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VOL.5 ISSUE 69 • JUNE 08 - 09, 2012


Davao’s Most Eligible Bachelors

DAVAO CITY is teeming with a million and one dashing, hot, single members of the male species, but how many of them are exactly the type that you would want to date or someone you can actually bring to dinner with Mom? INdulge! scoured the city to find some of the most eligible bachelors that we have in this side of the country. After nearly three months of searching and interviews, we have finally listed down this year’s hottest bachelors that girls all over town have always dreamed of. Lo and behold as we present this year’s roster of Davao’s Most Eligible Bachelors!

Anton Lopez 30, photographer

FOR many, Jose Antonio “Anton” G. Lopez is just one spoiled rich kid who is tough enough to ruffle feathers and get himself into trouble. Many would probably think (and perhaps by impression) of him as one of those good looking dudes who wallow in endless parties and booze and eventually gets the girl in the end. He may be thought of as somebody who is toughened by his family’s influence and reputation and is made confident by his good mestizo looks. We met Anton with that image in our head, translated into a proposition of a sexy photo shoot that portrays him with hot girl in the background. It was therefore a bit of a surprise when he challenged our idea and emphatically raised the question, “is that really how I should be portrayed?” And having a good honest conversation with this guy later on made us realize that the adage “do not judge the book by its cover” still rings true nowadays. Anton admits that he has had a reputation of being hot head in his younger years, “I was very short tempered, always gets into fights… and I don’t back down of fights”. He clarifies, however, that people who really know him would know that he never started those fights and that these fights are about defending and fighting for people he loves or are close to him. He claims that he is a little more calm and tolerant now and don’t get into fights anymore. His humbling experience in the U.S., he says, has somehow changed him. Realizing back then that he wasn’t into college during his younger years, he shared that he opted to work as a clerk with minimum wage. “I had to do things by myself and it was really ‘handto-mouth’ because my family didn’t want to support me. The condition was, it was ‘college or nothing’”. He has a certain air of confidence that can be taken as “mayabang” by many especially when he doesn’t speak to people outside his circle. But he asserts that he is naturally sociable. But what ticks him off, he says, is when people become inconsiderate of how others feel and of their needs. He says that he tries to read others and see how he can go out of his way to help them. And indeed, many people would probably be surprised to hear about how far he has gone out of his way to be of service to others, especially if it involves children. “I have been to Romania to help build or-

Photo by Jojie Alcantara Grooming by Alex Monton of Physique Salon and Spa phanages and spent Christmas with the Navaho Indians in the mountains”. Back here in the Davao, he visits local orphanages and spends time with them every time he comes home. He points to having a big family who, incidentally, has been involved in politics, that made him develop a strong interest in charity work. Foundations and family activities that involved volunteer work, he says, were opportunities for him to go around and see people in need. Anton has a strong passion for photography and developed business acumen around it. “I like my job and I like

the creative aspect”. However, he doesn’t consider himself as a technical photographer and would rather like to be known as a photographer who is best at dealing with people. His passion for charity and helping with others is truly reflected in his craft as he loves to do photo shoots for children. He shares, “90% of my photo shoots are actually with children”. While Anton has a tough exterior, he can also be very sweet with girls. Asked about what he thinks was the romantic thing that he did for a girl, “it was hold up a banner for my girlfriend during a basket ball game that was aired on national

television”. Now in his early 30s, Anton still doesn’t see himself settling down any time soon. “I travel when I want to travel, do what I want to do, and leave whenever I want to leave without anything holding me back for whatever reason”. He shares that this may probably be because of his parents having him at very young age and that he may not be quite ready to be taking care of children of his own. He draws from his very good bond within his family and that, he says, is what he needs at the moment. “I just like to take it every day at a time”.


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VOL.5 ISSUE 69 • JUNE 08 - 09, 2012

Kim Liu 32, businessman

RETURNING to Davao City to take over the management of the family business, Frank C. Liu III or Kim Liu to many, is bringing the family owned company to new heights. “I’m a person that whenever you throw me, I’ll survive. If made to choose between sink or swim, I’ll swim,” Kim said. Having spent most of his time in Manila living independently, coming home to Davao was a new experience for Kim. “It’s difficult working for your parents,” Kim said with a laugh. “But its good that you have your parents around as you won’t have to make the same mistakes, your dad is there to guide you,” Kim added. “Ever since I was a kid, makulit na talaga ako.” With a flourishing business, which has recently been awarded as distributor of the year, a good family, and his good looks, Kim is still single. “You can’t have everything,” Kim said in jest.

