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Aligning with the Universe


The Edge Interview with Christine Day


Pleiadian Seminar  focuses on Physical  Health December 1-3

6 Revealing Our True Selves in the Light From the Editor, by Tim Miejan 8 Medium hosts Charity Event to stop Dog Fighting 8 Stop Thinking and Start Being by Steven Hiebert 10 Pumpkin Soup for Good Health Food First, by Nutrition Julie 10 Aurora, by Anita Neilson 12 November Horoscope: Be Curious Mercurial Messages through the Zodiac, by Heather Roan Robbins



OUR FEATURED TOPIC SOUL: HOW TO REMEMBER WHO WE TRULY ARE 18 Coming Home: Reconnecting with Your Soul by Marianne Soucy 19 Becoming Who We Already Are by Eric J. Christopher 20 What is Soul, and Why are We Here? by Sri Harold Klemp 20 How I Reconnect with My Soul: My Soul is rooted in Trees, by Heather Digolo 21 True Blue Spirit Leaves, by Janet Michele Red Feather 21 Be the Best Human You can be by Della McGee

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throated gossip because isn’t it about time you got that promotion over what’s-hername?


Revealing Our True Selves in the Light FROM THE EDITOR

BY TIM MIEJA N We’re in uncharted waters, you and me. I’m sure you can feel it — the uncertainty, the instability and the questioning — and it’s all compounded now by a political season in which everything is about the spin and getting people to believe things that are not even true. The quest for political office may, at its heart, contain democratic truths based on a desire to support and represent others, but over time the growing lust for personal power has reduced our election system to nothing more than a game of Monopoly, and in the end nobody wins. The chasers of power end up chewing each other up as they scramble for high office, and as they fight tooth and nail for every possible victory for their political party, over time they become blind to the greater good. This bloodletting is not limited to politics. Major corporations are playing Extreme Monopoly in which they are blind to everything except the bottom line, and just for fun they are throwing their vast profits THE EDGE MAGAZINE 763.433.9291 P.O. Box 664, Anoka, MN 55303 www.edgemagazine.net

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into the political arena to sow division by ensuring that voters are transformed into mobs of angry protesters — and it really doesn’t matter which side they support or how loud they become. In their minds, the common people are a silent minority.

AGE OF TRANSPARENCY All that drama sometimes pales in comparison to what we create in our own lives. Like the extremists who feel liberated by a president who doesn’t condemn them, our egos are feeling like it’s time to get what we deserve. Too many years sitting quietly by while everyone else gets ahead. Too many opportunities now to chase the dream. Mom or dad passes away and families are being torn part because lawyers have come out to play and who wants a bigger slice of the pie? The thirst for money has never been bigger. Witness the Mega-Billions jackpot fever. What will you do when you win it big? And now, today, as you sit in the most remote spot in the office, where you can get away from it all for a few moments, a little small talk with co-workers warps into full-

It may seem foolhardy to suggest that this escalating game of chasing power and money and the desires of ego will ever end, but it will. It has to dissolve in this age of transparency, along with all the lies we tell each other, and ourselves, about who we are and why we are really here playing this game of life. All of the Big Kahunas of spirituality tell us that for planet Earth and all of its inhabitants, the frequency is shifting — from the 3rd dimension and its materiality and polarities to the 5th dimension of love and compassion. That’s why everything is in disarray. Everything that is not in sync with the vibration of love is in the process of being transfigured, and lives are being turned inside out because souls that have been lingering in density for eons are reaching for the light. No living being has ever gone through such a dimensional metamorphosis, so we don’t know what to expect. But we can choose where to place our attention — and intention. It’s as simple as watching our thoughts in the moment and choosing which ones to support. It all begins with how we are in relationship with ourselves and others. Love yourself and all of your human flaws. Celebrate your breath and your vision and your personal sense of who you know you are, deep down inside. And then, when you are ready, be who you are. Be the love that sparked your incarnation. And share that love, far and wide, with all who cross your path. For you — and all of us — really are beacons of love. No longer ponder whether that person deserves your kindness. Spread it freely. He doesn’t share my politics, I send him love. She doesn’t share my skin color, I send her love. He spews hate. I send him love. Thrive in the frequency of love, for that is the gift that keeps on giving. a TIM MIEJAN is editor & co-publisher of The Edge magazine. Contact him at 651.578.8969 or editor@ edgemagazine.net. Visit The Edge online at www. edgemagazine.net. COPYRIGHT © 2018. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


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Medium hosts charity event to stop Dog Fighting Medium Maureen Allan will bridge the gap between our world and heaven’s by channeling messages of love and closure from your family and friends in heaven, and proceeds will be donated by her Angels Among Us Foundation (AAUF) to help end the cruel sport of dog fighting. The fundraiser is a group reading, which is a wonderful opportunity to have the chance to either receive direct messages, or to learn more about how communicating with the Spirit world works — so you will be more prepared when you are receiving messages on your own. It will take place from 7-9 p.m. Friday, Nov. 23, at Hyatt Regency at Mall of America, 3200 E. 81st St., Bloomington. Tickets are $50 (100 percent of your ticket price is tax deductible). Pre-registration is required. Contact assistant@maureenallan.com or call 949.715.6788 to reserve a seat. Pre-payment guarantees a spot. Funds created will be donated to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, a non-profit charity dedicated to helping stop animal abuses. Maureen Allan is a gifted master-level channeler and spiritual teacher. She received a miraculous experience 15 years ago, where several of her spirit guides and one of her angels appeared to her for two months – activating her spiritual gifts and guiding her to use them to help God and Earth. She has since devoted her life to using her special abilities to serve mankind and heaven with personal reading, mediumship, entity clearings, psychic investigations, healings and classes. The Angels Among Us Foundation was founded in Minnesota by Allan in 2013. She received a series of visits from her principal spirit guide, Ascended Master Kuan Yin, who opened Maureen’s eyes to the true tragedies that our under-privileged communities in third world countries must endure. Kuan Yin appeared to Maureen for several months giving her visions of the heart-breaking state of their living circumstances. After this period of Divine Intervention, Maureen created AAUF under Ascended Master Kuan Yin’s clear directions. Every cause that the charity supports is given to Maureen through visitations from Kuan Yin. The current cause that Kuan Yin has asked Maureen to focus on is bringing awareness to and helping end the cruel sport of dog fighting. Maureen was woken up and forced to watch a movie about how horrifically these dogs are treated. Maureen had to see the horror of the abuses that these dogs are put through. The experience left Maureen in tears and she promised Kuan Yin that she would obey her wishes and help bring awareness to this horrific act of animal cruelty.  For more information on AAUF, please visit www. AngelsAmongUsFoundation.org. For more information on Maureen, visit www.maureenallan.com. a 8  WWW.EDGEMAGAZINE.NET

Stop Thinking and Start Being BY STEV EN HIEBERT I have a cat. A black-and-white American short hair named Amelia. She sits in my lap purring contentedly as I pet her, soaking up my loving adoration. As far as I know, she isn’t thinking about the bills she has to pay, how to deal with her boss, or whether she should dye her hair a different color. As far as I know, she isn’t thinking about much of anything. She’s just a cat, living in the ecstasy of sitting in a warm lap being petted. Amelia doesn’t know who she is. She probably doesn’t even know she’s a cat. That’s the really great thing about her. She just is. It doesn’t matter what’s going on. It doesn’t matter what you or I think. It doesn’t matter what I want her to do. Call her anything you like. She’s just a cat being a cat. Imagine the peace and contentment of being entirely unconcerned about anything beyond what is right there in front of you. Imagine being free to do whatever you wanted whenever you wanted to do it, without having to consider what someone else might think. When you stop to consider it, it starts to make sense that it’s the endless thinking that’s the real problem. Maybe, if you could just stop thinking about it so much, you could

be who you are. Maybe, like Amelia, you could just be. This article is supposed to be about how to remember who you truly are. But it might be that the real trick is not so much trying to remember who you are, but forgetting who you are not. Amelia is able to be absolutely and completely present, precisely because she has no idea who she is. She doesn’t stop to think about it. The challenge we human beings face is that we have an amazing and terrible cerebral cortex. We’ve used it to build impenetrable fortresses based on knowing who we are. We identify with our beliefs about who we are. And most of those beliefs are based on stories that we, ourselves, have created. We accept what others think and model ourselves after it. We focus on our thoughts and physical form as if that is entirely who we are. In doing so, we separate ourselves from our true Self. Imagine what might happen if, like Amelia, you had no idea who you were. Here’s an exercise to help you forget who you are not. Find a quiet, comfortable place to sit. The way you sit isn’t particularly important. You can sit on a chair or  see STOP THINKING on p. 10





Pumpkin Soup for Good Health

on the floor. You can use some other position if it feels right for you. The goal is to be comfortable and relaxed, calm and alert. Once you’re comfortable, focus on your breathing. Breathe slowly, rhythmically, and deeply. Follow the air as it moves in and out of your body. Spend a few minutes doing nothing but sitting and breathing. Imagine you can breathe into your belly, legs, and feet. Breathe into every part of your body. After you’ve been breathing this way for several minutes, notice how you feel. I expect you will feel calm, peaceful, and content. That is the natural state of your true Self. Allow your Self to be with this awareness and simply enjoy how you feel. When you’re ready, ask your Self the following questions: • Who would I be without the thoughts in my head? • If I stopped thinking, what would remain? Allow your Self to respond. Notice the things that come to you without judging or resisting them. Simply notice how you respond. Pay particular attention to any contrast or conflict between your thoughts and the awareness you get from your body. Every moment you spend with the feelings and sensations of your body is a moment free from the judgments and negativity of your thoughts. That is where you find your true Self and get to know who you are. Spend some time writing or journaling about your experience. Repeat this exercise often. I suggest making it a regular part of your daily practice. As you forget who you are not, you will remember who you truly are. a


continued from p. 8

STEVEN HIEBERT, author of the award winning book Be Your Self and Be Well: Connecting with Your Soul’s Power to Heal (Wise Ink), is a healer, doctor of chiropractic, teacher and author who lives and works in St. Paul. Steven’s life’s work and passion is helping people heal. He has been in private practice since 1990, and he is available for appointments, speaking engagements, signings and events. Email drstevenh@aol.com, and at 651.777.9156. Visit www.drstevenhiebert.com. COPYRIGHT © 2018. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.



It’s Fall Harvest time and one of my favorite things to do is visit the local apple orchard with my family. While my kids are off looking for the biggest pumpkin to carve, I’m busy looking for the smallest pumpkins to cook with! The small pumpkins are sweeter and less starchy than the big ones and are great for making pies and soups. Here’s a great recipe for Roasted Pumpkin Soup that your whole family will love. It takes a bit of extra time to make it from scratch, but is so worth the results! The pumpkin will give you your Vitamin A and fiber, the ginger is a wonderful anti-inflammatory and the pumpkin seeds are loaded with immune boosting zinc!

