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St Benedict’s C of E VA Junior School, Glastonbury Health, Safety and Welfare Policy Statement Rationale: It is a requirement of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 that work places should have procedures and practices conducive to a safe and healthy working environment for employees. Purpose:  

 

to fulfil this school’s legal requirements; to provide information and guidance on safe working practices, preventative measures and remedial action for all working practices at St Benedict’s School; to make clear the responsibilities and duties of governors, headteacher, teaching and support staff in maintaining a safe working environment; to ensure that St Benedict’s School is a healthy and safe place for children and staff to work in.

Guidelines:   

  

Ultimate responsibility for the implementation of the Health and Safety document lies with the headteacher; for some of the procedures, the headtecher may delegate responsibility to the Health and Safety coordinator; the designated member of staff for Health and Safety is Mr L Fahy. He is supported by Mrs L Webb, especially in reviewing and updating the Health and Safety policy; the safe working procedures contained in the Health and Safety document should be strictly adhered to; staff should acquaint themselves with the document to be sure of their responsibilities and of safe working procedures; further guidance and clarification can be found in ‘Guidance for Schools, volume 4, Health and Safety’, issued by Somerset County Council. A copy of this document is kept in the school office.

Conclusion: This statement and the accompanying document is in line with the Somerset County Council and Government regulations. Their use should ensure that staff and children are safe at work. The school is aware of the strong links between Health and Safety and other areas, including drugs education and welfare. Details of these areas can be found in the appropriate policies.

Chris Lewis


May 2009



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