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St Benedict’s C of E V A Junior School School Uniform – July 2013 It is appreciated if all children wear the agreed school dress, as it helps to give children a sense of belonging to a community. All pupils representing the school at community functions, concerts, sports fixtures and for all school photographs must wear the agreed school clothing for that occasion. Details will be given for each event. The following code of agreed dress is based upon the school colours of royal blue, black and grey. Most items can be purchased from the school reception during normal school hours.

Winter Royal blue sweatshirt with school logo White polo shirt with school logo Grey/black skirt Grey/black trousers of a tailored plain type with no extremes of fashion or decoration A warm coat is necessary in winter as all pupils go outside if it is not raining

Summer As winter, plain shorts may be worn (plain grey or black) Blue & white check dresses or skirts Footwear Children’s shoes should be suitable for school wear when children can be required to walk some distance if out of school. The colour should be plain black. Training shoes should only be worn for games sessions - they are not considered suitable for normal school use. Girls must not wear shoes which have high heels, as these are a health hazard which could cause them to trip or fall. Children found wearing unsuitable clothing will be reminded of the correct clothing.