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7th Grade Warm-Ups 1st Nine-Weeks Warm Up - Day 1 Compare using <, >, or =. 1 6 1. 7 7 Complete the statement. 2. 7,800 g = ________kg 3. p + 17 = 56 4. Jane had $22.25 before baby-sitting on Saturday. After babysitting she had $48.75. Which equation can be used to find b, the amount of money Jane earned from babysitting? A. $22.25 – b = $48.75

C. $48.75 – b = $22.25

B.$22.25 + $48.75 = b

D. $48.75 + b = $22.25

Warm Up – Day 2 1. What is the new ordered pair for reflecting point D across the x-axis?



9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 -1 0










0 -1 -2 -3 -4 -5 -6 -7 -8 -9 -1 0


O 1










2. Find the approximate length and width and then find the perimeter.

= 1 inch

3. Eliza’s grades on her daily math homework were 8, 10, 7, 9, 9, 4, 8, 2, 10, 8, 3, 7, 9, 6, and 4. Which measure of the data is not represented by a score of 8? A. Mean

B. Median

C. Mode

D. Range

4. Ethan collected five rocks that weighed a total of 43.4 kg. Two of the rocks were identical, and each weighed 13.3 kg. If two of the other rocks weighed 4.7 kg and 5.3 kg, what was the weight of the fifth rock in kilograms?

Warm Up – Day 3 A 1. C



AC ≅ _____ Convert to a percent. 2. 0.35 3.

3 1 + =x 4 2

4. Raul bought 3 posters for $2.59 each and 2 posters for $1.98 each. He paid $0.59 in tax. How much did he spend?

Warm Up – Day 4 1. Identify the equation below that models a b • a c = a b+ c A. 5 3 • 5 4 = 25 7

C. 5 + 5 + 5 +5 + 5 + 5 + 5 = 5 7

B. 53 + 54 = 57

D. 5 3 • 5 4 = 5 7

2. Write an equation to represent the distance from A to B if the total distance around the A diamond is 360 inches.


3. If the figure is translated 5 units down and 2 units right, what is the new ordered pair for point C? C


4. Brian is training for a race. He is increasing his long run each week by 1.5 miles. The first week his long run is 3 miles. During which week will his long run be 12 miles? A. Week 4

B. Week 6

C. Week 7

D. Week 9

Warm Up â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Day 5 1. Estimate the volume of the rectangular prism.

10 cm

6 cm 5 cm

2. If Corey buys a jacket for 30% off the original price $399, how much did he pay for the jacket?

3. If 4 slinkies costs $1.56, how much does one slinky cost?

4. A salon is offering a 20% discount on all haircuts. What was the regular price of a cut whose discount price is $30?

Warm-Up - Day 6 1.) Convert 65% to a simplified fraction and decimal.

2.) Ten is _____ times greater than five.

3.) Three times Paul’s age is 12. What is Paul’s age?

4.) Mr. Porter bought 24 bagels at 6 for $2.49 and 12 cartons of juice at 6 for $1.98. What was the total cost of the bagels and juice Mr. Porter bought, not including tax?

Warm-Up – Day 7 1.) Find the perimeter of the following equilateral triangle.

1.74 cm 2.)

ABC is similar to A

XYZ. What is the measure of angle Y? X







3.) Daniel and Paul have saved $37.00 to buy their mother a present. Daniel saved $8.00 less than Paul. How much money did Paul save?

4.) Three ducks and two ducklings weigh 32 kg. Four ducklings weigh 44 kg. All ducks weigh the same and all ducklings weigh the same. What is the weight of two ducks and one duckling?

Warm-Up Day 8 1.) If point Z is translated 7 units to the left and 4 units down, what will the new coordinates are?


2.) The floor plan of a ballroom is shown below. The wall represented by AB is going to be removed, to provide an opening to the kitchen. How wide will the opening be? 31 ft 12 ft

20 ft

A 6 ft

B 6 ft

7 ft

3.) Mrs. Ramirez asked 30 friends how many times they went to the movies last month; the responses are shown in the table below. Movies Number of People 0 4 1












Which number represents the most common number of times people went to the movies?

