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Developing Horizons

Front: Design Oil on Canvas 52 x 58 cm

Developing Horizons

Various influences have featured strongly in the development of my painting since ʻFrom Abstractionʼ, my first solo show at Edgar Modern. The paintings in ʻDeveloping Horizonsʼ follow suite, in that I am still intrigued by working simultaneously on figurative and abstract pieces, and I feel that the dialogue between them is becoming ever stronger. As a painter, I find myself constantly fascinated with the process of life, how one comes to terms with situations, reacts to situations; and especially, within my method of working and thinking, I am keen to see the outcome that is produced, almost subconsciously, in the final stages of my paintings. For me the power of description is equally expressed whether described in purely abstract terms, i.e. form, space and colour, or by depiction of the human form. Painting is a solitary occupation; hours are spent alone, ones mind free to explore spaces in which to create something out of nothing. The creative process begins and with the first brush stroke something is born, which one can nurture and develop, rather like one would a child, in to a meaningful end product. Whether this product is beautiful, aesthetic, powerful or provocative reveals its personal story in its eventual outcome. A couple of exhibitions in particular which I have seen this year provoked particular thought processes which I have carried with me in to the studio. ʻSimon Since Fujiwaraʼ at Tate St Ives (spring 2012), and Picasso and Modern British Art at Tate Britain during the summer, the first of which rekindled my love of Patrick Heronʼs 1950-60ʼs stripe paintings and the second, in which Picassoʼs unique female forms, their succinct vitality and voluptuousness, the strength of which never fail to send shivers down my spine. Experimentation with coloured stripes, and discovering how different juxtapositions of colours, and different palettes, become evocative of certain emotions; considerations as to how they in some way relate to ones everyday comings and goings I found fascinating, as I carried out what I would describe as the occasional automatism in my method of painting, i.e. the process that happens when nothing is premeditated; the line, form and colour you choose that day is purely instinctive, and therefore what one produces is somehow the truest indication of the profoundness of ones own personal experience. Similarly the figures are drawn from the same depths, the social standing of the artist, the woman, the mother, lover and social being exposed in the rawest and rudest way, i.e. the naked truth, sometimes literally when the nude is depicted, where there is nothing to hide behind, with consequent exposure. With the expressive gestures I am trying to capture a feeling of how something is or feels.

Hopefully a continuing dialogue is apparent between these two genres, by the marks I make, the textures I create and my palette. It is my aspiration that the work presents itself as a body of work which has not only broadened, but continues to develop my horizons. The following poignant quotes from Patrick Heron, Space in Colour, 1953, describe salient points which I feel apply to my artistic process: “In painting, space and form are not actual, as they are in sculpture, but illusory.” “Colour is the utterly indispensable means for realising the various species of pictorial space.” “Spacial colour is, however, a grammar: the language of space in colour can doubtless be made to express anything that stirs in the consciousness of man.”

Henrietta Dubrey September 2012

Action Oil on Canvas 52 x 58 cm

Editor Oil on Canvas 115 x 136 cm

Sauna Oil on Canvas 39 x 30 cm

Secretary Oil on Canvas 80 x 37 cm

Sur L’Herbe Oil on Canvas 127 x 107 cm

Tuesday Oil on Canvas 120 x 96 cm

Slow Motion Oil on Canvas 64 x 82 cm

Librarian Oil on Canvas 80 x 37 cm

No Worries Oil on Canvas 48 x 36 cm

Levant Oil on Canvas 45 x 55 cm

Winter Oil on Canvas 48 x 38 cm

Outsider Oil on Canvas 97 x 87 cm

Summer Oil on Canvas 42 x 35 cm

Architect Oil on Canvas 28 x 22 cm

Oasis Oil on Canvas 75 x 89 cm

Gaze Oil on Canvas 41 x 35 cm

Gathering Oil on Canvas 99 x 98 cm

Leswidden Oil on Canvas 27 x 35 cm

Majesty Oil on Canvas 136 x 115 cm

Control Oil on Canvas 82 x 55 cm

Atlantic Oil on Canvas 70 x 93 cm

Wild Green Oil on Canvas 52 x 65 cm

Centred Oil on Canvas 140 x 95 cm

Coffee Morning Oil on Canvas 150 x 105 cm

The Artist Oil on Canvas 39 x 31 cm

Barnoon Oil on Canvas 20 x 25 cm

Decor Oil on Canvas 30 x 38 cm

Garment Oil on Canvas 89 x 75 cm

Attraction Oil on Canvas 35 x 21 cm

Narrative Oil on Canvas 80 x 193 cm

Bride Oil on Canvas 80 x 42 cm

Bossa Nova Oil on Canvas 30 x 38 cm

Blush Oil on Canvas 64 x 82 cm

Audience Oil on Canvas 23 x 28 cm

Accent Oil on Canvas 28 x 9 cm

Composition Oil on Canvas 63 x 86 cm

Ecstasy Oil on Canvas 69 x 89 cm

Intermezzo Oil on Canvas 52 x 38 cm

Window Oil on Canvas 78 x 65 cm

Athlete Oil on Canvas 69 x 89 cm

Henrietta Dubrey Biography Born 1966 Sussex, England Currently lives in west Penwith, Cornwall Solo Exhibitions 2011 2007 2005 2004 2003 2002 1990,92,95,98,2001 1993

Henrietta Dubrey at Skandium London From Abstraction‌ Edgar Modern Gallery Bath Colour to White Belgrave Gallery St Ives (Catalogue) Lynne Strover Gallery Fen Ditton Cambridge Paintings Belgrave Gallery St Ives Cornwall (Catalogue) New Work Belgrave Gallery St Ives Cornwall Lynne Strover Gallery Fen Ditton Cambridge Recent Paintings Belgrave Gallery St Ives Cornwall (Catalogue) Star Gallery Lewes East Sussex Drew Gallery Canterbury Kent

Joint Exhibitions 2012 2010 2008 2006 2005 2003 1993

Journey and Discovery with Stella Maris Stoneman Gallery Penzance Three Painters with Sue Kennington and Mary Mabbutt Belgrave Gallery St Ives With Gareth Edwards & Clare Wardman Hilton Young Penzance With Marion Taylor The Rainyday Gallery Penzance With Liz Hough & Nancy Pickard The Rainyday Gallery Penzance With Fergus Hilton The Rainyday Gallery Penzance With Russell Hedges The Rainyday Gallery Penzance The Royal Academy Young Masters with Alan Parker and Jonathan Huxley Crane Gallery London

Selected Group Exhibitions Represented in various group exhibitions between 1991 and 2012 at the following galleries: Belgrave St Ives, Stoneman Gallery, Penzance, Market House Gallery, Marazion; Rainyday Gallery, Penzance; Penwith Society of Arts, St Ives; Lemon Street Gallery, Truro; Somerville Gallery, Plymouth; Sherborne House, Dorset; Josie Eastwood, Hampshire; Lynne Strover, Cambridge; Shirley Crowther, Ditchling; Star Gallery, Lewes; Charleston Farmhouse, Sussex; Rye Art Gallery, Sussex; Royal Academy Summer Exhibition; Gallery 7, Hong Kong; Collections De Beers London, The Old Bank Hotel Oxford, Twofour Group, private collections in the UK and Europe.

City Oil on Canvas 36 x 48 cm

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Henrietta Dubrey  

Developing Horizons