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My cancer journey started about four years ago. I like so many other people on the Northshore found a nationally renowned oncologist here on the Northshore to take care of me. I have been cancer free for three and a half years.

When Lisa McKenzie from You Night Enterprising Events approached our team here at Northshore Media Group about honoring the many oncology professionals, we immediately knew we wanted to be involved. In June, we asked for nominations of medical professionals and volunteers that we’re making a difference to cancer patients here on the Northshore. Twenty-eight were chosen, you can read the testimonials of our 2023 Sheroes and Heroes starting on page 24. A reception honoring the 2023 Sheroes and Heroes will be held on November 16th at the Covington Country Club.

Also, in this issue we feature The Covington’s Three Rivers Festival program and meet one of the local artists, Molly Taylor that is going to be participating in this year’s festival. Our talented writer, Liz Smith spent time with the St Tammany Sheriff’s Public Affairs Department and shares the story on their witty Facebook posts.

Don’t forget that voting starts on October 15th for the 2024 Readers’ Choice Awards. Go to edgeofthelake. com to vote.

Enjoy the issue!



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Cover Photo Photo by Jerry Cottrell



At St. Tammany Health System, a multidisciplinary team of board-certified breast care specialists, fellowship-trained radiologists, and highly skilled technologists and nurses are empowering women like never before. Together with our partner Ochsner Health, we’re giving women on the Northshore many ways to live stronger and better.

Saturday appointments and same-day mammogram appointments are available at the Women’s Pavilion.


EDGE October | November 2023 05

Expert Cancer Care Close to Home

Ochsner Health and MD Anderson Cancer Center have clinically integrated to advance care even further, right here in Covington. With a shared mission of ending cancer, we are providing innovative cancer care personalized for you at St. Tammany Cancer CenterA Campus of Ochsner Medical Center. Learn more at NorthshoreCancerCare.org

Cynthia W. Cancer Patient
Cancer Center at Ochsner Cancer Center – Baton
Cancer Center at Ochsner Medical Complex – The
Rouge Ochsner
St.Tammany Cancer Center A Campus of Ochsner Medical Center
• Multi-Million Dollar Settlements Results May Vary So Hire Wisely • Highly Recommended By Clients • Consistent 5-Star Reviews • Client Satisfaction Award AVVO • Excellence in Action • Serious Injury Representation VOTED BEST ATTORNEY GAMBIT Stephen Rue 416 N. VERMONT, COVINGTON, LA | LA-23-15555 985.302.0000 STTAMMANYLAWYER.COM 24/7
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Our Mortgage Team O ers You MORE: Exceptional Personal Service. Metairie Bank Northshore is pleased to welcome Mortgage Loan Originator Rachel Kane to the team. From preapproval to closing, she has what it takes to help you move through the mortgage application process as smoothly as possible. With her expertise, energy, and can-do attitude, she’s right at home at “The Bank of Personal Service.” Stop by our Mandeville Branch to say hello. RACHEL KANE Mortgage Loan Originator NMLS 601409 P: 985.605.6012 E: rkane@metairiebank.com THE BANK OF PERSONAL SERVICE | WWW.METAIRIEBANK.COM THE BANK OF PERSONAL SERVICE | WWW.METAIRIEBANK.COM WWW.METAIRIEBANK.COM MANDEVILLE BRANCH 4500 HWY 22 WCauseway Approach 22 FIND A NORTHSHORE LOCATION NEAR YOU.
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312/313 Richard Kolb Sculpture 314 Gary Curtis Watercolor 315 Magali Cereghino-Groves Woodwork 316 Jason Rodriguez 2D Mixed Media 317 Janet Weilbrenner 3D Mixed Media 318 Ken Tracy Ceramics/Pottery 319 Angie Spears Drawing 320 Janvier Ngamije Fiber 321 Carol Carmichael Painting 322 Chase Mullen Painting 323/324 Lorrie Drennan Painting 325 Mark Phillips Photography 326 John Davis Printmaking & Digital Art 327 Frank Saggus 3D Mixed Media 328 Nick Cantrell 2D Mixed Media 329 Jayne DeMarcay Jewelry 330 Mark Mallia Woodwork 331 Leif Johansen 2D Mixed Media 332 John Walrod 3D Mixed Media 334/335 Yuliya Wolf Fiber 336 Ana Maria Andricain Jewelry 337 Ghada Henagan Ceramics/Pottery 338 Laura Teague Jewelry 339/340 Astou Dioum Fiber 341/342 Joshua Lee Nidenberg Photography 343/344 Michael Terra Printmaking & Digital Art 345/346 Neil Russell Greenidge 3D Mixed Media 347 Erin Curry Drawing 400/401 Shen Shen 210 2D Mixed Media 402 Sam Clark Ceramics/Pottery 403 Kimberly Merck-Moore 3D Mixed Media 404 CL Goldsmith Drawing 405 Donna Guidry Fiber 406 Mick Whitcomb Functional Art 407 Michael Bonardi Jewelry 408 Molly McGuire Painting 409 Shaun Aleman 2D Mixed Media 410 Jesse Kunerth Printmaking & Digital Art 411 Layl McDill Sculpture 412 Jon Welborn Woodwork 413/414 Patrick Reynolds 2D Mixed Media 415 Bob Stern 3D Mixed Media 416 Fred Weber Glass 417 Kristin Schillaci Photography 418 Jeri Vitello Fiber 200 Dusty Reed 3D Mixed Media 201/202 John Paul Duet Photography 203 Evie Davis Fiber 204 Emma Fick Painting 205 Thomas Fick Woodwork 206 Connie Kittok 2D Mixed Media 207 Elaine Lanoue Painting 208 Guiteau Lanoue 2D Mixed Media 209 Chris Seeman Metalwork 210/211 Tamar Taylor 3D Mixed Media 212 Woody Smith Sculpture 213 Delton Gerdes Watercolor 214 Gary Ward Woodwork 215 Marian Baker 2D Mixed Media 216/217 Ryan Boase 3D Mixed Media 218 Wayne Gao 3D Mixed Media 219 Mel Fleck Printmaking & Digital Art 220 Karen Libecap Watercolor 221 Juli Juneau Glass 222 Richard McCollum Woodwork 223 Kate Beck Fiber 224 Shirley Doiron Drawing 225 Patrice Mineo Jewelry 226 Loveday Funck Printmaking & Digital Art 227 Paul Guidry Painting 229 Moises Biton Watercolor 230 Mary Torres Glass 231/232 Jeanne Scott Ceramics/Pottery 233 Alena Vinet Fiber 234 Christine Oakes Jewelry 235 Patricia Burroughs 2D Mixed Media 236 HC Warner 3D Mixed Media 237 Craig Babylon Functional Art 238 Derek Patterson 2D Mixed Media 239 Michele Benson Huck Ceramics/Pottery 240 Jeff Long Woodwork 241 Erin Harris Sculpture 242 Katherine Prejean Metalwork 302/303 John Marc Anderson 3D Mixed Media 304 Audry Deal-McEver Ceramics/Pottery 305 Regina Tamosh Drawing 306 Nichol Brinkman Fiber 307 Katie Adams 2D Mixed Media 308/309 Paul Miller Functional Art 310 Neshama Roash Photography 311 Eric Mort Glass 419 Craig McMillin Ceramics/Pottery 420 Ronald Linton Jewelry 421 Jin Powell Painting 422 Erin Speights 2D Mixed Media 423 Tom Homann Ceramics/Pottery 424 Molly Taylor Woodwork 426 Jeffrey St Romain 3D Mixed Media 427 Nurhan Gokturk Watercolor 428 Christina Smith 2D Mixed Media 429/430 John Green Sculpture 431 Susan Clayton Sculpture 432 Lydia Randolph Painting 433 William Staubach Metalwork 434 Michael Eddy Sculpture 435 Amy Lansburg 3D Mixed Media 436 Fred Tate Jewelry 437 Paulette Lizano Glass 438 Heaven McCaulley Functional Art 439/440 Keith Andry Watercolor 441 Erika Mock Fiber 442 Tim Peters Ceramics/Pottery 500 Marvin Bower Functional Art 501 Peg Usner Painting 502 Katherine Likos Jewelry 503 Liping Jackson 3D Mixed Media 504 Penny Dobson 2D Mixed Media 505 Iliyana Skrobanska Fiber 506 Sean Corner Sculpture 507 Charles Cook Woodwork 508 Heather Renaux 2D Mixed Media 509 Diane Seeman 2D Mixed Media 510 Chrissy Jones Jewelry 511 Brian Miller Photography 512/513 Janice and Rick Moore Sculpture 514 Kellie Smith 2D Mixed Media 515/516 Greg Lathrop Ceramics/Pottery 517 Peg Martinez Woodwork 518 Marisa Ray Painting 519 Joseph Walton Photography 520 Jimmy Ellis Printmaking & Digital Art 521 Julie Salvetti Jewelry 522 Jacob Cureton 3D Mixed Media 523 Paul Jeselskis Ceramics/Pottery 524 Melissa Hampton Jewelry 525 Joe Hobbs Glass 526 Dennis Heckler Painting
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527 Jessica Joy Fiber 528 George Taylor Painting 529 Micheal Paul Cole Photography 530 Colette Martin 2D Mixed Media 531 Don McWhorter Ceramics/Pottery 532 Kathryn Laibson Fiber 533 paul nikitchenko 2D Mixed Media 534 Sheldon Anderson Photography 535 Tim Gollotte Woodwork 536 Sharon Johnston Jewelry 537 Jayne Morgan Painting 538 Josh Price Sculpture 539 Alexander Brown Woodwork 540 Michael Dixon 3D Mixed Media 541 Kellie Hastings Glass 542 Sally Austin 2D Mixed Media 543 Summer LYDICK 2D Mixed Media 544 Anthony Slichenmyer Metalwork 545/546 Pat Juneau Sculpture 547 Steve Terlizzese Functional Art 548/549 Craig Routh Watercolor 600/601 Jana Epstein 2D Mixed Media 602 jonathan clardy Ceramics/Pottery 603 Petty Shepard Fiber 604 Megan Horan Jewelry 605 Marie Gruber Photography 606 Aron Kapembeza Sculpture 607 M Kemper Watercolor 608 Lisa Tarplee 2D Mixed Media 609 Elliott Hubbard Ceramics/Pottery 610 Robert Linn Woodwork 611 John Mroczek Jewelry 612 Craig & Tracy Wilson Ceramics/Pottery 613 Valerie Lamott Jewelry 614 Robert Zarcone Fiber 615 Tone Lowe Painting 616 Debbie Weaver Ceramics/Pottery 617 Andrea Chipser Painting 618 Michael Bonin Woodwork 619 Debo Groover 2D Mixed Media 621 David Dobbs Photography 622 Rachael Walker Painting 623 Eric Clay Printmaking & Digital Art 624 Carla Moll Painting 625 Alla Baltas Painting 626 William Colburn Sculpture 627 Scott McQueen 2D Mixed Media 628 Mark Worden Printmaking & Digital Art 629 Maggie Grier Painting 632 Ray and Amy Bridewell Jewelry 633 Thomas Sanders Printmaking & Digital Art 634 Chris Cumbie 3D Mixed Media 635/636 Gerome Bonner Photography 637 Nathalia Toledo Ceramics/Pottery 638 Jenna Hirt Jewelry 639 Charles Gatewood Painting 640 Leslie Peebles Printmaking & Digital Art 641 Michael Cain Metalwork 642 Natalie Acquistapace Painting 643 Jason Wilson Ceramics/Pottery 644 Holt Lewis Woodwork 645 Christi Capoziello 2D Mixed Media 646 Phil Galatas Sculpture 647 Rebecca Bradford 2D Mixed Media 648 Leah Rawls Painting
600 Block * Subject to change