4.) A farmer grows 252 kilograms of apples. He sells them to a grocer who dives them into 5 kilogram and 2 kilogram bags. If the grocer uses the same number of 5 kg and 2 kg bags, then how many bags did he use in all?

Warm-Up Day 9 1.) Solve. 4 + (8 ÷ 4)3 – 5 2.) Cindy worked for 23 hours last week baby-sitting. She earned $126.50. What was Cindy’s rate of pay?

3.) What is 20% of 120?

4.) A recipe that makes a dozen muffins calls for 1½ cups of flour. How much flour is needed to make 18 muffins using this recipe?

Warm-Up Day 10 1.) Name the quadrant and give the ordered pair that point V lies in?


2.) When analyzing public drinking water, researches found a 10 to 1 ratio of type A to type B bacteria. If the number of type B bacteria in the sample was 420, how many type A bacteria were present?

3.) The estimated circumference of a circle is 12cm. Approximately how long is diameter of the circle? (Use 3 for pi) 4.) Isabel has a bookcase with 6 shelves on it. She puts 40 books on the bottom shelf, 33 books on the next shelf, 27 books on the next shelf, and 22 books on the shelf above that one. If the pattern continues, how many books will be on the top shelf?

Warm-Up Day 11 1.) The ordered pair (0,-10) would lie on which axis?

2.) Find the volume of the figure below?

6 in 5 in 12


3.) If the measurement of ∠ D + the measurement of ∠ E = 180, the ∠ D and ∠ E are _____________ angles?

4.) A group of five workers received the following incomes last year: $23,000 $25,000 $48,000 $22,500 $24,000 The lowest-paid workers want to negotiate a pay raise. What measure of central tendency would be most favorable to them in the negotiation?

Warm-Up Day 12 1.) The ordered pair (-5, 9) would fall into which quadrant on a coordinate plane? 2.) The area of the rectangle pictured below is ______ times the size of the area of the triangle pictured below.

3.) The table below shows the cost of a movie ticket at seven different theaters. Theater Ticket Cost Tamâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s $5.50 VistaPlex $6.75 Lighthouse $4.25 RPA $7.50 Brightview $4.95 What is the range for the data in the table?

4.) A packing company sells a large and a small packing box. How many more cubic feet does the large box hold than the small one?

4 in

8in 5 in


6in 12in

Warm-Up Day 13 1.) How many faces, edges, and vertices does the following shape have?

2.) Which statement is always true about a rectangle? a. It has exactly one pair of parallel sides. b. It has four congruent angles c. It has four congruent sides d. The sum of the measure of its angles is 180.

3.) If the 2-dimensional figure is cut out and turned into a 3-dimensional “solid”, which figure best represents that solid?





4.) Pablo spent half of his birthday money on concert tickets and one third of the remaining amount on food. After he used $12.35 on a train ticket, he had $8.25 left. How much money did Pablo begin with?

Warm-Up Day 14 1.) Jonah helped his uncle install fence on his ranch. They made a pen that was 11½ yards long on two sides, 4½ yards on the third side, and 5¼ yards long on the fourth side. What is the total length of fence they installed? 2.) Kaley determined that 42% of all jet engines built today are turbojets, rather than turbofans. Approximately what fraction of jet engines built today are turbojets? 3.) The regular price of a leather jacket was $85. Robin bought the jacket on sale for $62. If the tax rate is 8%, which number sentence could be used to find T, the total cost of the jacket with tax? A. T= $62 x 0.08

C. T = $85 x 0.08 - $62

B. T = ($62 x 0.08) + $62

D. T= ($85 - $62) x 0.08

4.) Three people share a car for a period of one year and the mean number of kilometers travelled by each person is 152 per month. How many kilometers will be traveled in one year?