Photo by Ariel Balofinos Photo by Rudolph Ian Alama

Tobi Ang 31, businessman

BY far one of the most dashing gentlemen from Davao, Antonio Rubi Alberto Montemayor Ang or Tobi Ang to most, is one of the most sought after bachelors in this side of the country. What’s not to like with this man – he has the looks, the breeding, the class, and a great family background, not to mention that he is now running the family business. Looking back, Tobi has always had that clean image. Most successful men his age, Tobi is now 31, would feel the pressure of settling down and starting a family of their own. But not Tobi, even when his younger sister and has started her own family. “I have no timeframe in mind for settling down, it’s the best time to be single,” Tobi said. “For me, you marry for the

right reasons. You have to get to know the person before settling down.” Coming from a close and tight-knit family has been a pillar of support for Tobi. “The family supports us with whatever decision we make,” Tobi said. While a lot of girls consider Tobi as the perfect poster boy for handsome, Tobi admittedly doesn’t have an ideal image for what his physical appearance should be like. But what is an ideal girl for Tobi? “She should be someone who can carry a conversation and hang out with me. I don’t want someone who would just always agree with me. She should be opinionated,” Tobi said. And yes, Tobi believes that true beauty comes from within.

VOL.5 ISSUE 69 • JUNE 08 - 09, 2012


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Sergio Venuti Domenico Venuti 23, 20, Pilots

Photo by Rudolph Ian Alama Shot on location at Delsey, SM City Davao Helium Black, P17990, Reflect 84 cm, P15990, all Delsey.

BROTHERS Sergio and Domenico are into flight training and can now fly private planes but are yet to secure commercial pilot licenses. Both are tall, mestizo looking guys with very strong (yet very good) physical features. So when they came in the room, it was no surprise that there was some feeling of intimidation that they invited from us. But when they started to engage in our conversation, we were left with the feeling of admiration as to how well-grounded, intelligent, and well-mannered these two men are. Sergio, 23, finished aeronautics engineering while Domenico, 20, took an entrepreneurship course in college. However, both were drawn into the flight industry. Sergio shares, “we both travelled alone, even when were younger, and I guess that’s how our passion for flying was developed”. Sergio, however, aims at getting the airline industry and secure a good position there. Domenico, on the other hand, would most likely be involved in aerial spraying as part of their family business. Both brothers know that they look good yet do not feel pressured to keep looking good; nor have they advantage of this. They do admit that it has sometimes made it easier for them to approach girls especially when they know that girls are attracted to them, but they still feel that is difficult in general. The younger Domenico, who has had three girlfriends, so far, prefers girls who are “cowgirls or ‘yung hindi maarte”. When it comes dating or settling down, however, the Sergio would like to take a more pragmatic approach, “I prefer preparing the whole platform before I get married. I would like to settle myself first and I want the girl to understand this very well. This is why I prefer a girl who is also career oriented.” Asked why they seem to have developed a sense of responsibility at such a very young age, the brother point to their roots. “it is the ‘Swiss way’ where you start young. For my father, you really have to be on your own when you reach the age of 18”, Sergio says.


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Daniel Christian 35, entrepreneur

Photo by Ariel Balofinos Shot on location at Travel Club, Abreeza Mall Luggage: Mendoza Seahawk, P11490; Laptop bag: Victorinox Architecture, P14390

Patrick Loceo 22, businessman

YOU might have bumped into him in one of the city’s night spots or maybe saw him running the family business as you were having your car washed in the city’s lone carwash chain – yes, you read that right – he has a carwash chain attached to his name. If he’s not warding off girls, Patrick’s regular day would be driving his siblings to their basketball practices, manning the operations of the business, doing inventory, and spending some social time with his friends – and he can be a tad too sociable at times – and he plays football, too. Aside from being a dutiful son and a responsible brother, his height, 5’11”, and his big heart are definitely what makes him stand out from the rest of the boys. Photo by Ariel Balofinos Shot on location at BratPack, Abreeza Mall Shirt: Boxfresh Caine, P2790; Shorts: Hurley Walkshorts O&O, P2990; Shoes: Boxfresh Swish, P4990; Cap Quiksilver Recipe, P1790; Bag: Herschel; Wallet: Toddland Better-Looking, P1490; Watch: Breo, P3990; Water bottle: Nalgene, P750.