Three Rivers Poster artist Chase Mullen turns memories into paintings

Two things in artist Chase Mullen’s Baton Rouge studio serve as visual reminders while he creates his large-scale contemporary paintings of Louisiana’s wild inhabitants, which first captivated him as he explored the creek beds around his childhood Prairieville home.

One is a white dry-erase board where he neatly jots ideas for potential paintings in black marker. Many of them are metaphors for or reference to his children, two-and-a-half-year-old Audrey and twomonth-old James.

“Process-wise, it starts with ‘this is a memory that I really want to immortalize in the work’,” he added. “They grow so fast. That whiteboard – I’m never going to catch up. By the time I’m done with the current list, it will be years from now.”

The other is a Bob Dylan lyric – “Don’t think twice; it’s alright” – painted in bright yellow above his paintbrush drawer. It helps the self-trained artist remember to “find the right pigment” and not overwork a painting in progress.

“You’ll be working on something and make a move, and it’s very clearly a brushstroke,” he said. “The impulse is to camouflage that. I (am) constantly telling myself to leave it alone. This needs to have evidence of human creation.”

His techniques translate to engaging, realistic pieces that entice viewers to spend time with the vibrant turtles, monarch butterflies, alligators, flora and fauna, and more that come to life against white backgrounds.

There are intricate details that Mullen paints using a refined color palette, which includes peppering in “some pure pigments,” he said. He also tries to put as much space as possible between the “brightest highlight and the darkest low light,” he said, to achieve his goal of having dynamic lighting in each piece.

EDGE October | November 2023 016

But what makes the paintings stand out is Mullen’s use of negative space, an approach he thinks “is good for the work compositionally,” he said, and that comes from a combination of influences and personal taste.

“From early on, that is how the work I was inspired by was done,” he said, referring to the scientific illustrations in his high school textbooks that first inspired his artwork. “Since then it became – ‘How can I keep that? And how can I keep this work moving in a more contemporary direction’.”

The illustrative artwork has garnered a following, with gallery exhibitions in Los Angeles, Miami, San Fransisco, and internationally. But Mullen’s direction as an artist has changed since his first solo exhibition at the Louisiana State Archives in 2014 and his first tent at the Three Rivers Art Festival in 2016.

He once used his acrylic-on-wood-panel paintings as tongue-in-cheek representations of man encroaching on nature. “Doom and Bloom,” an 18-by-24-inch painting depicting wildflowers sprouting from an alligator skull, became a metaphor for his artistic rebirth.

Its selection as the 2023 Three Rivers poster is something “I’m so grateful for,” Mullen said.

As he prepares for a solo exhibition at the Louisiana Art and Science Museum in March 2024, Mullen is creating paintings that are allegories, he said, such as “Nursery” and “Nursery II.” Both portray him and his wife, Cheryl, as wood ducks as they welcome the birth of their children.

“Every creature is representative of someone – it could be what they’re doing. There are different flora and fauna that have meaning for me,” he said. “The bifurcation of above and below, I try to use that to represent different places or if I need to divide a setting.”

The new artistic approach is “one that I am still pleasantly lost in,” he wrote in an Instagram post. “The title of Dad has instilled an impulse bordering on responsibility to archive more experiences through this medium and in that pursuit, I feel a rush of inspiration and the weight of time.”

For more information on Mullen, visit www. chasemullenstudios.com/ or @chasemullenstudios on Instagram.

Saturday, November 11th

11am Special Guest 12pm Crispin Schroeder 2pm Those Olivier’s 4pm The Teche Two

Sunday, November 12th

11am Special Guest 12pm Dr. Ben Redwine 2pm Lake Ragan 4pm Ghost Town Duo

EDGE October | November 2023 017

MaryAnn Bonura was always destined to be an artist. Raised by creative parents in Metairie, she went on to graduate from Palm Beach Atlantic University in West Palm Beach Florida with a major in Fine Arts and minor in Graphic Design. She also took intermediate figure and portrait courses under Carol Peobles at The New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts. But, life had many twists, turns and challenges in store for her.

MaryAnn married and started a family when she was quite young, but she had to earn a living in graphic design, photography and commercial real estate when she became a single mother of five. After her kids had grown, she survived multiple personal and financial hardships, and she was happily remarried, she was finally able to focus on her art.

Maryann Bonura Arts Alive Bonura

She now owns the MBonura Fine Arts Gallery and Studio in Old Mandeville, which showcases her fascinating blend of styles, moods and subjects. Of the seemingly incongruous nature of her work, which ranges from ethereal angels to disquieting abstracts to majestic horses, she says,“I think every artist has different periods. It’s just whatever is in my head and heart space. It’s about finding your voice.”

MaryAnn’s family has grown beyond her five children to include her husband Bruce, three stepchildren and four grandchildren. She is also quick to credit God with seeing her through life’s difficulties, providing opportunities and bestowing her with artistic gifts. In addition to creating original work, she does commissioned work and offers classes to help others cultivate their inner artistic talents.

Live artist, Maryann Bonura will be at the ree Rivers Art Festival.
EDGE October | November 2023 019

The Fall season is one of the many reasons St. Tammany Parish is the best place to live, work and play in Louisiana!

Local non-profits are hosting incredible charitable events to boost our neighbors and communities in need. Football is back, showcasing the talents of our youth. And cooler temperatures have arrived, which is not only much needed after a stifling summer, but also, this season presents the time to start stirring the first gumbo roux.

Holiday season is just around the corner, and I am so excited to share that one of our community’s greatest events, the Holiday of Lights, will return for another year!

The yuletide festivities feature the musical talents of our local children, while giving families a joyful celebration of the holiday season. The Holiday of Lights is free to attend, and includes many light displays, rides, children’s crafts, food trucks, and a special visit from Mr. and Mrs. Claus!

I hope to celebrate with you all on Koop Drive on December 1, 2, 8 and 9, from 6 – 8:30 p.m.

The end of the year is nearing, which marks a time of reflection and appreciation of my administration’s accomplishments in 2023.

I am so proud to share that we set new records for investments in infrastructure, a $44 million initiative, while also putting forth plans, such as the first-ever Parishwide Drainage Plan, the Comprehensive Transportation Plan, which identifies where new roads will go, and the Unified Development Code Rewrite, which modernizes our building practices. All of these initiatives will preserve the quality of life that we know and love.

We have accomplished so much in 2023, and we are looking forward to surpassing that in 2024! Serving you as your Parish President remains one of my most humbling honors.

I am always looking for ways to bring state and federal tax dollars back home to benefit the people of St. Tammany Parish.

I am pleased to say in the past year, we have been successful in obtaining both federal and state money to pay for much needed projects and equipment for the agency.

We were awarded more than $570,000 of federal funding through the FEMA Port Security grant program to fund 75% of a project focused on improving water response efforts. This will allow us to purchase two 26-foot patrol boats to replace our aging bay boat fleet as well as new updated side scan sonar and diver mounted sonar. This technology will greatly assist the members of our marine division when conducting search and rescue operations, underwater evidence recoveries and body recoveries.

We also received just under a million dollars of funds allocated by the state legislature during the last two legislative sessions. $500,000 will be used to purchase equipment to assist our school resource officers in keeping our school campuses safe. The remaining legislative funding is being used to purchase bullet proof vests and two high-water vehicles with lift gates capable of loading individuals in wheelchairs and seating for 16 individuals during high water.

We have been awarded $200,000 in federal funding to expand our body worn camera program, and our Narcotics Division has been awarded federal funds through various programs to pay for overtime for increased narcotics enforcement and equipment.

Our crime lab has been awarded or received over $350,000 of state and federal grants aimed at boosting the Crime Lab’s capacity to provide thorough, timely and accurate information to the courts and public we serve.

These are just some of the larger grants and allocations the agency has received or been awarded this year.

I want to take this opportunity to thank our state and federal legislative partners for helping us to secure this funding. I want to also thank those who work in our finance division who tirelessly seek out and apply for grants so we can bring federal and state tax dollars back to our community.