Warm-Up Day 15 1. What is the correct way to express 5% as a decimal? (7.1B) 2. When analyzing public drinking water, researchers found a 10 to 1 ratio of type A to type B bacteria. If the number of type B bacteria in the sample was 420, how many type A bacteria were present? (7.3B) 3. Mr. Wendell donated $5000 to NASA for its youth scholarship program. NASA then gave equal amounts of that money to 40 middle school students, to help them pay for Space Camp. Write an equation that can be used to find a , the amount of money each student received. (7.5B) 4. Paula is 8 years old and her little sister is 6 years old. Their mother is 4 times Paulaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;a age. How old is Paulaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s mother? (7.14A)

Warm-Up Day 16

1. A quadrilateral is graphed. Which figure is a reflection of the quadrilateral? (7.7B)





2. A box of cereal measures 2 inches by 7 inches by 11 inches. What is the volume of the box? (6.8B ~ 7.9C) 3. The Acme Lawn Service Company works 2 teams of high school students each summer. The graph shows the profits that each team made during the last 3 summers.

How much more profit did Team A make in 1996 than in 1994? (6.10D ~ 7.11B)

4. Alfred purchased tickets to the baseball game for himself, his father, and his 2 brothers. The amount he paid was based on the prices posted on the chart. What other information do you need to know to determine how much he spent for the tickets? (6.11C ~ 7.13C)

a. The age of his father b. The section where they wanted to sit

c. The ages of Alfred and his brothers d. The names of the teams that were played. e. The time the game was played.

Warm-Up Day 17 1. What is the correct way to express 3/5 as a decimal? (7.1B) 2. The diameter of a circle is 24 ft. What is the radius? (6.6C ~ 7.6D) 3. The first row in a theater has 8 seats, the second row has 12 seats, and the third row has 16 seats. If this pattern continues, how many seats will the sixth row have? (7.4C ~ 7.5B)

4. Which number less than 100 has the following characteristics? (6.12A ~ 7.14A) •

It is a multiple of 9.

The tens digit is odd and the ones digit is even.

The ones digit is twice the tens digit.

a. 36

b. 63

c. 81

d. 90

Warm-Up Day 18 1. Dwayne wants to translate pentagon ABCDE in such a way that vertex C is moved from the point (1, -2) to (7, -6). What are the steps that can be used for this translation? (7.7B) a. Move the pentagon six units left and four units up. b. Move the pentagon six units right and four units down. c. Move the pentagon four units left and six units up. d. Move the pentagon four units right and six units down.

2. Find the perimeter of a rectangle having a length of 3 feet and a width of 6 inches. (7.9A)

3. The chart relates the number of counselors at each campus in the school district to the number of students at that campus. What is the most accurate statement regarding this data? (7.11B) Counselors Students 5








a. Students prefer attending large schools. b. Large school students never see their counselor.

c. Small schools have more students per counselor. d. More students means there will be more counselors.

4. A certain cement block can be stacked to heights of 9, 18, 27, and 36 inches. Using the same block, which of the following stacks could be made? e. 40 in. f. 47 in.

c. 51 in. d. 54 in.

Warm-up Day 19 1. Is the transformation shown below a translation, reflection, or rotation? (7.7B)

2. In the prism below, what missing piece of information is needed in order to find the volume? (7.9C)

h = 10

w=7 3. The heights of 5 boys in Ms. Smithâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s class are 60 in., 58 in., 59.5 in., 62 in., and 58 in. Which of the following statements is true about this set of data? (7.11B) a) The mode is 59.5 in. b) The mean is 59.5 in. c) The range is 59.5 in. 4. One year, Texas had about 2.6 times as many head of cattle as Oklahoma. Oklahoma had 5.2 million. How many head of cattle did Texas have?

Warm-up Day 20

1. If point A is at (-3, 4) and is translated down 2 units and right 5 units, what will the new coordinates of point A’ be? (7.7B)

2. Estimate the perimeter of the figure shown. (7.9A)

3.7 cm 3. The table below shows the net profit of Julie’s Jewels gift shop for the past 5 years. If sales continue to increase, what would be a reasonable profit amount to expect for next year? (7.11B)

Julie’s Jewels: et Profit Year 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011

Profit $600 $725 $835 $975 ?