DANIEL Christian is definitely among a small handful of expatriates that one would see walking around the streets of Davao. However, he can be someone who people will consider as good-looking by many standards … tall, blonde hair, athletic, the type that many girls (and even gays) would gravitate towards. “There were a number of occasions when I felt that my space was invaded. When I first showed up here, I encountered a bunch of girls who would whistle at me”. He also shares that there was one incident involving a gay man who explicitly threw sexual innuendos towards him. “I feel more guarded here that in the States, and maybe that because I am white”. All these expressions of admiration does make him feel that that as a man, it is important to keep his worth high and shares that there is indeed some pressure to look good. He does this by keeping a regimen and regularly going to the gym. His current fitness level may be a far cry from how he was back then, “When I came here, I was skinny”. Aging, he opines, “can also be a source of insecurity”. However, while he admits that sometimes, these things get into his head, he asserts that he would rather remain focused on what he really wants in life and that is maintaining a strong and clear business orientation as his main driver. Despite the rigors of the daily grind of managing people in a call center business that he has set up and currently maintains, he still wants to create an environment where he can take a vacation, spend quality time to relax and be around people he likes. He sees himself as outgoing and quite sociable. “If you add me in Facebook, it is likely that I will accept your friend invite”. So is he dating anybody and thinking of settling down anytime soon? “When I date somebody, it is always and attempt to settle down. I don’t date someone who is not worthy.”

DAVAO VOL.5 ISSUE 69 • JUNE 08 - 09, 2012

INdulge! A5

Photo by Ariel Balofinos Shot on location at Sledgers, SM City Davao Shoes: Sledgers Yaxli, P4290

Alvin Zapanta 20, student

Photo by Rudolph Ian Alama Shot on location at ResToeRun, Abreeza Mall Shirts: Dustavo, P1990, Delano, P2390; shorts: Dimacco, P4290 all by Ellese Shoes: Sanuk, P3790

SEEING him for the first time, one will think that it must be his dashing Filipino-Spanish-Chinese looks or his god-like physique that gets him all the attention when he walks into a room. But upon knowing him, one will realize that it’s actually this guy’s unassuming demeanor and subdued self confidence that makes him stand out from the crowd. Juggling both his studies and a flourishing modeling career, Alvin sees to it that he is able to maintain his physique, and yes, his 6-pack abs that made women stop and look when he was shot shirtless inside a concept store.

“I try to work out four times a week. I tend to lose muscle mass whenever I stop working out,” Alvin said, meekly adding that his trapezoid muscles are what he is most proud off. “Yes, many girls say I’m gwapo,” Alvin reluctantly said when prodded if he thinks he is good looking aside from the fact that his mother told him so. “But I don’t really consider myself as such.” Guys like Alvin are a welcome breather from a world filled with boys who can give perfect smiles but rant like girls behind your back.

Carlo Franco Santos 28, architect

While most guys would prefer just taking over their family businesses, or living in the shadows of their parents and patiently wait for their time to shine, Carlo Franco Santos or Franco, would rather make a name on his own merit and his baby face. “Sometimes, I have clients who would not take me seriously because I look younger than my age. Some would think that I am still in school or fresh out of college,” Franco said. The thought of settling down soon is something that Franco considers; he would still want to pursue something before tying the knot. “I want to grow, follow my goals and dreams before set-

tling down. Go abroad, experience the world,” Franco said. Being the group jester that he is, Franco has often been called ‘loud and arrogant.’ Something that he does not discount as he feels “confident when he is in his comfort zone.” Franco is someone you can call a woman’s man. “It’s just a combination of charm and diskarte,” Franco candidly added. When Franco was asked to describe what an eligible bachelor for him is, considering that he has been categorized as one, Franco said it should be someone who is “single and capable”. Now you know why Franco is on this list.

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VOL.5 ISSUE 69 • JUNE 08 - 09, 2012

Photo by Rudolph Ian Alama Shot on location at DC, Abreeza Mall Sweater: Star 2H, P3490; Shirt: DC Dylan, P2990; Pants: Slim Straight, P4290; Shoes: Village, P4290, all by DC. Headset: Skill Candy Hesh, P2500

Boogey Angala 20, swimmer

HAVING been an athlete all his life, Boogey wants to push the envelope further and join a triathlon in the near future. “I want to try something new and challenge myself for something bigger,” Boogey said. While he may seem recluse during the first few meetings, Boogey slowly comes out of his shell and shows his candid side – a side that only his close friends and family have seen. Even with his perfectly shaped physique that has been molded by years of training as a swimming varsity, a handsome face, and medals to boot, Boogey is definitely one guy you wouldn’t have second thoughts about introducing to your parents.

VOL.5 ISSUE 69 • JUNE 08 - 09, 2012




SM Davao celebrates Phl ID, sale on June 8 to 12

CELEBRATE Philippine Independence Day at SM City Davao with the exciting events happening in the mall from June 6 to June 12.

When paint hits the TOMS

AS I have always said, I love everything handmade. Having things handmade allows for tiny quirks and custom details that are difficult to replicate with machines.

