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Edgewater’s Monthly Community Newspaper Volume XXV, No. 7

July 2012

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Workmen put the finishing touches on The Alexander as some sand joints on the roof (note small dust cloud and a crane lifts building supplies to an upper floor. Read more about The Alexander on Page 9

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ATHER’SofDJuly AY! !! HAPPY Enjoy theFFourth

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Bus Depart 6:05 AM 6:35 AM 7:05 AM 7:35 AM 8:05 AM 8:35 AM 9:05 AM 9:35 AM

Ferry Arrives 4:15 PM 4:45 PM 5:15 PM 5:45 PM 6:15 PM 6:45 PM 7:15 PM 7:45 PM 8:15 PM

Ferry Arrives 4:15 PM 4:45 PM 5:15 PM 5:45 PM 6:15 PM 6:45 PM 7:15 PM 7:45 PM 8:15 PM

Ferry Depart 6:20 AM 6:50 AM 7:20 AM 7:50 AM 8:20 AM Large Boat 8:50 AM 9:20 AM 9:50 AM

Bus Arrives 4:20 PM 4:50 PM 5:20 PM 5:50 PM 6:20 PM 6:50 PM 7:20 PM 7:50 PM 8:20 PM


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Edgewater’s Good News Monthly Community Newspaper

Volume XXIV, No. 6 June 2011

STAFF Founder Maria Estela de Veyga

CTO Christopher Mattioli

Senior Contributing Editor Bob Batch (

Volume XXV,No. Number 7 July Volume XXIV, 6 June 2011 Chairman Sergio Fernández de Córdova

Edgewater’s Good News Monthly Community Newspaper Edgewater’s Monthly Community Newspaper



CTO | JUNE 2011 Founder 2 | EDGEWATER RESIDENTIAL Christopher Mattioli Maria Estela de Veyga Director Founder

M. Estela Fernández de Córdova

Maria Estela de Veyga

Senior Contributing Editor


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monthly and provided to the residents of Edgewater. water. Those who wish to volunteer are welcome Those who wish to volunteer are welcome in in this major effort to publish a community pathis major effort to publish a community paper. per. Financial contributions are also welcome. Financial contributions are also welcome. All All rights reserve. No part of this newspaper may rights reserved. without No partthe of this newspaper may be be reproduced express written consent reproduced without the express written consent of of the Edgewater Residential. the EDGEWATER RESIDENTIAL. All correspondence, including ads, contributions, Alland correspondence, including ads, contributions, requests for subscriptions, should be directed to Email: and subscriptions, should be directed therequests publisherfor at Edgewater Residential. toInterested our Director. in writing for the EDGEWATER RESIDEN WeWe arearenot notresponsible responsible for for any any Interested inuswriting the EDGEWATER TIAL? Drop a note at for info@edgewaterresidentypographic errors typographic errors, RESIDENTIAL? us information a note at contribute@ with yourDrop contact and the best way to reach you. with your contact Printed in the U.S.A. Printed in the U.S.A. information and the best way to reach you.

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“A Great Place to Live”

From the desk of Gregory S. Franz - Borough Administrator VETERAN’S FIELD UPDATE



biphenyls or commonly known as

Field Master Plan which was





CelebrationPCB’s – The exist beyond the residential developed several years ago to improvements to Veteran’s Field in Edgewater Mayor and Council along with the Route 5 Rock Stabilization Project – The Borough Hall Moving Day – The Edgewater On Monday June 18, the Mayor and standard of 0.20 parts per million improve and upgrade the facility and for the Borough of Edgewater New Jersey Department of Transportation will be Police and Municipal offices are tentatively

