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2012 Annual Report

Financial Education and Scholarships Since 1983

First Command Educational Foundation (FCEF) Leadership Comments


few weeks ago, I was on a road trip with my 10-year-old dog, Reese. After about 3 hours we stopped for a rest break to stretch our legs and enjoy a bit of fresh air. Reese is a larger breed dog and weighs about 85 pounds; unfortunately, her age and size have combined to cause her to suffer from dysplasia in both hips. When it was time to get back on the road, I was lifting the back half of her body into my SUV at the precise moment an elderly gentlemen was getting into his car parked to the right of us. He quickly assessed what was going on, smiled, and said, “We all need a little help from time to time, don’t we?” What a profound statement that was. The more I thought about it, the more I was struck by the simplistic truth of those few words. No matter if we are young or old, rich or poor, married, or single…there will be a point in each of our lives when we need a little help from others. That day, Reese was happy to have the help and I was happy to take care of her. Helping each other along the way certainly makes life more enjoyable or rewarding for everyone involved. Why are so many afraid or ashamed to ask for help? This is especially true when it comes to finances. The fear of asking or the embarrassment that one might feel to ask for help should never keep anyone from getting the help they need. That is a primary reason First Command Educational Foundation (FCEF) is working hard to make more resources and financial assistance readily available through a wide variety of programs. 2012 saw many advances in this area. In addition to increasing our face-to-face presentations and the number of scholarship awards, FCEF launched or improved three web-based financial education programs. •

• •

Basic Finances 4 ALL helps scholarship applicants acquire the basic financial life skills they need to be successful in their adult future.

Money Matters Online helps young adults learn the financial principles they need to know before they become full participants in our country’s economic system.

Military Money Matters is a similar program for junior military servicemembers that includes military-specific topics.

As you review our Annual Report, you will read about these programs and many others. FCEF is proud of the resources we are providing to others but we know we must work even harder in 2013 to do even more. We don’t want anyone to miss out on getting the help they need…whenever they need it. Blessings to all,

Vickie C. Mauldin Proudly serving FCEF since 2005

I am so excited about the progress we are making! The programs that focus on helping our men and women in uniform and their families are especially gratifying to me. As an Army wife of 26 years, I know firsthand the financial challenges that are an inevitable part of daily life for the military family. Frequent moves, unaccompanied assignments, and having to make important family financial decisions on your own can be stressful no matter how knowledgeable you are. If you don’t have that knowledge, it can be truly overwhelming. The opportunity to make life a little easier for the military family is the reason I continue to donate my time and resources to FCEF. I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of such an important effort.

Serving on the First Command Educational Foundation Board of Directors these past six years has been an honor. It is inspiring to be associated with Vickie Mauldin (CEO) and her dedicated staff. Partnering with First Command Financial Services to promote financial literacy and to award merit-based scholarships, while focusing primarily on military servicemembers and their families, links me back to my roots as a career military officer and a former FCFS advisor. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve those who serve.

Paul J. Smith, Secretary, FCEF BoD Proudly serving FCEF since 2006

Martha E. “Cisy” Gray, Vice President, FCEF BoD Proudly serving FCEF since 2001


Table of Contents First Command Educational Foundation (FCEF) Leadership Comments... 2 FCEF Major Highlights............................... 3 Education Programs................................ 4-7 Scholarship Programs.............................. 8-9 Scholarship Recipients........................ 10-11

“Chip-in for Education” Golf Classic........ 12 Annual Donors.................................... 13-17 Financial Highlights................................. 18 Board of Directors & Staff Members........ 19

FCEF Major Highlights Development Programs: • 5th annual “Chip-in for Education” raised over $21,000 in scholarship funds • Received $18,417 by participating in the 2012 DonorBridge/North Texas Giving Day • Raised over $800 from a two-week fundraising partnership with Jersey Mike’s Subs on Hulen Street in Fort Worth • 60 golfers played at the Golf Outing at The Retreat in Cleburne, bringing in over $3,400 for FCEF

Education Programs:

• Served 2,671 individuals in 13 states and 2 countries (U.S. and England) through 75 financial literacy presentations • Made financial literacy presentations to 1,161 military servicemembers • Developed and implemented two online, webbased educational programs: »» Money Matters Online (MMO), designed to provide financial literacy training to young adults »» Military Money Matters (MMM), geared to specifically serve the military population • Continued providing financial literacy training for the homeless in Fort Worth, Texas, by partnering with the Salvation Army and supporting Union Gospel Mission programs • Provided MMO access to 94 instructors in 74 school districts in 16 states


• Designed two new military-specific modules for MMM; 14 modules now available • Provided MMO access to 12 non-profit agencies in 5 states and 1 foreign country (England) • MMM is currently being used or evaluated by 4 organizations nationwide • Conducted a volunteer speaker training program in Lakewood, Washington

Scholarship Programs:

• Awarded $153,480 in scholarships to 73 students in 23 states • 83.9% of awarded scholarships went to military recipients—an increase of almost 30 percentage points over 2011 • Upgraded online course, Basic Finances 4 ALL, a brief introduction to five fundamental areas of personal finance • Established a national-level scholarship award partnership with Federally Employed Women (FEW), a private membership organization working as an advocacy group to improve the status of women employed by the federal government • Added “field office staff” as an eligibility category for the Dallas T. Lower Memorial Award and awarded $500 to this year’s recipient

Education Programs


his year FCEF continued its investment in people by developing and implementing presentations, workshops, and curricula to meet the financial literacy needs of local, national, and international communities, with a renewed focus on the military community. Our commitment to serve a diverse civilian community was made evident by our presentations to individuals from homeless shelters, the Boys & Girls Club, the Boy

Business 2%

Scouts, 4-H Club, the Northeast Senior Citizen Leadership Forum, and private business.