It also means that no two items are alike. I can see the horror of going out in public and seeing someone wearing exactly the same dress you are wearing! So imagine my excitement when Chimes Specialty Store invited me to an afternoon with TOMS for their “Style Your Soul” event. It was supposed to be a two day event, one day at Chimes Sales and the next day at Chimes Abreeza Mall. Thanks to my busy work week however, I was only able to participate on the second day at Chimes Abreeza. Style Your Sole is about people coming together to express themselves and, at the same time, help children in need since for ev-

ery shoe one buys, TOMS gives another pair of shoes to a child who needs shoes. One can choose from the stylebook provided by TOMS or, like me, choose to sketch my own artwork and have the textile artists paint it into your shoes. After a couple of minutes and having the paint dry, viola! I have my own pair of TOMS with a pair silver

Clouds and lighting on a TOMS.

Clark Yap shows the artist his chosen design.

Tattoo inspired heart.

Chime’s Camille and Cindy Yap.

wings. Of course the event is not just as a way for fashionistas and artists to express themselves, but it is also a statement that one is aware of the world and is making another child somewhere happy with a new pair of TOMS. Follow me on twitter @ kennethkingong for more random ramblings, foodie finds, and travel gems.

Choosing from TOMS’ pattern book.

Klik Pinoy Do you have a stock photo of yourself with friends or family at any historical site in the Philippines? Join SM’s Facebook Photo contest by uploading your photo and tag SM City Davao. Best photo wins Php 3,000 worth of Gift Certificates! Promo ends June 11, 10:00 AM. Or, wave the Philippine flag with pride and have your photo taken at the Independence Day centrepiece which is a re-creation of the historic Aguinaldo Shrine at The Annex. Sayaw Pinoy Sayaw Pinoy will be a 45-minute showcase of Filipino and classical numbers which includes Sayao sa Pamlang (Sangayan-PangAlay-Singkil), Dalagang Pilipino, Arnis, Don Quixote, Palasyo, Sabihin Mo and the Dying Swan. Catch Ballet Manila with Lisa MacujaElizalde at The Annex on June 10, 5:00PM.

Himig Pinoy On June 8, SM’s Himig Pinoy features the Davao City Rondalla in a musical afternoon of Philippines folk songs. The UM Chorale performs OPM Manila sounds of APO, VST, Hotdog and a whole lot more on June 9! Plus, on June 12, Collision band will set your Philippine pride on fire through contemporary-pop OPM numbers. Filipino sound is indeed as colourful as the Philippine

culture. Catch Himig Pinoy live on June 8, 9 and 12 at The Annex. This June, wear your colour proud! Do not miss the exciting events at the City’s hippest hub. Plus, avail of amazing discounts at SM’s Independence Day Sale which runs June 8-12. For inquiries, please call 297.6998 local 126. Visit or like SM City Davao on Facebook for event and promo updates.



Miley Cyrus is engaged!

19 years old and engaged AS the entire solar system now knows, Miley Cyrus is 19 years old and engaged, y’all! And husband-to-be Liam Hemsworth proved he does not mess around when it comes to presenting an engagement ring. Behold this one-of-akind, 3.5-carat, cushioncut diamond ring, iced with 18-karat gold and diamond floral motifs. The Hunger Games costar designed the ring with celebrity jeweler Neil Lane. And while we’re not particularly in love with the over-the-top Disney princess style, we are impressed with another detail... The diamond itself! We hear the center stone is an antique. (Well, actually, a lot of diamonds are antiques, having been dug out of the earth after centuries of pressure formation, but we digress.) This particular rock has a history dating back to the late 19th century. In fact, it

was hand-cut sometime around 1880, in an era when no two diamonds were exactly alike. So what do you think of

the ring’s design—gotta have it? Make it stop? Or keep the center stone and make the rest stop? Up to you.

tion to his personal Hunger dame back on May 31 with a 3.5-carat diamond ring from jeweler extraordinaire Neil Lane. The duo, who denied rumors of an engagement earlier this spring, met back in 2009, when they costarred in The Last Song. They also briefly

called it quits back in August 2010 before getting back together. And it’s happy to say things couldn’t get much better for Cyrus at the moment. “Life is beautiful,” she tweeted this morning. And so is this happy couple. Congrats!

How did Miley Cyrus get engaged?

HERE’S hoping Miley Cyrus wasn’t planning on toasting her wedding day with champagne: because the 19year-old superstar is getting hitched, y’all!

That’s right, the erstwhile Disney starlet is engaged to her Aussie actor beau of nearly three years, Liam Hemsworth, the actor’s rep confirms to E! News. Here’s the deal... “I’m so happy to be engaged and look forward to a life of happiness with Liam,” the teen bride-tobe told People. No wedding date has yet been set, though the young lovers managed to keep their betrothal secret for nearly a full week: the 22-year-old Hemsworth popped the ques-

VOL.5 ISSUE 69 • JUNE 08 - 09, 2012

Edge Davao 5 Issue 69 - Indulge Special  

Edge Davao 5 Issue 69, June 08-09, 2012