ROASTED PUMPKIN SOUP 2 small pumpkins – cut in half, scoop out seeds, cover with olive oil and salt, place cut-side down on baking sheet, and roast in a 350-degree oven for about 40 minutes or until tender and golden brown. Cool enough to remove skin. 1 T. fresh chopped fresh ginger 1 medium white onion, sliced 1 garlic clove, chopped 1 small apple, cored and sliced 2 T. maple syrup 1/2 cup apple cider Salt & pepper 1/2-1 cup cream or coconut milk In a soup pot, sauté the onion, garlic and ginger in a tablespoon of olive or coconut oil. Add the

roasted pumpkin, apple cider, maple syrup, salt and pepper and let simmer for 30-40 minutes, stirring frequently. Remove from pot and puree in blender. Once soup is completely blended, return to soup pot on low heat and finish by adding cream or coconut milk until desired consistency. Garnish with roasted pumpkin seeds, either you can roast your own, or for this recipe I like the spicy pepitas (shelled pumpkin seeds) from the bulk section of the market. Serve with a generous side of greens or leafy green salad and you will have the perfect fall meal! a NUTRITION JULIE is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Raw Food Nutrition Educator who is passionate about Nutrition, Health and Wellness. Julie believes that real, whole, nutritious foods are a powerful tool in living a healthy, conscious, disease-free life and works to educate, inspire and empower the people she works with through her step by step Food First System. Visit www.NutritionJulie.com. COPYRIGHT © 2018. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


BY ANITA NEILSON The air is so still Life seems held in stasis In hushed anticipation Of the day to come.

A soft pink streak Hugs the horizon One final embrace Of the dawn Before the moon Hands the reins to the sun. A few tentative birdcalls Span the divide Melting away In the day’s mellow hues.

Thank you, Divine Mother For the gifts you bestow Not least among them, The glorious dawn. a Listen to the audio version of the poem at Anitaneilson.com/ audio/. ANITA NEILSON is an author, spiritual poet and blogger. She writes for many mind, body, spirit and chronic illness publications.   Visit Anitaneilson.com,  on Facebook at AnitaneilsonAuthor, and on Instagram at soulmurmurs. Her book, Acts of Kindness from your Armchair, is available from your preferred online retailer.  Anita’s new book, Soul Murmurs, a mix of spiritual poetry and prose, will be released early 2019! Contact Anita at Anitaneilson61@ gmail.com. COPYRIGHT © 2018. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

I take in a lungful Of this life-giving breath Charging my cells For another day on Earth.






The Sun and Jupiter in focused Scorpio loan us attitude, and quick defense, as November begins. We may have no patience with trivia and will play our cards strategically and close to the chest. Throughout the month we will not take well to being pushed, but our curiosity is easily piqued and can open our mind. The moon is dark in Scorpio on Voting day, November 6, and opposed Uranus, the mood is reactive to the past and unsettling — but which side feels most unsettled is uncertain. Stay awake for manipulative political hijinks at the last minute. By November 8, we can feel a new sense of movement, mischief and rebellion as Uranus retrogrades back into feisty Aries and Jupiter enters its own liberated sign of Sagittarius. Collaboration is supported by a lovely trine between the two emotional arbiters, retrograde Venus and Mars, both now communicative air signs. Mars enters Pisces November 15 and brings an empathic and sentimental streak to help us prepare for the holidays ahead. Expect a discombobulation around November 16 as Venus turns direct and Mercury retrogrades until December 7. Our hearts now look forward to the future, but our minds need to review the past. Plan ahead and stay flexible through Thanksgiving; schedule in extra time for travel. We are pushed towards our personal best by a competitive Mars-Jupiter square mid-month. The sun enters Sagittarius on Thanksgiving and initiates the season of gratitude. Feel an expansive, if complicated, mood through the end of November as the Sun and Mercury conjunct Jupiter.

Aries (Mar. 21-Apr. 19)…You have work to do around funding, finance and your access to resources this month; pay attention to opportunities and don’t take shortcuts. People see you favorably through November 15, so open doors and work contacts. Watch arguments or accidents around November 26. Taurus (Apr. 20-May 20)…Look around, people want to be here for you, but may have trouble speaking up. Start the conversation. Review the past and engage open hearts through November 15. Start a new chapter over Thanksgiving. Roll with unexpected events around November 30, and look for its gift. Gemini (May 21-June 20)…Multitasking, normally your superpower, can leave you spread thin unless you prioritize what is important, not just urgent. Tend to details before November 16, as this Mercury retrograde can bring you complications. 1 2  WWW.EDGEMAGAZINE.NET

Don’t get in the middle of a dogfight over Thanksgiving, just keep the conversation flowing. Cancer (June 21-July 22)…Keep your eyes open for new connection; don’t isolate. Give your creative Muse a chance, and let conversations call you out of your shell after mid-November. Inventory your social habits and make sure you are creating opportunities for the world to support you. Leo (July 23-Aug. 22)…Be the hearth fire that warms the surroundings rather than expect others to initiate contact. Your intuition is strong as the month begins and the sun trines Neptune. Handle turbulence mid-month. Feel a new relaxation as opportunities blossom after Thanksgiving. Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)…Do your homework. Though you may feel easily distracted, keep your eyes on meetings, manuscripts, and any chance to speak your truth. Get as much done as possible before November 16, then step back. Stay cool and remember that heart matters more than details over Thanksgiving. Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)…The world can feel unfair as November begins, but hang in there. Look for opportunities to help others the first few weeks, then look for more personal opportunity around November 9. Appreciate new comfortability after November 16. Find humor in misunderstandings over Thanksgiving. Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)…People notice you now. What do you want to do with their attention? Expect the unexpected through November 16; keep one eye on steady work, another out for the wildcards. Rein in an emotional overreaction mid-month. Find words for your critique but keep heart-connected November 26.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)…Utilize your natural adaptability. Real opportunities are coming this year as Jupiter enters Sagittarius. Feel the clouds thinning. Apply diplomacy mid-month; just because it’s true doesn’t mean you have to say it. Help people with transportation difficulties after Mercury retrogrades. Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan.19)…Pay attention to meetings, teams, group experience; cultivate community, and the community will nurture you through November 16. Take a break and do something unusual over Thanksgiving; get a needed fresh perspective. Encourage a new seed of opportunity around November 27. Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)…Appreciate busyness early in November; take care of yourself, but keep up the pace. Follow up opportunities around November 9. Stand back mid-month, stay connected but not in the midst of the fray. After November 25, patterns flow more comfortably. Pisces (Feb. 19-Mar. 20)…Juggle distractions, but look for opportunities that could bring your work more in line with your heart as Jupiter enters Sagittarius. Mid-month, swim around obstacles and weave the pieces together. Put safety first November 16-19. Deal with anxious relatives over Thanksgiving, and keep your sense of humor. a HEATHER ROAN ROBBINS is a heart-centered and choice-oriented astrologer, palmist and ceremonialist with 30+ years’ experience. Her book, Moon Wisdom: Transform Your Life using the Moon Signs and Cycles, brings real astrology into an accessible format. She’s trained in astro-locality, mythic, multi-generational and traditional astrology and uses them at the core of her spiritual counseling. For a daily view, read Starcodes at www.roanrobbins.com. COPYRIGHT © 2018. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.




Aligning with the Universe The Edge Interview with Christine Day

BY TIM MIEJA N Since 2010 when The Edge was first introduced to Pleiadian Ambassador Christine Day, the entire world as we know it has turned inside out. Light has revealed dark secrets and transparency has become the norm. This is all part of what spiritual and thought leaders have called “the great awakening,” or as the Pleiadians described it, “the new dawning.” Christine Day has been providing monthly updates and offering supportive exercises to assist those on the spiritual path to become acclimated to the 5th- and 6th-dimensional energies that are being introduced to planet Earth and all of its inhabitants. I took a moment to re-read my first interview with her eight years ago. During that interview, she explained that the Pleiadians want us to understand how to transform our “knee-jerk reaction to fear, how to change how we meet fear, and to utilize it in a more positive way.” She said, “They want us to see that it is just a feeling, that it cannot hurt us to learn to feel the fear, but keep moving forward and working with fear in a different way. It can serve us rather than stop us and hold us in a contracted way. With fear, we contract our hearts, and much of the work (the Pleiadians) are doing now involves asking us to learn not to contract our hearts as we feel the fear, but to open our hearts towards the fear and learn that it really cannot hurt us. They say we can live differently with that fear by working with it to come to a different place with the fear. I think that is a very important part of the transition that is coming, and they are bringing a new understanding of this transition. “You see, there have been a lot of messages around this change that is coming, and a lot of the messages are very fear based. The Pleiadians are seeing this

December 3 to present a “Transmission of Light” event, followed by the annual three-day Pleiadian Seminar. She spoke with The Edge about the energetic transformations we have experienced this year and about the upcoming seminar.

Read Christine Day’s monthly column, A Pleiadian Message, online this month at www. Edgemagazine.net on November 1. not as something that we have to be afraid of, but something that we have to move with as we go along. I love the level of understanding they are bringing around this shift that is coming, around the changing times. “It is a birth and a transition, but it does not have to be anything to be afraid of. This deeper understanding that they are bringing helps people understand the full picture of the transition itself. People can then feel more knowing that the fear can drop away, that they can personally start taking – not control – but part in that transition. Your personal transition can be something that you work with in an alignment with the Earth, not in a fear-based way.” Christine Day, based along the North Shore near Grand Marais, now shares energy activations and initiations channeled from the Pleiadians worldwide. She returns to the Twin Cities on November 30 through

Thank you for speaking with us again about the Pleiadians and the tools they are providing to us during this transformative time. Will you share about the energetic changes that have taken place thus far in 2018? Christine Day: There’s been a tremendous transformation like never before this year on the planet, and the biggest one is a corridor of light that’s been activated. It activated March 31st and July 31st, and it’s going to another level of activation December 31st at the time of New Year. What happened at those times was revolutionary for our Earth plane, because the sun repositioned itself in relationship to Earth. It was only for a few minutes, but in those few minutes a light from the sun holding a higher frequency of God consciousness came onto the planet. This created a huge shift on our Earth plane, and one of the biggest was that the core of the Earth began to pulse in resonance for the first time with our resonant Universe. We became aligned to the resonant Universe on an energetic level for the first time ever in the history of our planet. December is going to be a further shift that is really cracking us open into this corridor of light that will transform the cells of the heart on a very different level. The Pleiadians call it almost like a heartbeat of light that started to resonate the same as the Universe, which carries the God consciousness frequency. Also, it started to activate a transmitter in the cells of our hearts so that our hearts have been

Pleiadian Seminar focuses on Physical Health December 1-3 Christine Day, a leading spiritual teacher, healer, channel and author, will return to Bloomington, MN, November 30 through December 3 to present a “Transmission of Light” event, followed by a three-day Pleiadian Seminar. The “Transmission of Light” takes place at 7 p.m. Friday, Nov. 30. This a channeled event that is a guided in the moment to provide information and activations that are relevant for those attending the event.    She will host the three-day Pleiadian Seminar on December 1-3.  In this seminar, for the first time ever, Christine will present a self-empowerment process that will be anchored and received by attendees. Participants will receive and activate a series of energetic overlays to support self-healing 1 4  WWW.EDGEMAGAZINE.NET

and maintaining physical health. This work will change the way you see yourself and allow you to recognize and embrace the higher frequencies of light that you are.  Christine has the unique ability to receive and transmit the newest energies available coming onto the planet for our transformation and enlightenment process. The public is invited to take part in these expansive experiences.    Both events take place at The Crowne Plaza Aire, 3 Appletree Square, in Bloomington, on the 34th Street exit from I-494. For more information and tickets, visit christinedayonline.com or contact Joanne at wakefieldj@ hotmail.com. Tickets will be available at the door. a

almost cracked open like a shell, like you crack an egg open. This new consciousness is birthing an opening in the sacred aspect of our multidimensional heart where we are in our Higher Self energy. It has begun to really expand through our hearts and through the cells of our bodies, and we’re beginning to align more into the sacred part of our self much more readily, much more easily. At the same time, the veils on the Earth plane of illusion have lifted, especially for those who are on the path, who are consciously awake. We’re much more easily able to align to that sacred part of ourselves and able to shed a lot of the old density, the old belief systems of limitation and lack and struggle that keep us feeling like we’re stuck and we cannot move. That is starting to really shed off those of us who are really doing our work. Meanwhile, there is an acceleration of drama on the planet. The greatest challenge right now is to move toward our sacredness rather than stay stuck in that limitation. Our human part views the drama as a reality, and we need to disengage from the story that the ego mind always has going about what is real and what is not real and just start to align into this new space of sacredness that is opening up through us for us to access. What I love about what the Pleiadians are doing right now, wherever I am going in the world, is speaking to audiences about who we are in our natural makeup. Yes, we’re human, and we also are sacred beings. They’re encouraging us to start looking at ourselves from a different viewpoint of understanding the fullness of ourselves — from humanness to sacredness — and how that sacred element can support the human element. It’s about moving from the self-sabotage and self-condemnation that entrenches us in the illusion to the relief of moving to a new part of the vision of who you are and allowing the sacred component to start fortifying and supporting you nutrition-

ally, on an energetic level, and consciously shifting the way you view yourself in the world as a whole. What I am seeing the Pleiadians bringing are really basic and simple tools to disengage yourself from that locked-in viewpoint of the ego mind.