With its focus on the military community, FCEF increased its services to them by at least 200% in 2012. The Foundation partnered with Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine, and National Guard organizations to provide educational information to servicemembers and their families. FCEF also conducted financial presentations for veterans and their families.


Social Services 14% Civic 10%

Government 43%

Education 31%

Target Markets Served in 2012

Money Matters Online


oney Matters Online was adapted from our previously-published Money Matters curriculum, which was developed specifically to meet the Texas State Board of Education requirement for secondary school personal financial literacy instruction (Texas House Bill 492 of 2006). Money Matters Online modules are: Bank Accounts, Checkbook, Credit, Loans, Rights & Responsibilities (of renting an apartment), Buying (a house), Stocks & Investments, Retirement, Insurance, Entrepreneur, Bankruptcy, and Giving (to charity). The program contains pre- and post-course tests, and each module contains pre- and post-module exams, exercises, and a vocabulary exercise.

The instructor module allows instructors the online capability to enroll students, monitor their progress, and determine when students pass the course.

Money Matters Online also provides online access to the previously-published textbook curriculum, including 12 PowerPoint presentations (for instructors), the comprehensive and 12 module exams (with answers for instructors), and a vocabulary list.

In addition, successful course completion of Money Matters Online will allow students to apply for an FCEF scholarship award, exclusive to Money Matters Online students, in 2014.


Military Money Matters


ate in 2012 we launched Military Money Matters, which was developed to assist junior servicemembers and their families in acquiring the knowledge and skills to take control of their finances and prepare for the future. It is designed to be used by participants on their own time and at their own pace, and can also be used to supplement an instructor’s current lesson plans or educational programs.

Mastering the information in this course will help junior servicemembers gain the financial savvy necessary for immediate and long-term success. We have also included information to specifically help their family members, so we encourage servicemembers to share this course with them.

Successful course completion of Military Money Matters will also allow students to apply for an FCEF scholarship award, exclusive to Military Money Matters students, in 2014.

Military Money Matters contains modules on a variety of financial subjects: Bank Accounts, Checkbook, Credit, Loans, Leases and Landlords, Stocks & Investments, Retirement, Insurance, Starting Your Own Business, Bankruptcy, Giving to Charity, Military Retirement Plans, and Thrift Savings Plan. Three more modules will be added in 2013 to address more military-specific topics, and others will be developed in the future.

Coast Guard Pacific Area has shown interest in adapting Military Money Matters for their use Area wide, and is evaluating the program now.

Each module contains a pre- and post- module exam and vocabulary and other exercises. The program also includes a pre- and postcourse comprehensive exam and an instructor interface that allows instructors to add and delete students and to monitor their progress and test results. 6

In Deep Appreciation of Our Volunteer Speakers


CEF could not have delivered its educational programs without the help of its devoted volunteer speakers. These volunteer speakers were asked to deliver presentations on a variety of financial subjects to military units, community organizations, church groups, public schools, business groups, and any interested party.

Lewis, LTC, U.S. Army (Ret.), San Antonio, Texas, who supported that geographical area with regularly scheduled presentations for military members from Fort Sam Houston, Randolph AFB, and Lackland AFB. Glenn made a total of eight presentations in 2012.

FCEF was able to provide its services to a group in England, as well as to a variety of groups in the states of Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, South Carolina, Ohio, California, Florida, Virginia, Colorado, Utah, and Missouri.

Finally, FCEF would like to thank those FCFS advisors who devote so much of their time during and after their working day to support our Foundation.

The volunteer speaker who traveled the farthest and the most miles in support of FCEF was Ralph Kelly, Col, US Army (Ret.), Summersville, West Virginia, who drove all the way to Fort Campbell, Kentucky, a roundtrip total of 974 miles. Close behind Ralph was Alvin Morgan, MSgt, US Army (Ret.), Hinesville, Georgia, who drove 746 miles roundtrip to Eglin AFB, Florida, to do a presentation.

With a renewed commitment to “educate those who serve� in 2012, FCEF, again due to its volunteer speakers, was able to provide financial literacy education to units of the Army, Air Force, Marines, Navy, and National Guard. In addition, it provided support to programs that support military veterans, such as Project Sanctuary and Final Salute.

For each volunteer who supported FCEF in 2012, we thank you for your selfless devotion.

In 2012, the volunteer speaker who conducted the largest number of presentations was Glenn

You are amazing!

Glenn Lewis


Alvin Morgan

Ralph Kelly

Scholarship Programs


he following excerpt was taken from a December 2012 report entitled, The Economic Benefits of Postsecondary Degrees – A State and National Level Analysis.

opportunities in two ways: through partnerships with organizations and individuals for matching scholarship dollar support and through the Donaldson D. Frizzell Scholarship.

