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Section 1 Assessment

Reviewing ideas, terms and places. 1. A. Define What is an estuary? R// Enclosed body of water, fresh water mixes with salty sea weter. B. Explain how does the AMAZON RIVER affect the Atlantatic Ocean at the river’s mouth? R// Lower the salt level. C. Elaborate What benefits do you think the river might bring to Atlantic South America? R// Fishing, hydroelectric, power. 2. A. Recall What kind of climate does Patagonia have? R// Humid/ subtropical (north) cool/ desert climate (south). B. Make Inferences Why are temperatures in the South generally cooler than temperatures in the north? R// Because the north parth has a dry climate and hot. 3. A. Identify What resources does the rain forest provide? R// Wood, rubber, plants for medicine and food.

B. Analyze What is one benefit and one drawback of practicing commercial agriculture in the rain forest. R// Food, crops and economy – Deforestation. C. Elaborate Soil exhaustion might lead to what kinds of additional problems? R// No nutrients in soil, Infertile soil, no crops and no production.


Look back over your notes. Then use a table like this one organize the physical geography of Atlantic South America by country.


Amazon river, Rio negro, Brazilian highlands, mato grosso plateau.


Pampas, Patagonia, Andes, Gran Chaco, Parcha and Rio de la Plata.

Section 2 Assessment Brazil today. Reviewing ideas, terms and places. 1. A. Recall What European country colonized Brazil? R// Portugal. B. Make Inferences Why did the colonists bring Africans to work on plantations as slaves? R// They work free. C. Elaborate Why do you think the main basis of Brazil’s colonial economy changed over They years? R// They discover a new producs. 2. A. Identify What religion is most common in Brazil? R// Catholic. B. Explain Why is so much of Brazil’s culture influenced by African traditions? R// Because They brought a eslaves. 3. A. Define What is a megacity and what is an example of a megacity in Brazil?

R// Sao Paulo considered a megacity, urban area that includes surrounding cities.

B. Make Inferences Why might development in the Amazon cause tensions between Brazilian, Indians and new settlers. R// Because destroye rain forest in this area. C. Elaborate How might life change for a person who moves from the northeast to the southeast? R// The area southeast is rich and northeast is poor.

Critical Thinking Write a main idea about each region in brazil. Main ideas of the region. The Southeast

Rio de Janeiro, is second largest.

The Northeast

The region is poor and the climate is tropical.

The Interior

Capital is Brazilian and Is a frontier land.

The Amazon

This region have a big river , have rain forest and the climate is humid tropical.

Section 3 Assessment

Reviewing Ideas, Terms and places. 1. A. Define What is gaucho? R// An Argentina cowboy. B. Explain Why is Argentina’s population mostly of European descent? R// Because the country was colonized and settled by people from Europe. 2. A. Identify Why is Argentina’s biggest city? R// Buenos Aires B. Make Inferences What benefits do you think being part of Mercosur brings to Argentina? R// It promotes trade and economic cooperation among the southern and eastern countries, which is good for economy. C. Elaborate What are some benefits the Informal economy provides, and what are some of its drawbacks? R// It helps people who lost their jobs during the economic crisis find work, but they do not pay taxes to help support the government. 3. A. Recall Where is Uruguay’s capital located?

R// On the north shore of Rio de la Plata, not far from Buenos Aires.

B. Summarize How has Uruguay’s location influenced its culture? R// Because Uruguay is located between Brazil and Argentina, its culture has been influenced by these larger countries. 4. A. Define What does it mean to say a country is landlocked? R// It is completely surrounded by land. B. Explain What is Paraguay’s economy like? R// Agriculture is an important part of the economy, but much of Paraguay’s wealth is controlled by rich families and companies. C. Predict What are some possible ways Paraguay may be able to improve its economy in the future? R// Use its resources more effectively; sell surplus electricity to Brazil and Argentina.

CRITICAL THINKING Comparing and Contrasting Look over your notes on Uruguay and Paraguay. Then draw a diagram like the one there and use it to show similarities and differences between the two countries.

Similarities: This countrys is ubicate in South America, Diferences: Paraguay is landlockied.



