, never a registration fee! Jamey also does juvenile birthday parties, specializing in ages 1-4 years of age! For more information, please call Jamey at 201-575-3446.


Guided Meditation Classes Every Wednesday 12:15-12:45pm “Look into the depths of your own being and discover the universe inside you. When we discover that inside, we are connected to an infinite world, we reach a state of deep enlightenment.” ~ Master Ryuho Okawa

Happy Science 725 River Rd. #200 Edgewater Plaza bldg. Edgewater, NJ 07020 Open to the public, walk-ins welcome tel:201.313.0127 a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization RSVP by email:

Luminesa Cellulite & Slimming Medi-Spa

50 Park Avenue, Ground Floor, Suite 1E

New York, New York, 10016


1-85-LUMINESA (1-855-864-6372)

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(888) 280-5702


Local Dance Studio Marks First Year in the Borough

From left: Borough Council President Vincent Monte, Edgewater Arts Council President Lynne Grasz-Hall, and Edgewater Cultural and Historical Committee chairman Douglas E. Hall, cut a red ribbon in an opening ceremony marking Hudson Dance Studio first anniversary. in September 2012. He said, “We couldn’t do this without your support and dedication to our team and to the art of dance.” Ms. Grasz-Hall, after the ceremonies, commented, “The EAC embraces all forms of art, including dance, and we look forward to partnering with the Hudson Dance Studio on future projects. We welcome their dance participation on the 23rd Annual Arts and Music Festival on Sunday, Sept. 14, 2014.” Mr. Hall expressed his enthusiasm for the success of the studio, pointing out that it has added “a new dimension to the diverse artistic culture of the community.” He suggested that the studio provides the opportunity for a revival in dancing from teenagers to senior citizens.” He expressed the hope that the presence of Hudson Dance Studio in the borough would permit the EC&HC to expand cultural activities to include dance in the future. Highlights from the evening included an Argentine Tango group number choreographed by Mr. Davidov, 2013 Salon Winner of the Original USA Tango Championship, and danced to a live song performance by Lisa Kasdan, as well as a Salsa Rueda performance choreographed by Swing! Broadway star and “So You Think You

Can Dance” contributor, Maria Torres. Professional dancers Anna Trukhan, 2012 Denmark Champion in Standard, and Ivan Troshhi, 2010 German Open Finalist, also danced a Quickstep that evoked excitement from the crowd. The mission of Hudson Dance Studio is to revolutionize the world of social dance, make it popular, and add value to it. The instructors are international and US champions who teach both adults and children in Argentine Tango, Ballet, Ballroom and Latin, Hustle, Jazz, and Salsa. Both group classes and private lessons are available, as well as one-on-one coaching for competition. The studio also hosts dance parties and workshops taught by guest instructors and dance coaches from all over the world. More information can be found by visiting our website: Hudson Dance Studio was created by husband and wife team Jevegeni and Kesenia Davidov, who were born in Russia and grew up in a German-Russian community in Germany. They have blended their talents in the creation of Hudson Dance Studio, with Mr. Davidov as a professional awardwinning dancer and Mrs. Davidov handing the business side of their enterprise. They emigrated to the United States with the hope of establishing

are unstable and this is reflected in the ¬way they change their story all the time, making people SLEEPING PEACEFULLY WITHOUT SPIRITUAL RESTRAINS think they are not to be trusted. People who suffer The “Inability to Attain Happiness” Syndrome from this kind of problem should make an effort to ~From a Series of Prescriptions for Happiness~ recognize the relative importance of things, they Ryuho Okawa need to be able to differentiate between important To People Who Cannot Win the Trust of Others and trivial things. They must always make a point of checking to see what is important and what is False-hearted People If you are not trusted by others, the reason will not, then tell themselves and others exactly what it doubtless lie in your behavior but strange as it may is they are going to do about the important things seem, you probably do not realize how you think before they actually begin. On the other hand, or behave and therefore, the first thing to do is to when it comes to trivial things, they should let the look at yourself objectively. The most common people around them know that their characters are reason why people are not trusted is because not altogether stable. If they do this, their friends they are two-faced. They may not intend to be will realize that this is the way they are, but that that way, but they will approach people and say they are good people all the same. This is the only something seemingly nice, when really they are solution to this problem. Community People Who Cannot Do Their Jobs Properly thinking entirely the opposite and when Celebrations the other When we think of people who are not trusted person sees through this facade, they will take a by others, another type that springs to mind is dislike to them. people who cannot do their job properly and People Whose Talk Lacks Consistency People who keep changing their story are always make a mistake if they are entrusted with a never trusted. This kind of person suffers from an particular task. People who are not trusted at work Call: 201-615-0927 201-615-0927 because they are unable to accomplish their tasks uneven temperament and strange. Their Call: emotions