EDGE October | November 2023 020
Mike Cooper
St. Tammany Parish President Randy Smith St. Tammany Sheriff
EDGE October | November 2023 021 985.892.4663 | HOODCHEVY.COM BIGGER. BETTER. BOLDER. 2024 TRAX Mandeville Live! Mandeville Trailhead 675 Lafitte Street 6:30 p.m. No Outside Food Drinks or Ice Chests Free Friday Concert Series October 6 Don Vappie October 13 Groovy 7 October 20 Sugar Shaker
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Everyone is a Shero and Hero collectively caring for Survivors ensuring a better tomorrow Geaux Fight plays a critical role in the process by ensuring a better quality of life throughout the cancer journey. We help create a treatment plan to help maintain strength, decrease fatigue, minimize pain, and maximize your overall mobility. Your Cancer-Centric Physical Therapy Practice GeauxFight.com | 985-276-4095 1131 S. Tyler St. Covington, LA 70433 GeauxFight The Survivor team typically includes: Medical Oncologists Radiation Oncologists Surgeons Nurses Ancillary Providers Technicians Volunteers And most importantly the Survivors themselves

Sheroes &

Sheroes & Heroes recognizes professionals and volunteers for their outstanding contributions to cancer care. These brilliant caregivers on the Northshore were nominated by members of the community who wrote in and shared their testimonials about how these individuals made a difference in their lives, and in the lives of their loved ones.

The idea for this inaugural event stems from my work with the You Night Sisterhood. After 10 years of lifting up hundreds of women who are making their way through a cancer diagnosis, it feels fitting to lift up the caregivers as well. When a person is diagnosed with cancer, a team is assigned to administer their cancer care. These individuals often become "like family" to those who are being treated. While it must be said that the true "Sheroes and Heroes" are those who are diagnosed and are fighting, it is our aim to also honor those who go above and beyond to aid in the fight. We will also be presenting the members of the You Night Class of 2023 - incredible cancer survivors who are the newest members of the You Night Sisterhood.



The Sheroes & Heroes Reception is open to the public. The "Sheroes & Heroes" Awards Reception will be held at an early evening reception on Thursday, November 16th at the Covington Country Club from 5:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. Individual tickets are $55, and tables of 10 (with sponsorship) are $950. Proceeds from the reception will be donated to "Survivors Cancer Action Network (SCAN)" -- a new group being formed by former State Representative Julie Stokes. Julie has been passing legislation in Louisiana for cancer patients ever since her own battle with cancer in 2017. She has passed almost twenty bills and wants to take that same fight to providing other services for patients and survivors. Together, we have been working on SCAN, a private social network for cancer patients and survivors that will provide many free services to the cancer community.

To purchase tickets to the Sheroes & Heroes Reception, visit: YouNight.ticketspice.com/sheroes-heroesawards-reception

Sheroes & Heroes is a partnership of You Night Empowering Events, the We Lift You Up Fund and Northshore Media Group.

Dr. Scott Bermudez Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center

As a radiation oncologist at Mary Bird Perkins in Covington and Hammond, Dr. Bermudez has consistently demonstrated exceptional expertise, compassion and dedication in his field.

His impressive educational background sets him apart as a leader in oncology. He obtained his medical degree from the prestigious Harvard Medical School and completed his residency at the renowned University of California, San Francisco. He was also a Fulbright Scholar in modern European history and completed an internship at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center.

Beyond his impressive academic achievements, Dr. Bermudez’s involvement in YouNight, an empowering program for cancer survivors, exemplifies his unwavering dedication to supporting and uplifting individuals who have faced the challenges of cancer. Through his participation in this program, he demonstrates a profound understanding of the emotional and psychological impact of cancer, and his commitment to improving the lives of his patients beyond the boundaries of medical care.

Dr. Bermudez’s exemplary leadership qualities, combined with his exceptional medical expertise and dedication to patient care, make him a deserving nominee for oncology leadership recognition. His contributions to the field of oncology are invaluable, and he continues to inspire his colleagues and patients alike with his unwavering commitment to excellence. - Scott

Chris Hux and Jimmy Lebo Radiology Therapists Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center

Today I nominate 2 important people. I called them my “Radio Gods”. They tag-teamed to strap my head to the radiation table, snapped me down and put on my favorite 70’s music for 14 minutes of head and neck radiation. They always met me with a huge smile at the weigh-in station, then gave me a rhyme to repeat for each of the 35 days I was radiated. Ex: “ Day 25 and you’re ready to thrive” or “Day 9 and you’re ready to shine”. Always positive, sometimes goofy, but always made me feel like I was in capable hands and was the most important

person in their world while they were responsible for me. When I asked them how they could do such a terrible task, knowing that radiation would likely make me feel sick or burn my skin, they replied, “We’re cancer killas baby!” So I bought them matching t-shirts that said the same. I am forever grateful for their daily dose of joyful smiles and compassionate care. So here are my HEROES:

Hope you win the award Chris Hux and Jimmy Lebo!

Dr. George Tanios North Oaks Health System

I knew something was wrong with me, I had so many symptoms including swelling of my foot. My primary doctor decided she was going to go in and get a biopsy of the lymph nodes. And when they found it, they found that I had cancer. She told me about Dr. Tanios, who was coming to the area. I said, you know what? I’m going to pray about it. And I prayed about it, and I said, I’m going to wait for him. And I’m so glad that I did because he got me to take another biopsy, bone, and bone marrow. So, I have two different kinds of cancers. And when he brought me back in for a

follow up visit, he let me know this. He also told me I was stage four. And you know, I did break down, because I had been so frustrated about these things, because I had been going to so many doctors to find out what’s wrong with me. His voice is calm, he is reassuring and will say just call me, he looks at you when he’s talking to you and doesn’t look down at you. And he makes sure this is what you want because he doesn’t make you do these things. He gives you a choice. And when a doctor gives you your choice, you know that he cares about you. Every 48 days I have two rounds of chemo and

the team are very good people. They’re at the North Oaks Rehab. That’s where I go for my infusions, the nurses there are great. There’s a reason for people to have struggles, you know that it makes you stronger. That’s why I’m doing so well. A lot of people that I know that have what I have are not as doing well as I am, and I try to be more positive with them. And I know this because Dr. Tanios has been taking a positive attitude towards this. And I know this is why I’m doing as well as I am. - Shirley

Dr. Genevieve Maronge Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center

A hero is a person who gives when no one is watching. A hero has humility and gets pleasure from other peoples’ happiness. A hero has patience and the courage that sometimes defies imagination. A hero understands that giving back to his or her community is a privilege and not a means of getting recognition.

To me, heroes are not born. They are chosen. They are made by their choices and actions in challenging situations. Every day in the life of Dr. Maronge, she is put into challenging situations and continues to come back and fight for her patients.

Dr. Maronge helped to remove the weights and burdens from my shoulders. She taught me about myself, allowing me to reach higher heights. She helped me to tap into my true greatness and help inspire others to do the same. She made me feel safe. She helped me to keep my humor instead of lose my mind. Her honesty throughout the entire process was admirable. Most importantly, Dr. Maronge made me feel like home. Dr. Maronge is a true hero because not only did she help save my life, she helped create the inner hero in me. - Devon

Dr. Patrcia Braly Women’s Cancer Care

Dr. Braly is an excellent physician, who embraces medical advances while still providing compassionate care. She was accessible any time I or other healthcare providers needed her expertise or guidance. I hope no one I know needs her, but am grateful she is available for women’s cancer care.

Christine Ragus Registered Nurse North Oaks Health System

Christine has worked tirelessly to consistently support best practice guidelines for care of the unique infusion patient population which ranges across the entire life spectrum. Christine is committed to her role as an advocate for her patients by ensuring that the patient understands their plan of care and assesses their ability to participate in that plan care to assure optimal outcomes. Recently the caregiver of a patient, who is facing potential end of life challenges, commending Christine’s care and engagement with them during this incredibly difficult time. The caregiver stated, “She is pure gold.” There must be days that Christine leaves Infusion exhausted, but she consistently says she “loves her job”, “caring for people brings so much reward” and she is so grateful each day to be “on this side of the chair”. She is a skilled, competent professional who cares for each patient and family member as if they were her own, showing great compassion and courtesy to all. Sharing in tears during tough times as well as sharing in the happiness of each milestone celebration with patients/caregivers who are able to complete treatments successfully.

Bertiel Wing Infusion Therapy Unit Certified Nursing Assistant North

“Bertiel is one of the kindest and most empathetic people I know, affectionately she is called ‘Honey Bee’ to describe the way she ever so gently and respectfully goes about her duties of supporting the care and comfort of our patients. She is the glue that holds the team together.” Her motto is to treat people like she wants to be treated,” she explains. “Her focus is helping to make each patient comfortable before his or her nurse begins infusion therapy. It is a blessing to be in an environment where everyone works together for the common good of each patient.” - Anonymous

Oaks Health System

Meredith Bechac Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center

Meredith is an exceptional registered dietician at Mary Bird Perkins in Covington. She is the epitome of our mission, demonstrating unwavering dedication, remarkable skills and a profound passion for helping others.

With an unyielding commitment, Meredith consistently strives to bring innovative and transformative programs and practices to patients not only at her location but also throughout the entire Mary Bird Perkins organization in Louisiana and Southwest Mississippi. She has taken the lead in organizing the statewide dietician conference on multiple occasions.

Meredith consistently volunteers for special projects, eagerly seizing opportunities to make a difference.

This includes submitting an outstanding internal grant

proposal to expand her location’s Therapeutic Food Pantry, a critical area of focus in the Cancer Center’s health equity initiatives. Through the pantry, she has extended essential support to underserved patients, leaving an indelible impact on their lives.

She also exemplifies the spirit of community engagement. She actively participated in Mary Bird Perkins’ International Day of Women and Girls in Science and was Named one of the Northshore’s Top 40 under 40 in 2002.

