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Ladders Review The Youngman Transforma - Combination Ladder _____________________________________________________________________________________

By Campion - Whether you're a homeowner or work in a trade or industrial setting, chances are you're going to need to use a ladder at one time or another. Depending on the task, to do the job safely, a specialised type of ladder may be required. Which is why more than a few of us have a variety of ladders on hand. From the sectioned extension ladder to the simple step ladder, we often need a specialised ladder when beginning a task or project, whether at home or at work. Wouldn't it be more efficient, though, to have a ladder that's capable of multitasking safely and efficiently? Read on to learn about a great ladder from industry leader Youngman, the versatile Transforma. Learn More About Combination Ladder The Transforma is a durable and well-designed ladder that's capable of 19 varied working heights and 4 distinct modes of operation. This professional quality ladder will give years, if not decades, of reliable service. It's priced at about ÂŁ170.00. The Transforma will function as an extension ladder with 8 different heights, an extending step ladder with 4 different heights, a closed step ladder, and a stairway ladder with 5 different heights. In addition,

The ladder can act as a trestle with staging mode and 2 different heights. Do understand, however, that the trestle mode is not EN131 certified, and that the staging must be bought separately. Theladder's other modes are EN131 compliant, which means that the Transforma is certified for commercial use.

With a safe, triple locking hinge mechanism, Transforma ladders can be deployed in the most awkward and challenging locations. The stiles are telescopic, and are locked in position by 4 robust and strong lock tab assemblies. The splayed legs have slip resistant feet for added safety. The Transforma has tip-and-glide wheels that operate smoothly. Both the outer and inner stiles are made from the same type of aluminium that's used in aircraft. The aluminium also is fully anodised. Anodisation is an electrolytic process that thickens aluminium's normally thin surface layer of oxide, with the result that the metal is harder and more resistant to corrosion.

The Transforma is suitable for use indoors and outdoors. It's compact and easy to store, being only 1.4 metres long x 0.61metres wide x 2 metres deep when closed. The Transforma weighs just 17.5kg. The ladder has 4 sections, each having 4 rungs. It will support a maximum static load of 150kg. According to wisegeek website, maximum static load is the amount of "tension or compression a material can tolerate before yielding or permanently deforming." It's important to understand that the maximum static load comprises the total weight of the user, along with any tools and/or materials being transported up or down the ladder. When this value is exceeded, the ladder can develop microscopic fractures that compromise its integrity.

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Combination ladder  
Combination ladder  

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