should learn from those who can and ask advice from key people to learn how they can improve the way they go about it. Therefore people who are not trusted due to their inability to get the job done should not brag or pretend to do what they cannot achieve, instead the important thing is for them to concentrate on improving little by little. They should start out by trying to achieve simple things first. People Who Cannot Keep Secrets Another type of person who others cannot trust is one who is incapable of keeping secrets. Anything they are told they pass on immediately because they are unable to control their speech, but they must realize that there are some things that should be kept to themselves. If somebody tells you something in strictest confidence and then later discovers that it has become general knowledge, they will never tell you anything important again. Therefore, in order to preserve people’s faith in you, it is vital that you learn how to differentiate between those things that it is acceptable to talk about and those that it is not. If somebody says to you, “What I am about

By Douglas E. Hall More than 150 people including dancers, students and municipal leaders attended the Hudson Dance Studio’s one-year anniversary gala on October 12, at its riverfront location at the intersection of Route 5 and River Road. To commemorate the studio’s milestone, Borough Council President Vincent Monte, Edgewater Arts Council (EAC) President Lynne Grasz-Hall, and Edgewater Cultural and Historical Committee (EC&HC) chairman Douglas E. Hall, cut a red ribbon in an opening ceremony. Food was provided by the nearby and newly opened Santino’s, Italian restaurant on Route 5, and the neighboring Vitangelo’s, bakery that has served Edgewater for more than 20 years. Students and professional ballroom dancers entertained with a showcase of performances. This was followed by attendees dancing to a live DJ. Councilman Monte congratulated the studio and praised the staff for turning the space into “a vibrant place where Edgewater residents, both young and old, can be active and involved in dancing and the arts.” Artistic Director and Owner, Jevgeni Davidov, thanked all the students who have become a part of the studio since its opening


Have you ever had bad dreams that can be truly frightening nightmares or feel that you are being tired down to your bed by restrains? If you have terrible nightmares, we can conclude that in most cases you are stressed out and it attracts a bad spiritual influence. Also if you cannot sleep well, your mind that has some negative thoughts like worries, anxieties, and fears for your future so on attracts negative energy. Remedies for Sleep Paralysis and Spiritual Restraints

Breathing Methods Breathing methods offer good approach. If you cannot move and there is nothing you can do about it, in order to regain your own spirit, you should try catching your breath. As you are lying down, try to breathe from the lower stomach area below the belly button. The idea is to provide your body with fresh oxygen. Try breathing in, and if you are able to repeat this deep respiration several times over, strangely enough you will find that the evil spirits have parted from you. One of the secrets of this breathing method is that as you breathe, light will enter your body. When that happens, the negative influences that are holding you down will let go. At that moment, you will be free. This is how to escape through the breathing method.

Positive Thinking and Self-Reflection Another method is to change your perspective into a positive one. The fact that spiritual influence can approach you is evidence that the wavelengths given off by your mind and the wavelengths of the negative energy are the same, so in this case you should reverse the situation. You must eliminate any thinking about negative things and look towards the light. Think only about wonderful, positive things within your mind. This is another method for dealing with this threat.

Another strategy is to practice self-reflection. Even if the weight on your chest prevents your body from moving and you cannot move your hands either, that does not mean that this restraint is extending into your head. Therefore, while lying down, engage in self-reflection. If you find yourself in such a situation, it means that as some point up to the prior day you have been having trouble with human relationships. In this situation, try thinking about the person with whom you get along the least, a person about whom you get along the least, a person about whom you think, “I can’t stand him”, or, “If only she wasn’t around.” If there is someone in your life who fits this description, then try thinking of him or her and practice self-reflection, then try thinking of him or her and practice self-reflection. In any event, start with apologizing to this person.