Recreation Department are proud to present Council theField remediation of the Newperforming Jersey Department with properly placed and to and appropriating $9,700,000 a rock slope stabilization project alongbaseball scheduled move into the new Borough Hall at fireworksawarded at Veterans on Friday, July 1 with and of July Veteran’s of Field Environmental softball diamonds along55 with therefore and ofproviding for the New Jersey Protection Route 5 in Edgewater. This project River aRoad the weekend June 17. Borough a rain restoration date of Monday 5. Veterans Field to to Waterside In these areas, soil soccer field. Thealong impervious areas of 9,215,000 in bonds or for the removal and stabilization of rock offices will beissuance closed Friday, June 17 and Monday, will open the public Construction at 6:00 p.m. forstandards. children’s calls of Edgewater New Jersey for will be removed and replaced with such as the existing basketball and notes of the Borough of Edgewater entertainment and activities, music, and food. The the cliff face. The work calls for approximately 28 June 20 and will reopen to the public on Tuesday, days this of full of Route 5 to perform June 21and so that staffsame. can close down $7,069,075.88, additional clean fill. When is closure completed, tennis courts,the themost walkway, to Borough finance the This is the event is free except for the costbids of refreshments. work borough requested facility and prepare to open the new facility. Bring areceived blanket in and excess chair and the dangerous were of watch approximately two (2) feetfirst.of The community center willoldremain funding ordinance that will We be thatbethis work not commence ends ask for residents’ if we not respond spectacular show produced by the Serpico Family $14,000,000. The work will clean fill will used to cap the intactuntil andschool undisturbed. Many usedcooperation to pay for thedoremediation in June so school transportation is not a timely during thisofperiod. Staff will of Newton, New Jersey’s Fireworks commence on the five International identified entire facility, essentially raising residents had effected. concerns in about the manner and restoration Veteran’s Field. At the conclusion of the 28 day closure, Route be onsite and email and telephones should be Company since 1906, overlooking the George areas where soil is to be removed. the existing grade. This cap will placement of the proposed dog run Washington Bridge and New York City skyline. 5 will be open to east bound traffic only during operational by Saturday, June 18; however, we Once this task is completed create a protective barrier between on the south east portion of the 2012 MUNICIPAL BUDGET The Edgewater trolley bus will operate along working hours and during morning and afternoon may be distracted in attempting to organize the the will moveAvenue to thebetween the existing thebi-directional new clean traffic facility. will reevaluate peakand hours, willDesigners be permitted. offices and files. The Police Department should be Rivercontractor Road and Undercliff 5:30 soil little league begin that public will then be along this proposal consider moving inThe Governing introduced Edgewater Police with the and Cliffside operational the new facility byBody Sunday, June 19; p.m. and 10:30 field p.m. sotoleave yourthe car atfill home andtheThe remediation and restoration. Air permitted to utilize. Concerns of or eliminating this feature. Based the 2012 Municipal Budget on walk and ride to the event. Inflatable rides, face Park and Fort Lee Police Departments will work however, residents should not see any interruption monitoring equipment will be some residents were the creation on the remediation and the master March 19 that will result in an painting, clowns, balloon toss are all available for collectively in an attempt to keep traffic flowing in emergency service during this transition. and provide ample signage.plan upgrades, the estimated cost of average $168.00 increase from installed throughout thebeverages facility,permitted. of dust during the remediation the children, no alcoholic noise and dust is expected and process. Mr. Dooney addressed this project is between $8 and $10 2011 in the amount of money we will make every effort to this by stating their will be a million, of which approximately tax payers pay for the municipal minimize this inconvenience. We safety plan in place whereby if $1,721,240.62 already exists in portion of their tax bill. However, do recommend that you keep your weather conditions create this New Jersey Green Acres and on June 18, the Mayor and windows closed during the normal situation, monitors will signal Bergen County Open Space Council endorsed an amendment work day of 7:00am to 5:00pm a work stoppage. Also, what is funding awarded to the Borough. to the budget that will reduce this to mitigate noise and dust. The important to remember is that the The estimated completion date increase to about $135.00 per Community Center will remain only soil being removed is that whereby the facility can be property owner. The Mayor and open with modified traffic and within the five (5) areas of highest reopened to the public is the Council along with departments parking, please be cautious of concentrations. The majority of spring of 2013. Competitive were able to reduce overall increased truck traffic. the remediation calls for capping Bids will tentatively be accepted expenses but about $200,000. the existing surface with certified by the borough on Friday June 1, Remember, when you receive your On Tuesday, February 21, 2012, clean fill. The same contaminants 2012. This is the process whereby tax bill, it includes three taxing a Community Information have been found in all of the contractors submit a price for the entities, municipal, schools, and Meeting was held at 7:00 p.m. samples taken from all areas of the remediation and restoration of county. The municipal portion is at the Edgewater Community facility. The material found by the Veteran’s Field according to the only approximately 45% of the Center. Residents were provided river is the same material found specifications prepared by the total bill. The 2012 municipal a presentation about the type by River Road. The disturbance borough engineer. The successful budget resulted in a $1,238,144 of contaminants found in the of heavily contaminated soil is bidder is determined by lowest appropriation increase from 2011. soil of Veteran’s Field and minimal based on the size of the price and other factors. On Total appropriations in 2011 the recommended method of facility, 27.58 acres. Stephanie Thursday May 24, 2012, the Mayor were $22,818,220 and in 2012, remediation. Ronald Dooney, Santos of Neglia Engineering and Council held a special meeting they will be $24,056,364 or a Jr., the Borough’s Licensed Site Associates presented the at the Community Center to have 5.15% increase. The tax levy, or Remediation Specialist of TERMS restoration phase of the project, the a public hearing on the proposed the amount to be raised by taxes Edgewater’s Good News Monthly Community Newspaper Environmental Consultants phase that will restore the facility adoption of bond ordinance in 2011 was $18,216,763 and in provided this presentation. Five to the way it was and even better 1474-2012, a bond ordinance 2012 the levy will be $19,224,227 (5) areas have been identified with some improved features. The of the Borough of Edgewater or a 5.53% increase. The main as areas that polychlorinated Borough will utilize its Veterans in the County of Bergen, New contributing factor to this increase