In essence, Meredith’s extraordinary leadership and unwavering commitment to the Northshore cancer care community make her an exceptional nominee. - Scott

Dr. Ralph Corsetti Tulane

He saved my life. I call him a rockstar. He is extremely detailed in surgery, testing and explaining. I have no doubt that I have the best and that is necessary when fighting cancer. First, Dr. Corsetti saved my mom’s life after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. He became my doctor and saved my life following my breast cancer diagnosis less than a year later. That being said, there is no problem too big or small that he did not give me full support. My life will never be the same following my diagnosis and the choices I was able to make with the support of Dr. Corsetti and his team. Cancer is not a diagnosis anyone wants but I have come out on the other side because of the care I received. -

Bobby Edrington Volunteer Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center

Mr. Bobby is a community volunteer celebrity. If he’s not volunteering for Mary Bird he’s volunteering for the local food bank as a delivery driver. He is truly passionate about giving back to his community and his compassion and care truly impacts the care we provide for our patients. Recently, Mr. Bobby has volunteered to help our dietitian unload over 2,000 pounds of food each month to stock our campus food pantry. He is always there to help and shows up with a smile and much needed muscle. Thank you, Mr.Bobby, for all you do! - Maeghan

Dr. Celeste Lagarde

Lakeshore Surgical Associates of Louisiana

My OGYN recommended Dr. Lagarde. And what wonderful advice that was! From the time I walked into the door like a scared little rabbit, I was greeted by Jane at the front desk with a huge smile. Dr. L’s staff was fantastic! She gave me all my options and answered all my questions. And an added bonus, her husband (Dr. Celentano) was my reconstructive surgeon-just down the hall! It’s been 9 yrs. & I’m cancer free thanks to these great Drs.! I still see Dr. Lagarde every 6 months. I see her July 6! Thanks for doing this Northshore Media! - Kathy

Colleen Grace

RN Infusion

St. Tammany Cancer Center- A Campus of Ochsner Medical Center

Beyond being very good at her job, Colleen is very good at making me feel at ease during a very scary time. She is personable and kind, caring and fun. She makes you forget you have poison coursing through your veins. She is genuine in her manner. She isn’t asking me if I am comfortable because her boss told her she has to; she is asking if I am comfortable because she truly wants me to be comfortable. Colleen is sunshine in the middle of the storm. I am so grateful for the care she has given me during my journey and she deserves to be recognized for the peace she provided to me (and many others) - Noel

Dr. Suma Reddy-Satti

St. Tammany Cancer Center- A Campus of Ochsner Medical Center

Dr. Satti has been in her role of Vice Chair of Hematology & Oncology on the Northshore since November of 2021.

Dr. Satti is a dedicated physician who demonstrates compassion, clinical excellence and innovation in her personalized approach to cancer care. Her primary focus in her role in the Northshore community is to fully implement a comprehensive, multidisciplinary, patient-centric, cancer care model as the standard of care. She approaches each encounter with her colleagues and team members as an opportunity to grow and learn as well as to educate on the multidisciplinary approach and associated benefits of treating the entire patient. She is a fearless leader who leads by example. She supports and encourages all those she leads and is a role model for her team. She continually encourages other leaders to push themselves just a little

bit more and to think outside the box to provide better patient outcomes. She encourages and consistently promotes continuing education to support leadership development and serves as a mentor to other leaders. She is kind, compassionate & understanding & truly looks at the whole picture before offering comment or suggestion

Patients are at the core of everything Dr. Satti does.  She is often the first to arrive & the last to leave clinic as she wants to make sure all her patients’ needs are met.  She actively listens to their concerns. Dr. Satti exudes integrity.  She strives for excellence in all she does. She is honest & hardworking and understands the trauma that can be associated with a cancer diagnosis and strives to create the best possible patient outcome and experience. She is a teacher who not only explains the treatment options but also advocates

for associated complimentary medical services such as prehab and rehab, psychosocial care, palliative care, and integrative oncology encompassing the mind, body & spirit of each unique patient.

She is actively involved in departmental volunteer projects and has supported hurricane relief efforts, Thanksgiving basket drives providing full meals to oncology patients needing assistance during the holidays and is on the support team for local women and children’s homeless shelter, Hotel Hope. In 2022, she was awarded the “Woman of the Year” of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s MississippiLouisiana Region. Man & Woman of the Year is a philanthropic competition to fight blood cancer among a group of motivated and dedicated individuals in communities across the United States.

Virginia has gone over and above to help me navigate my treatments at Ochsner Cancer Center. From the beginning she has kept everything updated, scheduled, quickly returns calls, and has all the patience I need with each call and visit. When my insurance turned down one of my medications, she called in all the resources and help needed to get me approved. Virginia is the glue that holds this oncology group together. I will forever be grateful she’s on my team! - Tami

Virginia Halligan Nurse Navigator St. Tammany Cancer Center- A Campus of Ochsner Medical Center

Dr. Benjamin Ory Ory Dentist

Dr. Ory was my first stop when I found out I had cancer... and he was the perfect place for me to land after such terrifying news. His calm demeanor and reassurance that he would take good care of me made the beginning of my cancer journey start off on the right foot. He examined my mouth thoroughly to make sure my teeth and gums were strong enough to withstand head and neck radiation. He gave me a big hug and told me my mouth was ready and so was I, that I would be just fine. I’ll never forget his big smile and kind eyes as he reassured me that I had a great medical team to get me well. His strong faith in God also inspired me. I just knew it was preordained that I have Dr. Ory in my life. Eight years later, and I’m cancer free, but Dr. Ben is still my dentist, taking tender care of my now radiated teeth and gums. I’m so thankful to him for every 6 month check -up! i don’t think cancer dentists get the recognition they deserve, so I’m here to say Dr. Ben Ory is certainly MY hero! - Deborah

Jodie runs the High-Risk Breast Center and works with patients who have been identified as having a higher risk for developing breast cancer in their lifetimes. She helps patients manage risk factors to try to prevent cancer, and she also recommends more imaging/testing for some to help catch cancer earlier. She does a phenomenal job both clinically and in helping to manage the emotions that go along with being at a higher risk. Truly an amazing nurse practitioner - Jennifer

I was introduced to Kamie when it was declared that I had stage 3 Colon cancer and needed surgery and months of chemo. She explained all that was coming for me in a way that was thorough and compassionate. 5 years later, she is still my PA with the same compassion and ability to keep me educated and cared for. She is a “Shero” for me and continues to carry me through this tough process. I am so grateful for her. - Sherry

Kamie Williams Pontchartrain Cancer Center Jodie Harrison Nurse Practitioner Slidell Memorial Regional Cancer Center

Dr. Jay Saux

Northshore Oncology Associates

Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center

Dr. Saux is a very intelligent doctor who has taken care of my husband and several friends over the years.  With over 30 years of experience, I am confident that I am receiving the best treatment I could get.

He is eccentric and I love the dyed beards and his extravagant way he dresses.  You never know what to expect. It brings humor and is a great distraction for the situation at hand. His staff is very attentive and helpful.  Always follows up with any questions you have. I would recommend him to anyone dealing with cancer or blood disorders. - Betty

Deidre Langridge Volunteer Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center

Deidre has been a volunteer at Mary Bird Perkins for years. She is a survivor herself and brings her cancer history with her to be a wonderful source of comfort and information for patients newly on their journey.

Deidre not only volunteers her time in our infusion suite caring for patients but she also coordinates all of the decor for the center. She keeps us cheerful and happy through the seasons with her tasteful decor and zest for flare. We are lucky to have Deidre as a pillar of our cancer community and appreciate and honor all she does to care for our patients. -

Monica follows patients through their cancer journey and helps them learn what to expect through the process from diagnosis to treatment to recovery. She also acts as a patient and family educator, which is so important for our patients, because it helps them be compliant to their treatment. Monica also helps educate and screen patients in our community every chance she gets. She does an amazing job! - Jennifer

Monica Horner Oncology Nurse Navigator Slidell Memorial Regional Cancer Center

Dr. Jason Chiang

Southeast Louisiana Urology Associates

I would like to nominate my urologist, Dr Jason Chiang for the 2023 Sheroes and Heroes Award. After surviving kidney cancer 3 times, I knew that I needed a urologist who would help me with the unique challenges that come with missing one kidney and having only part of the remaining one.

He is willing to do whatever it takes to try to help his patients, thinking of new and innovative ideas to he their outcomes. When the stent he placed was no longer working because of the poor state of my ureter from tumor removal surgery, Dr. Chiang said, well let’s try two. He called it a Hail Mary pass, but guess what? It worked.

He has been very patient and accommodating to my needs and works very closely with my family. Dr Chiang has often taken the time to speak to my sister who lives out of state on the phone to explain the treatment plan to her and answers all of our questions.

Dr Chiang always goes above and beyond for his patients. You can tell how much he cares, and I’m thankful to have him as part of my care team during my cancer journey. -

Dr. Sousan Zadeh Internal Medicine Clinic of Tangipahoa

I would like to nominate Dr Sousan Zadeh, nephrologist, for the 2023 Sheroes and Heroes Award. As a nephrologist, Dr. Zadeh diagnoses and treats kidney conditions and kidney failure and also recognizes how kidney conditions affect other parts of the body. As a 3-time kidney cancer survivor, Dr Zadeh is a vital part of my care team.

Dr. Zadeh understands cancer on a different level than many other physicians as she is fighting cancer with someone very close to her. She understands the emotional ups and downs associated with the cancer battle.

I can’t even put into words how uplifting and encouraging

Dr. Zade has been for me whether in the office or during one of my many hospital stays. When she enters the room with her positive light, I feel at ease knowing that she’s going to take her time and figure out what is going on. She sits down with my family and me answering any question we can think of; and trust me we have had a lot of questions! She looks me in the eye and grabs my hand letting me know that we’re in this together.

If I didn’t know better, I would think that I am Dr Zadeh’s only patient. She makes me feel just that special. Thank you, Dr. Zadeh, for being my Shero - Michelle

Dr. Rochelle Schiro

Ochsner Health Center-Abita Springs

I nominate Family Practice Dr. Rochelle Schiro because I believe she saved my life with a 24-hour diagnosis of my rare, aggressive, and usually fatal cancer, Cholangiocarcinoma, or Bile Duct Cancer. She also recommended that I see a geneticist because of my fourgeneration history of cancer in my family.

I returned early in the morning in June 2011, from a month-long mission trip to Malawi. I came home miserable since my whole body itched from head to toe, I was nauseous, fatigued, and had just turned

jaundiced. I had an appointment later the day I arrived home, but called to get in earlier with anyone because I was so miserable. I believe it was God intervening that got me that appointment with Dr. Schiro.

50% of those diagnosed with Cholangiocarcinoma die in the first year often because they are misdiagnosed for up to two years and she diagnosed me in 24 hours.