Giving Thanks Next, another method is giving thanks. One day is like a lifetime. If you live by this philosophy, then the end of each day corresponds to the end of your entire life. So you should give thanks by saying something like this: “It is my turn to leave this world. Now I can return to a pleasurable world. Looking back over my life on this earth, I can say that I truly had a good life. Thank you so much. Even if I should die here and now, I am satisfied.” By giving thanks like this, you will drive them away. This is another method for dealing with the problem. The next time you experience a bad dream, I suggest that you try our some of the methods explained above. Also before going to bed, if you practice breathing with positive thinking and self-reflection, and giving thanks would make you sleep well.

Yoshi Taguchi Happy Science USA 725 River Rd. Suite 58 Edgewater, NJ 07020 201-313-0127 Meditation Class: Sat 11:00am and 1:30pm

Edgewater’s Good News Monthly Community Newspaper

Edgewater’s Good News Monthly Community Newspaper



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Halloween arrives early with two parties on Sunday, Oct. 27

Photos by Lynne Grasz Hall

By Douglas E. Hall That holiday of ghosts, goblins, Jack-o-Lanterns and all sorts of Trick-or-Treat costumes and makeup for the holiday off to an early start on Sunday, Oct. 27 with two major parties, one at Hudson Dance Studios and the other in the Edgewater Commons parking lot sponsored by the Fitness Factory Health Club at that location. Festivities of the three-hour party began at 1 p.m. at the Hudson Dance Studio located at Route 5 and 896 River Road. Children who are students of the studio’s Junior Dance Program (three to 10

Education Unit raises more than $39,000 for Schools

By Douglas E. Hall Edgewater Education Foundation (EEF) member Sandy Klein, also a member of the Board of Education, at left, holding microphone, explains the auction and raffle procedures at the EEF Gala fundraiser on Friday, Oct. 25. More than 200 supporters of the Edgewater Education Foundation (EEF) gathered on Friday, Oct. 25 at the Villa Amalfi in Cliffside Park for the second annual Under the Sea fundraiser for Edgewater Schools. Figures were not available for how much was raised this year, but it was indicated that the total exceeds the $39,000 raised at last year’s event. Fundraising was done through silent and live auctions, raffles and awards of door prizes. There were more than 90 baskets that were raffled off. Among the items raffled included a $1,500 Gold Starfish Necklace, a Vitamix Blender, a 32-inch Samsung HD Smart TV, a Tiffany Pearl Earring and Necklace Set, an IPad Mini and a Nabi Kids Tablet. The funds raised will go toward enhancing STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) programs in the schools through the purchase of instructional materials. Last year the fundraiser provided funds for a computer lab in the Eleanor Van Gelder (EVG) School. With the EVG school approaching the 100th anniversary of its construction next year plans are underway for a centennial celebration, with a focus on donor statues of trees that will be placed in both the EVG School and the new George Washington School. The bronze leaves of these trees will have bronze leaves upon which the names of donors will be inscribed. Fourth Grade Teacher Rose Delaney will chair the committee which will seek donors for the leaves.

year-olds) were joined by their friends and children visiting the studio with parents. The staff of the studio including Lauren Zaleta and Anna Trukhan got into the spirit of the holiday wearing costumes from witches to princesses. Various games that included jumping through hoops were played to the delight of all. Then at 2 p.m. other children and parents participated in the Edgewater Commons three-hour party held for the benefit of the Public Library. A unique feature of that party were “Trunk or Treat” displays where two lines of cars, SUVs and in one

case a pick up truck displayed spooky seasonal scenes. The pickup truck featured a participant dressed as Count Dracula who stepped from an upright coffin in the open truck to make scary gestures to the crowd. Games included make-amummy, where children wrapped their parents in toilet paper as the old Halloween favorite “Monster Mash” by Bobby Boris Pickett played on the sound system. There were many costumes worn at this party including a cocker spaniel who sported a collection of paper bones on his back.