The Donaldson D. Frizzell Scholarship was not awarded in 2012 due to major restructuring of this program. To comply with the strategic direction from the Board of Directors to align more scholarship funds toward the military and their families, the eligibility criteria were significantly changed from those of previous years and redirected to military families, First Command clients, and dependents of First Command Advisors and field office staff members.

“In response to the declining international ranking in the percentage of young adults with a postsecondary credential, President Obama, philanthropic and policy organizations and states have set high bold goals essentially to double the number of secondary degrees and certificates produced in the next 8-13 years. Behind this commitment to increased attainment is a value proposition for policymakers and the general public that achieving these goals will lead to social and economic benefits for individuals, states and the nation. Nationally, state and local (financial) support per student is down 12.5 percent in constant dollars from FY 2006 to FY 2011. Meanwhile, despite substantial annual tuition increases in most states, between FY 2006 and FY 2011, student full time enrollment increased an average 16.9 percent nationally. Increases in both demand for and the cost of higher education have resulted in a growing number of students relying on student loans and other financial aid to finance postsecondary education.”

In 2013, the Frizzell scholarship will be a restricted, competitive award process with the majority of dollars dedicated to active and former military personnel and their dependents. The FCEF staff actively engaged in brainstorming and planning sessions using both internal and external data to drive its decision-making. To that end, FCEF believes the 2013 Donaldson D. Frizzell Scholarship Award program will bear the fruit of our labor in that $20,000 in scholarship funds will be available to support students pursuing educational opportunities. In light of the U.S. Department of Defense talks proposing cuts in tuition assistance to our service members as well as the potential threat of sequestration, we believe our change in direction is the right thing to do. With continuous talks and threat of sequestration, military personnel and their family members will be scouring every conceivable source to locate financial assistance for higher education.

The above objective and statistics raise the important question of who is ultimately responsible for paying for college. The answer, no doubt, is that paying for college is a partnership; the federal government, states, institutions, foundations, and individual students and their families all have a role in paying for college.

FCEF shares in this responsibility by investing financial resources each year to assist individuals who enroll in college. In our three decades of service, we’ve awarded over $4.2 million in scholarships to almost 3,500 individuals. FCEF offers scholarship

“FCEF is honored to award scholarships in Don’s name. His contributions and dedication to serving others spanned three decades.” —Vickie Mauldin, FCEF CEO

Offering financial assistance through educational scholarships to military personnel and their dependent family members will continue to be at the forefront of FCEF’s Scholarships Program.


Donaldson D. Frizzell FCEF President, 2001-2005


33 cents a day… Can make a big difference

Imagine 33 pennies making a difference in someone’s life! $10 a month (33 cents a day) from 250 donors = $30,000 a year. That’s thirty $1,000

scholarships in one year!

It takes a lot of pennies each year to create scholarship opportunities and financial literacy programs. FCEF’s fundraising efforts are ongoing.

Scholarship Programs


CEF is pleased to partner with various organizations to award scholarships around the nation. In 2012, FCEF partnered with 57 organizations and 4 individuals to award $153,480 to 73 students. 62% of these scholarships were made with matching dollars and the remaining 38% were funded totally by public donations. We are very thankful for those donors who matched funds with us and those donors who gave us undesignated funds for scholarship awards. Unfortunately, as is the case in most years, the demand for scholarships was more than we were able to meet with available funding. This need for more and more scholarship dollars is a prime reason why FCEF conducts an annual “Chip-in for Education” golf tournament to raise needed funds. (You can learn more about this tournament on page

12.) The scholarship awards are a huge portion of FCEF’s annual expenses. We are committed to raising additional dollars to meet the ever-increasing demand. We need your help to do this!

The students applying for scholarships through our partners in 2012 came from a wide variety of backgrounds across 23 states. Many were going to college for the first time; others were going back to school after raising a family. Each partner formed an independent selection committee who evaluated each application and selected the recipient, and then FCEF paid the scholarship funds directly to the educational institutions of the student’s choice. No matter the student or their career choice, FCEF received many notes of thanks and gratitude, and we want to share just two of these excerpts.

Spotlights: 2012 Scholarship Recipients

“Ma’am I wanted to send you this letter to express my

“At 18 years old I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps in search of discipline, life experience and the opportunity to serve. After a deployment to Afghanistan, a deployment to Iraq and serving as special operations for the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit, I experienced some of the most trying times of my life. It was on these deployments where I witnessed poverty, disease, violence and some of the most unappealing things this world has to offer. It was through these trying times that I gained an appreciation for human struggle and hardship and have decided I want to dedicate my life to helping people who are less fortunate.”

utmost appreciation and gratitude. Still not certain of how I will be paying for college, I unexpectedly received your award and was overcome with joy.

Because of my financial circumstances and current reliance on loans I am extremely grateful for your

kindness. Your generosity has done a great deal for me and I am incredibly thankful, ma’am.”

Ezequiel Cabezas Garcia ‘16 Awarded through partnership with Texas A&M University

James DeBenedictis Awarded through partnership with University of Maryland




he Dallas T. Lower award was established to encourage “established” First Command Financial Planning (FCFP) Advisors to pursue professional designations. For 2012, in addition to reimbursement awards to advisors, FCEF has added reimbursement awards to FCFP Field Support Staff Members.

