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Edgewater’s Monthly Community Newspaper Volume XXV, No. 1

January 2012

Workmen spray concrete slurry against the rock of the Palisades to stabilize the facade in an effort to prevent further rock slides, which began a year ago. The state obtained federal funding for the $4 million project which began several months ago. Photo by Lynne Grasz

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photo by Robert Murray

Edgewater’sGood Good NewsMonthly Monthly Community Newspaper Edgewater’s News Community Newspaper Edgewater’s Monthly Community Newspaper

Volume XXV,No. Number 1 January 2012 VolumeXXIV, XXIV, No. June2011 2011 Volume 66June

STAFF STAFF Staff Founder Founder MariaEstela Estelade deVeyga Veyga Maria Director

M. Estela Fernández de Córdova

SeniorContributing ContributingEditor Editor Senior BobBatch Batch( ( Bob

CTO CTO ChristopherMattioli Mattioli Christopher Founder

Maria Estela de Veyga

Senior Contributing Editor

Chairman Chairman Bob Batch SergioFernández Fernándezde deCórdova Córdova Sergio



The EDGEWATER EDGEWATER RESIDENTIAL RESIDENTIALisisis published published The EDGEWATER The RESIDENTIAL published monthly and provided to the residents of EdgeEdgemonthly and provided to the residents of monthly and provided to the residents of Edgewater. water. Those Those who who wish wish to to volunteer volunteer are are welcome welcome water. Those who wish to volunteer are welcome in in this this major major effort effort to to publish publish aa community community papain this major effort to publish a community paper. per. Financial Financial contributions contributions are are also welcome. welcome. per. Financial are also also welcome. All All rights rightscontributions reserve. No No part part of this this newspaper newspaper may All reserve. of may rights reserved. without No partthe of this newspaper may be be reproduced reproduced express written consent consent be without the express written reproduced without the express written consent of ofthe theEdgewater Edgewater Residential. of Residential. the EDGEWATER RESIDENTIAL. All correspondence, including ads, ads, contributions, contributions, All correspondence, including All correspondence, including ads, contributions, andrequests requestsfor forsubscriptions, subscriptions,should shouldbe bedirected directedto to Email: and and subscriptions, should be directed therequests publisherfor Edgewater Residential. the publisher atatEdgewater Residential. toInterested our Director. Interested inwriting writingfor forthe theEDGEWATER EDGEWATERRESIDEN RESIDEN WeWe are for in We arenot notresponsible responsiblefor forany any any are not responsible Interested inus the EDGEWATER TIAL? Drop Drop uswriting note atat for info@edgewaterresidenTIAL? aa note info@edgewaterresidentypographicerrors errors typographic errors, typographic RESIDENTIAL? usinformation a note at and contribute@ tial.comwith withyour yourDrop contact information andthe thebest best contact wayto toreach reachyou. you. with your contact way Printedin inthe theU.S.A. U.S.A. Printed Printed in the U.S.A. information and the best way to reach you.

Edgewater Residential Edgewater Residential Residential Edgewater P.O. Box 133 P.O.Box 133 P.O. Edgewater, NJ 07020 Edgewater,NJ NJ 07020 07020 Edgewater, Phone: 201-615-0927 201-615-1849 Phone:201-615-0927 201-615-1849 Phone:

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“A Great Place to Live”

From the desk of Gregory S. Franz - Borough Administrator

Borough Government Re- meeting dates for all boards and Lieutenant – Robert Jacobson Sr., street, sidewalk, crosswalk, or Independence Day Celebrationcommittees, – The and a variety of useful 2nd Lieutenant – Justin Burstyn, other public property. Fines will be Organizes