How are the Pleiadians responding to the Earth as it comes in alignment with the Universe? They say we’re actually ahead of time and we’re doing incredibly well. If you look at Earth now from the ego mind’s point of view, you’d go, “Oh, my gosh! How could they even say that?! There is such a mess everywhere.” But that mess is the product of the light coming in. It’s unearthing all the density, all the lies, all the secrets, all the misperceptions — and they see that as a very good thing, that it’s all coming out like a sore, like a wound that has been hidden underneath and is now being revealed for what it is. We see the reflection here up on our land in Grand Marais. Words cannot adequately express to you what’s been going on here. We opened our land up to the public for the first time this summer. We had five groups here for a series of five weekends — 180 people who came over that time from all over the world and all over America. The galactic receiving station is now fully opened, and I was not prepared for the vastness of the change. We didn’t even recognize our land as it anchored the work that was done here, and the evolution that took place for the individuals who came was astounding. We saw a tripling of action of the galactic ships and Pleiadian ships coming in and being able to work on the Earth plane in a very different format because of this receiving station — and it’s going to another level on April 27th next year. I can see the transformation. Living here on this property has been really profound.  see CHRISTINE DAY on p. 16 NOVEMBER 2018




continued from p. 15

Before we talk about the seminar coming up, you mentioned at last year’s seminar that you were going to begin anchoring different spots on the planet. Can you talk a little bit more about the progress in that regard? Yes. I feel that’s one of the reasons I’m going to Thailand. I’m carrying a very different energetic. My whole system has transformed, and it’s been that way since the receiving station anchored here on the land in June. It’s like I’ve revolutionized myself in relationship to the light that I’m carrying, a higher frequency of my Higher Self. It’s almost like I’ve moved into a very strong enlightenment, further enlightenment process. So, I’m carrying a new imprint, a new frequency, that is vastly changing things everywhere I go. We went to Paris in June, creating a whole new energetic profile on the planet. I spent five weeks in Brazil, and at each place I went a whole new energetic imprint was opened up to create, almost like an enlightenment space, and the energies have interconnected through the planet. Now I’m going to Thailand for two weeks and it feels like I’m to do that work there, as well. It’s very important work. I have a very different way of operating in the world carrying this frequency, but I’m feeling tremendously fortified. The three-day Pleiadian seminar returns on December 1 with an emphasis on “You Healing You.” Can you tell us what’s taking place now in the human body as the energy of the Earth moves toward unity consciousness? Yes. There are huge changes in the physical body, and some of them are presenting as physical issues, but they’re not really. They’re just the body shifting. People think there’s something going wrong with them, but actually there’s not. It’s just a transmutation of the body. The body is changing its whole programming, and the organs are changing their roles. For lifetimes our organs have played a role in servicing us in a certain way, but now they’re serving us in a new way. They’re taking on a new role of shifting and carrying our Divine frequency. That is where they’re presenting as issues, but they’re really not. They’re just shifting and changing with a lot of electrical energy coming into the body. The crystalline structure in the body is now starting to come into its full role of activation, and so there are big adjustments and so there’s a huge shift in that. This is the first time that this Pleiadian seminar has ever been anchored on the planet. It’s a profound, life-changing process, and I have yet to see energy like 1 6  WWW.EDGEMAGAZINE.NET

it. It’s a self-empowerment process of change, because it’s activating a self-healing process within the body that opens to self-realization. As you choose to move into this activation, you are choosing to work through the cells of your body on a multidimensional level. We are moving back into our multidimensionality, and the physical cells of the body are transforming into that multidimensionality, into its full purpose. The Pleiadians are going to allow us to re-access a design of an energetic overlay for maintaining the health of the physical body in its new profile. Actually, it’s not only just for healing areas or symptoms of the physical body, but it’s for maintaining a new level of health within the physical body. Part of this, the Pleiadians say, is that it will allow us to live a lot longer, and we will go into a youthing process of rejuvenation and regeneration of the cells of the body. What they are calling a new healing process is an aligning to these overlays and anchoring them through the body so that we open into this new design of ourselves — and as we say yes to that and start to align to the activation, we move into a self-realization process of amazing transformation. It will change the relationship you have with your physical body on a multidimensional level, and you will start to align into that — and that means you align into another level of your Higher Self. I have never seen anything like this, Tim. It’s really amazing. The Pleiadians say, “You are who you have been waiting for.” And this process gives you access to your power of “you healing you.” It’s part of what Mother Mary spoke about months ago, that this is a time for us to receive a series of blessings that are ours. The Pleiadians say this process of self-realization and self-empowerment — by receiving this self-healing energy — will take us and move us into another level of natural re-awakening of ourselves. The energy I’m looking at around this is like nothing I’ve seen before and I’m very excited to be part of it, playing my role, and holding that platform for everybody. Minneapolis will be anchoring it for the first time on the planet, and of course, it will be taken worldwide to other places.

For those people who are not on the spiritual path, how are the energy changes affecting their bodies during the time of transition that we’re going through on Earth? Those who are awake and consciously engaged in this process are going through a rapid acceleration forward, but every human being on this Earth plane on 11/11/11 received the crystalline structure in their bodies — and all children are being born with that crystalline structure in place in the cells.

On 12/12/12, in those of us who are awake, who are consciously working, the crystalline structure was activated in our bodies. Through that crystalline structure we can embody the fullness of our Higher Self light. We actually have the capacity to take in all that high-level light that we are in our vastness in this physical form. That’s very important in the whole plan that’s going ahead here on the planet. Those of us who are consciously awake are going to go through rapid transformation and self-realization. Many of us will be carrying that full light of our Higher Self and be consciously aligned to the sacred that we are, living that well before the rest of the planet. Those who just carry that crystalline structure that’s just sitting there right now, dormant, are not aware of it, but it’s there. Those of us who are the wayshowers on the path are going to be acclimatizing to this new energetic as we evolve. We are going to be carrying and holding a different frequency on the planet as Earth expands. Then, at a certain moment, the veils actually will just lift away. The Pleiadians say to me, “You know, it’s like awakening from a dream.” In a dream, you wake up and go, “Oh, I was just dreaming!” Well, these people who are not conscious right now will simply awaken and remember who they are, because they are fully intact just beyond the veil, too. They’re just not aware of any of it. They will awaken from the dream — the dream will be their life that they have lived here on this Earth plane up to that moment — and suddenly they’ll just remember who they are and fully engage into the new consciousness. That’s how the Pleiadians see it unfolding here on the planet. In that certain moment, those who already have been awake will be holding that energetic to support the rest of the people in just that expression of themselves in this physical body with their awakening What the Pleiadians are showing me is that the drama that’s playing out across the Earth plane — we’ve got all the dramas, and the violence — is just everybody playing out the last pieces of their evolution for themselves; some are playing victim roles, some are playing the persecutor — and it’s all kind of meaningless. It’s just an expression of their last pre-agreements to be played out until all of a sudden that moment will shift and then a huge energetic shift will stabilize on the planet when that awakening happens. They also say the Earth is reflecting the drama and the illusion. Once that drama is gone and we move and stabilize in a different consciousness, the environment will return back to its pristine condition, because that’s part of the illusion, too. Outside that illusion, everything is really

clear and still very pure. The Pleiadians have been showing me that the sacred sites all around the planet — Stonehenge, the pyramids, the Star Gates — are being moved energetically back to their original pristine energy that they came in with. They’re all being shifted right now back into a different alignment of their pristine energy in readiness for December 31st when the sun repositions itself once more and that corridor opens fully. So we’re in for a really amazing ride! I know it’s been a tough year for many people because of the density that’s in the body. Right now, it’s being pulled up. Anything you haven’t resolved inside yourself is being magnified in order for you to deal with it. The mind will say, “Oh, my gosh, this is so terrible!” But, actually it’s not. Whatever is in front of you — whatever you’ve created to bring forward that fear or struggle or whatever is up to you — is there so you can deal with it and feel the depth of your fear, the depth of the sadness or the pain or the struggle, and just resolve it for yourself.

It’s no longer about ignoring it. It’s moving through it. That’s exactly it. As you feel it, if you use that conscious breath (in through the mouth and out through the mouth), then it actually leaves the body. We have to do that. We have to breathe. We have to embrace what’s in front of us and take responsibility for our creation and not be afraid to

do that. We’re not victims. While we stay in victim mode, we absolutely cannot release it or heal — because that is the illusion, that we’re the victim. But we never have been the victim, ever. It’s a beautiful time, but people are afraid. They get into that fear. The ego mind just loves to freeze people in the fear. Is there a final message you’d like to leave with our readers? Take responsibility for the creation in your life right now, remembering that you’re no victim. If you take ownership of what’s right in front of you, don’t try and look back or forward — just be in the moment and understand that everything you need is right in front of you in every moment. You’re not really lacking anything. When you look ahead, the ego mind is wanting something different, and if you look behind, the ego mind is judging something incorrectly. So if you stay in the moment and just receive your creation and allow yourself to open into that state of receivership in the moment, it will really support you. It all has to be from the heart space. Bring your energy, your awareness, to your heart. Don’t let the ego mind move you into that state of drama and fear. I think that’s really essential right now. a TIM MIEJAN is editor & co-publisher of The Edge magazine. Contact him at 651.578.8969 or editor@edgemagazine.net. Visit The Edge online at www.edgemagazine.net. COPYRIGHT © 2018. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


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S O U L : H OW TO R E M E M B E R W H O W E T RU LY A R E I also recommend finding and doing at least one thing each day that brings you joy. It could be something as simple as feeding some hungry birds, reading a passage from a book or spending some quality time with your pet. Another thing I have found helpful is taking moments during the day where I just pause and become fully present — in the place I am in and in my body. I have found that being present in the body is an essential part of the journey home to your soul — to the feeling of being home.



Reconnecting with Your Soul BY M A R I A NNE SOUCY Growing up, so many of us become disconnected from our soul, our true self. We feel lost, as if something is missing; an inexplicable yearning. Have you experienced this too? Perhaps we end up in jobs that pay the bills but don’t nourish our soul, or we have a dream that we haven’t had the courage to act upon. We drown in our day-to-day obligations and lose sight of the wonder and joy that we at least had glimpses of when we were children. We lost our way. Returning home to the soul — to the path you feel you are intended for in this lifetime — may be a long journey. It is rarely a shift that happens overnight. It’s an inner transformation that requires patience, surrender, mindfulness, compassion, forgiveness, dedication — and that inner drive or resolve that compels you forward no matter how difficult times are.