John Gosztyla

(Excerpt from recommendation) “…John has recognized the importance of constant improvement and was willing to sacrifice in order to better himself for the benefit of his clients. John is a very successful, energetic, hard charging Advisor in the First Coast District. John always maintains a positive upbeat attitude. He selflessly sacrifices his own valuable time to train and recruit new Gateway Advisors. He has clubbed and passed all his required licensing exams the first time and has also passed his Series 7 exam.”

(Excerpt from recommendation) …“Linn, on her own initiative, decided to pursue her Life and Health Insurance license to assist with helping clients exercise life insurance options and to answer client questions and provide premium quotes. These are tasks that cannot be performed without being licensed.” Linn Schott

CARROLL H. PAYNE (CHP) MEMORIAL ENDOWMENT RECIPIENTS We are pleased to introduce you to just a few of FCEF’s CHP recipients! Congratulations to these and all of our 73 scholarship recipients!

Top Left to right: Recipients (holding certificates ) Danielle Gonzales, Ariana Pagan and Hyman Dean, Melissa Smith Bottom Left to right: Elliot Noll, Kaitlyn Simonsgaard, Erika Herrera


Scholarship Recipients First Name Mario Ashlyn Cornelius Jessica Lauren Suzanne Christian Alyssa Chris Meredith Sarah Brett Anneliese Steven Jessica David Stephen Hyman James Scott Michelle Davis Ezequiel Rachel Danielle John Tyler Erika Kristi Benjamin Jacob Alissa Justin Elliot Kandice Dustin Stephanie Michaela Brandon Justin Aaron Elizabeth Anissa Caleb Ariana Sarah Stevie John Rebekah Shayne Grady Megan Yvonne Chad Sarah Whitney Linn Kaitlyn Meredith Brian Melissa Shannon Jennifer Jarryd Timothy Daniel Ashlee JoEllen Courtney Mary ** ** **

Last Name Abad Adwell Allen Andrews Appenzeller Arner Arnold Atwood Bodden Bodden Bond Boothby Casey Cavasar Clemons Cromer Crump Dean DeBenedictis Dowd Faggert Folsom Garcia Gilliland Gonzales Gosztyla Gunnlaugsson Herrera Hull Hurtado Impavido Kanocz Klatt Knoll Larrimore Lawrence Lumpkin McBurrows McCabe McClain McDaniels Mullins Neal Olson Pagan Patterson Petrosky Pope Pyle Rasasay Roach Roberts Robertson Robertson Russel Russell Schott Simonsgaard Smith Smith Smith Suttmiller Tatara Tschoerner Upson Verkump Walker Walters Wilson Yuengert ** ** **

*Dallas T. Lower tuition reimbursement award **Recipient information not received from the university

Hometown Fort Worth, TX Rineyville, KY Irving, TX Fort Drum, NY Ft. Wainwright, AK New Ringgold, PA Abilene, TX Mansfield, TX Bryan, TX Fort Worth, TX Fort Richardson, AK El Paso, TX Springfield, OH Fort Worth, TX San Antonio, TX Theodore, AL Athens, GA Fort Knox, KY Woodbine, MD Albuquerque, NM Virginia Beach, VA Mary Ester, FL unavailable Bartonville, TX DeRidder, LA Jacksonville Beach, FL Benbrook, TX Fort Worth, TX Columbia, SC Biloxi, MS Richmond Hill, GA Mary Ester, FL Newton, AL Dallas, GA Brewton, AL Hickory, NC Mooresville, NC El Paso, TX Edmond, OK San Antonio, TX Samson, AL Chesapeake, VA Mooresville, NC Colorado Springs, CO Fort Knox, KY North Pole, AK Haslett, MI Clarksville, TN Navarre, FL Waipahu, HI Allen, TX Fort Walton Beach, FL Dallas, TX Plano, TX O’Fallon, IL Sherman, TX Shreveport, LA Colorado Springs, CO College Station, TX Jacksonville, FL Aberdeen, MD Aledo, TX Dundee, IL Fort Worth, TX Jacksonville, FL Houston, TX Mountain Home AFB, ID Eagle River, AK Weatherford, TX Carlisle, PA ** ** **


College/University Texas Christian University Eastern Kentucky University El Centro College Franciscan University of Steubenville Savannah College of Art and Design Cedar Crest College Syracuse University Tarrant County Community College Texas A&M University Texas Woman’s University Penn State University Western Technical College Wright State University Texas A&M University-Texarkana University of Texas at San Antonio Faulkner State Community College University of Georgia Brigham Young University University of Maryland University of New Mexico University of Virginia Troy University Texas A&M University Baylor University Lousiana State University * University of Colorado at Boulder Texas Christian University University of South Carolina Mississippi State University University of Alabama Florida State University Troy University Mercer University Auburn University East Carolina University Appalachian State University New Mexico State University University of Oklahoma Baylor University University of South Alabama Samford University University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill The University of Oklahoma Prairie View A&M University Utah State University Lansing Community College University of Tennesse at Chattanooga University of West Florida University of Hawaii at Manoa University of Mary Hardin-Baylor Troy University El Centro College Texas A&M University University of Notre Dame Austin College * Franciscan University of Steubenville Texas A&M University University of North Florida Grantham University University of Arkansas University of Tampa Texas State Technical College University of North Florida University of Texas at Austin Park University University of Alaska at Anchorage Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi Boston College University of North Texas College of Music University of North Texas Institute of Journalism University of West Florida

“Chip-in for Education” Golf Classic


t does not rain too often in Texas, but it certainly looked like much-needed rain would join FCEF during the 2012 annual golf tournament. Thanks to the prayer of the military chaplain from NAS Fort Worth JRB and many others, the clouds went away for the 130 eager golfers. The 5th annual “Chip-in for Education” Golf Classic was held on September 13, 2012, at The Golf Club at Fossil Creek. With terrific support from our generous sponsors and many enthusiastic volunteers, the event raised over $21,000 for FCEF’s local scholarship programs. Thank you!