Crossing Guards Needed

The Edgewater Police Department is in need of crossing guards for the 2011-2012 school year. Edgewater residents 18 and older can apply by filling out an application in the office of the Borough Administrator of Borough Hall. A valid New Jersey Drivers License is preferred. Standard background checks are performed and guards need to report to posts by 6:45 a.m. and again by 2:00 p.m.

Community Celebrations Call: 201-615-0927

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Taking It Slow

By Bob Batch

Way back in the seventies there was a show called “The Six Million Dollar Man” about a guy rebuilt with robotic parts after a jet fighter accident. “We can make him better” was the famous line in the intro. These replacement parts turn him into what science fiction writers termed a cyborg, half man – half machine. By today’s standards the special effects used during the superhuman activities performed by Steve Austin, the cyborg character, were cheesy. Nevertheless, at the time, that show helped innovate something which has become a staple of most action films since. The slo-mo action sequence! In the case of the ‘Six Million Dollar Man’ slow motion was probably used to fill up as many minutes as possible to stretch out the barely existent plot for the full hour the show was on. Somewhere along the way though, they realized that slow motion made action in the story that was supposed to be happening at hyper-speed more palatable to the imagination if it was slowed down to a speed at which the brain could process it. If Austin were moving so fast you couldn’t see him, what fun would that be? Before ‘The Six Million Dollar Man’, in old movies especially, it was common to speed up the film during fight scenes, and car chases to make them more exciting. Naturally, if you look at them now, they look kind of goofy! The first real slow motion photography I remember was used for sports. The slow motion replay was the most exciting thing in sports as far as I was concerned. In sports like football or hockey, players would be running around all over the place in real time, doing all sorts of stuff too fast for most

of us to follow. In slow motion it almost made sense. And what’s cooler than watching a player going up for a pass and being tackled in slo-mo? All those game winning catches and shots look better in slow motion!

is invaluable for replaying crashes, explosions and physical harm to people in real life. There’s a show I’m mesmerized by, in spite of the guilt I feel about watching the misfortune of others, called ‘Destroyed In Seconds’ on which clips of all sorts of disasters are featured. They not only Even baseball, slow as it is, with occasional bursts play the film of speed boats and racing cars being of energy, benefits from being slowed down on demolished in high-speed crashes, they slow down film. I could actually watch only the weekly high- the video and reverse it over and over. lights of baseball in slow motion and be satisfied. It saves watching all those endless innings of the Strangely, even after watching some nut trying unpitcher throwing the baseball to the catcher. One successfully to jump over 50 trucks on his motorof the main qualifications of being a big league cycle and tumbling helplessly for a hundred feet player besides hitting and catching is the ability in slow motion, both forward and in reverse, the to stay awake in the field during the entire game. event never loses its impact.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that the main reason sports are so popular on TV, and in the whole culture, is because of slow motion replay and killer graphics! Think back, any of you who can remember, to the days of black and white 15 inch televisions when sporting events were broadcast with one camera and two guys holding microphones. Only die-hard fans of the sport would be tuned in. Can you imagine the whole country having Super Bowl parties in front of barely visible games without instant replay? Besides all the movies and action shows like ‘The Matrix’, and those Kung Fu epics, slow motion

There’s something hugely appealing about being able to slow down a moment in time and watch it a way that we can’t during an actual event. It’s about as appealing as being able to go back and change the outcome! So many things go by so fast that we never get a chance to observe fully. You could be standing right near a car crash on the street and not even see what happened except for the loud noise and the aftermath. It all happens so quickly. Fortunately, we live in a new world now where there will soon be cameras watching everything we do all the time and we’ll be able to play everything back in slo-mo. Remember that the next time you pick your nose or scratch yourself in a private place! If everything better in slow motion, there are some advantages to certain things being in real time. For example, you can read through this article quickly and not have to go back and re-read slowly over and over. Some of the other things we might want to get through quickly are the coming election cycle and the summer TV season. Hit the fast- forward somebody!