INNER AWAKENING In my experience, once that inner awakening or journey back to living from the soul 1 8  WWW.EDGEMAGAZINE.NET

has begun, it cannot be ignored. I will share a few action steps I recommend for those looking for guidance on their journey back to their soul. Create a morning ritual or morning practice. Instead of beginning the day in “automatic mode,” reacting to what others “throw at you,” so to speak, start by going within. Take care of your body, for example, by doing yoga and develop inner peace and stillness through a practice like meditation, or another awareness practice. At the end of that morning ritual, take a moment to ask yourself: “What am I inspired to do today?” Listen to your heart, body and soul. What do you need to do to feel centered, at peace, and inspired?

GET CLEAR Usually, we have obligations and commitments, so get clear on what one or two things you absolutely need to do that day — and prioritize doing them as early in the day as possible. This way, your day will begin in a more intentional and peaceful way.

I will end with a mini-meditation from one of my Sacred Spirit Journeys where my spirit guide is speaking: “A simple way for you to connect with your soul in your daily life is to become present in your body. Not live in the future, in the past or in your mind, but by becoming fully present in the Now and in your body. “Start your day by taking a little time — even if you only have 10 minutes — to simply BE in your body, experiencing how you inhabit your body. Make sure that you don’t leave out any area of your body. “Send a blessing and a thank you to your body for its support. Rest in gratitude and presence for a few moments. Notice the breath; how it goes in and out of your body by itself. All you need to do is to allow and not restrict it. “Let go and feel the expansion take place inside. “Your soul is that deep part of yourself that you touch when you become present and still. The part of you that makes you feel ‘home’ and at peace. “Schedule time each day during the next week to do this practice, and see the difference it makes in your life. It is especially important if you feel stressed or out of balance. “And a tip: Taking some deep breaths can vastly increase the benefits of this practice. Experiment and find what works best for you. Every day you will be one step closer to your soul. That is called living a soulful life. Blessings and peace.” a MARIANNE SOUCY is the founder of HealingPetLoss. com and GiveYourDreamWings.com and host of the Healing Pet Loss podcast. A bestselling author, coach and shamanic practitioner since 1997, Marianne connects with spirit guides and pets in the afterlife through her Sacred Spirit Journeys to obtain healing, guidance and empowerment for her clients. COPYRIGHT © 2018. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Becoming Who We Already Are BY ER IC J. CHR ISTOPHER “We are on a journey to become what we already are.” These are the words of the modern and local sage Leonard Jacobson. Another modern sage, Adyashanti, put it another way: “Enlightenment is really just a radical shift in identity.” We are multi-dimensional beings. We are souls that use and identify as specific bodies. As souls, we all come from the same energy source. At the highest level of our being, there is only Oneness. Hence the teaching of sages is non-dualism. Those who have spiritually awakened know at the core of their being, without any doubt, that the consciousness that animates them is the same consciousness that animates you, or a cat or a tree. They identify with that consciousness more than they identify with their bodies and the ego mind chatter that goes with it. The tricky part, however, is that this Truth can only be realized and known without the analytical thinking mind. It is an experience, a knowing that comes only in the present moment when there is a gap between the incessant chatter of the thinking mind, and/or you are identified as the calm, still observer of your thoughts. The thinking mind is the tool that we as humans use to function in our present reality, but it also keeps us identified with our body. Although our thinking mind is very helpful to live this earthly life, it does nothing but hold us back if we decide we want to discover the truth of who we are. That is why people use meditation to quiet the thinking mind. Many health benefits have been measured by quieting the thinking mind — what the Buddha called the source of our suffering. When you are fully present with a flower, a sunset, a lover, a latte or a pet, there is nothing wrong in that moment. Only when the mind pulls you into the past or the

future with worries and concerns, or arguments about how the moment should be different than what it already is, only then is suffering generated. Thus, another modern Australian sage nicknamed Sailor Bob said, “What’s wrong with this moment, unless you think about it?” Yet another present day sage, Byron Katie, says when you go to war with “what is,” you’ll lose every time. If things should be different than what they are, they already would be. This doesn’t mean we can’t change the world or our lives for the better, but change it while anchored in the peace and love of Oneness consciousness, or Christ consciousness, and you’ll notice much more effective results. Not many people realize that hypnosis can be used as a short-cut to enter a profound state of meditation to quiet the thinking mind, and thus anchor yourself deeply in the present moment. Applying hypnosis to go on an inner spiritual journey, such as with past-life regression and lifebetween-lives, is probably the fastest, most effective way for the average person to tune into and identify with the higher dimensions of themselves, partly because it cannot happen unless you are deeply anchored in the present moment and the brain wave activity has slowed down from beta to alpha and then theta and even delta. In past-life regression, once the thinking mind is quiet, you consciously dis-identify from your present body/mind system and assume a different body/mind — one that drops into you only in the present moment from your subconscious mind. You are shown a life that could be either challenging, amazing, or boring, but it will automatically, by default, be something that can help you grow and evolve as a soul, either by healing an unresolved trauma or by learning and applying wisdom gained from the pastlife experience.

Eventually the past life comes to an end and you identify with your soul. Thus, you are no longer identified with either your present or past-life self in that moment, but rather the soul consciousness that animates all the lives you’ve lived. During a Life-Between-Lives spiritual journey, you go deeper into the spirit realm, deeper into the present moment and deeper into a higher dimension of yourself — all of these are synonymous. It is no wonder that as people go further and deeper on their soul’s journey during a Life-Between-Lives session, they feel lighter, freer, and no longer separate from the joy, peace, love and security that the ego personality has long been seeking outside of itself. And as they keep going, they inevitably feel a sense of “home,” and a stronger interconnection with life. “Home” is a place deep within themselves. No incessant mind chatter is noticed, for that part of you becomes silent when tuned into the higher dimensions. In fact, it feels as if it would take effort to apply the thinking mind. All information drops into you as a download of combined thoughts, feelings and senses in the moment. If you want to experience who you really are, try going on a deep inner journey within to re-identify with the higher aspects of your being. After all, you couldn’t separate yourself from that part of you if you tried — it simply gets covered up in this human experience. a ERIC J. CHRISTOPHER has a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, and is a certified hypnotherapist. His life passion has been to spiritually awaken and help clients do the same by guiding them connect to their inner wisdom and higher self that can uncover and heal the roots of limiting fears and beliefs. He specializes in past-life regression therapy, life-between-lives therapy, and also present-life deep emotional healing of the body and subconscious mind. He has a private practice in St. Paul. To learn more, visit www.ericjchristopher.com. COPYRIGHT © 2018. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.




What is Soul, and Why are We Here? BY SR I H A ROLD KLEMP Soul just is. It is the creative center of Its own world. We know that Soul exists by the evidence of life around us. When Soul inhabits a body, that body lives, moves, and has being. When Soul leaves, the body no longer lives, moves, or has being. What has left? By direct or indirect evidence, we know that some unseen force gives life to a physical body. What is that something? Soul, of course. Opinions about Soul outnumber people’s opinions about politics. People who know —actually know, not just believe — that Soul outlives death enjoy happy, creative lives. Soul exists because God loves It. Its destiny is to become a co-worker with God. Plato told of the separation of Soul from the body. The old Greek mystery schools taught their students that Soul could reach the altar of God through certain secret methods. The students spent a few minutes a day with unique contemplative exercises that opened them little by little to the Light and Sound of God. That gave them unshakable proof that Soul lives forever. The most important point of all is that you are Soul. Know that you are a spark of God and can exist fully only within the realization of that profound truth. As such, you are a light and inspiration to others. You can open yourself and gain a greater awareness of who and what you are as Soul. You can do this by singing HU. Sing it to yourself, or sing it out loud. But do it every day. HU is your key to your secret worlds. Once you learn to use this key, you will find a blending of your inner and outer worlds. You’ll find yourself filling with love.

A GENTLE EXERCISE BEFORE SLEEP Try doing this spiritual exercise each evening before you go to sleep. Close your eyes, and sing HU (pronounced like the word hue) for five minutes. Then just before you go to sleep, say to the Inner Master or your spiritual guide, “Please take me to the place where I can learn whatever is important for my spiritual unfoldment. Take me to a Temple of Golden Wisdom.” Or say, “Let me see what it’s like to Soul Travel; you have my permission.” If you can establish the golden heart, which is actually the viewpoint of Soul, you’ll find it easier to have inner experiences and let go of the fear. If you have fear in Soul Travel, you have fear in other things, and it’s holding you back in your life. a SRI HAROLD KLEMP is a living spiritual teacher, guide, and Master. Known as the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master, he is the leader of Eckankar, the Path of Spiritual Freedom. He is author of over a hundred books and known as a pioneer of today’s focus on “everyday spirituality.” The Temple of ECK in Chanhassen, MN, offers free classes based on his books, Wednesdays at 7 p.m. He is the featured speaker at the 2018 ECK Springtime Seminar on Saturday, April 20, 7 p.m., at the Hilton Minneapolis. For more information, visit www.Eckankar.org or call 952.380.2200. COPYRIGHT © 2018. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


My Soul is rooted in Trees BY HEATHER DIGOLO

It’s as right as moonlight dancing off of a calm lake after a gentle summer rain that scattered the week’s debris, and left distant fond memories for the deer and I to see…. Gently, we wonder across the water at each other, about our ancestors, and their predecessors, and the magic that was uncovered. I go to forget the noise and why I remained poised in a transitory, man-made, concrete world, sifting through illusion, lost in confusion. Closing my eyes behind the tree, on all fours, I hear the calls of wolves and smell dens where hens lay stored for later, when my pups wake up in a ravenous rage and need to meet the day and escape decay. My hair is locked into the ground and surrounds my feet as they wish to run with the wild coyotes on a hunt for that one rabbit that got away to make it without slay. My heart reaches for the stars that shed light on the scars that were left like tar on my soul from repeated mistakes of going for the gold; but the untold story was that if I went within, I would begin to get thin and those layers would disintegrate into nothing once I walked away from false displays, that were present on the other side of Looking Glass Lake. My soul is rooted in the trees; they speak to me when life gets bleak and forces conjure the mean streak in humanity. I ask the trees to see me and all the love that is who I am, to send a cardinal or fox sign like a telegram from the great creator, instead of uncle Sam. They answer with surprises like an eagle or a geyser, when I asked only for a small hint, I receive a glimpse of the enormity of the great-spirit. This is why I go. Because the trees know how to talk to my soul. a HEATHER DIGOLO is a Life Coach and acrylic painter in the Twin Cities area. She paints about her healing journey of recovery from love addiction and chemical dependency using horses to tell about creative process, self discovery and uses the arts in her life coaching sessions. She combines her experience from traveling with Renaissance Festivals, 18 years as a housing advocate for people experiencing homelessness, and her own personal healing journey in her art work. She has shown her work all over the metro, has a B.A. in Creative Healing in Human Development, A.S. in Human Services and is a Certified Life Coach, C.P.C. You can find out more about the author at www.hleighart. wordpress.com, www.silentmooncoach.com, or on instagram and facebook under H.Leigh Art or silent_moon_coach. COPYRIGHT © 2018. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.