Edgewater Mayor and Council along with the Route 5 Rock Stabilization Project – The Borough Hall Moving Day – The Edgewater The annual re-organization of information such as contact names 3rd Lieutenant – Anthony Iafelice issued of $50 to $150 for persons Newnumbers. Jersey Department be Police and found Municipal offices Remember are tentatively Recreation Department are proud to 4th Lieutenantwill – Ronald Frato Jr. andpresent telephone Please of., Transportation in violation. that borough government willon occur performing a rock slope stabilization project along scheduled to move into the new Borough Hall at fireworks at Veterans Field Friday, July 1 with retain this calendar for a full year this ordinance also requires that on Tuesday 2012 a rain date ofJanuary Monday3,July 5. at Veterans Field New Jersey Route 5 in Edgewater. This project 55 River Road the weekend of June 17. Borough of reference information. snow and ice be removed within New 6:30pm Borough ofSnow rock along Removal offices will be closed Friday, June 17 and Monday, will openattothe theEdgewater public at 6:00 p.m. for children’s calls for the removal and stabilization 24 reopen hours to from when on theTuesday, storm Hall, 55 Riverand Road, in the Council for approximately 28 June 20 and will the public Regulations entertainment activities, music, and food. The the cliff face. The work calls stops. Also, thecan Fire Department Holiday Tree days Recycling of full closure of Route performoftheheavy most snow June 21 so that Borough staff close down the Chambers. elected Mayor event is free Newly except for the cost of refreshments. As5 ato result falls reminds residents who live near dangerous work old facility We Residents reminded thatfirst. the The Bring F. a Delaney blanket and and watch the are James will chair be sworn overborough the lastrequested two winters, the and prepare to open the new facility. a fire hydrant to please shovel this workrecycles not commence until school ends ask for residents’ cooperation if we do not respond spectacular by the Serpico Family of that Borough Edgewater into office show alongproduced with re-elected Edgewater Mayor and Council so school transportation not snow effected. in a timely this period. Staff will aroundduring the hydrant and not cover of Newton, New International Fireworks treesin forJune mulch. Trees must Councilman LuisJersey’s Vidal and newly holiday adoptedisnew regulations at manner At the conclusion of the 28 day closure, Route be onsite and email and telephones should be Company since 1906, overlooking the George the hydrant with snow. elected councilmen Michael be placed at the curb on the Monday their November 14, 2011 council 5 will be open to east bound traffic only during operational by Saturday, June 18; however, we Washington Bridge and New York City skyline. Henwood and Kevin Doran. before the Tuesday collection, free meeting. The new regulations The Edgewater trolley bus will operate along working hours and during morning and afternoon may be distracted in attempting to organize the of all ornaments and plastic. The are intended to make it easier for Veterans Field Update Members of Undercliff various Avenue boards,between River Road and 5:30 peak hours, bi-directional traffic will be permitted. offices and files. The Police Department should be December 19, 2011, at in January committees, and professionals will pedestrians access sidewalks The Edgewater Police along with thetoCliffside operational inOn theMonday new facility by Sunday, June 19; p.m. and 10:30 p.m. so leave your car atfollowing home and Tuesday’s the Park town and wide the regular and be appointed. bus shelters well asresidents Fortcollection Lee Police and Departments will workas however, shouldEdgewater not see any Mayor interruption walk and ride to the event. Inflatable will rides,beface Council meeting held at Borough dates; January 3, 10, 17, 24, 31. to keep the trafficplacing flowingof insnow emergency service during this transition. in painting, clowns, balloon toss are all available for collectively in an attemptrestrict For residentsand living in complexes provide ample signage. the children, no alcoholic beverages any roadway or sidewalk right Hall, Borough Engineer Michael Complimentary 2012 permitted. Community Calendar and and community’s, contact your of way. Ordinance 1462-2011 Neglia along with Environmental management company to make Consultant Ronald Dooney Jr, Planner Mailed to Residents arrangements for collection by our amending sections of Chapter the borough’s Licensed Site 380 – All sidewalks, walkways, The Mayor and Council are pleased recycling department. handicapped ramps and staircases, Remediation Specialist of TERMS to announce that the annual 2012 Consulting, shall be cleared to a width of 42” Environmental community calendar and planner presented their findings from Fire Department Elects or the maximum width of the will be mailed to residents shortly. additional soil testing since the sidewalk, walkway, handicapped The front picture of this year’s Chief and Officers ramp or staircase. No person, field’s closure on September 16, calendar is of the new Borough Hall The Edgewater Volunteer Fire partnership, corporation, or other 2011 as well as a recommended along with our new Public Works Department recently held elections entity shall cause to permit any site remediation plan. As a result Recycling Truck. As always, at their December meeting for Chief of snow or ice accumulated within of the additional testing, five (5) the calendar provides a multitude their 2012 officers. the boundaries of the property areas have been identified as areas of information from trash and Department – Robert Christianson, be deposited onto, upon, or in a that polychlorinated biphenyls recycling collection schedules, Deputy Chief – Patrick Chevalier, Captain – Robert Jacobson Jr., 1st manner as to limit access to any or commonly known as PCB’s

Crossing Guards Needed

The Edgewater Police Department is in need of crossing guards for the 2011-2012 school year. Edgewater residents 18 and older can apply by filling out an application in the office of the Borough Administrator of Borough Hall. A valid New Jersey Drivers License is preferred. Standard background checks are performed and guards need to report to posts by 6:45 a.m. and again by 2:00 p.m.

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Community Celebrations

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Time is Not Running Out

By Bob Batch We should have made December 21st or 22nd, the Winter Solstice, the start of the New Year. It really would have made more sense to start the calendar on the day after the shortest day of the year, you know. Unless of course, we decided to start it on the day after the longest day of the year. But then we would be celebrating New Years Eve in June.