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2, 9, 16, 23, 30 Monday, 11:00 AM: “Learn Chinese with Ying!” Ages 3-6: A wonderful opportunity to teach children the Chinese language and culture! Children at this age are ideally suited to learning a second language. Due to the nature of the program, seating is limited to just 8 students. Please call the library at 201-224-6144 to reserve your spots! 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 Monday, 12:00 PM: “Nutty Professors Science Club!” Ages 5+: Join Jamey and Sue Price as participants become “nutty little professors” in this science club that will see children engage in safe, fun and educational science experiments! From making soap and bubbles to glow-in-the-dark T-shirts, this program promises to be a blast! Please call the library at 201224-6144 to reserve your child’s space. 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 Monday, 4:00 PM: “Shhh, Bedtime Yoga with Adra!” Ages 3+: Join Adra as she takes children and their parents on a journey that will explore the use of relaxing Yoga poses and “guided meditation” as a means to battle-less bedtime! Please call the library at 201-224-6144 to reserve your child’s space. 3, 10, 17, 24, 31 Tuesday, 2:45 PM: “What Does This Do? Computer Class for Senior Citizens”: Gr. 5+: Edgewater seniors need you to provide basic computer instruction and internet navigation skills. This program, run in cooperation with the Edgewater Community Center, is a wonderful opportunity for middle-school and high school students to earn community service credits, enhance college applications AND do something

selfless and positive! Please contact the library at 201-224-6144 and donate your time and expertise. 3, 10, 17, 24, 31 Tuesday, 4:00 PM: “Bookworms Book Club” Gr. 5-6: Join Sue Price as she leads a book discussion group for those children who have aged-out of “Wee Read!” As an added bonus, and to make your mandatory Summer reading easier, Sue will be discussing several of the books that are on the 5th and 6th grade reading lists! Space is limited in this popular initiative, so please call the library at 201-224-6144 to reserve your reader’s place! 3 Tuesday, 7:00 PM: “Tuesday @ The Movies: “Journey 2: Mysterious Island”” Gr. 4+: Come to the library this evening and join us as we watch the laugh-out-loud sequel to “Journey to the Center of the Earth.” Refreshments provided. Please call the library at 201-224-6144 and reserve your space. 5, 12, 19, 26 Thursday, 10:30 & 11:30: “Mother Goose Group Storytime”: Ages 18 Mos. + OR Capable Walkers: Edgewater residents will be admitted ONLY if an open slot is available. Kindly contact the library at 201-224-6144 to reserve your child’s space. 6, 13, 20, 27 Friday, 10:30 & 11:30 AM: “Storytime Yoga with We Play Yoga!” 10:30 Ages 14 Mos-2 yrs, 11:30 for 2 yrs+: Accomplished local Yoga instructor Adra Lemos seamlessly blends picture books, songs and puppets with simple Yoga poses. The result? A class that is fun for both child and caregiver! Please enroll your young Yogi in the time-slot geared for his/her age group. Please call the library at 201-224-6144 to do so. Continued on page 10


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Weekly program starting 6/25-8/31 Age 6-12 Classes include Art, Music appreciation, Music Theory, Jazz ensembles, Chamber music, Stage practice Affordable tuition, discount for 2nd family member

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The first picture left to right – Shade Tree Committee members Fern Norris, Carol Ellis, and Matt Perasso admire the purple plum tree planted on the grounds of the Eleanor Van Gelder School in celebration of Arbor Day on April 29.

Schedule an Appointment Today With Our Receptionist 6 | EDGEWATER RESIDENTIAL | JUNE 2011


Students of the Eleanor Van Gelder School plant a purple plum tree in celebration of Arbor Day on April 29.