BY JA NET MICHELE R ED FEATHER We begin life as luminous, stellar beings. We see deep spiritual beauty in the faces of babies: they have pure pearls for smiles, asterisks of light in their sparkly eyes. Babies engage warmly with strangers; they emanate joy. All this is natural for them; they seem to just know. Early in life, we are clear channels of Divine Light. As we grow, we are quickly distracted from our soul’s truth. We tend to set aside a rich inner life in exchange for worldly acquisition. Somehow along the way, we surrender some of our self to satisfy the expectations of others. Ultimately, the journey turns out to be a circular one: we start out knowing exactly who we are, wander through life dismissively, and then return to the point of origin with an enhanced knowing. I am writing this, in part, to discover what happened to the beautiful, compassionate, sensitive, intelligent little girl from Philadelphia. My adoring, wonderful parents lavished praise and support. I grew up thinking I could do anything. I was unstoppable — until adolescence arrived. I wish I had known then what I know now; it would have helped me understand that the approval of the popular crowd was completely meaningless. At the time, though, their imprimatur was all I cared about. I never won their stamp of acceptance; instead, I was handed years of bullying and exclusion. For me, the remembrance of who I truly am speaks to Lao Tzu’s journey of a thousand steps, beginning beneath my feet. I meditate regularly to release resentments and judgments, moving toward forgiveness of myself and others. This is a practice I do more often than I’d like to admit. I’m learning Buddhist principles from the writings of Pema Chodron. She teaches how to use everything — even painful, negative occurrences — as fodder for enlightenment. Enlightenment arises out of the messy stuff, she says. That has been such a relief to consider. In the quest to recover my suppressed soul, I embrace all “unpleasant” experiences. I invite them in, dwell in their fullness, and then try to offer a new and different response. This liberates me from the bondage of negative habits, of dwelling on hurts and


magnifying them. I am finding more open access to my compassionate heart and soul. Another step involves revisioning the past through wisdom eyes. In doing so, I begin to love the self that others had put down.   I came across a photo of myself at age 8. I am posed like a model, one hand on my hip. I am beaming a full smile and radiating light toward the photographer, my loving father who thought me beautiful. Looking at this photo today, I realize what a truly kind and beautiful girl I was. That perception has helped replace the negative snapshots of neighbor kids who found me “too” so many things. To them, I was too tall, too gummy, too skinny. This sense of excessively failing to measure up haunted me for most of my adult life. Seeing the photo now through new eyes, I feel only love for that 8-year-old girl. Evincing tenderness toward myself is healing, further ensuring the recovery of my true essence. Ultimately, my steps brought me to Indian Country. The quest really intensified with my involvement in Lakota and Mandan spiritual culture. Through fasting, going in the sweatlodge, participating in the Okipa and fulfilling my role as ceremonial singer, I telescoped into the present all the good parts of my sweet, earlier self. These pursuits fostered a crucial refocusing, one whose reward was reclamation of the soul’s immanence. All that truly matters is how we regard ourselves — what we think of ourselves. A person in possession of herself knows the depth of her inner being. No opinion, however strongly asserted, can shake that immediate apprehension of the infinite wealth of one’s individual soul. Each of us has his own unique road to travel. Over time, the path I have blazed for myself has been one of revelation and remembrance of who I truly am; and the world is, once again, my oyster. a JANET MICHELE RED FEATHER, J.D., M.A., is a ceremonial singer who has learned over 60 traditional songs in Mandan and Lakota. Her life changed significantly after she traveled to North Dakota in 1993 to fast and pray for a way of life. Her book, Song of the Wind (2014, Galde Press), dealt with her experiences as an empath, and her journey through Mandan spiritual culture. She is currently a full-time, tenured English faculty member at Normandale Community College.

Be the Best Human You can be BY DELL A McGEE This morning I contemplated about my life purpose, wondering what it is all for and why am I here. When I posed the question to guidance this morning they said this: Be the best human you can be. I asked, “Yes, but what does that mean?” Guidance responded: “We can tell you what it doesn’t mean. You have been programmed to believe that your life purpose has to be some grand expression of self. It doesn’t. There was one Mother Teresa, one Louise Hay, one Buddha, one Jesus and only one You. All of these notable people have one thing in common. They were the best humans they could possibly be. “That intention is going to express itself differently for each and every one of you. Sometimes it will show itself and the human will become well known, like Wayne Dyer. Other times that expression will be quieter and only a few will ever see. “When you think in this way, your life purpose becomes clear. We understand your longing for more meaning in your life. That is the soul calling your best self to the surface. Once you can get past the idea that it has to look a certain way, you will find peace.” a DELLA MCGEE is a yoga teacher, intuitive reader, master hypnosis facilitator, and blogger. You can find her services at www. innerpeacemovementstudio.com and her blog posts at dellamcgee.com. COPYRIGHT © 2018. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


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BREATH WORK / ENERGY HEALING / SOUL COACHING: Heal your Body, Clear your Blocks, Enhance your Soul Connection, Transform your Life. Soul Breathing™ workshops and group sessions ongoing. Individual Breath Sessions / Pranic Healing® / NPMDT® / Bemer®  by appointment.  Terri Peterson, SBF, TBF, RPh., 651.442.4623, theconnectingspirit@gmail.com, www.theconnectingspirit.com

BODYMIND COACHING: Discover the opportunities you have to break the patterns and habits in your life so you feel better in your body and more present in your life. Ask for a complimentary session! Honu Therapeutic Massage, Christine Tauer, 612.356.2029, christine@honutherapeuticmassage.com, www.honutherapeuticmassage.com

CHRIST HEALING: Mind Body Spirit Listening to help you heal. Children, Adults, Couples. Heal Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Relationships. Get Clarity on Purpose, Release barriers to change. Susan Broadwell, MA, PsyD., 952.220.5225, susan@mindbodytherapymn.com, www.mindbodytherapymn.com

BODY + MIND + SPIRIT: Feel Great...Be Amazing. KDD Aesthetics & Wellness is a premier Wellness and Aesthetic Center in the Minneapolis area, offering skincare, wellness & intuitive services. Located at 4928 France Ave., Edina. Kat Dutton Davis, KDD Aesthetics & Wellness, 612.730.7510, kathy@kddaesthetics.com, kddaesthetics.com

COACHING - SMALL BUSINESS & PERSONAL Illona provides small business administrative organization overview; Wholistic image consulting with unique color model & tools; Tutor student organizational study skills; Organize anything. Call for details/appointment. Illona Iris, Omega Rainbow Enterprise, 612.387.4610

BODYWORK & BREATHWORK Gently transform limiting patterns at their core. Restore well-being of Body, Mind, and Spirit. Experience your life’s flow/fulfillment. Lee Timm Beaty, Light Heart Unlimited, 612.721.7108, leebeaty@visi.com

CRYSTALS, STONES, STONE ENERGY Ki Stones features mineral specimens, crystals, tumbled stones (over 150 types), decorator pieces, jewelry. In-home store open. Call for an appointment. Sheryl and Dale Fisher, Maple Grove, 763.420.9017, kistones@comcast.net, www.kistones.com

BODYWORK THERAPY / NATURAL HEALING: Bowen Therapy involves a series of gentle, slow moves along various points of the body triggering – via the fascia and vibrationally – healing and pain relief. Elisabete Durfey, 3751 Bloomington Ave. (at Svasti Yoga), Minneapolis, 612.703.7104, elisabetedurfey@yahoo.com, www.bowen-touch.com

EDITING & GRAPHIC DESIGN Editing and designing books. Affordable and timely fliers, brochures, posters, banners and PDF docs. Plan ahead for events and expos. Tim Miejan, 651.578.8969, t.miejan.25@gmail.com

BOOK PUBLICIST Sara Sgarlat works with authors — established as well as unknown — to create innovative and highly effective campaigns.   Sgarlat Publicity, Sara Sgarlat, 434.245.2272, sarasansh@comcast.net, www.sgarlatpublicity.com

EMOTION CODE/ ENERGY HEALING: An energy healing technique that releases trapped emotions, which are harmful energies from negative past events. Clearing trapped emotions helps the body to heal. All sessions are done remotely, meaning you don’t have to leave home or work. Tree of Life Healing, Colleen Picha, ECCP, CMT, 507.649.0580, cmpicha24@gmail.com, www.treeoflifehealing.net 

BREATHWORK: Guided Breathing Sessions & Reiki combined to release trauma, decrease pain and transform your life. Private sessions, live workshops and certifications available. Deanna Reiter & Troy Stende, 651.238.7248, info@ExperienceQiBreathing.com www.ExperienceQiBreathing.com

FENG SHUI SERVICES Residential/Business consultations, mentoring, energy clearing, workshops Barbara Bobrowitz, Energetic Alignments, 763.571.9437, www.energeticalignments.com


FLOWER ESSENCES: Numerous Flower Essences for spiritual and emotional healing. Books, Practitioners Available. In business 37 years. Contact Martin Bulgerin. Present Moment Herbs & Books, 612.824.3157, 1.800.378.3245, herbshop@presentmoment.com, www.presentmoment.com, at 3546 Grand Ave. S., Mpls

HYPNOTHERAPY/PSYCHOTHERAPY: Help with healing overwhelm, trauma, sexual abuse. Build two-way communication with God, angels, guides, dead relatives. Heal across time/ lives. Exorcisms. Channel for Mother Mary. Jerry Buchmeier, Ph.D., Psychotherapist, 763.546.4133, jeromebuchmeier@comcast.net, www.spiritmindinstitute.net

HEALING TOUCH & THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE: Relax with a meditation, intuitive healing touch and chakra balance, then enjoy a 60-minute therapeutic massage, all for $75 for first-time clients (2 hours). Edgar Massage & Chakra Balance, 5215 28th Ave. S., Minneapolis, 612.384.4572, www.edgardennis.com

HYPNOTHERAPY & TRAINING Past Life, Between-Lives Regression. Spiritual Coach 20 years experience.

HERBS: 600+ medicinal & cooking herbs, tinctures, capsules & oils, new and used books, Natural healing practitioners available. Contact Dr. Andrew Lucking, ND, Duane Givens. Present Moment Herbs & Books, 612.824.3157, 1.800.378.3245, herbshop@presentmoment.com, www.presentmoment.com, at 3546 Grand Ave. S., Mpls

JOURNEY COACHING: Clear Mental Clutter thru radical self awareness generating energy for empowered living to authentically Step into YOUR Happy Mind, Body & Soul. Complimentary Hour Clarity Conversation.  Smiling Wellness, 612.554.9163, Seri@SmilingWellness.com, www.SmilingWellness.com 

HOMEOPATHY: 2,000 Homeopathic Remedies, Individual Potencies, Books, Practitioners Available. Contact Dr. Andrew Lucking ND, Martin Bulgerin, We buy and sell new and used books. Present Moment Herbs & Books, 612.824.3157, 1.800.378.3245, herbshop@presentmoment.com, www.presentmoment.com, at 3546 Grand Ave. S., Mpls

METAPHYSICAL SHOP: Palm Reading, Astrology and Psychic Readings Drumming & Meditation, Biomat Sessions available. We carry various products such as Crystals, Rocks, Cards, Jewelry, Dream Catchers & many gift items. Open Thursdays 3-8 Fridays 11-5, Saturdays 10-3 . At 26789 Forest Blvd., Wyoming, MN. Crescent Moon Metaphysical Shop, Nancy, 612.328.0891

HYPNOSIS: Karie’s mission is to help people find peace within themselves. Offering Healthy, Happy Healing Options for All. Karie is working on her Master’s Degree in Mental Health Clinical Counseling and has multiple certifications. Inner Healing Hypnosis, 1001 Kingwood Street, #127, Brainerd, MN, 208.55.RELAX, karie@innerhealinghypnosis.com, www.mnhsa.com

PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT / SOUL READINGS Soul Readings for clarity and guidance. Psychic Development classes to heal, reclaim your gifts, and consciously create with your own unique body/soul partnership. Cindy Lehman 612.669.1861, cindy@cindylehman.com, www.cindylehman.com