ER Book Club: Jack McAuley’s “Return”

How many of us could refuse the opportunity to return to an earlier age with the knowledge that was acquired over the years? Being a sixteen year old with the knowledge of a forty year old would be a temptation hard to resist. That was exactly what Jack Dallas had fantasized since he was a kid growing up in Park Slope, Brooklyn. "Imagine," he thought, sixteen again with what I know now." So it's not surprising then that when presented with the opportunity...he took it. Introduction: To whom it may concern: I, Jack Dallas, of sound mind enter into this agreement of my own free will. The consequences of which are not fully known. It is my choice and mine alone that I elect to travel back twenty-eight years to my sixteenth year; Nineteen Hundred and Fifty-Eight to be exact. I understand that I may or possibly may not have any memory of my previous life. I absolve Steven Haven of any liability in this matter. Signed on this day: The Twenty-Sixth of May, Happy Science continued from page 8 to say is secret and I do not want you to mention it to anyone else,” if you do not feel confident about your ability to keep it to yourself, you should tell them. You should say, “I am sorry, but I find it impossible to keep secrets. If you tell me something, there is a very good chance that I might tell others, so if you want it kept secret you should not tell me.” If they decide to tell you despite this, you should listen to them, it will probably do them good to get it off their chest, but I want you to try and keep it to yourself afterwards. People who are unable to keep their own personal problems to themselves and have to discuss them with all their acquaintances will also find that people do

Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Six. Jack Dallas P.S. On a lighter note: I am so excited at the idea of seeing the girlfriend I was with when I was sixteen, she thought I was cool then...I'll show her cool. RETURN 1- FOURTY-FOUR AGAIN What I’m about to tell you might send a little tingle through your body. I sat at this same bar almost 28 years ago; I was forty-four years old then and I’m forty-four years old now. The reason for that will be walking through the front door in exactly twelve and one half minutes. His name is Steven Haven. John ‘Jack’ McAuley grew up in Brooklyn, New York and attended Brooklyn Technical High School. After military service, he took writing classes in New York City.Has resided in Edgewater, New Jersey for the last eighteen years.

Read more in next month’s issue

not tend to trust them, so this is something else that you should be wary of.Real friendship and trust does not mean to tell and share everything. Even close relationships require a certain amount of formality and so you should try to make sure you only show your better side. Remember, it is not necessarily a good thing to reveal all.

Happy Science NJ 725 River Rd. #200 Edgewater, NJ 07020 (Edgewater Plaza bldg.) tel:201.313.0127 NOVEMBER 2013 | EDGEWATER RESIDENTIAL | 9

Library Events continued from Page 5 Enrollees MUST bring their own instruments. Please enroll your youngster as soon as possible via our online registration template as space is limited. 9 Saturday; 11:00 AM: “Pokemon/Yu Gi Oh! Tournament!” Gr. K+: Pokemon and Yu Gi Oh! are games that make use of special cards and are rich in information and imagination. Tournament will be split into the 2 gaming groups and by age, and prizes will be provided to the winners! Please use only competition decks, any card deemed too powerful will be removed from the tourney’ deck. Those wishing to attend MUST register via the library’s online registration template. 11 Monday; 4:00 PM: “Spelling Bee!” Gr. K+: Following the “Scripps Spelling Bee” model, each participant is grouped with children of the same grade and level-appropriate words are selected for each enrollee. Prizes will be distributed. Please register via the library’s online website. 12 Tuesday; 4:00 PM: “Tuesday @ the Movies!: Turbo” Gr. K+: Perhaps best described as a modern-day telling of “The Rabbit and the Tortoise,” Turbo has always dreamed of being a Formula-1 Driver! Just watch what happens when a snail meets some no-joke nuclear contamination! Please register your child via the library’s online website! 16 Saturday; 11:00 AM: “Chess Tournament” Open to all juvenile players!: The library has a long and storied history with regard to chess and chess tournaments, and we are only seeking to build upon that reputation today! Instructor Joseph Licitra provides young students with all

of the tools and information needed to win such events, it’s up to the participants to make use of that information. Enrollees will be divided into level-appropriate groups. Pizza and prizes will be awarded. Please enroll via the library’s online registration template. 19 Tuesday; 4:00 PM: “Tuesday @ the Movies: “Planes”: Gr. K+: Join Dusty, a crop duster with sky-high dreams and a once-in-alifetime chance to take on the world’s fastest flyers in the greatest air race ever. Pizza will be provided, so please enroll via the library’s online registration template. 19 Tuesday; 7:00 PM: “Family Event with “Flute, Sweet & Tickletoons” Open to families!: The EFPL staff is thrilled to welcome back the 2011 Parents’ Magazine Choice Gold Award winner, “Flute, Sweet and Tickletoons!” Please, space is limited to please enroll at your earliest convenience through the library’s online registration template. 20 Wednesday, 4:00 PM: “BINGO!” Gr. K+: Join us today for all of the aforementioned BINGO variations. We’ll have prizes and tons of fun! Please enroll via the library’s online registration form.