In our modern world it’s hard to recognize the correlation between the measurement of time and the astronomical workings it’s based on. To a lot of people, knowing minutes are ticking off on a “Luxurious diamond studded time piece displaying all the elegance of a finely made piece of jewelry” is more important than what each hour of the dial represents. We all know that night and day are the result of the earth spinning in it’s orbit around the sun because we were taught that in school, but when you get up each day, if you happen to notice the sun, your perception isn’t that you are moving a thousand miles an hour toward the east, it’s that the sun is ever so slowly moving up into the sky above. So, even though we’ve learned about how the earth moves and all that, our experience is very different when observed from our spot in the scheme of things. Even harder to truly appreciate, in our experience, is the planet’s orbit and the reason for the seasonal changes that occur. Without models and text books and someone having given us the information it would be very hard to imagine many of us in the modern world noticing that the earth spins around the sun on a slightly tilted

Zen Music Institute

axis which causes the seasons, and that a fairly astronomy and real time keeping were ‘Discovconstant speed which determines the length of ered’ during the Middle Ages or Renaissance. the year. More recently though, researchers have begun to question the idea that ancient man had no What is really marvelous about all of this, as knowledge of the relationship of the earth to the basic and mundane as it all seems from our per- sun and other planets including the moon. In spective, is how all this measurement of time, in fact, there are some who posit that all the astronomy and calculation that developed into modern astronomy were only rediscovered five hundred years ago. In any case, it’s clear that understanding time was a big concern to some people who lived thousands of years ago, as evidenced by the giant stone structures left in certain locations which appeared to have been built to observe and perhaps celebrate regular celestial events. It makes sense that after all the observation and calculation involved in discovering that the movement of the earth, and it’s relationship to the sun and moon, is a giant time keeping device you might ‘Worship’ the evidence with monuments of stone. Naturally you might add a bit of superstition and legend to the whole concept step with the motion of heavenly bodies devel- after a time, which it seems every culture did. oped. Imagine yourself in a world with no concept of Even today there are a few different calendars time keeping. There wouldn’t be any expecta- referenced, although not commonly used anytion of regular future events in such an envi- more. They all start on different dates and celronment. You wouldn’t know that a year was ebrate a new year at different times. Likewise, coming to an end or what to expect long range we really could have started our year on any because all you could observe would be day and day. In fact, the present calendar we use is kind night. How long do you think it would take you of unique because it starts at a fixed year and to devise a way to accurately tell time? not only counts up from that, but conveniently When I went to school it was pretty much as- counts backward (BC) presumably to infinity sumed that ancient people had no idea about any which allows us to imagine the beginning of of the ‘Laws’ of astronomy. It was taught that time to have, well, no beginning.

Zen Music Institute was founded in the year 2000 and has been serving students of all ages in New Jersey for over 10 years. We have helped thousands of students develop their musical talents. We have been focusing on teaching students how to practice effectively and enjoy music at the same time.

such as music theory and aural/sight reading. These courses not only improve the students’ musical knowledge but also help students prepare for these prestigious exams. The ABRSM certificate is both a great motivation for students as well as a useful supplement when applying for college.

All of our faculty members hold at least a master’s degree in music. Their experiences and dedications assist each student with their individual needs. We are here to inspire students with the first steps towards their music learning and then help them reach all of their musical goals.

Learning music with Zen Music Institute has helped our students become more successful academically as well as in social life. Our students have been accepted to The Juilliard School of Music, The Manhattan School of Music, Cornell University, Rutgers University, and many more great schools.

Besides the ABRSM exam we also emphasize on preparing students for All-State auditions and the State’s Regionals. A high percentage our students have been accepted to All-State band/orchestra and the Regionals. Through the process of preparing for the auditions, students develop the commitment to music and learn the important skills of focusing, listening, and self-evaluation.

We also offer art studio for students who would like to explore more in art. We welcome artistic children to attend both our music and art classes. What Zen Music Institute can offer you is our excellent learning environment, convenient location, and the most experienced teachers. Zen Music Institute is confident in its ability to provide the best music and art learning experience for you and your children.

We offer students recitals three times a year. This encourages students to perform on stage and build their confidence. We also organize the ABRSM exam; an international recognized exam that offers an internationally recognized certificate. This exam helps parents and students to understand students’ progress and achievement based on the world standard. In addition, we offer special group classes

For children under the age of 4, we offer early music education. This class helps students and parents to be interactive through singing, listening, body movements, and rhythms. Through music interactions, young toddlers are exposed to early aural music sensitivity. This helps children to develop both gross motor skills and balance/coordination.


Most public education systems are cutting back on art and music education. Research shows time and time again the arts are the gateway to success in all academic areas. Now is the best time to support your child’s education with art and music at Zen Music Institute.



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11, 18, 25, Wednesdays 4:00PM “Chess Club” for ages 7+

Adult Movie Series presents “Money Ball” Wednesday, Jan 11 11, 18, 25, Wednesdays 5:00PM “Guitar with Tom” Intermediate Level for from 7-9 pm ages 12+