We would like to send our gratitude to all sponsors, donors, volunteers, and committee members who played an important role during this annual event. All of you made this fundraiser a success! Watch for the next “Chip-in for Education” Golf Classic on October 3, 2013.

Sponsors: Doctorate Level

CompEdge EMC² Technologent Pulido’s Mexican Restaurant*

Master Level

Fort Worth Business Press* Weaver

Bachelor Level

Executive Hole Level

AEGON Andres Construction Cisy and Skip Gray Enterprise Midland National Life

CSG Companies Coor’s – Fort Worth Farr Systems Franklin Templeton Monumental RBA Consulting


Hole Sponsors

Betsy Feroli of 4Trust Mortgage, Inc. City Vending Hinckley Cook P.C. Certified Public Accountants Pop’s Burger & Grill RAYMOND JAMES | Morgan Keegan Safeco Insurance

Volunteers and Committee Members: Bill Alexy, Brian Atwood, Alexis Ballesteros, David Bayless, John Black, Julie Brownell, P-Cay Burkhalter, Carrie Cutright, Betsy Feroli, Taryn Freeby, Paul Johnson, Deb Krause, Rocky Krueger, Monty Miller, Michael Moffitt, David Moore, Rose Morales, Chip Payne, Lisa Phillips, Dawn Piihl, Cecelia Rollins, Lisa Sanders, Eric Schuster, Janet Smith, Maddie Spiker, Bryce Tuck, Bernadette Waseleski, and Doug Worrell 12

Annual Donors

First Command Educational Foundation thanks all its loyal donors for another strong year. The success of FCEF depends on the ongoing support from individuals, corporations and private foundations. Only with your help, no matter how small or large, can we fulfill our mission to educate those who serve. Thank you for making a difference – dollar by dollar, year after year. $250,000 AND UP First Command Financial Svcs, Inc. $75,000 TO $99,999 First Command Bank

$10,000 TO $24,999 NTAGGL Scott and Nancy Spiker

$5,000 TO $9,999 Hyatt Place FW/Cityview Mike and Jane Thomas

$2,500 TO $4,999 Anonymous David Brooks Don and Libby Eberly John Exner Jeffrey Gibson Vickie Mauldin Jim and Louise Petersen Kathy Skillington Paul J. and Susan Smith Ron and Linda Testa TX Aerospace Education Foundation Think Finance of Fort Worth Carl and Janis Wagner $1,500 TO $2,499 David and Linda Alley Rick and Jane Amelon Craig and Lauren Badger Bill and Mary Bartels Jody A. Breckenridge Eric Bressman Chevron CompEdge Walter Coulter Dyess OSC Thrift EMC² Technologent

Thanks to our 2012 DonorBridge Donors

Samantha and Mike Hilliard Jersey Mike’s Subs Robin Jones Victor and Kim Jones Robert H. & Carolyn W. Kerr Kurt and Corey Langenwalter Jim Lanier Christopher Lee Philip Leopold Don Marcum Mark and Annette Nielsen Ed Patisaul Fred Semasko Todd and Patricia Taylor Weaver Mike Wheeler Dan Wilhite Laurie and Jim Wolf

Henry Hagan Bob Hill Deborah Lawrence Jim Leach Larry Markowski Charles & Rebecca McGee Ken and Mary McQuiston Midland National Life Insurance Denise and Pat Miller Monumental Life Insurance Mike and Linda Morrison Luis and Janine Muniz Fred Offutt Mike O’Hanlon Earl Oliver Kirk Olliff Jill and John Pietrusinski Steve Popelka Harvey Pullen Scott and Susan Rainville $1,000 TO $1,499 RBA Consulting Andres Construction Ricco Family Partners LTD Rob and Lori Ashton Bank of America Foundation Marty and Stacie Robbins Glenn Roberts Kirk Baur Jim and Judy Schless Lindsay and Dalise Blanton Hugh and Denise Simpson David Bonney Anthony Smith Lonnie and Janet Bowman Paul Soderlund Daniel Brannon Gerald Stanley Mike and Paula Brinkman Kathleen M. & Tom D. Cheritt Gary and Virginia Svatek Teresa and H. David Tyler Carl and Cathy Cornelius VAW - VRC Officers’ Margaret Coutinho Spouses’ Assoc. Jim DeGaetano Homer Worrell John and Allison Draper Tate Young Enterprise John and Karen Foley Pattie Frizzell $500 TO $999 Carlos and Monette Garza Anonymous Skip and Cisy Gray Robert Beltram