HYPNOTHERAPY: Need relief from anxiety, depression, phobias or PTSD? Ready to gain insight into your soul’s purpose through Past Life or Life-Between-Lives regression? Over 15 Years Experience. Located in St. Paul. Eric Christopher, MSMFT, CHT, 651.649.1952,  www.ericjchristopher.com

REIKI HEALING Experience the divine energy of Reiki for balance, relaxation, wellness. Treatment sessions. Studentoriented training for all levels. Sheryl and Dale Fisher, Reiki Master-Teachers, 763.420.9017, dashf@comcast.net

HYPNOTHERAPY Client-centered hypnotherapy. Why not start today? The rest of your life is waiting for you! Located at 311 4th St SW, Suite 211, Willmar MN. Jessica L Hanson, CHt, LLC, Willmar Hypnosis, 320.979.6875, hypnosismnjessica@gmail.com, www.willmarhypnosis.com

SUFI Four Layers of the Heart. Jess Fauchier, 763.360.9259, fauchier@goldengate.net, www.suficentermn.org

HYPNOTHERAPY & CONSCIOUSNESS COACHING™: Change your mind. Change your life. Five Phase Advanced Transformational Hypnotherapy.™ Transform limiting beliefs, fears, anxiety, habits, 5 Pillars of Balance, Spiritual Direction, Conflict Resolution Skills. Judith Froemming, BA, CH, CTC, HNLP, Infinite Mind Hypnosis & Coaching, 651.216.0085, www.infinitemindhypnosis.com

EXPLORE THE EDGE DIRECTORY ONLINE Discover Holistic Resources at the new subscription-based online Directory. Maps, photos, descriptions, rate your experiences and send comments. Directory.Edgemagazine.net

Madonna Kettler, Ph.D., LBL, 612.709.5578, www.madonnakettler.com

A N I N V I TAT I O N T O P S YC H I C S & I N T U I T I V E S The Edge magazine will feature your insights on the Energies of 2019 in its January Prediction issue. We welcome you to be part of The Edge’s Predictions Issue by sharing your glimpse into what 2019 will be all about. We’re looking

for insight that will support us, not terrify us with doom and gloom. Ask your guides how we can best move forward in the coming year. 100-500 words by December 10 Include a brief personal bio Submit: www.Edgemagazine.net/ submit-articles/ or email editor@edgemagazine.net NOVEMBER 2018






The Edge Intuitive Network is $45 monthly (1-3 mos.), $35 monthly (4-7 mos.), $30 monthly (8-12 mos.) Deadline: 15th of each month. Major credit cards are accepted. Provide: headline (10 words or less); description (80 words or less); name; phone; email; website; photo(s) or logo (2 inches wide x .75 inches high). To be included: 763.433.9291 or cathy@edgemagazine.net


Lisa has been psychic medium all her life and has been doing readings for 10 years. With Lisa’s unique style she’ll articulate the messages and evidence that spirit brings through in a way that no one else can. She does private sittings as well as groups, parties and live audience readings. Lisa is also the author of several books, including Gifted – A Guide for Mediums, Psychics & Intuitives. Readings can be scheduled online, as well as by phone or email. Lisa Andres, 952.234.1749, lisaandresmedium@gmail.com, www.lisaandres.com

952.234.1749 www.lisaandres.com

JOIN ME FOR A JOURNEY ACROSS THE EMERALD ISLE! Are you ready to transform in a place that feels like home? Imagine a transformational journey to a land where mysteries and magic lie. Land of green lushness, steep cliffs and trees that reach the sky. A place where ancient memories trigger deep remembrances of lifetimes ago. The memories bringing you a sense of completeness, just exactly what you had been hoping for. And even celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in the streets of Ireland! Are you ready? Visit Angelablaha.com/ireland/ Angela Blaha, MA, Consciousness Mentor, www.angelablaha.com, www.facebook.com/angelablahapublic/ ALISON JAMES: PROFESSIONAL PSYCHIC MEDIUM • VOTED THE BEST BY WCCO•TCT•MSP•CBS

Born a naturally gifted Psychic Medium. And one of the finest professionals and most referred name by those in the know. Five-star ethics with an objective approach in her established career and stays on point with fine-tuned focused readings, utilizing her efficient modern question direct© methodology. Alison has a strong affinity with animals of all kinds and is a successful Healer. She is the genuine real deal! Alison James, 612.424.1411, info@alisonjames.us, www.alisonjames.us


Jurema is an internationally known psychic, medium and healer. She grew up in Brazil experiencing an amazing variety of ancient healing practices. Nearly 30 years ago, she brought to the U.S. her spiritual knowledge with an original approach to healing and psychic readings. Channeling her spirit guides, Jurema looks into your energy field (soul) and becomes aware of your past/past lives, present and future. Schedule your appointment today. “She is the REAL DEAL!” — Leslee P. from New Hampshire Jurema Silva, 320.260.7305, juremashealinggarden@yahoo.com, www.juremasilva.com

612.424.1411 info@alisonjames.us www.alisonjames.us

juremashealinggarden@ yahoo.com www.juremasilva.com facebook.com/ juremasilva.brazilianhealer


Allie Maurer is an International Psychic Medium, Healer, Animal Communicator, Spiritual Teacher, and Intuitive Life Coach. She is passionate about her life’s purpose: utilizing her natural gifts to provide guidance, clarity, and healing to those looking for support. Her clients love her accuracy, honesty, authenticity, compassion, and that she always treats them as an equal. Whether it is connecting to a pet, deceased loved one, seek deeper knowledge to the events unfolding in your life or healing: she is here to help. Allie Maurer, 952.334.6496, www.AllieMaurer.com, www.facebook.com/psychicalliemaurer

952.334.6496 www.AllieMaurer.com


Deborah is unlike any others, she will give you Names and Descriptions of people alive and or deceased from your past, present and future. Are you feeling lost, like you don’t have a clue which way to go? Be assured that Deborah Lynn11, with over 30 years experience, will Guide you to where YOU need to be.  Deborah Lynn 11, 651.439.5337, www.DeborahLynn11.com

MULTIDIMENSIONAL MASTER SHAMAN PaLiChi AND TEACHER OF ENLIGHTENMENT Chee Vue (PaLiChi) uses a variation of Shamanic readings, soul diagnosis and spirit medicine to

accelerated meditation and trauma releases. She instructs FaLiThi Chi (Qi) energy healing and meditation for revitalization and DNA activation. Her ancient spirit guides and numerous angels bring gifts to you through personalized experience to boost you to levels of highest and best. This is “Where manifestation comes to life.” Call for a free 10-minute phone consultation now! FaLiThi Healing LLC, Chee Vue (PaLiChi), 763.742.8690, services@falithihealing.com, www.falithihealing.com


I offer private, respectful Soul Readings to connect with your soul’s wisdom for guidance, clarity and healing. All questions are welcome. Relationships can be looked at from a soul perspective including connecting with those who have passed on. I also offer beginning and advanced Psychic Development classes. My passion is teaching others to more fully access their own intuitive/psychic/soul gifts, while living and creating from heart in a healthy partnership honoring both body and soul.  Cindy Lehman, 612.669.1861, cindy@cindylehman.com, www.cindylehman.com 2 4  WWW.EDGEMAGAZINE.NET

763.742.8690 services@ falithihealing.com www.falithihealing.com

612.669.1861 cindy@cindylehman.com www.cindylehman.com


I have been an intuitive tarot reader for nine years. I am very honest and up front not only with what I am seeing in the cards, but what I am feeling as well. I do though express this information with complete tact and tender loving care. I have done my readings in a boutique and at expos with great success and my clients have left very happy. I also do private readings by appointments. Brenda’s Intuitive Tarot Readings, 651.492.9917, blf767@live.com

651. 492.9917


612.508.9606 www. earthwaterwellness. com

Get a handle on behavior problems. Discover what makes your pet happy and what irritates them. Animals are sentient beings and can have surprisingly complex thoughts. Our pets are on a divine mission to bring love and companionship into our lives. They are aware of our burdens and difficulties, and can be greatly affected by them. A little guidance and insight can help both you and your pet on your journey together. Marie Savage, 612.508.9606, www.earthwaterwellness.com


Akashic Records are the energetic recording of your soul’s journeys, in this lifetime and past lifetimes. You are connected to this energy whether you are in soul form or human form. Akashic Readings allow you to learn your soul’s purpose and desired intents in this lifetime. This includes information regarding career choices, relationships, lifestyle choices and best possibilities for your future. An Akashic Reading can assist you in understanding your purpose and current life circumstances. Don Snyder, 763.300.7521, don@donaldjsnyder.com, www.donaldjsnyder.com

PATRICE CONNELLY, DIRECTOR OF QUESTFIELDS: INTUITIVE DEVELOPMENT TEACHER, HEALER, STUDENT For 35 years I have taught and continue to teach Intuitive Development classes,

worked with numerous clients in one-on-one sessions in person or by phone bringing Spirituality, creativity and humor together. I offer practical hands on tools for students and clients to explore and to develop their own unique gifts working with their Spirit through soul, mind and body. It is a never-ending source of delight and pleasure to see students and clients become empowered in their ownership. Patrice Connelly, Questfields, www.questfields.com

763.300.7521 www.donaldjsnyder.com

www. questfields.com

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and youth in fulfilling their potential. Services and events include healing, prayer, men’s and women’s groups, meditation, sacred text and shamanic studies. UNSC serves the wider community through programs such as Family Promise and Family Table.


Sacred Gatherings are $90 total for 3 mos., $150 total for 6 mos., $240 total for one year. Deadline: 15th of each month. Major credit cards are accepted. Provide: Name, address, phone, email, website, gathering times & brief description. To be included: 763.433.9291 or cathy@edgemagazine.net or www.edgemagazine.net/advertise Center for Spiritual Living Minneapolis: Anahata Collobrative, 2836 Lyndale Ave. S., Lower Level, Minneapolis, 612.759.0870, www.cslminneapolis.org — Center for Spiritual Living Minneapolis is a spiritual community that honors all paths to God. Using the principles of Science of Mind and the philosophies of our founder Ernest Holmes, the Center provides spiritual tools to transform our personal lives and make the world a better place. If you are ready to be home and in the flow of Good, come see us every Sunday for Meditation at 10:25 a.m. and our Sacred Service at 11 a.m. Visit our website for upcoming life changing classes, motivating workshops and for details about our inspiring Spiritual Book Club and Discussion Group that meets the second and fourth Tuesday of the month. Lake Harriet Spiritual Community: A Center for Conscious Living, 4401 Upton Ave. S., Minneapolis, 612.922.4272, www.lakeharrietspiritualcommunity.org — Raise your consciousness by attending our classes, workshops and Sunday Services led by amazing speakers! Raise your vibration in our beautiful, historic building (now on the National Historic Register). Give us a try as part of your spiritual journey and feel the love of our heartbased community. Visit our community for: great meditations, yoga classes, speakers and programs that include mindfulness, developing your intu-


ition, releasing negative beliefs, allowing greater abundance, and breaking the barriers to deep self-healing. Spirit United Church: 612.378.3602, contact@ spiritunited.com, www.spiritunited.com — Spirit United is a spiritually diverse community that is undergoing transformation. We are moving our location, so please watch for updates on the website and newsletter or call 612-378-3602. Unity Minneapolis: 4000 Golden Valley Road, Minneapolis. 763.521.4793, www.unityminneapolis.org — We are an all-inclusive community that offers a positive, practical, everyday spiritual message. No matter which of our Sunday services you attend (9:30/11:30), you will experience a dynamic message and music program. We have an engaging youth program, as well as adult education classes, throughout the year. Our monthly healing service is at 7pm on the first Tuesday of each month. Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, you are welcome here. Unity North Spiritual Center, 11499 Martin St. NW, Coon Rapids, MN, 763.754.6489, unity@ unitynorthmn.org, www.unitynorthmn.org — Unity North Spiritual Center is committed to offering a space to support community members