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If you liveorganiby this truly frightening nightmares or feel that you Another method is to change your perspecNext, another method is giving thanks. erable effect onterrible the symptoms life;concorresponding zation theyou present life. that philosophy, If you have nightmares, this we can influence canbirthapproach is evidence then the end of each day correareillnesses being down tocases yourinbed into a positive one. The spiritual day is a lifetime. you live clude tired thatthat in most you arerestrains? stressedwill outtive the wavelengths given offfact by that your2-6 mind sponds to like the end of yourIfentire life. by So this you of appear thisby marks sometimes appear. (Examples willand beOne If you terriblea nightmares, can concan approach younegative is evidence that the by endsaying of each day correandhave it attracts bad spiritual we influence. Alsoinfluence the wavelengths energy are philosophy, should givethen thanks something like life. There are many other casesof the ued on the next issues) if you cannot sleep well, your mind that has the same, so in this case you should reverse this: “It is my turn to leave this world. Now clude that in most cases you are stressed out the wavelengths given off by your mind and sponds to the end of your entire life. So you If the soul is stamped with ex- in which the connection mani- Written by Master Ryuho OkaHappy Science negative worries,Also situation. You must eliminate any thinkI can give return to a pleasurable world. Looking and some it attracts badthoughts spiritual influence. wavelengths negative energy are of should thanks by saying something like periences of adeep injury like and fests anxietitself the in the various formsofofthe wa, founder & leader Happy ies, and fears for your future so on attracts ing about negative things and look towards back over 725 my life on Rd. this earth, I can say that River #200 if you cannot sleep well, your mind that has the same, so in this case you should reverse this: “It is my turn to leave this world. Now suffering because skin alnegative energy. of illnesses skin disease or theterrible light. Think only Science about wonderful, posi- I truly hadEdgewater, a good life.NJ Thank you so much. 07020 some negativethat thoughts like worries, anxiet- thetive situation. You must anyis thinkI can to a pleasurable world. Looking or accidents caused death lergies. aeliminate new This spiritual movement things within your mind. another Evenreturn if I should die here and now, (Edgewater Plaza bldg.)I am saties,past andlives, fears then for your future so on attracts ingdied about and look towards back overBy my life onthanks this earth, can say in the suffering Even if they in negative thedealing samethings founded in Japan,1986. Remedies for Sleep Paralysis and Spiritual method for with this threat. isfied.” giving like Ithis, you that will tel:201.313.0127 negative energy. the light. Think only about wonderful, posiI truly had a good life. Thank you so much. Restraints drive them away. This is another method for will begin to show even though situation of a fire, there are Center located at: Another strategy is mind. to practice self-reflecdealing thedie problem. things within your This is another Even if I with should here and now, I am satthe person has a new body also peopletive who painfully suf725 River Rd. #200, EdgewaBreathing Methods tion. Even if the weight on your chest preRemedies for Sleep Paralysis and Spiritual method for dealing with this threat. isfied.” By giving thanks like this, you will this time around. In many cas- focated to death because of ter Plaza bldg. Breathing methods offer good approach. If vents your body from moving and you canThe next time you experience a bad dream, I Restraints es, the exterior portion of the the smoke. These people may Edgewater, NJ 07020 drive them away. This is another method for you cannot move and there is nothing you not move your hands either, that does not suggest that you try our some of the methods Another strategy is totel: practice self-reflec- dealing with the problem. spiritual body – the astral body, suffer bronchitis can do about it, in order to regain yourfrom own asthma, mean that this restraint is 201.313.0127 extending into your explained above. Also before going to bed, if Breathing Methods tion. Even if the weight on your chest pre-in you practice breathing with positive thinking will spirit, undergo changes which your or some formTherefore, of disease email:quan@happy-science. you should try catching breath.otherhead. while lying down, engage Breathing offer good vents yoursystem body from and you can- a The time you experience a bad dream, I will eventually manifest themof the If respiratory org As youmethods are lying down, try approach. to breathe from self-reflection. 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Therefore, while lying down, engage in you practice breathing with positive thinking People Skin Diseases, people find out how relationships. they able to repeat this deep respiration several try thinking about the person with whom you STORYTIME WITHand JAMEY! As you are lying down, try to breathe from self-reflection. If you find yourself in such a and self-reflection, giving thanks would Asthma or Bronchitis had died in a past life and how times over, strangely enough you will find get along the least, a person about whom you the lower stomach area below the belly situation,init this means that as some point up to make you sleep well. With it from hasbutmanifested lifethatskin the diseases, evil spiritsthere haveare parted you. get along the least, a person about whom you Every Tuesday at AM and and12:00 12:00PM PM Every Tuesday at 11:15 11:00 AM ton. 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Community Celebrations

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Edgewater’s Good News Monthly Community Newspaper

Edgewater’s Good News Monthly Community Newspaper

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Call: 201-615-0927

Michael Colon President

Tel (201) 941-1665 Call: 201-615-1849 Fax (201) 941-5934 Edgewater’s Good News Monthly Community Newspaper

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228 Old River Road Call: 201-615-1849 Edgewater NJ 07020 Edgewater’s Good News Monthly Community Newspaper