John Bennett Steven and Wendy Bione Emma and Dennis Blaker Bob Bowman Larkin Braxton Mike Bunting Gretchen Butler Claudia Canestra Choctaw Bay Music Club Joe Cieslewicz City Vending Company Brad Cleeton Communities Foundation of TX Coor’s Distributing Co. FW Tim Custer Ed Daffron Merry and Logan Dickinson Mark and Marion Diunizio Chris Drake El Arroyo Robert and Pam Elliott Jay Ellis Farr Systems Franklin Templeton Nancy and Mike Gazzerro Al and Sylvia Godoy Gramco Automotive Parts Tom Griffith Scott Hallock Anthony Harvey Kevin Hollis Hub International Susan Jennaway Ralph Kelly James Knighton Law, Snakard & Gambill, P.C. Lone Star Squadron Jeff Luther Kristy McCormick

North Texas Giving Day September 13, 2012

First Command Educational Foundation (FCEF) would like to thank all the donors who took the time to participate in North Texas Giving Day on September 13, 2012. We appreciate your support that day despite the challenges you faced last year. We were all relieved that the process had improved tremendously. On North Texas Giving Day you helped us raise $28,241.88 to support financial education and scholarship programs!! 13


FCEF Board FCFS Military Advisory Board

“giving” ng a makirence in diffe one’s life some

Special thanks to Chad Huffhines and his crew at Jersey Mike’s on Hulen Street for hosting a two-week fundraiser for FCEF in May 2012. Thank you to all who supported a great cause while enjoying Jersey Mike’s great subs!!!

Annual Donors

May 7-21 Jersey Mike’s is donating · 50¢ for every giant sub · 25¢ for every regular sub · 10% of the ticket for each person who mentions

Jersey Mike’s 4833 S. Hulen Fort Worth, TX 76132 817.294.2460

James andEducational Jae McCullough First Command Foundation Joseph McLaughlin Merrill Lynch Ed Miller Owen Miller Michael and Jane Neveu Alan Orr Michael Parker Gregg Pomes Jim and Kim Provo Bill and Bonnie Robeson T. H. Rush Milt Salter Ramona Santos-Ojede Kelly Schroeder Eric Schuster Daniel F. & Eleanor E. Seemann Robert Slaughter Bob and Lisa Smith Brent Smith John and Jan Snider Matthew Steffes Joe Storaska Benny and Helga Strange David Strick Dick and Doris Terrell Michael Theres Mark Timko Clarence & Cecelia Van Donselaar Jerry Wackerhagen Mike and Bonnie Watson David White Walt Whitnum Matt Wineriter Proudly supporting

First Command Educational Foundation has been in the community for 29 years.

Their mission is “to educate those who serve.”

$250 TO $499 4Trust Mortgage John and Carla Barton Al Batey and Marilyn Prost Richard Batten Mary Kay and Patrick Benish Joshua Black Sean and Erica Brown Doug Brown Nicholas Campbell Dave Canaveral Peter Carlo James Carroll

Russell Clarke Missy Cox Alan Crow Mark Dierlam Gordon and Cheryl Edgin Robert Edmondson Henry Evans Bob and Becky Evart Richard Fleming Tony Ford Frederick Genualdi Dennis Glynn Sunday Grace Ron Hagler Tracy Heichelbech Ralph Hill Hinckley Cook P.C. David Ifflander Brad Jackson Bruce and Rhoni Jennings Robert Jones Shane Keaton Kenneth and Lillian Krahl Dave and Inge Lavallee Rudy Lopez Daniel Mahoney Joshua Mauldin Harold McClelland Mike and Linda McConnell Jerry and Pong Mi Mohr Paul Monroe Bill Montignani Rose Morales Joe and Dana Morrin William Motley John C. and Arline S. Mott Bill Nichols Mark and Carolyn O’Connor Rich and Candyce Parrington Bill Perry Pop’s Burgers & Grill Timothy Randle Robert J. Rausch Raymond James Morgan Keegan Rick Rein Angie Ribuffo Troy Richards Sandy Rishel Michael Ritchie

Ray Roger Michael Russell Safeco Insurance Sara Say Shay Investment Svcs, Inc. Mark Sheridan Sherry and Bob Sitton Michelle Snyder Merle and Cindy Spaulding Dave and Jayme Studer Dave and Kathy Surgent Robert Sutter Stephen D. and Janet R. Thaeler Greg and Colleen Thomas Tugg and Jo Ann Thomson Michael Walker Bob Wallace Jeff Wallace Cliff Weddington Esau & Rosa Maria Williamson Frank Wilson Doug Worrell


$120 TO $250 Anthony Allred John Anderson Angela Armstromg Jim Bade Dave and Sandy Barber David Bayless Ray Bennett Hugh and Kaye Blomeke Kevin Bornhoft William Bowman Warren Brooks Roger Brueckbauer David Burns John Cermak Gretchen Clerc Kim Coen Harry Collins John Cook Lanny and Patsy Cox William Cultice Scott Davis Tracy Demosthenes Chris and Stephanie Dentinger Jim Dentinger