12, 19, 26, Thursdays 4:00PM “Starter Chess” for ages 5&6 13, 20, 27, Fridays 10:30AM Ages 14 mths-2yrs & 11:30AM Ages 2+ “Storytime Yoga” 13, Friday 3:15PM “Beading with Susan” Grades 1+ 17, Tuesday @the movies! 4:00PM “Cowboys & Aliens” Rated PG13 For ages 12+ 18, 25, Wednesday 11:30AM & 12:15PM “Baby Lapsit” Up to 18 mths 19, Thursday 10:30AM & 11:30AM “Mother’s Goose Group” 18mths+ 19, Thursday 5:00PM “Beginner Guitar with Joe” Gr. 4+ 21, Saturday 10:30AM “Chess Tournament” Experienced Players Only! 23, Monday 10:30AM “Toddler Time Movie! Sesame Street Iron Monster and Sesame Heroes” Ages 18mths+ 23, 30 Monday 6:30PM “Teen/Tween Yoga w/Adra” For ages 11+ 26, Thursday 11:00AM “Sing Along with Jim” For ages 14mths-3yrs

Adult Movie Series presents “Ides of March” Tuesday, Jan 17, from 7-9 pm Director: George Clooney Stars: Paul Giamatti, George Clooney and Philip Seymour Hoffman Adult Guitar with Thomas Gayle Saturday 21 and 28 from 4-5 pm “Organizing the Empty Nest” workshop presented by Gayle M. Gruenberg Tuesday, Jan 24 from 7-8 pm Call the library at 201-224-6144 to register. Wednesday @ the Movies: 50/50 Director: Jonathan Levine. Stars: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Seth Rogen and Anna Kendrick JANUARY 2012 | EDGEWATER RESIDENTIAL | 5

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The first picture left to right – Shade Tree Committee members Fern Norris, Carol Ellis, and Matt Perasso admire the purple plum tree planted on the grounds of the Eleanor Van Gelder School in celebration of Arbor Day on April 29.

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STORYTIMEWITH WITHJAMEY! JAMEY! STORYTIME EveryTuesday Tuesdayatat11:00 11:00AM AMand and12:00 12:00PM PM Every @Ben Ben&&Jerry’s Jerry’sScoopshop Scoopshop@ @Riverwalk!: Riverwalk!: @ JoinJamey Jameyfor foraastorytime, storytime,sing-along sing-alongand andmovement movement Join programheld heldEVERY EVERYweek weekatatBen Ben&&Jerry’s Jerry’sScoopshop Scoopshop program theRiverwalk RiverwalkShopping ShoppingCenter! Center!Shakers, Shakers,puppets, puppets,songs, songs, atatthe storiesand andmore! more!The Thefee feeisis$10 $10per perchild childper persession. session. stories Payfor forthe theprograms programsyou youattend, attend,never neveraaregistration registrationfee! fee! Pay Jameyalso alsodoes doesjuvenile juvenilebirthday birthdayparties, parties,specializing specializinginin Jamey ages1-4 1-4years yearsofofage! age! ages