She was the first doctor to look at my family’s cancer history and stressed going

to a geneticist. I found out that I have Lynch’s Syndrome, an inherited gene that increases the risk of many other cancers, like up to an 80% chance of getting colon cancer that took my dad’s life at 41 and many of my uncles and cousins too. My son was tested, and he has Lynch, and his son needs to be tested. So, we must have a colonoscopy yearly because colon cancer grows fast in us. She has possibly saved their lives too. – Heidi

Gin Callas Geaux Fight Physical Therapy

Gin Callas is a community partner that I am glad is in our little corner of the world. She is truly one-ofkind when it comes to cancer care. She is the Owner and Operator of Geaux Fight Physical Therapy- a therapy clinic that specializes in the care of Oncology patients. Her specialties include-but are not limit to- exercise oncology, pelvic floor therapy, physical therapy, and lymphedema treatment. Gin helps cancer patients in active treatment and beyond into survivorship regain their independence and take back control of their health and wellness before, during, and after a cancer diagnosis. She has made such an impact the cancer community and continues to show up for the community in more ways than one. We are lucky to have Gin and I am honored to get to work with her in our community. - Maeghan

Dr. Matt McElveen Slidell Memorial Cancer Center

I am nominating Dr. Matt McElveen because he was such a positive Doctor for a young 19-year-old who was diagnosed with cancer. He kept me grounded, he made sure I was okay & understood every little thing going on, with my silly self every week. He just went above & beyond what I expected during such a scary time in my life. He was literally seeing me in his office while he was moving out to make sure we got the ball rolling & didn’t waste one second getting me on the road to recovery & being cancer free. He’s just all around a great Dr & I wouldn’t be where I am today, cancer free, 2 beautiful kids & living the dream, if it weren’t for him & his knowledge. I am forever thankful for him! – Katelyn

Dr. Katie Mason Ochsner Health Center-Covington

Dr.Katie Mason was the first person who told me about my diagnosis . She delivered the most difficult news I’ve ever received in my life with such sympathy and kindness. She encouraged me to remain strong and told me anything I needed, she was there. Over the course of my treatment, she looked at all of my imaging and answered any questions I had, visited me in the Chemo chair. She is beyond passionate for her line of work and I could not think of a better person who I’d like to nominate She will never know how thankful l am for her. –

Dr. David Oubre Pontchartrain Cancer Center

Dr. Oubre took care of my mom during her cancer journey. He was dedicated to finding a plan that worked for her. She had many complications and even after treatment continues to struggle with long term side effects. Dr. Oubre has been knowledgeable and compassionate during the entire process ensuring we had every resource we needed. -

In downtown Covington a young man rides his bike through an alley towards an oxlot when he suddenly collapses, flips over the handlebars and lies motionless on the ground. Per a business video, twenty minutes pass before a pedestrian (taking a route she had never previously taken) comes upon the still body and calls 911. Emergency Medical Technicians on the scene attempt resuscitation but after several minutes decide to “call it.” Members of the Covington Fire Department stringently object and continue to work. Meanwhile, a Covington police officer is driving the boy’s mother (chaplain to the Police Department) towards the hospital. All the time she screams her prayers to Him, “not my son, not today.” Then, back at the scene, a pulse. For the next several days, weeks and months thousands of prayers would flow upward from our community. Over time, the rising St. Paul’s senior would recognize a parent, move his eyes, breathe on his own, begin to eat, sit up and eventually walk with assistance. Named Phoenix at birth, he would rise from a motionless body on the pavement to a noticeable smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye … nothing short of a miracle.

Recently, Phoenix’s bandmates in the St. Paul’s Marching Wolves boarded a bus and made the trek across Lake Ponchartrain to Touro Hospital. Staff there had barricaded an entire block adjacent the hospital. For forty minutes the Marching Wolves performed in the street much to the delight of Phoenix, his family, his doctors and therapists, Karen (my wife), me (a band Alum) and to school alumni who just happened to work at Touro. We laughed, we cried, we hugged, we prayed and we danced in the presence of the Holy Spirit. One Alum was overheard saying to another, “Brother Ray would be proud.” Yes, he is.

The community of Covington is rich in history, music and cuisine. We are also rich in the power of prayer and in spirit.

Budget highlights include funding for drainage improvement projects, funding for the Phase I of the Lakefront Seawall repairs, funding for everyday police department needs such as new police cars and equipment and additional training that enhances their skills in areas such as defensive tactics, conflict de-escalation, firearms proficiency, and active shooter situations, funding for the design and construction of a new police station building, funding for important traffic improvement projects and funding for improvements to Harbor Field, the Harbor Gazebo, and in city parks and playgrounds.

It is that time of year again where we start to finally look to the Fall. Our Mandeville Live! All FREE concerts are on Fridays at the Trailhead and begin promptly at 6:30pm.

Here is the schedule for this fall, and I hope to see you and your family at the Trailhead!

September 15th - Amanda Shaw

September 22nd - Jourdan Blue

September 29th - Chase Tyler Band

October 6th - Don Vappie & Jazz Creole

October 13th - Groovy 7

October 20th - Sugar Shaker 22nd

During Fall, there will be a plethora of events put on my numerous non-profits in the area. These events all support good causes. Please mark your calendars now for the largest event that the City of Mandeville puts on in the Fall----Sunset Symphony on the Lake which features the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra. Sunset Symphony will be on Saturday, October 28 at 4:30pm. This is on the LSU Football BYE date this year!

Thank you for allowing me to serve as your Mayor. I am happy to enjoy a good working relationship with the city council and with you. Please do not hesitate to contact me via cell if you should need anything from the City of Mandeville.

EDGE October | November 2023 038 COMMUNITY LEADERS
Clay Madden City of Mandeville Mayor
"We Mean Business" Join us on Columbia S eet for our Final iday Block Party FOR MORE INFORMATION OR TO JOIN GO TO WWW.GOCOVINGTON.ORG 215 BUSINESSES STRONG AND GROWING Covington Business Association WELCOMES YOU TO COVINGTON

GETTING SOCIAL Come for the Humor, Stay for the Info

Ifyou’re anything like me, you’re burned out on all the negativity and controversy seeping through our screens these days. To maintain some sanity, I’ve carefully cultivated my social media pages to be light on distressing headlines and heavy on pleasantries. For every news alert, I like a generous dose of dreamy seaside vistas, clever memes and hilarious animal videos. So, when I was asked to check out St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office’s Facebook page for a possible story idea, I braced myself for a depressing parade of mugshots, crime reports and other unsavory glimpses at the ugly underbelly of the Northshore. But, happily, it did not match my expectations.

Sure, I found practical posts about self defense classes and a BOLO (“be on the lookout” alert, for you civilians) on some shoplifters, but there was also a lot of fun stuff, like a cute donut selfie and an image of a landscape-destroying armadillo that successfully dodged the bullets fired by a fed-up Covington homeowner. One of my favorites, however, featured a screenshot of Nelly’s song “Hot In Here” playing on a cruiser’s sound system, along with an invitation for criminals and people with outstanding warrants to beat the heat by turning themselves in to enjoy the free air conditioning and ice water generously offered by our local jail.

Throw in a couple of magical beach cottages, and this page is totally my jam!

As I dug deeper, I noticed in the comments sections of a couple of Facebook posts where the page’s administrator playfully taunted followers who were asking to know their identity. It made me wonder if it was all just in fun, or if it was a smoke screen to hide the fact that there was actually a tech-savvy person or team from an outside PR agency lurking behind the curtain. It’s certainly not unheard of, nor anything to be ashamed of, but I can imagine people would be awfully disappointed if that were the case. So, when I recently caught up with Lt. Greg Gonzales, head of the department’s Public Affairs office, I fully expected him to play it coy when I asked if he would ever unmask their social media wizard. I was a little taken aback when he willingly spilled the beans.

But, before we get to the big reveal, it’s worth reviewing how technology has changed things in recent years. Once upon a time, a law


enforcement agency’s public affairs division mainly dealt with two separate directives: media relations and community relations. The former typically involved holding press conferences, issuing press releases and fielding questions (and interview requests) from inquisitive reporters. The latter encouraged officers to interact with local citizens and organizations in order to establish and maintain public trust. The advent of social media created a place where all those things could merge.

STPSO has since learned to embrace this, but that was not the case when Lt. Gonzales, a former news photographer for WDSU, joined the department around 15 years ago.

“When I first started at STPSO, I created a show called ‘Behind the Badge.’ It aired on WLAE and would typically get 400 views for a half hour show. Now, with social media, we break everything down into 1-3 minute pieces, so people can easily watch it on their phones. Views jumped from 400 a month to 4000. From a practical standpoint, it’s a much quicker way to get out the word on urgent matters, like roadblocks, accidents or situations where SWAT has been called out.”

With the ever-changing algorithms, it’s not enough to create relevant posts. The content has to be compelling enough to really encourage people to respond with likes, shares and comments. This level of engagement helps boost news feed placement, resulting in a wider reach and bigger audience. As social media became increasingly vital, STPSO decided it was time to put a team together to handle its expanding platforms (which also include TikTok, YouTube and X, formerly known as Twitter), but they didn’t have to go far to do so. Lt. Gonzales still provides videos and photos and oversees everything, but the dynamic duo behind the daily posts are none other than two of St. Tammany

Parish’s finest: Sgt. Carli Messina and Sgt. Suzanne Carboni.

“Carli has the magic touch when it comes to humor. She started handling the Facebook page a year or so ago, but not all by herself. Suzanne helps with the more serious things. We have to pick and choose to find a balance between serious and humorous.”

Balance is indeed key. In unskilled hands, a law enforcement agency’s social media could go full-on Keystone Cops in one extreme or Dirty Harry in the other. Or worse

yet, they could make it a total snoozefest, appealing to no one. Luckily, the pair’s strengths perfectly complement each other.

Sgt. Messina worked in the investigative unit for a while, but changed departments when leadership recognized her social media talents. She manages to give the platforms some endearing personality by infusing posts with a little wit, pop cultural references and general levity.

Sgt. Carboni has worked in public affairs and media relations for years. She works directly with detectives, so if a store is robbed, for instance, she can put out a BOLO on a suspect and get the public’s assistance. She creates a counterbalance by handling the more official business, keeping it all short and sweet on social media, and putting full press releases and detailed information on the website.