Rick Disney Susan and Steve Dixon Charles and Mary Jean Doerler Randy Dorf Henry Douglas Kevin Dunn Michelle and Glen Eiland Bruce Ellwein Nancy Ezell Ed Fariss Jeffrey Finley Michael Fleischbein Frost National Bank Jamie Giddings Michael Gilbert Joe Gonzalez John Gosztyla Linda Grafa Terence Graham John Grigsby Lawrence Hamilton David Hansen Michael and Laurie Hardin Michael and Julie Ann Harvin Matthew Hembree Deanna Henson Cindy Higgins Sharon Horn Moncef Houara Hunter Spouses’ Club Sarah Hyder Nichole Jansen Paul Johnson Sandi Johnston Bob Jorgensen Timothy Joseph Fred Joy Bill and Barbara Kane David Kiel Sandra King Tony and Jean Knapstein Colleen Lara Angela Lemons Lewis Levy Janice Lincecum Bill Liquori Ronald Lux Jill and Pat Lyttle Staci and Jim Mapes

FCEF Board

Annual Donors

Tina Martin Chip and Carol Payne Scott Matlock Lisa and David Phillips Bob McAdams Bob and Suzanne Ponton McCune Companies Arthur Porcelli Dan McNeill John Poutier Todd Morgan Jocinta Powell Will Morris Nick Psaki Joseph Mulcahy Melissa Rasbeary Wes Niblack Mike Reinhart Leslie Nichols Larry and Sally Robinson Stanley Obrey Harold Roesch Linda Ogawa Thomas and Vicky Rollins Gordon Olde Curtis Ross Sherri Omo Charles and Redonda John Osarczuk Russell Gerardo Panetta Robert Sampson Ray Parnell Ron and Lisa Scarborough

Gifts-in-Kind 4imprint American General Life Co. Amon Carter Museum of American Art Baker St. Pub & Grill Ben E. Keith Beverage Distributors Billy Bob’s Texas BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse Cantina Laredo Charles Stenson Chick-fil-A City Vending Company Cotton Patch Cafe #33 Cousin’s BAR-B-Q Dallas Mavericks Dallas Stars Foundation Dallas Symphony Orchestra DataSpan DeVillier Designs Dickey’s Barbecue Pit Doug Anders El Arroyo Fancy Nail & Spa

Jessica Shaulis David Sheehan Gary Sheroke Fred and Rumiko Shirley John and Ellen Shull Lori Sidrony Stephen Simmons Myra and Terry Slaybaugh Anna and Ezzard Smith Jim Smith Glendon Speakman Michael and Marcy Srulowitz Benjamin Stahl Michael Stanley Charles Stenson Kim Sullivan

FedEx Services First Command Financial Services, Inc. Ft Worth Botanical Society, Inc. Fort Worth Business Press Fort Worth Museum of Science and History Fox and Hound Freeb!rds World Burrito Golfsmith Half Price Books Harris Parkway Dental Care harvey-daco, inc. Hilton Fort Worth Honey Baked Ham Hooters Hub International Hyatt Place, Fort Worth/ Cityview Invesco Jennifer Counts - Scentsy Jersey Mike’s Subs Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches Karen and Allen Bertapelle

Kimbell Art Museum Kubes Jewelers LightCatcher Winery & Bistro Locations Photography Marie Alspaugh BeautyControl Modern Art Museum of FW NTB Olmsted-Kirk On the Border P.F. Chang’s China Bistro Palio’s Pizza Café Panera Bread Perrotti’s Pizza & Subs Pie Place Cafe` and Bakery Pulido’s Mexican Restaurant Putt - Putt Fun Center Razzoo’s Cajun Cafe Reata Restaurant Red Lobster Rio Mambo Restaurant Sam’s Club Schlotzsky’s Sid Richardson Museum

Brian Swanson Clay Swindell Vince Ta Zachary Thompson JT and Jaclyn Thorp Thomas Trant Michael and Amber Turley Sean Tuttle Graydon Uyeda Steven Vause Jerry and Candy Wagner Zachary Walden Alan Weaver Richard Wilcox Tania Williams Charles W. and Geri J. Wolfe Cheryl Zudell Smoothie King, City View Southwestern Exposition & Livestock Show Starbucks Coffee Company Texas Brahamas Hockey Club Texas de Brazil Texas Eye and Laser Center Texas Health Harris Methodist Foundation Texas Motor Speedway Texas Rangers Baseball The Keg Steakhouse & Bar The Worthington Renaissance FW Hotel Tony Sanders - Swisher International Travel Corp International United Carpet Cleaning Systems Weaver Williams Trew Sotheby’s International Realty

FCFS Military Advisory Board

We would like to send a big thank you to The Retreat in Cleburne, Texas, for having a group of about 60 friends from First Command Educational Foundation (FCEF) enjoy the beauty of their golf course. It was a beautiful fall day on November 5th, with hardly a cloud in sight! FCEF raised approximately $3,400 during this terrific golf outing THANK YOU ALL! 15

Memorial Donations In Honor of Buckley AF Ball Planning Committee John Bennett

In Honor and Memory of Josef E. Kubes Sr. Kubes Jewelers

Memorial for Rev. & Mrs. Flowers Dan K. McNeill

In Honor of Lone Star Squadron Lone Star Squadron Nicholas and Anna Ricco

Memorial for LTC Robert M. Daniels (Ret.) Charles E. and Mary Jean Doerler

Memorial for Donaldson D. Frizzell Pattie A. Frizzell

Memorial for Lt. Jay Smith Scholarship & Exellence Fund Chevron Michael and Laurie Hardin Glenn and Millie Roberts Paul J. and Susan Smith Memorial for M. Alice Konecny Don and Libby Eberly Brad Cleeton