Call: 201-615-0927

Luxury Apartment takes shape on River Road By Douglas E. Hall For those who have passed the new construction on River Road at the corner of Archer Terrace, and wondered what it was, it is The Alexander, a luxury apartment complex of 10 stories in an open pentagon shape that will house 300 apartments when it is completed by the end of this year or early in 2013. Builder Fred Daibes, who named the building for his son, Alexander, estimates the building will have a grand opening in December or January. The structure lives up to the name of luxury with plans for amenities including on site hotel service, indoor and outdoor pools with private cabanas, state of the art fitness center, yoga and meditation space, all-inclusive spa facility, billiard and game room, screening room, business centers, and multi- purpose room. Mr. Daibes redeveloped and remediated the site, which once housed a chemical plant operated as Octagon Processing. While many residents remember the old Octagon plant, few would remember that the site was once the home of Henry Wissel, who was mayor of Edgewater from 1914 to 1927 and then again from 1936 to 1953. Mayor Wissel sold the property to Archer Daniels Midland Corp. and moved to a house just off the corner of Undercliff and Hilliard Avenues. Archer Daniels Midland built a factory there to process flax oil. Mr. Daibes had originally planned to build two apartment towers of some 20 stories, but that plan was rejected by the borough.

Retention of Palisades Work along Rt. 5 nears End By Douglas E. Hall Work crews that have spent the past two months taking steps to prevent the Palisades from dropping large rocks and boulders on to the roadway of Route 5 in Edgewater, are nearing the end of their work. Workmen in the past few days of June have been reinstalling the chain link fence along the affected portion of the highway, which had been removed while slurry and heavy netting were applied to the façade of the Palisades. In this process we have lost much of the natural beauty of the Palisades, but we have gained, it is hoped, greater safety for those driving and walking along this

stretch of the state highway. It is fortunate that the heavy stone that fell in the past did not hit anyone or any vehicles. The $3.8 million project to stabilize loose rock on the Palisades covered a stretch of highway from the hairpin turn at the northern section of Undercliff Avenue to an area just short of the Fort Lee town line. This is the area of Route 5 that is bounded by steep cliffs on its western edge of the highway up to the top of the Palisades and Fort Lee. Beginning on May 1, the State Department of Transportation’s (DOT) contractor, Merco Inc., closed and detoured traffic on Route 5 westbound Monday thru

Friday, from 7:45 a.m. to 2:45 p.m., for the construction activities. Weekends were not affected. Motorists headed for Route 5 westbound during these hours have been detoured to River Road (or the northern portion of Undercliff Avenue if they drove up Route 5 to the barricade) north to Bruce Reynolds Boulevard west in Fort Lee to Martha Washington Way south to Route 67 (Palisades Avenue) south to the convergence with Route 5. All westbound large-truck traffic has been detoured since the start of construction and similar closures were necessary for all traffic along Route 5 westbound at the onset of construction in late-

summer 2011. Route 5 eastbound traffic has been maintained. The westbound side of Route 5, leaving Edgewater until it reaches Fort Lee, is bordered by a steep rock cliff. The existing roadside rock outcrops consisted of loose rock that fell on to the roadway early in 2011, which prompted the DOT work. Because of the potential that more rock would drop on to the Route 5 mainline roadway, stabilization measures, including scaling of loose rock, installation of Shotcrete mortar, wire netting, and rock dowels and the removal of vegetation, were undertaken to help stabilize the rock slope and lessen the potential hazards of falling rock, according to the DOT.


Library Events continued from page 5 6, 20 Friday, 3:00 PM: “Tiny Hands Art Class” Ages 15 Mos+: Susan Price runs a wonderfully imaginative entry-level Arts & Crafts class for toddlers and the caregivers who belong to them! Come get crafty with Sue! Please call the library at 201-224-6144 to register. 6, 13, 20, 27 Friday, 4:00 PM: “Wee Read Book Club” Gr. 2-4: Designed to appeal to even the most reluctant young reader, Mrs. Faten Masri leads this fun and interactive “first book club!” Refreshments provided, please call the library at 201-224-6144 to enroll your child in this exceptionally popular and important initiative. 6, 13, 20, 27 Friday, 5:00 PM: “Shivers: A Spine-Tingling Book Club!” Gr. 5+: For those of you who enjoy books containing ghosts, ghouls, vampires and The Undead? Jamey will be coordinating the new “Shivers” book club; frightfully fun! Due to the content of the titles to be discussed, any child entering 5th grade and up may enroll. Please call the library at 201-224-6144 to reserve your space! 7 Saturday, 1:00 PM: “Summer Reading Kick-off Party w/Outdoor Concert & Ben & Jerry’s Ice-Cream Sundaes!” Open to EVERYONE (Edgewater Residents only, please): We are stoked to kick the 2012 Statewide Summer Reading Program, “Things That Go Bump in the Night,” off with music, courtesy of our friends Presley & Melody, ice-cream sundaes from Ben & Jerry’s @ Riverwalk, and much, much more. This is your opportunity to participate, either again or for the very first time, in an organized reading program. You will receive your summer reading log, in which you are to record your reading accomplishments (pages or hours read, contingent upon grade), calendars, coupons and more! Please contact the library at 201-2246144 to register 11, 18, 25 Wednesday, 10:30 AM: “Baby-Sign Language” Ages 6 Mos-2 ½ years: The Edgewater Free Public Library is thrilled to welcome “Miss Fran” back to host an infant and toddler Baby-Sign initiative! A licensed Baby Sign language educator, Mrs. Fran Roesemann blends sing-along and sign language into a stimulating initiative wherein caregivers are taught the means to begin communicating with their infants. It’s as remarkable as it is special.

