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2nd of ESO Names: Edgar Oscar Pol


Expert Dangerous Genial Absent Rich

I’m Obedient Scandalous Capable Artistic Rich

I’m Potty Oak Lion

Barcelona: Barcelona is the best city of the world. we have the best team of the world (F.C. Barcelona), the Sagrada FamĂ­lia

Camp Nou  The Camp Nou is the 2nd best stadium of the world. In this stadium play F.C Barcelona the best team of the world.

F.C. Barcelona   

The best team of the world, 6 titles in 1 year. The allies of the F.C. Barcelona is Barça Barça have the best player of the world and the second best player (Messi and Xavi). Barça founded at 1899

Sagrada Família • The Sagrada Família • • •

is a temple. It is not complet. Antoni Gaudí designed the Sagrada Família. The Sagrada Família is started in 1842.

Tibidabo    

The Tibidabo is an amusement park. The best attraction is the roller coaster. The Tibidabo ther is a church too. The oldest attraction is the plane.

The Pedrera   

The Pedrera is a famous building. Some families live in there. The construction is by Antoni Gaudí.

Antoni Gaudí 

He was bourn in Reus in the south of Catalonia. He came to Barcelona and studied to be an architecture. He build the Sagrada Família, the casa betllo, the pedrera, and other buildings.


Us an our city  

Description of the monuments from Barcelona and our names.