This formula has helped STPSO grow their Facebook followers to almost 124,000, making it one of the biggest of its kind in the state. In addition to being a valuable tool for disseminating information, it’s also great for recruitment and to showcase the achievements and involvement of individual deputies.

After seeing all the pictures and videos of deputies interacting with school children, rescue dogs and various charities, I wondered if social media acted as an extra incentive for displays of goodwill.

“Our deputies have always been involved with the community, partly because Sheriff Smith has always stressed how important it is to establish relationships. It was just never at the forefront. We meet with HOAs, we go into schools, we work with Safe Haven. We also have a snowball van that’s busy visiting camps and community events all summer long. Naturally, the organizations we work with have known about our involvement, but citizens were not as aware.”

Some law enforcement agencies have to use their outreach efforts to create or mend relationships with their local communities, but STPSO has the luxury of simply maintaining and enhancing an already healthy connection.

“We are blessed to live and serve in St. Tammany Parish. Statistically, our crime rates are way down and that’s because of our people. People here respect and support us, and that’s not necessarily true in other parishes.”

Asked to boil down the ultimate goal of their social media presence, Lt. Gonzales said it’s to promote awareness of how the agency achieves its overall mission to protect life and property in St. Tammany Parish.

“We love this community and we want to keep it safe, and it’s important that people know that. We also want people to understand that sheriff’s deputies are law enforcement, but still people. We have families, we get up and go to work like everyone else. And, yes, we like donuts.”

Links to STPSOs social media pages can be found on their website at STPSO.com.

EDGE October | November 2023 042
75+ Local Art Vendors Art Sales: 2pm-7pm Vendor Registration: OMBA Member: $50 | Non-OMBA Member $100 Local Food Trucks Live Music From 2pm-9pm Old Mandeville Business Association Presents Mandeville Lakefront FREE ADMISSION VIP TICKETS AVAILABLE FOR $50 OCT 21 www.RockinTheLakeFestival.com


October always has a full slate of amazing events in Covington As of right now, we have 18 on the calendar! We’d like to highlight a few of them for you here:

Field of Screams, October 14th from Sunset to 10:00 PM, Covington Recreation Complex – this one is a FREE adult haunted trail through the woods at the Rec complex

Kids Crafts, face painting, and The Dinosaur Experience, October 14th, 5:30 to 7:30, Covington Recreation Complex –a FREE one for the kids! The same day, same place as the one above

Trick or Treat event, October 31st, 4:00 –6:00 PM, Rev Peter Atkins Park – We know it's hard to find fun things to do on Halloween Night so this year the City in conjunction with a few community organizations like Greater Starlight Baptist Church, Kiwanis, and the NAACP, will host this FREE event at Rev Peter Atkins Park We will have a baby animal petting zoo, trick or treating, face painting, crafts, and games

You won't want to miss October in Covington! For these and other events check out our community calendar at covla com!

For more information contact Sarada

EDGE October | November 2023 046
Bonnett at sbonnett@covla.com

Umbrella Alley ANTIQUE

Named Antique Umbrella Alley, the vibrant art display consists of over 80 brightly colored umbrellas suspended over First Street in the Antique District of Olde Towne. The name “Antique Umbrella Alley” was chosen to denote the specific location of Slidell’s newest tourism attraction, as well as setting it apart from other Umbrella Alley’s across the globe. The 7.5 ft wide patio umbrellas with colors of red, orange, lime green, baby blue, lavender and navy blue will hang from suspension wires crossing the street at 10 foot intervals. Lighting will also be strung across the wires, making Slidell’s newest tourism attraction an enjoyable experience day or night!

The idea for Antique Umbrella Alley was born on a trip to Cartagena, Columbia, where Sophie Mauffray-Howell snapped a pic and sent it to her parents, Laura and Slidell Councilman Bill Borchert. The dynamic art display immediately piqued their interest. Searching the internet, they found Umbrella Alleys across the globe, each with their own individual, local flair.

“We loved it. We could see it was a big draw for tourists and locals. It was a destination spot and made for great pictures. I couldn’t wait to find a way to get it done in Slidell,” Bill says.

Bill searched for a Slidell location that had the look and feel that would complement the unique art project. Laura suggested the quaint streets of the Antique District, particularly First Street, where the narrow one-way street would lend to the ambiance of an umbrella “alley”.

“I loved the concept; but of course, funding is always the big question,” Bill noted. He showed cell phone pictures of umbrella alleys throughout the world to the shop owners in the Antique District to gauge their interest while he settled in for the long and uncertain wait for potential grant money.

“We knew we wanted it on our street as soon as we saw the photos,” Antique Association president Cindy Fisk says. The Slidell Historical Antique Association is a small, but mighty, group of businesses and individuals located in the Antique District of Olde Towne (Erlanger and First streets). The Association has two major events each year, the Fall and Spring

Slidell Street Fairs. The fair is free to the public, with over 315 vendors paying booth fees for the weekend. With this revenue, in addition to dues paid by their members, the Antique Association had been actively looking for a large capital investment that would benefit the District by attracting more visitors and shoppers to the area.

The Antique Association offered to pay for the display and its construction, plus maintain the umbrellas in the future. Even with a price tag of more than $45,000, the decision was an easy one. “It’s an investment in the future and prosperity of our District and our members’ businesses,” Cindy says. “First Street will be a perfect spot for pictures. And, while people stroll down the streets, they’re more likely to stop and shop the businesses there. The increased foot traffic will be great for the businesses in the Olde Towne area, especially the Antique District. We’re grateful to the City of Slidell for making this dream a reality and our Association is proud to help bring this to Slidell.”

The permanent display stretches down First Street from Erlanger Street to the triangle intersection of Front Street and Fremaux. The umbrellas will be visible day and night to the thousands of motorists traveling on Front Street and the visitors to Heritage Park, which makes the project even more appealing.

The Antique Association plans to work with the tourism centers in St. Tammany Parish, New Orleans, Mississippi and beyond to market our region’s oneof-a-kind display to attract more visitors to Slidell. A Facebook page is also being created to encourage visitors to post their pictures with the hashtag #AntiqueUmbrellaAlley. The possibilities are endless and the sky is the limit!

The official ribbon cutting of Antique Umbrella Alley with a brass band will leading a second-line down First Street to the ribbon cutting took place in August and kicked off the annual City of Slidell celebration, White Linen & Lagniappe.

Mary Poppins and her famous umbrella, along with her fun-loving best friend, Bert, was there, insuring a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious time for everyone!

EDGE October | November 2023 049
Printed with Permission of Slidell Magazine

October 6-14

Friday and Saturday 8 pm

“You don’t need to be a Streisand fan to appreciate Imogen’s extraordinary stage presence, musical talent. Imogen Hebert is an acclaimed singer, actress, and tribute artist. Back to Barbra gives audiences misty water-colored memories of Streisand’s platinum hit songs! Imogen brings her reverence and admiration of Barbra Streisand to this unforgettable concert. Imogen’s natural voice and features resemble that of superstar Barbra Streisand, and capture the essence of Barbra and her songs!

Cutting Edge Theater

October 20-28

Friday and Saturday 8 pm

Rocky Horror... Come take a walk on the wild Side with this years Coven! In the not-so-distant future, most of earth’s inhabitants have died off, leaving a coven of witches scavenging through the wasteland for survival. They come together to conjure their dark craft in preparation for the long journey to Transexual Transylvania, but before they can escape this dead planet, they are visited by two survivors: Brad and Janet. What will become of these desperate souls?

Featuring Jason Scheff, longtime lead vocalist of Chicago with Greg Barnhill, Morgan Miles & Gabe Broussard

EDGE October | November 2023 050
TICKETS AVAILABLE ONLINE cuttingedgetheater.com PHONE 985.649.3727 TEXTING 985.285.6666
NOV. 4 9am - 12 Songwriter Workshop Treen Center Gym 2024 Livingston St. Mandeville NOV. 5 10:30am - 12:30pm Home Studio & Professional Production Workshop Spoke & Barrel 639 Girod St. (2nd floor) Mandeville

Thank You!

October 10 The deadline to request an absentee ballot.

October 13

The deadline for a registrar of voters to receive a voted absentee ballot.

October 14

ELECTION DAY Polls are open from 7 a.m. - 8 p.m.


CeEarthy Arti st ry


The Jewelry & Music of Molly Taylor

Molly Taylor was born and raised in the rural Northshore town of Bush, where she participated in her high school’s talented music and theater programs before moving to Baton Rouge. Once there, she tended bar while launching her career as a singer-songwriter. She’s self-taught on the piano, guitar and drums, and she wound up marrying fellow musician, Denton Hatcher.

“I would describe my musical style as Americana and country. My husband and I play a lot together. He plays guitar and he’s also a vocalist, so we can harmonize.”

I recently caught up with Molly ahead of her participation in the Covington Three Rivers Art Festival on November 11 and 12. She won’t be there to play music, however. She’ll be an exhibitor because, not content with just one creative outlet, she also designs wooden jewelry.

Prior to our chat, I listened to some of Molly’s music and her voice struck me as warm, rich and earthy. Not bell-toned like silver. Not rough and gravelly like stones. It seemed only right that wood became her material of choice, but it had nothing to do with why she branched out, so to speak.

“Back in 2014, I needed Christmas presents,” she explained. “I was dating a woodworker at the time, so I went into his shop and played around. Pretty soon, word got out and I put my jewelry online.”

“Word got out” is a huge understatement. Molly’s business, Beneath the Bark, has taken off in a big way. Not only did the orders start pouring in, but museum shops and other respected retailers started seeking her out.

To create her signature style, which Molly describes as classic and natural, she hand-cuts each piece and finishes it with organic oils to preserve the wood’s inherent beauty. And in addition to using quality materials and craftsmanship in making this wearable wood, she insists on infusing sustainability into her process.

“It’s all locally sourced, reclaimed and salvaged wood. I’ve used woodworkers’ scraps, sinker cypress from Lake Maurepas, and even cherry from a fallen tree in New Orleans. And with every purchase made, we help plant bald cypress trees to prevent coastal erosion in Louisiana.”

EDGE October | November 2023 053 Arti st
“When you grow up in the country, you have to get creative just to find ways to have fun!”

Perhaps the most mind-blowing validation came courtesy of none other than New York Fashion Week. How does that even happen?