Section 1 Assessment Reviewing ideas, Terms, and places 1. A. Identify What is the main physical feature of Pacific South America? R// The Andes. B. Analyze How is Bolivia’s location unique in the region? R// Landlocked. 2. A. Define What is El Niùo, and what are some of its effects? R// An ocean and weather pattern that affects the Pacific coast. B. Draw Conclusions Why are parts of Ecuador, in the tropics, cooler than parts of southern Chile? R// Because is a elevation. 3. A. Identify What country in this region has large oil reserves? R// Ecuador

B. Make inferences Why do you think much of the region is not good for farming? R// There is not much flat land, the area is dry. C. Elaborate What effects do you think copper mining in Chile might have on the environment? R// The explotation, may damage the land.

CRITICAL THINKING. Review your notes on climate. Then use a diagram like this one to describe the climate and vegetation in each of the five climate zones.

No vegetation, no trees. Icesmow.

Very cold, starulders alpine mountain. 3. Good for growing potatoes, wheat cool climate. 2. Good for growing coffe, moist climate. 1. Good for farming , growing, sugar cane, banana. Humid tropical climate.

Section 2 Assessment Reviewing, Ideas, Terms, and Places 1. A. Recall What ancient empire built pave roads through the Andes? R// The Inca Empire B. Explain What role did Creoles play in the history of Pacific South America? R// They were the principal leaders of the independence movements. C. Predict How might the Inca Empire have been different if the Incas had had wheels and horses? R// Probably they had a better system to defend themselves against the Spanish 2. A. Recall What country has the highest percentage of South American Indians in its population? R// Bolivia

B. Make Generalizations What aspects of culture in Pacific South America reflect Spanish influence, and what aspects reflect Indian heritage? R// 1. Indian Heritage-Language, music, clothing, religious festivals. 2. Spanish Influence- Language, architecture, Roman Catholiscism.

CRITICAL THINKING Sequencing Look over your notes on the region’s history. Then draw a graphic organizer like the one here and use it to put major historical events in chronological order.

Nazca lines

By the early 1500s the Inca controled the area from nothern.

In 1535 , Spanish conquered the Inca empire

By the early 1800 people in pacific south America began to want independenc e

Chile,Ecuad or, Peru and bolivia a hots its indepence in 1825.

Machu Pichu was discovered in all.

SECTION 3 ASSESSMENT Reviewing, ideas, Terms, and Places 1. A. Identify What is Ecuador’s largest city? R// Guayaquil. B. Make Generalizations Why have Ecuadorians been unhappy with their government in recent years? R// Probably the reforms are not presented quickly people need them. 2. A. Identify What are Bolivia’s two capital cities? R// Sucre and La Paz. B. Analyze Why might Bolivia’s economy improve. R// Probably they will start to start export more natural gas and metals. 3. A. Recall Why did many Peruvians move to Lima from the highlands? R// Escape violence and they were looking for work. B. Elaborate What challenges do you think people who move to Lima from the highlands face? R// Poor services , like water, electric. Also over crowding and poor housing. 4.

A. Define What is a coup?

R// A coup is a sudden overthrow of a government by small group of people. B. Make Inferences What might happen to Chile’s economy if the world price of copper drops? R// Probably become weaker, people lose their jobs , not have more profit.

CRITICAL THINKING Solving Problems Review your notes. Then, in a diagram like the one here, write one sentence about each country, explaining how that country is dealing with poverty or government instability. Ecuador

The economic regions are helping to overcome poverty.


May change with the export of natural gas and metal.


Elect president and congress to help economy.


It has stable government and growing economy.


For each group of terms below, write a sentence that shows how all the terms in the group are related. 1. Estuary , Rìo de la Plata and Buenos aires. R// Buenos Aires has rìo de la plata that is an Estuary. 2. Megacity, Favelas, Aspects. R// Aspects of megacities, like Sao Paulo, are Favelas. 3. Gauchos , pampas . R// In the Pampas few people like as gauchos. 4. Soil exhaustion, deforestation, Amazon River. R// Soil exhaustion and deforestation is a problem that affect the Amazon River. 5. Rìo de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Manaus. R// Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are located in the south area of Brazil and manaus is located in the Amazon.

