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2010/11 has been another great year for Edge Hill Students’ Union. We have seen one of the biggest changes we’ve ever made, or any other Students’ Union has made for that matter. It was this year that the decision was taken to change our Sabbatical Officer structure so that we had a Vice President specifically for each University Faculty. These positions were then successfully elected in our first ever online elections. We saw the Students’ Union’s first major campaign on assessment and feedback, an increase in our Course Rep numbers, improved performance from our sports teams and stronger partnerships built with organisations such as the Police and West Lancs Borough Council. Our commercial services continued to grow with increased NUS Extra and clothing sales, as well as a sold out Fresher’s Week. We have continued to be ambitious and strive to be the best Students’ Union that we can be. Thank you for your continued support and I look forward to supporting you over the next year.

Colin Gibson (SU President 2011/12)

Representation Elections This year we changed the Sabbatical Officer positions to allow us to become a more representative Students’ Union. These positions were: SU President

Vice President Faculty of Education

Vice President Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Vice President Faculty of Health

This was a big step for the Students’ Union, being one of the first in the country to elect Vice Presidents specifically for the faculties. This meant that for our Sabbatical Officer positions: For the first time ever we had students from the Faculty of Health stand for election and be successfully elected

For only the second time we had students from the Faculty of Education stand for election and for the first time ever be successfully elected

For the first time in Edge Hill Students’ Union’s history we elected a sabbatical team that was not entirely from the Faculty of Arts and Sciences

This year we took the decision to carry out our elections online. This meant that: Voting was open for a full seven days allowing students to vote over the weekend and in the evening.

Points were earned on the Students’ Union’s submission to Green Impact as voting had moved to an online system.

The vote count took just thirteen minutes.

A student who was on placement during the period of voting was enabled to win their election to Vice President.

Course Representation Over 630 Course Reps were recruited this year with over 30% of them being trained. The introduction of online training helped more students learn their role as a Course Rep in their own time and on their own terms. The newly renamed and reformed Course Reps Council met twice during the year allowing Course Reps from across the University to meet and discuss their role and the ways in which the student experience could improve. The Students’ Union wrote a new Code of Practice on Student Representation which was then passed by the University. This document sets out the various roles and responsibilities of staff, students, Course Reps, the Students’ Union and the University with regard to the Course Rep system.

Projects, Campaigns and Fundraising Feedback Campaign In 2010/11 the Students’ Union ran a campaign to improve the quality of assessment and feedback at Edge Hill. Part of the Campaign was to survey students about their thoughts on the issue and we managed to get information from over 400 students. This coupled with 150 pictures and videos of students demonstrating their views on feedback meant that this was the biggest campaign which had been run at Edge Hill Students’ Union. The survey brought up some interesting statistics from students which we then fed into the University committee structure. From this the University agreed on a set of recommendations made by the Students’ Union to improve the assessment and feedback processes at Edge Hill. National Demonstration On 10th November 2010, NUS organised a National Demonstration in London to influence the Government on the proposed changes to Higher Education. Edge Hill Students’ Union was able to send 112 students down to the demonstration, our biggest involvement ever in a national campaign. AGM Our 2010 AGM saw our biggest turn out to date with 157 students attending to show their support and have their voice heard. Alternative Prospectus This year we created the Alternative Prospectus, a prospectus written entirely by students with the involvement of over 100 Course Reps. We were the first new university Students’ Union to create an Alternative Prospectus and thus far it has had almost 5,000 individual views. This has not only been a resource for prospective students but it helps us to improve courses at Edge Hill.

Teaching Awards Another project new for 2010/11 which was coordinated by the Students’ Union was the inaugural Chancellor’s Teaching Awards. Over 600 students nominated over 120 different lecturers across the institution. In total seven lecturers were awarded with a Chancellor’s Teaching Award at the Graduation ceremonies in July. Comic Relief Working in partnership with Ormskirk Police the Students’ Union mock arrested the Sabbatical Officers before locking them up its in police custody for 12 hours. Whilst ‘inside’ they were set a number of different tasks throughout the night including picking fruit from jelly, cleaning their shoes with a toothbrush and learning french under the watchful eye of the Custody Inspector. In total, we raised £1,030 with help from the Charity and Fundraising Society and their sponsored leg wax, making this our most successful fundraiser to date. Green Impact 2010 also saw the Students’ Union enter the NUS’s Green Impact initiative which is an environmental accreditation scheme. Green Impact empowers organisations to reduce their environmental impact by encouraging, rewarding and celebrating practical environmental improvements. We achieved ‘working towards accreditation’ giving us a great foundation for 2011/12.