S E E K I N G , S E L L I N G , P R O M OT I N G

Classifieds are $1 per word, 20-word minimum. Deadline: 15th of each month. Major credit cards are accepted. Provide: Category & text To be included: 763.433.9291 or cathy@edgemagazine.net

a a a a

Unity of the Valley Spiritual Center, 4011 W. Highway 13, Savage, MN, 952.895.0745,  www.unityofthevalleymn.org — Discover this all-inclusive community teaching positive, practical spiritual ideas. Our Sunday service and youth programs are at 10 a.m.  We also offer a variety of classes throughout the week and much more for those who want to evolve in spiritual understanding and consciousness in a supportive community.  Visit our website for class details or to sample Sunday services. Off Hwy 13 Just west of 35W on the Burnsville/Savage border. Unity South Twin Cities: 7950 1st Ave. S., Bloomington, 952.884.6656, www.unitysouth.org — Whatever your religious background — or if participation in a spiritual community is new for you — you are welcome here. We invite you to join us for Sunday Services (9am and 10:3am), classes of self-discovery, social events and charitable team projects we do in our Minneapolis metro. Our youth program builds self-esteem through discovery classes and fun activities. For a 30-minute refresh we invite you to our inspiring and peaceful Prayer Services (M-Th, 11am). At Unity South, we honor the God-created beauty and worth in each person. Our spiritual community is part of Unity Worldwide Ministries and is based on the teachings of Jesus Christ as practiced in daily living. Let’s celebrate one another!



DISASTERS, EARTH UPHEAVALS, DYING: Scientific reports clearly indicate the dramatic deterioration of conditions in the world. Why doesn't God intervene? But He did! Find out how… www.Gabriele-Publishing-House.com, or call 844.576.0937.

PROMOTE THE EDGE: The Edge magazine is seeking volunteers in Mankato to identify new locations where The Edge can be shared with the public. We’d love for you to take The Edge around to these locations each month. Contact Cathy at 763.533.9291 or cathy@edgemagazine.net.

W E I N V I T E YO U T O A D V E R T I S E IN THE EDGE MAGA ZINE Explore the wide variety of advertising opportunities available in The Edge magazine each and every month. Your display ad will be visible in print – and online it will be featured on our “Advertisers This Month” page, and in our monthly flipbook, which is read online by thousands of people around the world.


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CALL TODAY 763.433.9291 Cathy Jacobsen - cathy@edgemagazine.net www.Edgemagazine.net/advertise






Happenings Events are $29 for up to 35 words, $45 for 36-70 words. Listings over 70 words will be edited. Deadline: 15th of each month. Major credit cards are accepted. Provide: Date, title and text. Listing must include specific event dates and time, or it will be placed under Ongoing and not be included online. To be included: 763.433.9291 or cathy@edgemagazine.net or www.edgemagazine.net/advertise November 3 – Let’s Do Life Workshop: Your life is happening every moment of every day. Are you ready to be a bigger participant in it? Are you stuck and don’t know how to start thriving? Do you wonder how some people are able to “make” good stuff happen? Kelli von Heydekampf’s ongoing monthly workshop, “Let’s Do Life,” dives into these questions and allows you the time and space to begin designing the life that you want. 9-11am on first Saturday of each month through May 4 at Unity South Church, 7950 1st Ave. S., Bloomington. $20 monthly, tickets: Squareup. com/store/west-metro-hypnosis/item/your-lifeby-design-workshop-1 November 3 – Who Am I? Find Your Peace in the Enneagram Puzzle: This workshop provides a clear layout of the 9 enneagram types, which will quickly help you identify your own patterns of behavior that take you from imbalance to balance. Saturday 10am-1pm, $49, Normandale Community College, 9700 France Ave. S., Bloomington, 952.358.8343, www.normandale. edu/ce/classes November 3 – Meditation With Oneness Blessings | Discovering Your Purpose: Do you feel a calling from within that there is something more that you are meant to do in this life, something you haven’t quite put your finger on just yet? Join us for an insightful meditation and Oneness Blessings for illuminating a clearer picture of what you really came here to do. Open to all ages!  11amNoon, Sacred Space Yoga + Meditation, 1955 Johnson St. NE, Minneapolis. Reserve your spot: Discoveryourpurposemlps.eventbrite.com. Call 612.930.2662, email Info@IntraAwareness.com and visit www.IntraAwareness.com November 3 – Dreamweaver | Shamanic Journeying Monthly Series: Receive a powerful attunement through the sacred drum designed to awaken the Dreamweaver within you. In this journey you will be guided to the sacred keeper of your personal dreamtime allowing you to create

or deepen your ability to travel in the dream realm and bring resources and insights back with you so that you may weave your own reality into being. 12:30-1:30pm at Sacred Space Yoga + Meditation, 1955 Johnson St. NE, Minneapolis. Reserve your spot: Dreamweaverjourney.eventbrite.com. Call 612.930.2662, email Info@IntraAwareness.com and visit www.IntraAwareness.com November 3-4 – Body Mind Spirit Expo Minneapolis: Body Mind Spirit brings refreshed energy to the holistic movement in 2018 and are excited to bring you under a revitalized management our newest addition to the family: Minneapolis Holistic Expo. Join us for the latest in new thought presentations, the best advances in alternative health and as always the nations finest selections of psychics and mediums. This year we have themed our events “Be the Change.” With wonderful exhibits and free presentations, the expo truly will have you smiling throughout the weekend. 10am-6pm Saturday, $12 weekend admission, 10am-5pm Sunday, Earle Brown Heritage Center, 6155 Earle Brown Dr., Minneapolis. Complete details and printed program, and save $2 with coupon, at www.bmse.net November 4  – Travel in the God Worlds: Join people from all walks of life for ECK Light and Sound Service at the Temple of ECK.  Dynamic speakers, original creative arts, and singing HU, a sacred name for God, celebrate a life lived in harmony with Divine Spirit. 10am, Sunday, Nov. 4, and the first Sunday of every month at Temple of ECK/Eckankar, the Path of Spiritual Freedom,  7450 Powers Blvd., Chanhassen, 952.380.2200, www. TempleofECK.org November 7 – “Be Yourself and Be Well” SelfHealing Series: Explore the spiritual nature of healing at its deepest levels. Learn the concepts and techniques necessary to bring awareness into your own life. Develop a deeper appreciation for your true Self and acquire tools for staying centered and balanced during life’s challenges.




Wednesday 5:30-7:30pm, $145, Normandale Community College, 9700 France Ave. S., Bloomington, 952.358.8343, www.normandale. edu/ce/classes November 7-28 – 30-Day Happiness Practice: A powerful experience for individuals who want to shift from stressed out and burned out to happy and productive—with measurable impact in just 30 days. This hybrid learning experience occurs both in-person and online. Wednesdays 6-7:30pm, $150, Normandale Community College, 9700 France Ave. S., Bloomington, 952.358.8343, www.normandale.edu/ce/classes November 9 – Crystal Grid Experience: During this Crystal Healing Class you will experience a customized crystal healing with a crystal grid set up in the room, as well as on and around each individual participant. Your instructors will be guided to which crystals want to work with you at each event, so each monthly experience is unique and customized. 6:30-7:30pm at Sacred Space Yoga + Meditation, 1955 Johnson St. NE, Minneapolis. Reserve your spot: Novcrystalgridexperience.eventbrite.com. Call 612.930.2662, email Info@IntraAwareness.com and visit www.IntraAwareness.com November 10 – Receiving Your Wings of Light Workshop: Receiving Your Wings of Light is an invitation from the Universe to claim your light. The activation ceremony will consist of a circle of love, angel poses, 10,000 hands moving meditation, group adoration, and practice walking with our wings of light. The experience is sacred, meaningful, playful and delightful. $54, includes workshop materials. For more information, contact Carolyn at 612.325.5162 or Carolyn@ CarolynVinup.com. Visit Gatewaystobrilliance. com/wings-of-light-workshop/ November 10 – Wild Moon Bhaktas CD Release Chanting Party: With the Twin Cities’ Premiere Chanting Band, with special guests Barbara Meyer & Will Kemperman. 8-10pm Saturday, Nov. 10 at Tula Yoga Center, 99 Snelling Ave. N., St. Paul. Recommended $10-15. For more info, visit www. wildmoonbhaktas.com or wildmoonbhaktas@ gmail.com November 10 – Mid-Autumn Holiday & Crystal Fair in Willmar: Looking for that perfect magickal gift? Join us at the Mid-Autumn Holiday & Crystal Fair, featuring: Paranormal Investigators, Jewelry, Raffles, Massages, Crystals, Doug’s Wooden  see HAPPENINGS on p. 28 NOVEMBER 2018




continued from p. 27

Goodies, Aura Photos, Tea Leaf Reading, Intuitive Readings, Aura Healings, Essential Oils, Spirit Guide, Bath Salts and more. Willmar Community Center, 624 Hwy 71 N. Info: Facebook Willmar Pagan Events or call 320.765.2510. November 11 – Greg Tamblyn Comedy Concert: Amusement is high vibration! Get your dose of music and laughter Sunday, 12:30pm, Unity of the Valley, 4011 W. Hwy 13, Savage, MN. $15 before, $20 at door. For more information, call 952.895.0745 and visit www.unityofthevalleymn.org November 14 – Holistic Health Assessment - An Herbal Perspective: Learn to assess a person’s overall health using holistic-evaluation techniques. This class will expand upon methods discussed in the Herbal Therapy Series to determine the health of an individual, specifically his or her energetic imbalances; the strength of his/her vital force, blood quality, and digestion; and the level of his or her toxicity. Wednesday 6:30-9pm, $49, Normandale Community College, 9700 France Ave. S., Bloomington, 952.358.8343, www.normandale. edu/ce/classes November 14 – December 12 – Religion and the Divine Self | Online: The Collective tells us consistently that we are an aspect of Source with the same frequency and creative potential. Why don’t we feel divine? What holds us back from viewing ourselves as such? The influence of religious beliefs permeates our society and our view of self. Religion and the Divine Self is an opportunity to explore and release the religious programming that many of us still struggle with. Wednesdays, 7-8:15pm. Register at Kellythebo.com/religion-and-the-divine-self/ November 17 – The History of You: Perceptions Matter: Let The Collective lead you in transforming your perception of yourself. We all have beliefs that were born from perceptions, especially those we held as children. Perceptions matter – they are the basis of our creations, but should we be embracing them as truth? This workshop is designed to teach you how to deconstruct the beliefs you hold that aren’t serving you so you can adopt those that will. Saturday 9am-Noon at DoubleTree by Hilton, Minneapolis – Park Place. Register at Kellythebo. com/11-17-2018-minneapolis/ November 17-18 – Healthy Life Expo™: Nutrition, Fitness and Longevity — It’s all here! Explore up to 200 exhibitors offering everything for maintaining health and success in all areas of life! Featuring 3 Stages of ongoing speaker presentations, demonstrations and live entertainment. Free product sampling, hourly drawings and health information, tips, and ideas. New this year is the Yoga Stage with ongoing seminars and demonstrations. 10am-5pm Saturday and Sunday, Minneapolis Convention Center – Ballroom, 1301 2nd St., Minneapolis. Admission $6 or Free with a donation for the Golden Valley Family Center Food Shelf. See all the attractions at www.MediaMaxEvents.com or call 952.238.1700. 2 8  WWW.EDGEMAGAZINE.NET