4. Diego subtracted 2 from the number of sides in an octagon. Then he multiplied this difference by 180 and divided the product by the number of sides of an octagon. If he did all of this correctly, what was the final value?

Warm-Up: Day 21

1. If the figure of the arrow is reflected across the y axis, what coordinates best describe the location of the image of the tip of the arrow? 2. W hat is the area of a trapezoid with base lengths of 8 centimeters and 12 centimeters and a height of 3 centimeters. 3. The following data set shows the number of past receptions Michael Irvin had in each of his 12 years with the Cowboys. 32, 26, 20, 93, 78, 88, 79, 111, 64, 75, 74, 10 Which one of the central tendencies best describe the difference between Irvinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s worst year and his best year?

4. Tom bought several tickets to the rodeo for his family. Tom gave the cashier a fifty dollar bill and received $18.75 in change. How many tickets did Tom buy?

Warm up Day 22 1.

What will be the tax on a $10 T-shirt? (Tax is 8.25%)


A 1500 square foot house costs $175,000. What is the price per square foot?


Design a word problem that can be described by the equation 4b ?


Three cases of hamburgers can feed 115 people. A company is expecting 455 people for their annual family picnic. How many cases of hamburgers do they need?

Warm up: Day 23 1. Write two fractions that are equivalent to 0.5. 2. On a map 1 centimeter equals 60 miles. How many miles are represented by 3 centimeters? 3. Write an equation to match this statement: A number divided by 3, increased by 10, is 28. 4. A teacher has 32 students in her class. She wants to put them into groups of equal number. How many ways can she group her students equally?

Warm up: Day 24 1. 2/3x1/2 = 2. Triangle ABC and Triangle DEF are both equilateral triangles. Are the two triangles similar? 3. Write an equation to match this situation: Rudy saw 7 groups of birds each afternoon for 2 days. How many birds did he see all together? 4. Profits at the school concession stand decreased $25.00 per game compared to last yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s profits. What was the total change in profits for the last five games compared to the previous year?

Warm up: Day 25 1. In the coordinate plane below, which coordinates best represent the translation of the heart down 4 units and left 6 units?

2. A circle has a diameter of 10 inches. What is the circumference of the circle?

3. Use the table below to answer #3. English Test Scores Test Score

1 71

2 82

3 79

4 85

5 70

6 70

7 82

What score does Tia need to receive on the eighth test to have a mode of 82? 4, Gina purchased 3 paint brushes for $18.87, not including tax. If each paint brush cost the same amount what was the price of each paint brush?

Warm up: Day 26 1. Order from least to greatest:

3 3 , 0.25, â&#x2C6;&#x2019; , â&#x2C6;&#x2019; 1.0 2 4

2. A 6 ft. tall person standing near a flagpole casts a shadow 4.5 feet long. The flagpole casts a shadow 15 ft long. What is the height of the flagpole? 3. Estimate the value of g to the nearest whole number: 3.1g = 20.9 4. You make 72 cookies for a bake sale. This is 20% of the cookies at the bake sale. How many cookies are at the bake sale?

Warm up: Day 27

1. A figure is a parallelogram but not a rectangle. It has two lines of symmetry. What type of figure is it? Draw the figure and the two lines of symmetry. 2. Find the area of a triangle with base 12 meters and height 17 meters. 3. The median of a data set is 48. Find the value of the missing data item: 23 34 42 ? 62 67 4. A rectangle has a perimeter of 14 inches. Write whole-number dimensions for another rectangle with the same perimeter.

Warm up: Day 28 1 7 1. Estimate the quotient 43 á 5 4 8 2. About 21 out of 25 Texans live in an urban area. Write this data as a ratio three different ways. 3. Solve for t: 4. You rowed

t â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 32.8 = -27 2 8 of a mile. You friend rowed of a mile. Who rowed farther and 3 10

by how much?

