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EdgE Of BElgravia ChEf KnivEs Edge of Belgravia Best Services Provide. Make quick work of meatas, vegetables ,fruit and look cool doing it. It is also very comfortable and easy to use.

CEramiC limE ChEf's KnifE The Ceramic Lime Chef’s Knife boasts a stylish lime green handle alluding to the innovative and bold design of the ceramic series. Whether chopping, dicing, mincing or slicing, the versatile Lime Chef’s Knife is a cutting edge tool for every kitchen.

CEramiC limE Paring KnifE The Ceramic Lime Paring Knife features a lime green, soft touch rubber handle, offering an alternative choice for the avant-garde home chef. This is a small knife with a confident reputation.

EdgE Of BElgravia - damasCus santOKu KnifE The Damascus Steel Santoku Knife boasts a 6-inch santoku style blade composed of 67 layers of high carbon steel, rendering the blade extraordinarily sharp. It is excellent for chopping ingredients such as crunchy peppers, fresh thyme and crisp courgettes, as well as savoury chicken.

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Edge Of Belgravia Chef Knives -Edge of Belgravia Best Services Provide. Make quick work of meats, vegetables ,fruit and look cool doing it....