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by Yoshi Taguchi Where did meditation originate? of discovering your true self is the recalling what has happened over Practicing meditation is very good Meditation itself is, of course, not purpose of meditation. the past week. It is not very difficult Have everSohad can be Positive Thinking and Self-Reflection Giving Thanks for youryou health. thisbad timedreams I would that the invention of Gautama Siddhar- If you are not usually in the habit of to recall what has happened within truly nightmares or feeltha, thatShakyamuni you Another method is to change Next, another is giving thanks. like tofrightening explore the meaning of mediBuddha. In India checkingyour yourperspecthoughts and deeds themethod last week. Examine the week’s tation in some theby restrains? it was a traditional practice long bebut would likespiritual to meditate in day youris like thoughts and actions thoroughly, are being tireddepth. downOn to hearing your bed tive into a positive one. The fact that One a lifetime. If you live by this word meditation perhaps you are refore Shakyamuni lived, and in relispare time, fi rst shut yourself off from checking whether they were or If you have terrible nightmares, we can con- influence can approach you is evidence that philosophy, then the end of each day right correminded of Zen meditation (Zazen, gions other than Buddhism it was a the vibrations of the third dimension wrong in the light of the Truth. clude that in most casesposture) you areorstressed the wavelengths your andof your sponds to the end of your entire life. So you sitting in a cross-legged methodout of developing mental given con- off andby calm themind waves mind. and badZen spiritual influence. Also It the wavelengths of theWhen negative energy are toshould give When thanksyou byhave saying something Itattracts is true athat meditation centration. is true that meditation you feel the door your subdone this, you like can and yoga are ways to practice medibeen associated withcase conscious is about to open, remove go back andthis examine last if you cannot sleep well, your mindhas thatalways has the same, so in this you should reverse this: “It is my turn further to leave world.theNow tation but regrettably many people religion. any ‘rust’ that has accumulated. If month. How did you do this month? some negative thoughts like worries, anxiet- the situation. You must eliminate any think- I can return to a pleasurable world. Looking seem to think of meditation as simthere are rough or uneven parts in Did you have negative thoughts? ies, and fears forthinking your future so onWhat attracts ing about negative things lookstray towards backsneak over my life on earth,any I canmistakes? say that ply sitting without or setting is the purpose of meditation? yourand mind, spirits can Have youthis made in particular posture. It is actually the a method of commuin at wonderful, these spots. posiIt is as ifI they improved yourself in acnegative energy. light. Think only about trulycan had aHave goodyou life. Thank you so much. nicating with tive the heavenly world or throw a rope and pull themselves up cordance with the Truth? Have you things within your mind. This is another Even if I should die here and now, I am satWhy do people practice meditation in the world of high spirits. Those who into your mind, so before stepping been making sufficient effort? Have Remedies for Many Sleep people Paralysis and Spiritual methodthis for may dealing withfully this into threat. isfied.”you By you giving thanks like this, you as willa the first place? do not do not understand pracyour subconscious, been fulfilling your mission Restraints them away. is another method for seem to have ever considered this tice meditation for health, or per- need to correct your statedrive of mind, discipleThis of Buddha? Have you acvery deeply; they seem conscious haps they simply think it is good to examining your thoughts and deeds complished whatever you needed Another strategy is to practice self-reflec- dealing with the problem. only of the form or style. However, spend time just sitting without one a time. to? How much progress have you Breathing Methods tion. Even if thethinkweight onatyour chest prewe need to go to the roots. What I ing about anything, without a purmade, compared with last month? Breathing methods good If vents body from and you The next youhave experience a any bad progress, dream, I am saying is that we offer need to thinkapproach. pose. However, we your are not trees or moving What should youcanexamine first? time If you not made you cannot move and there is nothing you not move your hands either, that does not suggest that you try our some of the methods once again about the true purpose stones. If it was only a matter of sit- Usually, it is most important to re- this means you are wasting het life of The Zen your ting still, and that stones do is flect on your into day, your ‘today’. explained Ask your- above. that has been givengoing to youtoby God. canmeditation. do about it, in Japanese order to regain owntrees mean thiscould restraint extending Also before bed, if master Dogen(1200-1253 ce) intro- this much better than humans. But self: What was your day like? What Are you thankful? Do you feel gratespirit, you should try catching your breath. head. Therefore, while lying down, engage in you practice breathing with positive thinking duced a style of meditation called we have hearts and minds and this kind of thoughts passed through ful to be alive? Do you give thanks As you are lying down, try to breathe from self-reflection. If you find in the suchtime a you andwoke? self-reflection, andallgiving ‘Shikantaza’, which means ‘just sit- is the essence of being human. youryourself mind from to God for that is thanks on this would Earth? ting lower withoutstomach a purpose’, thosepoint thoughts Did you you sleep Are you the areasimply belowsitthe belly but- situation, it means that Were as some up toright? make well.grateful to others for their ting He is was founder of body The three-dimensional worldyou where malicious thoughts toward help? You should reflect on the last ton. quietly. The idea to the provide your with the prior day have have beenany having trouble one of the major school of Zen, and we lead our daily lives is filled with others? Did you think anything neg- month in this way. fresh oxygen. breathing and if you are with humanand relationships. In Did thisyou situation, this method of Try meditation hasin, long coarse thought vibrations many ative? do anything wrong? able repeatasthis deep respiration try thinking about the person you been to accepted an important part of several these third-dimension thoughts In thiswith way, whom you can reflect on your Next, reflect on the year. What were of Zen over, training. In yoga enough too, which thoughts and actions that day. you doing at the same time last year? times strangely you are will quite find negative. get alongInthedaily least,life, a person about whom you originated in India, there are many sometimes your mind becomes What have you thought about and that the evil spirits have parted from you. get along the least, a person about whom you styles of meditation but it appears disturbed, for example, when you After you have examined them, done since then? Have you made One secrets of this only breathing method think, or,not “Iftoonly sheanything Yoshi you Taguchi someof of the these are directed at hear shocking news“Iorcan’t after stand argu- him”, decide repeat any progress compared with last is that as you breathe, will enter yoursomeone. wasn’tWhen around.” theremight is someone in wrong. your IfHappy Science USA maintaining health or aslight physical ing with you If hear have done you had year? Have you succeeded in solvdisciplines. Although yoga is cersad news, your mind may waver; wrong thoughts toward someone, ing your body. When that happens, the negative influ- life who fits this description, then try think- 725 River Rd. Suiteown 58 problems or improving tainly a method of meditation that drinking singing in a bar, you may feel sorry and correct your thoughts. your character? Are your character ences that are holding you down will let go. ing of him or her and practice self-reflection, Edgewater, NJ 07020 has been handed down through the lose control. So sometimes you If you have done something wrong, and your problems getting better or At thatI moment, will be free. is how try from thinking of himmake or her and practice ages, have theyou impression that This must isolate then yourself all those up your mind never201-313-0127 to repeat worse? You can reflect on the year those who through practice itthe arebreathing only seekdaily activities, leave the vibrations the same When Meditation you have Class: in this way. Through and this your body to escape method. self-reflection. In any event, start mistake. with apoloSat 11:00am 1:30pm ing the essence of meditation from a of the third dimension behind and fi nished cleaning your mind for that and mind will become purer. gizing to this person. three-dimensional perspective. ask what your true self is. The act day, extend your range back further, Continued on Page 10