Holy Rosary Church Pastor Rev. George J. Ruane Mass Schedule:

Monday thru Friday 8:00am in the Parish Center Chapel on Edgewater Place. Saturdays at 5:30pm in the Church. Sundays at 8:00am and 11:00am in the Church. Sacrament of Reconciliation Saturdays 4:30pm in the Church or by appointment. We are a people with open arms to warmly receive you into the community. There are programs, ministries, clubs and continuing education for the young through the more mature. We are a people and place to meet God, be loved, healed, reconciled and celebrate God’s presence among us.

Deacon Robert Thomson / Pastoral Associate for Parish Ministries & Liturgy Cecelia Frances Hoyos / Parish Secretary Linda Corona / Director of Religious Education Barbara Kahl / Religious Education Secretary Deacon Michael Lydon / Deacon Robert Thomson Permanent Deacon

365 Undercliff Avenue Parish Center: 26 Edgewater Place Edgewater, NJ 07020 (201) 945-6329 10 | EDGEWATER RESIDENTIAL | JULY 2012

Please call the library at 201-224-6144 to reserve your space, which is limited to just 25 spots. 11, 18, 25 Wednesday, 4:00 PM: “Chess Club” Ages 7+: The new session of Chess club begins today! 11, 18, 25 Wednesday, 5:00 PM: “Intermediate Guitar with Tom!” Gr. 6+: Instructor Tom Gayle leads this small but intrepid class of guitar players. Open to those with a basic knowledge of guitar and the ability to read simple sheet music. Participants must provide their own instruments. 12, 19, 26 Thursday, 4:00 PM: “Starter Chess” Ages 5 & 6: New session begins today! Basic instruction and strategies coupled with game-play against other children with similar chess capabilities. 12, 19, 26 Thursday, 5:00 PM “Beginner Guitar with Joe” Gr. 4+: New session begins today! Joe Licitra provides younger students with basic instruction. Learn notes, chords, and more. Participants are expected to provide their own instruments. 24 Tuesday, 6:00 PM: “Tuesday @ The Scary Movies: “Wrath of the Titans” Gr. 6+: Due to the PG-13 rating, no child below grade 6 (entering) will be admitted to the program. Pizza and soda provided. Adult Programming Adult Summer Reading Program: Read Between the Covers @ Your Library!” Come and sign up for the summer-long reading program. All adult patrons are invited to join the library’s annual reading program. All that is required is to read and come in to place your list on the library’s “Wall of Fame”! The closing celebration will be held on Wednesday, September 12th. Two Grand Prizes: Kindle Fire e-Readers Adult Movie Series: “21 Jump Street” Tuesday, July 3, 2012 7 to 9 PM The Edgewater Free Public Library is showing the newly-released movie “21 Jump Street” in the library meeting room. Summary: A pair of underachieving cops are sent back to a local high school to blend in and bring down a synthetic drug ring. Please call the library at 201.224.6144 to register for this refreshing comedy! Computer Class: “Introduction to Word 2010” Monday evenings: July 9, 16, 23, 30 from 7 to 8:30 PM Library Assistant Kaosar Syed will welcome adult patrons in learning the updated version of Microsoft Word, its various applications and shortcuts in the 2010 version. Classes will be held in the library’s meeting room utilizing the library’s laptops. Registration is required and the class is limited to 7 participants at this time. Familiarity with using a laptop is required for this class. Refreshments will be served. Please call the library to register for this class. Healthy Eating Workshop Series: Simple Summer Suppers Tuesday, July 10 7 to 9 PM Summer Snacks & Finger Foods Tuesday, July 17 7 to 9 PM Salads, Dressings & Dips Tuesday, July 24 7 to 9 PM Delectable Desserts Tuesday, July 31 7 to 9 PM Location: Edgewater Community Center River Road Holly Shelowitz, a Certified Nutrition Counselor and Healthy Eating Educator, will show participants how to prepare some easy and simple dishes so we can all spend more time having fun outside! Of course --- participants will get to taste everything being prepared! Please register by calling the library at 201.224.6144.