Warm up: Day 29 1. Give an example of line symmetry seen in a plant or animal. Describe the line symmetry. 2. A circle has a diameter of 50 cm. Find the circumference of the circle to the nearest tenth. Use 3.14 for pi. 3. Find the range: from -3 to 7 4. If a rectangle has a length of 14 inches and a perimeter of 34 inches, what is the width and area?

Warm up: Day 30 1. Write 0.65 as a fraction in simplest form. 2. Brenda lives 1.9 miles from school. Jamar lives 2.5 times as far as Brenda. How far does Jamar live from school?

3. Write a word phrase for the following algebraic expression: w – 3 4. Calli and Jordan are playing a video game. Calli has 784.95 points when she hits a bonus and scores 165.5 more points. Jordan has 952.6 points when he hits a trap and loses 130.25 points. Who has more points now? How many more points?

Warm up: Day 31 1. The vertices of ∆ABC are A(-3,4), B(-1,5), and C(-2,1). If the triangle is moved 3 units to the right and 2 units up, what are the new coordinates of A’? 2. What is the area of this triangles?

6cm 8cm 3. Maddie wants to show how many times she scored 92 on a science test. Which is the most appropriate to show her data? (circle graph, line graph, line plot, Venn diagram) 4. Melinda is sending her friend blocks for a gift. Each of the blocks is a cube with sides that are 3in. long. The box that the blocks will go in is a cube with sides that are 12in long. What is the greatest number of blocks that will fit in the box?

Warm up: Day 32 1. Evaluate: 48 ÷ (-4 · 3) + 2 2. Two of the angle measures of a triangle are 70º and 50º. If a similar triangle were created, which is not one of the angle measures of the similar triangle? a) 70 º b) 60 º c) 50 º d) 40 º 3.Your job pays $7 per hour. Write an algebraic expression for your pay in dollars for working h hours. 4. Greg bought a book for $20 and a magazine for $5. The sales tax on his purchase was 5%. What was the total amount of Greg purchase, including sales tax, in dollars and cents?

Warm up: Day 34 1)

Multiply 15 by 4.12. Estimate the answer.


A designer drew a scale model of a ramp that will be used to load crates onto a truck. What will be the length, x, of the ramp?

x 4

8 3


Keola has a circular fish pond in his backyard that has a circumference of 36 ft. Write an equation that Keola could use to find the radius of the circle.


A high school yearbook adviser knows that last year about 74% of graduating students purchased a yearbook. This yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s graduating class has 233 students. Based on last yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s purchase rate, the yearbook adviser estimates that 172 graduating students will purchase a yearbook this year. Is this a reasonable estimate?

Warm up: Day 35

1) Describe the transformation of triangle ABC.

2) Find the volume of a cylinder that has a radius of 4 and a height of 10.

3) The list below shows the number of months each of several employees worked for a company. 12, 17, 21, 2, 19, 16 Is the mean of this set of data greater than the median?

4) John has scores of 88, 73, 90, 85, and 93 on five math quizzes. What score must John earn on the next math quiz to have a mean quiz score of exactly 88?

Warm up: Day 36 1) At a school football game, 35% of the people watching the game were middle school students. What fraction of the people watching the game were middle school students? 2) If a 5-pound bag of rice costs $3, how much would a 25-pound bag of rice cost at that rate? 3) Zena estimates that she needs 3.5 yards of fabric to make a new dress. The fabric she wants costs $8.75 per yard. What expression can Zena use to find the cost of the fabric needed to make the dress? 4) Mr. Taylor purchased hamburger patties and buns for a party. Each package of hamburger patties contained 10 patties. Each package of buns contained 8 buns. Mr. Taylor purchased 9 packages of patties and 11 packages of buns. What expression could be used to represent how many more hamburger patties Mr. Taylor had than buns?

Warmup 7th  

1. What is the new ordered pair for reflecting point D across the x-axis? 3. p + 17 = 56 6 G O D -10 -9 -8 -7 -6 -5 -4 -3 -2 -7 -8 -9 -10 -4...

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