COMPREHENSION AND CRITICAL THINKING Section 1. 6. A. Recall What kind of climate does the Amazon Basin have? R// Humid tropical B. Contrast How are northen Brazil and southern Argentina different? R// Northern Tropical and southern cool and desert. C. Elaborate How might the region’s major physical features have influenced development and daily life in Atlantic South America? R// Rivers plateus, are good farming and raising cattle. Section 2. 7. A. Describe What parts of Brazilian culture reflect African Influences? R// Religion, traditions and food. B. Analyze What factor lead people from the northeast of Brazil to move to the southeast? R// The north is poor, so people move because they need jobs. C. Evaluate Is deforestation of the Amazon rain forest necessary? R// No, Because it destroy habitat of animals.

Section 3. 8.

A. Describe How is Argentina’s culture different from other South American countries? R// There is a lot of European influence. B. Contrast What is one difference between Uruguay and Paraguay? R// Paraguay is landlocked, Uruaguay has people less mestizo population. C. Predict As Argentina’s economy improves . What might happen to its informal economy? R// It will decline as people are able to find new jobs.

STANDARDIZED TEST PREP 1. In wich country do most people speak Portuguese? A. Brazil 2. What major river flows through northwestern Brazil? D. Amazon River 3. Which of the following statements about Argentina is true? C. Argentina is a member of Mercosur. 4. Which of the following was an effect of the “Dirty War” in Argentina? A. The country’s economy suffered. 5. What is the most important part of the economy of Paraguay? B. Agriculture. 6. Based on the graph above, which of the following statements is false? B. By 1960 more people in Brazil lived in urban areas than in rural areas.

7. Based on the graph above, about how many people lived in urban areas of Brazil in 1990? C. 110 Million.

CHAPTER REVIEW 6 Reviewing Vocabulary, Terms, and Places. Write each word defined below , circling each letter that is marked by star. Then write the word these letters spell. 1. ATACANA DESERT – A desert in northern Chile that is one of the cloudiest and driest places on Earth. 2. Lima- The capital of Peru. 3. Quito- The capital of Ecuador. 4. Viceroy – A governor appointed by the king of Spain. 5. La Paz- One of the capitals of Bolivia. 6. Creole- An American-born descendant of Europeans. 7. Strage- A narrow passageway that connects two large bodies of water. 8. El Niño- An ocean and weather pattern that affects the Pacific coast. 9. Coop- A sudden overthrow of a government by a small group of people.

COMPREHESNSION AND CRITICAL THINKING. Section 1. 10. A. Describe What are climate and vegetation like on the altiplano? R// Cool vegetation is and grasslands. B. Compare and Contrast What are two differences and one similarity between the Atacama Desert and the altiplano. R// Are drier both are cloudier, no trees in both places. C. Evaluate What elevation zone would you choose to live in if you lived in Pacific South America? Why would you choose to live there? R// Second because I like coffe and this places is good for farming coffe. Section 2. 11. A. Describe How did the Incas organize their huge empire? R// They had irrigation systems and they had paved roads and suspension bridges. B. Analyze How have Spanish and native cultures left their marks on culture in Pacific South America? R// Roman Catholicism, Spanish languajes, culture, clothing. C. Elaborate Why do you think Pizarro killed the Inca king even though he had received riches as ransom? R// Pizarro wanted all the richess.

Section 3

12. A. Identify What country in Pacific South America has the healthiest economy? R// Chile. B. Analyze What Problems in Ecuador and Bolivia cause political unrest? R// Poberty, dissatisfaction with government. C. Evaluate What would be some benefits and drawbacks of moving from the highlands to one of Lima’s “young towns”? R// Bone fist-Jobs escaping violences- drawback- lack of services, leaving family.

STANDARDIZED TEST PREP 1. The main mountain range located in pacific South America is called the. B. ANDES. 2. Which of the following conditions is a result of El Niño? D. warmer waters near the pacific coast. 3. What early culture had huge empire in Pacific South America in the early 1500s? A. Inca. 4. Which of the following statements about culture in Pacific South America is false? B. Chile has a higher percentage of Indians than any other country in South America.

5. Which country’s main export is oil? C. Ecuador. 6. Based on the graph above, what one product is Chile’s main export to the United States? C. FRUIT 7. What has been a major because of political unrest in the region? A. Dissatisfaction with economic policies.

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