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Bus Arrives 4:20 PM 4:50 PM 5:20 PM 5:50 PM 6:20 PM 6:50 PM 7:20 PM 7:50 PM 8:20 PM


is provided by the New York Waterway - schedules, up to the minute service advisories, and ticket information can be obtained by visiting or calling 1-800-53-FERRY One Way (Child) One Way (Senior) One Way (Adult) Ten Trip Monthly

Edgewater to/from Pier 79, Fares

$6.00 $8.75 $9.50 $78.00 $272.00


is provided by the Borough of Edgewater. For information please contact the Borough of Edgewater at:


or visit

Three stores closing in Former Councilman Bruce Scullion dies at 77 Edgewater Bruce V. Scullion, a member of a prominent Edgewater family that goes back decades, died on Friday, Dec. 23 at the age of 77. Mr. Scullion, who served on the Edgewater Borough Council more than 30 years ago, had lived in Owasso. Okla., where he had lived with his wife, Janet, since 1980. Mr. Scullion had an uncle who was an Edgewater police officer and a cousin who served on the Edgewater Fire Department. Mr. Scullion was retired from American Airlines where he had been employed in the accounting department. Prior to that, he served in the Marine Corps. He was born in Teaneck and attended St. Cecelia High School in Englewood. He was married to the former Janet Dysart of Edgewater, who survives him. Also surviving are: two daughters, Diane Marie Fernandez and her husband George L. of Owasso; Leslie Anne Devine and her husband Thomas A. of Chatham; a sister, Beverly Parsons of Callicoon Center, N.Y.; a brother, Leonard Paul Scallion of St. Mary’s, Ga.; and four grandchildren. A funeral mass was conducted on Wednesday, Dec. 28, at St. Henry R.C. Church, Owasso with burial in Calvary Cemetery, Tulsa. Memorial contributions may be made to St. Jude Children’s Hospital, 501 St. Jude Place, Memphis, TN 38105 or St. Henry R.C. Church Building Fund, PO Box 181, Owasso, OK 74055.

Michaels reportedly takes Barnes & Noble, FYE space By Douglas E Hall

New Congressman for Edgewater?

As the year wound down, three stores closed or were planning to close in Edgewater. In Edgewater Commons, the Barnes & Noble Booksellers closed Dec. 31 and FYE music and video store was planning to close Jan. 31. In City Place, Talbot’s, a women’s fashions store is planning to close sometime this month. It was apparently not just the weak economy that dictated these closings. A source at Barnes & Nobel said the Edgewater store was profitable and the closing was determined by a top management decision to turn major marketing efforts to Internet sales. A major Internet competitor to Barnes & Nobel has been Amazon. According to this source, the Edgewater Barnes & Nobel space will be combined with the next-door space of the FYE facility for a large Michaels arts and crafts Store. Michael’s has 27 stores in New Jersey, including outlets in Paramus, Ramsey and Clifton. The company claims to be the largest specialty retailer of arts, crafts, framing, wall decor and scrapbooking and similar items. Michaels operates 500 stores in 49 states and Canada. Michael’s plans could not be confirmed at press time.

Redistricting has shaken up the New Jersey Congressional delegation in a way that Edgewater, among several other towns, may have a new Congressman come the next session of Congress when it convenes in 2013. The borough’s current representative, Steven Rothman (D-District 9) seemed headed for a showdown with Rep. Scott Garrett (R-District 5) and Edgewater seemed destined to get Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-District 8) when the new redistricting map was released. But all that changed when Rep. Rothman decided he’d rather move from Fair Lawn, which was newly added to Rep. Garrett’s district, than face Rep. Garrett in a November election. So Rep. Rothman is moving to Englewood, his old hometown where he was once mayor and will now face a primary fight with fellow Democrat Rep. Pascrell. Rep Rothman apparently decided it would be a tough uphill battle to defeat Rep. Garrett in the still heavily Republican district that runs along the northern most section of New Jersey to the Delaware River, even though it is slightly less Republican than before the redistricting. Beating Rep. Pascrell won’t be a piece of cake either since the former mayor of Paterson is expected to put up a fierce fight at least in his Passaic County stronghold. The fight will shape up as a battle between the Passaic County Paterson and Passaic) Democrats supporting Rep. Pascrell against the Bergen County Democrats (Englewood and Teaneck) backing Rep. Rothman. Rothman has estimated he goes into this race with 61 percent of the Democrat voters having been previously represented by him in the old District 9. All these changes came about because New Jersey was forced to give up a representative in Congress due to a slower growth rate in the state than several other states, particularly in the Sun Belt, who gained representatives. The new District 9, in addition to Edgewater, includes: (Bergen County) Carlstadt, Cliffside Park, Cresskill, East Rutherford, Elmwood Park, Englewood, Englewood Cliffs, Fort Lee, Garfield, Hasbrouck Heights, Leonia, Little Ferry, Lyndhurst, Moonachie, North Arlington, Palisades Park, Ridgefield, Ridgefield Park, Rutherford, Saddle Brook, South Hackensack, Teaneck (partial), Tenafly, Teterboro, Wallington, Wood-Ridge, (Passaic County) Haledon, Hawthorne, Passaic, Paterson. Prospect Park, (Hudson County) Kearny (partial) and Secaucus.