Adult Events

SATURDAY, NOV 2 & 16 FROM 3-4 PM. “Beginners Guitar with Tom” This is a new beginner class for adults. Join Tom Gayle to learn basic guitar instructions and the ability to play popular songs.Participants must bring their own instruments. There is a one-time Materials Fee for these sessions of $15.00, payable by check or cash only. Registration is required. Call the library at 201-224-6144 to reserve your seat.

Holy Rosary Church Pastor Rev. George J. Ruane Mass Schedule:

Monday thru Friday 8:00am in the Parish Center Chapel on Edgewater Place. Saturdays at 5:30pm in the Church. Sundays at 8:00am and 11:00am in the Church. Sacrament of Reconciliation Saturdays 4:30pm in the Church or by appointment. We are a people with open arms to warmly receive you into the community. There are programs, ministries, clubs and continuing education for the young through the more mature. We are a people and place to meet God, be loved, healed, reconciled and celebrate God’s presence among us.

Deacon Robert Thomson / Pastoral Associate for Parish Ministries & Liturgy Cecelia Frances Hoyos / Parish Secretary Linda Corona / Director of Religious Education Barbara Kahl / Religious Education Secretary Deacon Michael Lydon / Deacon Robert Thomson Permanent Deacon

365 Undercliff Avenue Parish Center: 26 Edgewater Place Edgewater, NJ 07020 (201) 945-6329 10 | EDGEWATER RESIDENTIAL | NOVEMBER 2013

2. SATURDAY, NOV 2 & 16 FROM 4-5 PM. Intermediate Guitar for adults. Continuation class. 3. MONDAYS, NOV 4,11,18 & 25 FROM 7-8:30 PM. “Knitting with Tamara” Tamara returns to the Edgewater Free Public Library to share her knitting talent and expertise!. Come and join Tamara to learn some basics of knitting and enjoy a relaxing evening with new friends as you learn this knitting technique. Call the library at 201-224-6144. 4. TUESDAY, NOV 5th FROM 7-9 PM. Adult Movie Series presents:“Parkland”. PG-13. Call the library at 201-224-6144 to register. 5. WEDNESDAY, NOV 6th FROM 7-8:30 PM. “The Writer’s Circle”Back by popular demand and much request! ---- The Edgewater Free Public Library is hosting a local “Writers’ Circle” for those who are interested in writing and sharing their creative ideas. The only requirement is to bring something you wish to share each month---along with your imagination! Space is limited to 8 participants --- so that readings and sharing remain manageable for all attendees. NOTE: This “Writers’ Circle” is hoping to meet on a monthly basis, on the first Wednesday of each month. Call the library at 201-224-6144 to register. 6. SATURDAY, NOV 9th FROM 3-4 PM. Resume Workshop presented by Paula Rueger, CPRW. Are you looking for an advice on writing a great resume? Call the library at 201-224-6144 to register. 7. TUESDAY, NOV 12th FROM 7-9 PM: Adult Classic Movie Series Presents “Casablanca” PG-13.

The Church of the Good Shepherd “The heavens are telling the glory of God” . . .

a worshipping community can help interpret and magnify the message.