The Church of the Good Shepherd 1576 Palisade Avenue, Fort Lee, NJ


Worship at 8am and 10am

Borough News continued from page 3

in the levy is the inability to generate enough revenues other than taxes, to cover expenses. The main appropriation increases were debt service, the amount of money owed as a result of borrowing for capital projects $354,006, street lighting, $42,000, and health benefits $617,755. The Mayor and Council are aggressively looking at health care options to reduce this cost. The more revenues Edgewater receives, the less of a levy, or the amount we need to assess directly to the property owner. Edgewater was fortunate enough to receive state fiscal aid in the amount of $750,731, the same amount as last year, this money will go directly to tax relief, or less the amount needed to raise in taxes. To counter the trend of lost revenues identified a few years ago, we initiated the collection of two new sources of revenue, ambulance billing and sewer fees. The revenue projections for both billings are $186,000 and $150,000 respectively which could decrease the overall tax levy. In 2010, the municipal tax rate was .582 and in 2011, the rate was .698, and 2012 the introduced rate will be .700. On the typical residential assessment of $433,000, the average amount of municipal taxes to be paid will be $3,202. A public hearing was held on April 16 permitting residents the opportunity to comment, the State of New Jersey did not complete the review of the budget by this date and the adoption had to be postponed. The finance committee of the council will continue to work with department heads in finding opportunities to reduce the overall tax levy by adoption and public hearing which is scheduled to be on July 16, 2012.

21st Annual Edgewater Arts & Music Festival Offers Free Jazz in the Afternoon Plus $3000 Juried Art Competition and Vintage Car Show

The Edgewater Arts Council celebrates its 21sth Annual Edgewater Arts & Music Festival, to be held in Edgewater, NJ on Sunday, September 9, 2012. The day-long event is a FREE celebration of the arts and is open to the public from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM. A “Call for Artists” is issued for those wishing to compete in the $3000 juried art competition in the categories of art, photography, fashion design and crafts. A $1000 “Best of Show” award is donated by the Edgewater Borough Council. Artists wishing to download an application should go to

More than 3000 people are expected to attend this annual event, in the section of Edgewater known as Shadyside at the intersections of Old River Road and Thompson Lane. In addition, visitors can also attend the 9th annual Ford Assembly Plant Car Show, sponsored by the Edgewater Cultural & Historic Committee. Free parking and shuttle buses run all day from Edgewater Commons to the Festival. Art award winners will be announced from the main stage on Old River Road at 4:30 PM. Auto awards will be given at 3:30 PM at the Edgewater Commons.

Keeping Hydrated during the Summer Now that the summer is upon us, it is essential to know how to keep hydrated. Proper hydration can be the difference between your peak performance and wondering why your legs feel like they’re filled with lead. Dehydration / Hydration There is a higher risk of dehydration due to the increased perspiration. Even mild dehydration can affect athletic performance. Left untreated, dehydration increases the risk of other heat-related illnesses, including heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heatstroke. Signs and symptoms of dehydration: - Dry or sticky mouth - Thirst - Headache - Dizziness - Cramps - Excessive fatigue Finding the right amount of fluid to drink depends upon a variety of individual factors including the length and intensity of exercise. An easy way to check your hydration level is monitoring your urine. A large amount of light colored, diluted urine probably means you are hydrated; dark colored, concen-

trated urine probably means you are dehydrated. Here are some guidelines for water intake over the course of game day. Hydration Before Exercise - Drink about 15-20 fl oz, 2-3 hours before exercise - Drink 8-10 fl oz 10-15 min before exercise Hydration During Exercise - Drink 8-10 fl oz every 10-15 min

during exercise Hydration After Exercise Weigh yourself before and after exercise and replace fluid losses. - Drink 20-24 fl oz water for every 1 lb lost. Arliss Fernandez General Manager Fitness Factory Health Club 201.945.0900

Fitness Factory Just recently opened its newest Health Club in the Edgewater Commons. Read more at JULY 2012 | EDGEWATER RESIDENTIAL | 11


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Monday - Friday 3pm - 6:30 pm $24.95 - $34.95

Sunday Brunch Buffet $21.95 Children $12.95

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Second floor room for business and social gatherings Up to 100 people Call about our special packages

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Edgewater Residential - July 2012  

Edgewater Residential - July 2012

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