Sports This year Edge Hill went up 7 places to 74 in the BUCS league obtaining a total of 248.5 league points, a great achievement for all involved. In total there were 364 participants in 30 teams across 14 sports who competed in over 300 fixtures.


5 of our teams were promoted



Netball 1st team

Netball 2nd team

One of our students finished 3rd in the Womens National Individual Championship Ten Pin Bowling in February.

Mens Hockey 1st team

Mens Hockey 2nd team

Mens Badminton

Our national representatives earned us more BUCS points than ever before.

Three of our sports also achieved national representation Po ol y Rugb e u g Wome Lea Footb ns all

One of our students became the BUCS Pool Championship winner, a massive achievement!

Societies This year our societies continued to grow with the addition of new societies and increased participation in established ones. The ‘Edge Of Your Seats’ society sold 297 tickets for their production of ‘Our Day Out’ and our Cheerleading team achieved 2nd place in the Cheerfest competition. There is still a lot of work to be done on our societies, to try and broaden the range and increase student participation. We hope we will be able to take big steps in this throughout 2011/12.

Advice, Information and Guidance Drop Ins The free Legal Advice Clinic run in partnership with Brighouse Wolff Solicitors continued to be a huge success with 168 people accessing the service between October 10 and July 11. Ormskirk Police continued to provide a weekly drop in service designed to introduce both staff and students to their local neighbourhood Police officers and also receive free UV property marking and crime prevention materials. PC Paul The PC Paul initiative has continued to go from strength to strength and currently has 698 people signed up to both the profile and the group on facebook. A scheme called Campus Watch has been set up to provide monthly email updates to students on what is happening on campus and also allows students to communicate with local officers anonymously. There are currently 433 people registered on the scheme. Following on from the success of last year’s crime awareness day ‘Shut It’, a further day was held to highlight the importance of keeping your vehicle and bicycles safe. ‘Lock It Don’t Lose It’ saw local Police officers come onto campus to hand out free vehicle safety items. A further 500 personal attack alarms and credit card sized safety tips were handed out to students. Community Links We continued to strengthen our links with both Lancashire Police and the Fire and Rescue Service. Volunteer recruitment events were held for both of these services with 6 students having fully completed their training with Ormskirk Police to become Special Constables and a further 8 in the process. 33 Students are currently undergoing training with the Fire Service to become Community Volunteers. We also continued to build upon our links with the local Chlamydia Screening Team holding a variety of screening events which saw a further 600 students screened throughout the year. Screenings were also held for the Anthony Nolan Trust which saw 67 students sign up to the Bone Marrow register.

Finance Income University Grant £375,500




Clothing expenditure £8,942 Activities £139,022


University Grant £375,500

Clothing expenditure £8,942

Capital Grant income £10,000

Miscellaneous Capital Grant income income £1,782 £10,000 Fresher’s Week £39,163 Other income £129,666

Miscellaneous income £1,782

Sports cards £15,052 Society Ball £414

Sports Awards £3,483 Sports cards £15,052 Society Ball £414

Central overheads £108,011

NUS Extra £25,982 Advice, Information and Guidance £31,348

NUS Extra £25,982

Bank interest £103

Other Weekly events £10,089 income £129,666 Sports Awards £3,483

Weekly events £10,089

Activities £139,022

BAM Agency £8,544

Fresher’s Week £39,163


Central overheads £108,011

BAMClothing Agency sales £16,349 £8,544 Alton Towers £607 Bank interest £103 Graduation Ball £8,098 Clothing sales £16,349 Alton Towers £607 Graduation Ball £8,098

Advice, Information and Guidance £31,348

Representation and Democracy £155,312

Representation and Democracy £155,312

2011 and Beyond The Students’ Union will continue to grow and do more for our students. 2011/12 is set to be an exciting year with more campaigns and projects to make your student experience the best it can be! We will be focussing on: Hidden University Fees

Student Placements

Our societies will continue to develop and grow, and with the help of our new website, and our new facilities in the Hub we believe we will be able to offer students the top class service you deserve. We will continue to fight for you, represent you and make sure your time at Edge Hill is the best it can be. Your Edge Hill Students’ Union sabbatical officers, left to right: Billy Jones, Elliott Hodgeon, Natalie North, Colin Gibson

Off Campus Accommodation Standards

Green Impact

The Part-Time Student Experience

St. Helens Road, Ormskirk, Lancashire, L39 4QP t: 01695 657301 w:



A charitable company limited by guarantee registered in England. Company number; 7329036 Charity registration number; 1143764 Registered address as above.

edge hill su impact report  

Edge Hill SU Impact Report 2010/11

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