“I got an email one morning in 2019 and I couldn’t believe it. It basically said, ‘We found your website and we’d like for you to be in our show.’ I thought it was a scam!”

But it was the real deal. Molly even designed clothes for the six models who were going to wear her jewelry, and she got to be a part of the “tornado” of backstage activity, including being interviewed by swarms of camera crews. Her participation in this legendary, internationally acclaimed event wound up earning her mentions in such elite magazines as Vanity Fair, Vogue, Elle and The Cut.

Clearly, the experience didn’t convince her to pack her bags and embrace life in the fashion world’s fast lane, however, as she and her husband decided to put down roots here on the Northshore.

“We came back to take care of my grandmother, who lived to be 99, and wound up staying. I love living so close to my parents and family, especially since we had a new baby last year.”

EDGE October | November 2023 054

In addition to her design work, Molly is still dedicated to her music. She, her husband and their band play around New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Covington, and they also tour on occasion. Both artistic endeavors are dear to her, as they each serve important roles in her life.

“With music, I get inspired by everything. When things happen to me, I have to get it out. When things happen to my friends, I sort of channel it. With jewelry design, I find it relaxing. Both are therapeutic in different ways.”

Visitors to her booth at the Covington Three Rivers Festival can expect to see more than just jewelry. Molly also creates wooden details for other handmade items, like belts, handbags and shoulder bags. Along with the festival, her online store and multiple retailers nationwide, you can find her designs locally at Ashes to Dust Apothecary in Hammond, The Ogden Museum of Southern Art in New Orleans and Hilliard University Art Museum in Lafayette.

You can check out Molly’s music at mollytaylormusic.com, or catch one of her live shows at the Tap Room and Cured on Columbia in Covington, Red Dragon Listening Room in Baton Rouge, or at Honky Tonk Night at St. Roch Tavern in New Orleans.

EDGE October | November 2023 055

Happy Fall! As I write this edition’s column, the temperatures are a couple degrees “cooler” after a very long, very hot summer!

Fall is a great time to visit Tangipahoa Parish! From our many fall-based festivals like Brews Arts Fest, Twin Steeples Village Arts Market, Vintage Market Days, and the Louisiana Renaissance Festival (just to name a few!), to our Saturday night football games in Strawberry Stadium, there is always something to do this time of year in Tangipahoa Parish!

One of the big events we want to invite you to this October 4-8, is our Tangipahoa Parish Fair. This year’s theme “Same Fair, New Flair and Fun,” pays tribute to the new home of the parish fair, our Florida Parishes Arena located at 1301 NW Central Avenue in Amite. This year’s fair will offer all of the traditional fun and activities of previous years in a fresh, open-air environment. As our fair board says, “Although much has changed throughout the years, we pride ourselves on remaining true to our roots.”

By the way, did you know that the Tangipahoa Parish Fair is Louisiana’s oldest fair? Established in 1888, the Tangipahoa Parish Fair has provided a great avenue to showcase our rich local culture, preserve our history, promote economic development and nurture community pride through a variety of exhibits, musical events, and great food.

Learn more about the Tangipahoa Parish Fair at https://www.tangifair.org/ Hope we will see you at this and many other events in Tangipahoa this fall!

Dear Citizens, We made it through one of the hottest summers on record and we are entering the height of hurricane season. I want to ensure everyone that Team Slidell is prepared to take care of our city, and we are constantly evaluating and updating our storm emergency plans.

Slidell is in the middle of festival season. Here are a few of the many great events that are happening in our community.

The City of Slidell’s Bayou Jam Concert Series is celebrating its twentieth year of concerts, and this year all of the concerts are moving to Friday evenings. The Bucktown All-Stars were the first band to ever play at Bayou Jam, and they return to Heritage Park on Friday, October 6, at 5:30 p.m. Vince Vance and the Valiants will return for their annual Bayou Jam Halloween Bash on Friday, Oct. 27. Admission is free.

On display through Oct. 26 in the George Dunbar Gallery in the Slidell Cultural Center at City Hall are the works of 105 year artist Romualdo Costa. It’s an incredible exhibit that showcases a century of his artwork. You don’t want it miss it. And opening on Friday, Nov. 17 is an exhibit celebrating 50 years of the Slidell Art League. The Slidell Cultural Center is located at 2055 Second Street in Olde Towne Slidell. Gallery hours are Mondays through Thursdays, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Admission is free.

A few of the many other events happening in Slidell include the Olde Towne Pumpkin Fest on Oct. 7, Olde Towne Slidell Main Street’s Oktoberfest on Oct. 7; St. Margaret Mary Food and Fun Fest on Oct. 20-22, Olde Towne Merchant Association’s Zombie Crawl on Oct. 27, and the Olde Towne Historic Antique Association’s Fall Street Fair Oct. 28-29.

We are blessed to have so many cultural events in Slidell and St. Tammany Parish. Get out and enjoy the cool fall weather and all great events happening in our community.

EDGE October | November 2023 056
Tangipahoa Parish President
Greg Cromer City of Slidell Mayor
Experience the fun, food, sights & sounds of the Village of Albright! Every weekend in November – First two weekends in December in Hammond www.larf.org

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A fall family festival benefiting St. Tammany Parenting Center

A fall family festival benefiting St. Tammany Parenting Center

Tickets available online only

Children: $15 in advance I $20 at gate

Children under 2 admitted free

Adult: $5


St. Tammany Parenting center thanks these community partners

St. Tammany Parenting center thanks these community partners

in-kind sponsors

in-kind sponsors

Saturday, October 21st Bogue Falaya Park | 10am - 2pm Saturday, October 21st Bogue Falaya Park | 10am - 2pm

Like any city founded more than two centuries ago, Covington boasts a rich history. That’s why you don’t want to miss this year’s History & Holly Home Tour, a Covington holiday tradition. “We do it every year as a family. It's a great way to kick off the holiday season,” said one longtime Covington resident at last year’s event.

The tour is a short walk in the area of S. America St. and S. Jahncke Ave., featuring homes from the early 1900s and later Tickets may be purchased in advance at local stores, including the Southern Hotel, Braswell Drugs, and Covington City Hall, or on bontempstix.com. The event will take place on December 3rd from 2:00 - 5:00 PM. Day of event tickets will also be available.

H I S T O R Y & H O L L Y D e c 3 r d

Covington Heritage Foundation President Mark Verret said the tour carries out the organization’s mission to preserve Covington’s culture, character, and community, and it serves as the foundation’s primary fundraiser to underwrite its many educational programs

EDGE October | November 2023 061 MANDEVILLE 1901 Hwy 190 • 985-624-4045 NOW IN COVINGTON 70380 Highway 21 • 985-234-9858 NEW LOCATION FALL 2023 NEAR WHOLE FOODS MANDEVILLE www.nichemodernhome.com We are a Christian Humanitarian Organization, wholly committed to extending help and support to individuals grappling with homelessness, addiction, human trafficking, abuse, or mental illness. Our mission encompasses RESCUE, RECOVERY, RE-ENGAGMENT, and REUNIFICATION of those in need. Inspired by our unwavering faith in Jesus Christ, we compassionately walk alongside those facing hardships, showcasing God's boundless love for every individual.
three properties situated on both the North and South Shores, we are available to serve as essential centers for our operations, enabling us to expand our reach and impact in providing assistance and care to those in need across south east Louisiana and beyond. N ew Orleans Mission. Lynhaven. Giving Hope Retreat DONATE NOW! WWW.REDEMPTIONNOLA.ORG D ROP OFF LOCATIONS: Lynhaven Retreat: 2 1669 Old Covington Hwy Hammond, LA 70403 Giving Hope Retreat: 31294 HWY 190 Lacombe, LA70445 New Orleans Mission: 1130 Oretha Castle Haley Blvd, New Orleans, LA 70113 LEARN MORE! REDEMPTION rescue.restore.redeem. WE NEED DONATIONS! NOLA NR a restoration boutique to benefit: the new orleans mission. lynhaven. giving hope retreat. A l l d o n a t i o n s a r e 1 0 0 % t a x d e d u c t i b l e a n d g o t o t h e e f f o r t s o f R E S C U E , R E C O V E R Y , R E - E N G A G E M E N T a n d R E U N I F I C A T I O N o f m e n , w o m e n a n d c h i l d r e n i n h o p e l e s s a n d d e s p e r a t e s i t u a t i o n s m a k i n g a B O L D s t e p t o w a r d a n e w l i f e 3 4 4 1 E a s t C a u s e w a y A p p r o a c h , M a n d e v i l l e , L a 7 0 4 4 8 w w w r e d e m p t i o n n o l a c o m REDEMPTIONNOLA.COM 3441 E Causeway Approach STE P, Mandeville, LA 70448 NOW OPEN! A Restoration Boutique to benefit: The New Orleans Mission. Lynhaven. Giving Hope Retreat. BENEFTTING Donations are welcome and 100% tax deductible.

Bringing MD Anderson Cancer Center’s expertise to the Northshore.

St.Tammany NOW brings you the latest economic development information and business and industry insight in our community provided by St. Tammany Corporation, the economic development organization for St. Tammany Parish. St. Tammany NOW highlights who and what makes the St. Tammany business community thrive and illustrates the opportunities to diversify and fortify our economy.

In this issue, we are pleased to share insights directly from our partners at Ochsner Health and St.

Tammany Health System on Ochsner’s newly minted partnership with the largest cancer care provider in the country, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, a major strategic economic and quality of life asset for our community and region.

Healthcare is a major economic driver on the Northshore in terms of both jobs and productivity, contributing more than 23,000 jobs and $1.7 billion to the three-parish GDP. Understanding the significance of the healthcare industry sector in our region and the high demand for healthcare jobs, which are projected to grow by 12% over the next five years, St. Tammany Corporation developed and facilitates Northshore Healthscape, a strategic partnership between key stakeholders and healthcare providers on the Northshore, defined as St. Tammany, Tangipahoa, and Washington parishes. The goals shared by participants in Northshore Healthscape include workforce and talent development, ecosystem development, and strategic implementation. From an economic and workforce development perspective, this partnership between Ochsner Health and MD Anderson is a strategic asset for our entire region that will be a game changer for patients’ access to world-class care and for our ability to recruit highly specialized talent to our region.