November 18 – Experience the Sound of Soul: Discover your inner guidance, healing for body, mind, and spirit, and a higher form of creativity by chanting the sacred sound of HU. Spiritual discussion and light refreshments. Free. 10am, Sunday, Nov. 18, Temple of ECK/Eckankar, the Path of Spiritual Freedom, 7450 Powers Blvd., Chanhassen, 952.380.2200, www.TempleofECK.org November 23 – Charity Group Reading with Maureen Allan: Maureen will bridge the gap between our world and Heaven by channeling messages of love and closure from your family and friends on the Other Side. Group readings are a wonderful opportunity to have the chance to either receive direct messages, or to learn more about how communicating with the Spirit world works — so you will be more prepared when you are receiving messages on your own. This event is scheduled to bring awareness to and help stop animal cruelty by shutting down the horrific, illegal, underground world of dog fighting. 7-9pm at Hyatt Regency, 3200 E 81st St., Bloomington. $50. Pre-registration required; Please contact assistant@ maureenallan.com to reserve a seat. Pre-payment guarantees a spot. November 29 – Healing Touch Course 1: Foundations of Healing Touch: Learn a variety of Healing Touch techniques and self-care in this certificate program through lecture and gentle, heart-centered energy experiential activities. This class is open to anyone who desires to experience energy therapy and to help others. Friday 8am-5pm, Saturday 8am-4pm, $335, Normandale Community College, 9700 France Ave. S., Bloomington, 952.358.8343, www.normandale.edu/ce/classes November 29 – Self-Hypnosis: In just one evening, you will learn to put yourself into deep hypnosis to improve self-esteem, reduce stress, improve concentration, quit smoking, lose weight, sleep better, enhance creativity, reduce pain and more. Thursday 6-9pm, $49, Normandale Community College, 9700 France Ave. S., Bloomington, 952.358.8343, www.normandale.edu/ce/classes November 30 – Transmission of Light with Christine Day: Christine Day, Pleiadian Ambassador, works closely with Mother Mary, the Christ energy, the Angels, Light Beings and Masters; come and be a part of this profound experience.  Christine will channel a message from the Pleiadians, which is relevant in the moment. 7pm at Crown Plaza Aire, 3 Appletree Square, Bloomington, MN. Register at Christinedayonline.com/store or contact Joanne at 651.452.2895 or wakefieldj@hotmail.com December 1 – Meditation With Oneness Blessings | Inner Integrity: Inner integrity is a special key that when you take hold of it, allows you to unlock the door and step into what is really happening in your internal world. In this guided meditation with Oneness Blessings you will be able to have a personal experience of inner integrity and how it can permanently upgrade your life.  Open to all ages!  11am-Noon at Sacred Space Yoga + Meditation, 1955 Johnson St. NE, Minneapolis. Reserve your spot: Innerintegrity.eventbrite.com. Call 612.930.2662, email Info@IntraAwareness.com

and visit www.IntraAwareness.com December 1 – Sacred Sites | Shamanic Journeying Monthly Series: Within the physical and internal worlds there are numerous sacred sites that carry unique and powerful energies, that when tapped into can offer you new resources to help you meet the challenges in your life. 12:30-1:30pm at Sacred Space Yoga + Meditation, 1955 Johnson St. NE, Minneapolis. Reserve your spot: Sacredsitesjourney. eventbrite.com. Call 612.930.2662, email Info@ IntraAwareness.com and visit www.IntraAwareness. com December 1-3 – 3-Day Pleiadian Seminar: Join Christine Day for this profound opportunity to re-access your power and receive Pleiadian initiations never before offered to the general public. You Healing You. Learn a step-by-step process where you utilize unique overlays, which activate, rejuvenate and promote healing. Open into a new relationship with your physical body. You are ready! Crowne Plaza Aire MSP Airport. $400 before September 22. Visit www.christinedayonline.com December 7 – Crystal Grid Experience: During this Crystal Healing Class you will experience a customized crystal healing with a crystal grid set up in the room, as well as on and around each individual participant. Your instructors will be guided to which crystals want to work with you at each event, so each monthly experience will be unique and customized. 6:30-7:30pm at Sacred Space Yoga + Meditation, 1955 Johnson St. NE, Minneapolis. Reserve your spot: Deccrystalgridexperience. eventbrite.com. Call 612.930.2662, email Info@ IntraAwareness.com and visit www.IntraAwareness. com December 14-16 – OnenessNLP™ 101 Certificate Course: Over the course of this insightful 3-day weekend, we will dive into how to improve and develop communication skills with personal relationships, loved ones, co-workers, clients and peers. NLP will empower you to recognize and enhance your personal power and professional value. Learn to become a more effective leader, role-model, and make every outcome an attainable reality. Experience the benefits of NLP, explore its history, develop and apply the fundamental skills of NLP directly to your life. 9:30am-6:30pm Daily. Reserve your spot: Nnlpdecember2018.eventbrite.com. Call 612.930.2662, email Info@IntraAwareness.com and visit www.IntraAwareness.com January 18-20 – OnenessNLP™ 101 Certificate Course: Come and be immersed in the transformational energies of healing consciousness through our NLP 101 Certificate Course covering the basic fundamentals of NLP techniques and how to begin applying them immediately to your life. Over the course of this insightful 3-day weekend, we will dive into how to improve and develop communication skills with personal relationships, loved ones, co-workers, clients and peers. 9:30am-6:30pm Daily at Clarus Center, 28379 Davis Parkway, Suite 801, Warrenville, Illinois. Reserve your spot: Nlpjanuary2019.eventbrite.com. Call 612.930.2662, email Info@IntraAwareness.com and visit www. IntraAwareness.com



Free Edge Podcasts in November November 6 – Free Podcast “Edge Learning Well” with Elise Marquam Jahns: Learning Well – Your partner in integrative health education. You’ll hear from fascinating experts who will share rich information designed to enhance your health, career and relationships. Learning Well… bringing growth, joy and inspiration to your life! This show is sponsored by the Integrative Health Education Center of Normandale Community College. 6pm, call 714.364.4750 at show time or listen anytime after the show at Blogtalkradio.com/ edgemagazine.

Listen anytime for free at Blogtalkradio.com/edgemagazine or call at show time at 714.364.4750. Show archives: Explore every show at www.edgemagazine.net/edge-talk-radio Host your own show: call 612.710.7720 or 763.433.9291 for details November 9 – Free Podcast “Edge Happenings” with Cathy Jacobsen: Live conversations with those who are bringing special events to the community in the next month. Gather more insight into what to expect at these coming events and why they will be meaningful

February 15-17 – OnenessNLP™ 101 Certificate Course: Over the course of this insightful 3-day weekend, we will dive into how to improve and develop communication skills with personal relationships, loved ones, co-workers, clients and peers. NLP will empower you to recognize and enhance your personal power and professional value. Learn to become a more effective leader, role-model, and make every outcome an attainable reality. Experience the benefits of NLP, explore its history, develop and apply the fundamental skills of NLP directly to your life. 9:30am-6:30pm Daily. Reserve your spot: Nlpfebruary2019.eventbrite.com. Call 612.930.2662, email Info@IntraAwareness.com and visit www.IntraAwareness.com

to you in your everyday life. 10am, call 714.364.4750 at show time or listen anytime after the show at Blogtalkradio.com/edgemagazine. November 14 – Free Podcast “Edge Inner View” with Cathryn Taylor: Join host Cathryn Taylor as she

March 15-17, April 19-21, May 17-19, June 14-16 – Level 2 | HNLP & NLP Practitioner (108Hours): In this HNLP & NLP Practitioner Course, you will explore how Neuro-Linguistic Psychology changes your unconscious inner dialogue to bring about a better life and is the natural progression after receiving the prerequisite OnenessNLP™ 101 Certificate Course. Through a conscious use of spoken and mental language, you can recode your mind to drop behaviors, which limit your full potential. 9:30am-6:30pm Daily. Reserve your spot: Level2practitioner2019.eventbrite.com. Call 612.930.2662, email Info@IntraAwareness.com and visit www.IntraAwareness.com June 24 – 2019 Sacred Tour of England: Visit Stonehenge, Glastonbury, Avebury, Tintagel and experience much more from June 24 to July 3 with your host, Jaci Loos. Limited to six people. For more

speaks with Jonathan Glass, author of The Total Life Cleanse. He is a master acupuncturist, certified Shuddha Ayurveda therapist and herbalist who has served on the faculty of the New England School of Acupuncture and The Dharma Institute of Yoga and Ayurveda. 3pm, call 714.364.4750 at show time or listen anytime after the show at Blogtalkradio.com/ edgemagazine. November 19 – Free Podcast “Edge EFT Happy Half Hour – Rap & Tap” with Cathryn Taylor: “EFT for Body, Mind, Heart & Soul” – Take the edge off your day! Treat yourself to a half hour of relaxation and relief with the new, innovative stress-reducing technique of Energy Tapping. 3pm, call 714.364.4750 at show time or listen anytime after the show at Blogtalkradio.com/edgemagazine.

information contact Jaci at 651.269.7545 or email msloos777@comcast.net July 26-28, Aug. 23-25, Sept. 27-29 – Level 3 | Hypnotherapy Training (81-Hours): Hypnosis Is The Doorway to Your Unconscious Mind. Are you ready to open your mind and release the inner potential of yourself and your clients? Become a Certified Ericksonian Hypnotherapist and experience powerful new skills that allow you to permanently connect your conscious mind with your own inner wisdom. During this 3-month course, you will unlock the inner doorways of your unconscious mind and discover how to help others make permanent changes in their lives. 9:30am-6:30pm Daily. Reserve your spot: 2019hypnotherapy.eventbrite.com. Call 612.930.2662, email Info@IntraAwareness.com and visit www.IntraAwareness.com


FOR THE FALL / WINTER EDGE DIRECTORY! Learn what these businesses and practitioners are offering our community! Audubon Center of the North Woods Bellaluna Boutique Brenda’s Intuitive Tarot Readings Maggie Chula Conscious Dying Institute Dark Moon Coven Earth & Water Wellness, Marie Savage Enchanted Awakenings Event Center Enchanted Boutique Energy Medicine, Marcia Sheryl and Dale Fisher Judith Froemming, Infinite Mind Hypnosis and Coaching Golden Sun Chiropractic Wellness Center PLLC & Healing Taj

Healing Bridge Hypnosis LLC, Gail Mason Gregory Heaton-Hill Dr. Steven Hiebert Kathleen Kalil Kayla Michaele Ki Stones, Sheryl and Dale Fisher Cindy Lehman Light Heart Unlimited, Lee Timm Beaty Llewellyn Worldwide Jaci Loos, Wave Dance Bodywork LynMarie8 Dianne Miller, Leviticus 11 Mind Body & Spirit NonaJolene, LLC

Normandale Community College Questfields, Patrice Connelly LaJeanne Runnels Satail Share International Jurema Silva Silva UltraMind ESP Seminars & Individual Learning Opportunities Don Snyder Arriale Starbird




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Edge November 2018  

The Edge is a monthly magazine on holistic living. It supports an authentic way of life. It features an online digital magazine, as well as...

Edge November 2018  

The Edge is a monthly magazine on holistic living. It supports an authentic way of life. It features an online digital magazine, as well as...