Holy Rosary Church Rev. George J. Ruane, News Pastor


Monday to Friday in the Parish Center Chapel 8:00am Saturdays 5:30am in the Church Sundays at 8:00am and 11:00am in the Church. Sacrament of Reconciliation Saturdays 4:30pm in the Church. We are a people with open arms to warmly receive you into the community. There are programs, ministries, clubs and continuing education for the young through the more mature. We are a people and place to meet God, be loved, healed, reconciled and celebrate God’s presence among us.

We want to meet you! INITIATION PROCESS-Holy Rosary offers the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (R.C.I.A) This is a process through which adults can complete the steps to a fuller relationship with God through the Church. No matter what the circumstances are in your life - divorced, separated, or away for a long time - you will be welcomed into a growing vibrant group of people who, like you, are searching for answers. RELIGIOUS EDUCATION CLASSES- Sessions for Grades K-9 are held on Sundays at 9:15am MEN’S PRAYER GROUP - Meets Thursdays 7am at the Parish Center LEGION OF MARY - Meets Wednesdays at 7:30pm NOVENA - Wednesdays 7pm at the Parish Center KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS - Meets every 1st & 3rd Sunday.

365 Undercliff Ave. Edgewater, NJ 07020

Parish Center and Chapel @ 26 Edgewater Place

(201) 945-6329


Rescuing Animal Lifesavers

Animal Lifesavers, Inc. has been servicing the North Bergen and surrounding Hudson County area for over 11 years. However, although the organization is a certified 501(c)(3) non profit organization, it has gone virtually unrecognized by most. This is probably because the organization is comprised of all volunteers who donate their time, efforts and resources without the expectation of any gratitude and/ or recognition in return. Its mission is simple, to save the lives of as many unwanted cats and dogs and find them loving homes to live out the rest of their lives. The people who comprise this organization are no other than your average citizens, people of the working class who go to work every day yet share a true passion for those cats and dogs that have been cast aside or born into a life of living on the streets. A non-kill organization, Animal Lifesavers, Inc., has been particularly affected by the significant increase in the shear volume of unwanted animals in the Hudson County area and even more detrimental to its cause their very recent separation from C.L.A.W.S. (The Closter Animal Welfare Society). C.L.A.W.S supplemented a great deal of the financial expenses associated with the spay, neutering and medical care of those animals lucky enough to be taken under the wings of Animal Lifesavers as well as provided additional resources that greatly helped with the volume of animals Animal Lifesavers could rescue. “The split from C.L.A.W.S., although an amicable one, has simply compounded the struggle we face every day and threatens the future of our work which has already been suffering as a result of the difficult economic time in this area.” stated Toni Ann Collins, a local North Bergen volunteer who has been dedicating her time to raising the awareness of her organization’s work and soliciting the help that her organization so desperately needs in order to overcome the recent setbacks to their mission. It was Toni Ann’s mother who originally developed a relationship with Carolyn Burton, a long time C.L.A.W.S. and Animal Lifesavers volunteer, 15 years ago when Maureen took in her first stray cat. Over the years, Maureen has rescued and fostered numerous cats, a Red Nose Pit Bull who finally went to her “Forever Home” a month ago after 18 months of fostering and adopted 7 cats from the organization. The relationship with Carolyn Burton and Elaine Samman, the President of Animals Lifesavers Inc. has developed into a true friendship with Maureen and her daughter Toni Ann. It was this friendship and Toni Ann’s first hand knowledge of the struggles which faced Animal Lifesavers that prompted her to act.

To read more of this article please visit: Meditiation continued from page 8

If you have plenty of time, reflect on all that has happened since your birth, dividing your life into several periods. For example, ask yourself what kind of child you were from birth to three years old. Project your life onto the screen of your mind as if you were seeing it on a movie screen. You will see your parents, brothers and sisters, uncles, aunts, grandparents, neighbors and all those who were around you. How do you appear in each scene? Then reflect further, up to the time you entered primary school. What about junior school and high school? And after that? Reflect on each period, one at a time, recollecting the important turning points in your life, then come back to yourself in the present. By this time, it is very likely that before you have realized it, tears will be welling up in your eyes. As these tears stream down your cheeks, they wash away the impurities of your mind. By these practices of reflective meditation, you can cleanse your mind so that your flesh and purified mind gives good influence to your body. The meditation is good for your health. (This article is based on the book titled “The Essence of Meditation” written by Master Ryuho Okawa) Yoshi Taguchi