On June 22, Ochsner Health and MD Anderson announced a partnership to create Ochsner MD Anderson Cancer Center in southeastern Louisiana, a fully integrated cancer program that includes Covington’s St. Tammany Cancer Center –A Campus of Ochsner Medical Center.

St. Tammany NOW

All you really had to do to gauge the magnitude of the news was to look at the faces of those Northshore healthcare leaders gathered at the cancer center for the announcement. They weren’t just smiling. They were beaming.

“This collaboration is a notable milestone in our partnership with Ochsner that will only strengthen and deepen our integrated, holistic approach to providing cancer care,” said Joan Coffman, president and CEO of St. Tammany Health System, which has collaborated on the cancer center with Ochsner since the $50 million facility’s opening in 2021.

Following the exciting announcement and unveiling tour that covered New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and Covington, we had the opportunity to connect with cancer center administrator Jack Khashou and Dr. Suma Satti, the center’s vice chair of hematology/ oncology, to learn more about what this partnership means to the Northshore community.


This new partnership has been described as transformational for local cancer care. How so?

Dr. Satti: First of all, it brings comprehensive, cuttingedge cancer care to the Northshore. We had already been doing much of it for some time. We’ve been following the multi-disciplinary approach, for example. We already had a robust clinical trial program. But with the Ochsner/MD Anderson partnership, we now have access to more clinical trials and better access to some of the most advanced knowledge, and we

have adopted MD Anderson’s protocols and practice standards.

It’s complete integration, and that’s the best thing for our patients, because they have all they need right here on this side of the lake.

Khashou: When done well, cancer care is a team sport. So, in addition to providing access to those advanced, innovative therapies, one of the more important aspects of the new partnership is coordination of care, which results in efficiency and, in turn, quality outcomes.

was a milestone in local cancer care. We talk to representatives from St. Tammany Health System and Ochsner Health about this exciting development.

That’s because of the multidisciplinary approach Dr. Satti mentioned, which is basically the team approach to cancer care. We have a team of surgical, medical and radiation oncologists, nurses, and support specialists, all with access to the patient’s medical record, to treat the entire patient together, cooperatively. That’s not how cancer care is done anywhere else on the Northshore – not to this level.

Dr. Satti: That shared medical record is huge. We also follow pathway adherence, making sure the right drugs are used for the right kind of tumor. -Also, before, local care for cancer patients was fragmented. Now, with all the subspecialties we have represented under this roof, it really makes this cancer center a comprehensive hub for cancer care.

How does the partnership impact current patients of the cancer center?

Khashou: It should be seamless. On the day the partnership was announced, nothing really changed except the sign on the building. Everything else had already been brought up to the MD Anderson standard. We’ve been building to this for three years, and they wouldn’t have put their name on the building had we not already gotten there.

Can you talk a little more about the process of getting there? Clearly, this wasn’t an overnight thing.

Dr. Satti: Everything had to be in place. This wasn’t something like, ‘Hey, let’s do a partnership and sign a contract.’ It took three years of hard work to ensure the work we’re doing here at St. Tammany Cancer Center is up to the MD Anderson standard. We had to write protocols. We had to do multidisciplinary clinics. We had to set up tumor boards, open trials, tumor-specific navigation. We had to get everyone on the same page doing that – and we had to demonstrate that.

Khashou: I would add that it took an unprecedented level of cooperation between St. Tammany Health System, Ochsner and our community physicians.

From the planning standpoint, I think there were nine different areas we focused on, including radiology, pathology, surgery, the clinical aspects. It covered a vast group of people. Even at the hospital, the oncology unit had to undergo special training and protocols. Our Women’s Pavilion – already one of only five NAPBC facilities in the state – had to do a litany of things to demonstrate they were in compliance with best practices.

This building is the highlight, but there was a lot of work across the health system and the community to get this done.

What’s the one thing you would like Northshore residents to know about this partnership?

Khashou: To back that up, the process we’ve gone through to get here means we’ve had third-party review and validation. We’ve had basically an outside expert – nobody’s going to dispute that MD Anderson is an expert – say, ‘These are the things you have to do to meet the standard of care.’ And we’ve done those things.

Dr. Satti: Northshore residents should know that St. Tammany Cancer Center – A Campus of Ochsner Medical Center, through Ochsner and MD Anderson’s partnership, is bringing a new level of cancer care to our community. I’m not saying that because I work here, but because the way we do oncology care is among the most advanced in the nation.

St. Tammany Health System President and CEO Joan Coffman speaks June 22, 2023, at an event held at St. Tammany Cancer Center – A Campus of Ochsner Medical Center at which the center’s affiliation with MD Anderson Cancer Center was announced.

Learn more about St. Tammany Cancer Center – A Campus of Ochsner Medical Center at northshorecancercare.org.

St. Tammany Corporation continues to be a resource hub for businesses and consistently shares timely, relevant information related to our economic landscape and upcoming business resource programming on our online platforms. Stay connected with St. Tammany Corporation on Facebook and LinkedIn at @ StTammanyCorporation and our website at StTammanyCorp.org.

St. Tammany Cancer Center – A Campus of Ochsner Medical Center is the lead contributor to this article.

Timothy Riddell, MD, CEO, Northshore & Mississippi Gulf Coast Region, Ochsner Health

Welela Tereffe, MD, Chief Medical Executive, MD Anderson Cancer Center

Jack Khashou, M.Ed., M.S. Vice President St. Tammany Quality Network|St. Tammany Cancer Center

Suma Satti, MD, Vice Chair, Department of Hematology/Oncology, St. Tammany Cancer Center – A Campus of Ochsner Medical Center

Emily Lawrence, Vice President, Cancer Services, Ochsner Health

Joan M. Coffman, President & CEO, St. Tammany Health System

Brian Moore, MD, Director, Ochsner MD Anderson Cancer Center

Mike Hulefeld, President & COO, Ochsner Health

EDGE October | November 2023 065
EDGE October | November 2023 067 (AND NOW WOMEN, TOO!)
Nick LaRocca Adam Acquistapace Sheriff Randy Smith Elizabeth Westervelt Benjamin Richaud Brandt Quick Lt. Gov. Billy Nungesser Heather Rietschel Jared Miguez Frank Richerand Jennifer Nolen DA Warren Montgomery Matthew Bernard Vernon Chagnard, John Gutierrez & Jim Yancey Rick Smith Kim Carver & Bradley Cook
SCAN FOR DETAILS BENEFITING TICKETS $80/Single $150/Couple$800/Table for 8 *All food & beverages included in ticket price . Join us in the local fight against child abuse & trafficking!
Clerk of Court Melissa Henry

our turn: by Nealy and Keith Frentz


In every issue, EDGE of the Lake invites a local chef or restaurateur to visit another eatery on the Northshore.

Nealy Frentz and her husband Keith are co-owners and chefs at Lola, located in downtown Covington’s historic train depot. The kitchen is in an actual train caboose and it serves up a casual lunch of soups, salads and creative sandwiches Monday-Friday. Their weekend dinner menu offers contemporary Louisiana fare, which prominently features Louisiana seafood and fresh ingredients from Covey Rise Farms.

My family and I visited Fazzio’s on a recent Monday night to celebrate my daughter’s 15th birthday. We’d been there before and really liked the old school vibe. When I call it old school, I mean it feels established and the food is consistently good. We were a party of 5, so we made a 6pm reservation, which as restaurateurs, we appreciate for larger tables.

When we arrived, it was busy, which is so nice to see. We were seated right away and our server was super sweet. She explained the menu thoroughly without being obnoxious, then promptly took our drink orders. My husband loved that his Stella Artois was served in a super cold glass, and my mother’s and my Pinot Grigio wine glasses were chilled as well, which was lovely.

They have a nice-sized menu, offering Southern Italian cuisine, plus seafood and steaks. We started with calamari as an appetizer and it was, hands down, the best I’ve had. I was so pleasantly surprised to find that it was fried to perfection with a light batter and clean oil. I was blown away. It was served with a marinara dipping sauce that was served hot and had a nice texture. It was a little sweet, but still had some acidity, giving it a nice balance.

We also enjoyed the artichoke spinach dip that was delivered hot to the table and came with perfectly fried tortillas. Everyone gets their rosemary focaccia bread which is quite good. The house Caesar salad is also good and is served with a lighter dressing and isn’t overly saturated.

My mom and I both ordered the eggplant parmesan and it was delicious. I’m a sucker for that dish and it did not disappoint. They really know how to fry things here!

Everyone else enjoyed their food, as well. My daughter had the chicken parmesan, my son had the grilled salmon and my husband had the paneed veal. It was topped with a cream sauce and crab meat, and though it was a huge portion, he liked it so much that he managed to eat the entire thing.

For dessert, we had bread pudding, which was deliciously old school. It’s made by pouring fruit cocktail with the good syrup over white bread, then baked. It has the essence of a cobbler with big hunks of pineapple, cherries and peaches in it. The chef at Brennan’s makes it this way, and it’s just outstanding.

As for the service, our server was very attentive and knowledgeable, and everything came out with a nice flow. It wasn’t rushed, yet we didn’t have to wait long for anything. It’s also conducive to bringing children, while still feeling like a nicer restaurant. It’s reasonably priced and it’s one of the few authentic Italian restaurants on the Northshore. I highly recommend Fazzio’s! It’s really something special and has that family-owned feel.

Fazzio’s Restaurant fazziosrestaurant.com 985.624.9704
OCT 13 • 4 PM A R T I S T S W I N E V E N D O R S H O R S D ’ O E U V R E S S I L E N T A U C T I O N A R T $20 Wristband Join us for art, wine, and an incredible time! at Jacmel Inn Louisiana Watercolor Society presents 13 L O U I S I A N A W A T E R C O L O R S O C I E T Y O R G for the th Includes Food & Wine Sampling (21 and older please) Live auction begins at 6 PM



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New Heights

Therapeutic Riding

A Night On Broadway


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White Linen and Lagniappe.
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Vinnie Pays it Forward Gala
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Covington’s White Linen for Public Art
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Bluesberry Festival Poster Art Reveal Party
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