Join Church of the Good Shepherd, an inclusive Episcopal/Anglican congregation, for worship Sunday mornings at 8 and 10am

1576 Palisade Avenue, Fort Lee, NJ


Edgewater celebrates Halloween at Community Center Photos by Lynne Grasz Hall

By Douglas E. Hall, Photos by Lynne Grasz Hall A Halloween assortment of costumes worn by children and those who are a bit older joined in a lively town party at the Community Center Thursday, Oct. 31 on Halloween night to celebrate the holiday and fill their trick or treat bags with goodies supplied by town departments and local merchants. Youth Recreation Director Jill Sullivan was in charge of the party that included participation of the Police Department, Fire Department, First Aid Squad, the Board of Health, the Department of Public Works and Recycling Department, the Fire Prevention Bureau, the Edgewater Alliance to Prevent Drug & Alcohol Abuse and the American Legion. Merchant participation included Santinos, which provided a seemingly unending supply of sliced pizzas. Also participating were Target, McDonalds, the Fitness Factory, Orange Theory, Duane Reade, Dunkin’ Donuts and the Pro Art Academy. Dance Studio continued from page 8

a dance studio in the New York area and after first settling in Hoboken selected Edgewater as having the perfect stimulating cultural mix to set up shop. They provide a rich culturally diverse series of seasonal programs through the year including the Hudson Dance Studio’s second annual Halloween Dance Party, an afternoon of fun, games, food and prizes on Sunday, Oct. 27. Mr. Davidov, winner of the 1997 Russian Open Dance competition, has been dancing since he was six. At that age, “my mother had a friend who had a daughter who wanted to dance. I didn’t want to dance, but I tried it, liked it and I couldn’t stop.” The Russian Open is a prestigious event where Mr. Davidov won out over 500 couples. He was offered a scholarship by the Russian government to study dance in Germany and that it where he met the young woman who would become his wife. While in Germany, Mr. Davidov competed in the German World Cup of Dance and was judged to be in the top five of contestants. “Dance became my profession and I joined a German dance academy for three years. I learned how to reach people and bring them to the next level, challenging children and adults. Dance is still Mr. Davidov’s profession, although the emphasis seems to be on teaching now. However, Mr. Davidov still enters competitions and he won the U.S. tango competition in New York in July and next year he is planning to enter the U.S. Open Tango Competition in San Francisco. Both Mr. and Mrs. Davidov could not speak a word of English when they arrived in the United States, but they quickly mastered the English language, adding to their fluency in English, RusK&C Bookkeeping sian and German. Both Services, LLC express a love for this country. “The people Accurate Bookkeeping and Taxation for Small are so nice,” Mrs. DaBusinesses vidov says. The dance Maria Reyes studio is thriving with Certified Bookkeeper & Tax 95 children and 150 Professional adults enrolled in a wide O: (201)440-2444 variety of dance instrucM: (201)926-6996 tion.

Phoenix Rises as a New House on Edgewater Place Photo by Lynne Grasz Hall

Workmen hammer framing of the new two-family house together as it rises to completion

By Douglas E. Hall Timing in this world is everything. If your timing is tight, your dream of success can become a happy reality. If your timing is bad, your dream can become a nightmare. This is illustrated by the partial construction of a two-family house, then demolition and now new construction again of a two-family house, all at 63 Edgewater Place on a 54 by 100 foot lot. An old house at 63 Edgewater Place was acquired by Gus Gliatis in 1998 with an assessed value of $148,516. By the time Aris and Angela Hatzokos bought the old house in 2002, property values had gone up in Edgewater and 63 Edgewater Place climbed to $340,000. When Roxana Prieto got her name on the deed for this property, the value stood at $356,400. Mrs. Prieto had wonderful plans to raze the old house and build a modern two-family home but the building boom hit a bump in the road, a bad bump. Money got tight for housing construction. Mrs. Prieto got the old house down and be-

gan construction. The framing went up and the sheets inner siding of plywood were hammered in place as the new house took shape. But then construction stopped and the unfinished house stood there weathering under the attack of the elements as the months went by. Too much exposure to the rain and snow and sun left the uncompleted house unfit to be completed. It was acquired by Edgewater Place Builders LLC (Limited Liability Corp.) of Upper Saddle River with one of its managing members, Ray A. Celentano, who started from scratch after demolition was completed. He is building a new twofamily house on the site of 63 Edgewater Place. So, not all investments turn out as planned. But in the case of 63 Edgewater Place, there seems to be a happy ending, at least for Mr. Celentano and the two families who will call it home when the building is completed. 63 Edgewater Place should be a worthy addition to the neighborhood after some rocky times over the last few years. If at first you don’t succeed try, try again.


Edgewater Residential November 2013