Happy Science NJ 725 River Rd. Suite 58 Edgewater, NJ 07020 201-313-0127

Borough News continued from Page 3 exist beyond the residential standard of 0.20 parts per million of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection standards. In these areas, soil will be removed and replaced with clean fill. When this is completed, approximately two (2) feet of clean fill will be used to cap the entire facility, essentially raising the existing grade. This cap will create a protective barrier between the existing soil and the new clean fill that the public will then be permitted to utilize. As part of the remediation, the borough will utilize its Veterans Field Master Plan which was developed several years ago to improve and upgrade the facility with properly placed baseball and softball diamonds along with a soccer field. The impervious areas such as the existing basketball and tennis courts, the walkway, and community center will remain intact and undisturbed. If a safe and affordable means exist whereby the basketball and tennis courts along with the walking track can be re-opened during construction, the borough will attempt to have this done. Based on the remediation and the master plan upgrades, the estimated cost of this project is between $8 and $10 million, of which approximately $1,721,240.62 already exists in New Jersey Green Acres and Bergen County Open Space funding awarded to the borough. The estimated completion date whereby the facility can be re-opened to the public is the spring of 2013. The borough will schedule a public presentation once design plans have been completed.

Edgewater Board of Health: Dear Resident:

Licenses are required for dogs under Borough Ordinance No. 454 and cats under Borough Ordinance No. 129 seven months of age or older.

To help you license your pet and avoid a fine, on the reverse side is an application for a dog or cat license. The license fees are: DOG $8.00 Spayed or Neutered $11.00 Not Spayed or Not Neutered CAT $8.00 Proof is required to document a spayed or neutered dog or cat. Proof of recent rabies vaccination is also required. A rabies vaccine must be good for the whole licensing year. This year the Board of Health will provide free rabies vaccines to our residents. The rabies clinic will be on Saturday, February 4, 2012 between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm. This is the only day we will be giving free vaccines. Dog and Cat Licenses must be renewed yearly. Licenses may be obtained at the Edgewater community Center - 1167 River Road - between the hours of 9:00 am and 5:00 pm. Please make checks payable to: “EDGEWATER BOARD OF HEALTH”. YOUR 2011 DOG OR CAT LICENSE IS DUE BY JANUARY 31, 2012.

The 2012 license runs from January 31, 2011 thru January 31, 2013. Any license renewals not received by March 1, 2012 will be subject to a $10.00 late fee, in addition to a summons for $74.00. * Please do not send your application in before January 1, 2012 *

If you have any questions, please call me at 201-943-1700, ext 6007.

Edgewater Board of Health:

FREE RABIES VACCINATION CLINIC Saturday, February 4, 2012 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

2012 – APPLICATION FOR EDGEWATER DOG OR CAT LICENSE NAME OF OWNER________________________________________________________________________ ADDRESS________________________________________________________________________________

1167 River Road (Edgewater Community Center – Rear Door)

• PETS MUST BE ON A LEASH OR IN A CARRIER! • All pets should be a least 4 months old. • Pets must be accompanied by an adult. • Please bring proof of previous rabies shot. • Complete this form and bring it to the Rabies Clinic. • Please use a separate form for each pet.

New Jersey State Law requires that all dogs in New Jersey be vaccinated for Rabies and are licensed. The Borough of Edgewater requires that all cats be vaccinated for Rabies and are licensed. It is important to have your pet vaccinated. Rabies can be transferred to humans. A rabies vaccination is for your health and for the health of the animal! For your convenience, licenses may be purchased at the clinic. License fee for dogs in Edgewater is $8.00 for neutered or spayed and $11.00 for non-spayed or neutered dogs. License fee for a cat license is $8.00. Please bring exact change or check made payable to the Edgewater Board of Health.

PET’S NAME_____________________________________________________________________________ (Please check dog or cat) DOG _______

CAT _______

COLOR & MARKINGS _____________________

BREED_________________ SEX



AGE _________ ___________________ Long or Short

PHONE NUMBER___________________ E-MAIL ADDRESS ___________________________________ HAS YOUR PET RECEIVED A RABIES VACCINATION WITHIN THE LAST 3 YEARS? ________ DATE & PLACE WHERE VACCINATION WAS GIVEN____________________________________ We will have to verify. Please provide us with a copy of vaccination certificate. Check here ____ if we have a copy on file from past year. BASIC PET LICENSE_______________________________________________


Address of owner: __________________________________________________

If your dog has not been altered, there is an additional fee required by the STATE OF NEW JERSEY___________________________________________


Telephone number: __________________ E-mail Address: __________________

There is no STATE OF NEW JERSEY fee for cats.

Dog or Cat: __________

TOTAL AMOUNT_________________________________________________

Name of owner: ____________________________________________________

Breed: ________________

Age: ____

Weight: _____ Color: ______________Name of Pet: ___________________________________ Dog/Cat License # ________________________

** Please leash, curb and clean up after your dog – IT’S THE LAW! **


ALL RABIES SHOTS MUST BE GOOD FOR THE ENTIRE LICENSING YEAR. SHOTS EXPIRING BEFORE JANUARY 1, 2013 WILL NOT BE ACCEPTABLE FOR LICENSING. Edgewater Residents may also have their dogs and cats vaccinated, for free, at the Bergen County Animal Shelter, 100 United Lane, Teterboro, NJ. Please call 201-229-4600 for further information.



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