EDGE issue 3 (Spring 2017)

Page 18

I Want to Go to a Wedding I want to go to a wedding Above the clouds The forgotten tastes Of scrambled eggs with bacon The black tea with milk The unbuttered croissant The flight attendant saw on my tray The leftover wedge of orange The slice of dragon fruit The triangle of melon She asked if I still wanted them I want to go to a wedding I left the tour early Missing the warm hands and shoulders of my companions under altitude sickness The Hua’r ethnic songs about big brother’s physique My roommate’s five a.m. screams in dreams The Baima Tibetan grandfather’s long talks in non-standard Mandarin Messages from my companion left unread How did their presentation go? The thirtyish postcards given away Returned two and a necklace I want to go to a wedding The washed and ironed dress Makeup kit and lipstick Were missing from my suitcase In the Hong Kong wedding photo taken on August 6th The groom’s hair is gone I forgot about the temperature in his father’s funeral in May The price of the gift The imagined drunkenness of my favourite teacher and friend In the wedding already held GiGi To Man Chee