Memorial for The Lanier Family Dan K. McNeill

Memorial for Dallas T. Lower Margaret Coutinho John and Allison Draper Memorial for Flavel Simcox Dick and Doris Terrell

In Honor of Kim Champlin and John Exner Philip Leopold

Passive Giving

FCEF started to focus on “passive giving� in 2007. Simple everyday actions have become an ongoing way to raise income for the foundation. FCEF is grateful for its local community partners. In 2012 we received over $6,000 in combined donations from our community partners. Please continue to help FCEF raise funds for scholarships and financial literacy education with the search engine, GoodSearch. Using rewards cards while grocery shopping or recycling ink cartridges and cell phones also provide appreciated donations. It all helps the foundation! WE WOULD LIKE TO THANK:


FCEF Board FCFS Military Advisory Board

Lifetime Giving (since 2002) $2,000,000 AND UP First Command Financial Services, Inc $500,000 TO $999,999 First Command Bank Payne Family

$100,000 TO $249,999 Torchmark Corporation

$50,000 TO $99,999 Anonymous Mark Dierlam Hyatt Place Fort Worth/Cityview Invesco Nicholas and Anna Ricco Scott and Nancy Spiker

$25,000 TO $49,999 American General Life Companies Charles Bauer Cash America International, Inc. Franklin Templeton Investments Don and Pattie Frizzell McCune Companies Jim and Louise Petersen Philip & Janice Levin Foundation Kathy Skillington Lamar and Jan Smith Paul J. and Susan Smith Michael and Jane Thomas $10,000 TO $24,999 Andres Construction Anonymous Atmos Energy Craig and Lauren Badger Bill and Mary Bartels Dave Bonney Daniel Brannon Walt Coulter Margaret Coutinho John and Allison Draper Marty and Sherril Durbin Don and Libby Eberly Enterprise John Exner John and Karen Foley Jeffrey Gibson Hometown Threads Ron and Myra Huff Jay Smith Scholarship & Excellence Fund

Robin Jones Jim Lanier Law, Snakard & Gambill, P.C. Vickie Mauldin Mark and Annette Nielsen NTAGGL Fred Offutt Michael O’Hanlon Pioneer Investments Marty and Stacie Robbins George Talley Ron and Linda Testa Texas Aerospace Education Foundation Texas Credit Union League The Covey Restaurant & Brewery Travel Corp International United Carpet Cleaning Systems United Technologies Corporation Carl and Janis Wagner Mike Wheeler Laurie and Jim Wolf Tate Young

$5,000 TO $9,999 Boyd Adams Rick and Jane Amelon Kurt and Sue Anderson Rob and Lori Ashton AuldridgeGriffin, P.C. Richard Batten Kirk Baur Brad Berger Dave Bonney Lonnie and Janet Bowman Eric Bressman Barry Bridger Mike and Paula Brinkman David Brooks Claudia Canestra Kathleen M. and Thomas D. Cheritt Chevron Colonial Savings CompEdge Consumer Service Alliance of Texas Missy Cox Howard Crump Mark and Marion Diunizio Ronald Dorenbush E Management Systems Edward Elmendorf FedEx Services Fox and Hound 17

Carlos and Monette Garza Richard Giles Skip and Cisy Gray Samantha and Mike Hilliard Kevin Hollis Scott Hull Brian Johnston Victor and Kim Jones Robert H. and Carolyn W. Kerr Raleigh Kone Kurt and Corey Langenwalter Deborah Lawrence Jim Leach Christipher Lee Philip Leopold Don Marcum Charles and Rebecca McGee Joseph McLaughlin Rick and Sue McManus Midland National Life Insurance Mike and Linda Morrison Luis and Janine Muniz Kirk Olliff Alan Orr Fred Orr Palio’s Pizza Café Ed Patisaul Andy and UkCha Pike Pulido’s Mexican Restaurant Harvey Pullen Scott and Susan Rainville Stephen Ray Rio Mambo Restaurant Glenn and Millie Roberts Steve and Denise Ross T. H. Rush Hugh and Denise Simpson Anthony Smith Ted Smith Paul Soderlund Dave and Kathy Surgent Gary and Virginia Svatek Todd and Patricia Taylor Dick and Doris Terrell Michael Theres Mark Timko Barry Todd Teresa and H. David Tyler Jay Vance Venetian Custom Homes David White Esau and Rosa Maria Williamson Homer Worrell FCEF Board

Financial Highlights

Source of Donations


nother great year financially! FCEF received a 10% increase in revenue over year-end projections with a 12% actual increase over 2011 revenue dollars. To make the results even better, expenses for 2012 decreased by 5% from 2011, ultimately having a positive change for both revenue and expenses. Each donor and each gift, large or small, is very important to the total revenue raised in a year. FCEF is very pleased to enjoy strong, steadfast support from corporations and individuals alike. Our accomplishments belong to our donors.

“Growing stronger each year, FCEF is financially sound and ready to meet its future program requirements for 2013 and beyond.�

Doug C. Worrell Treasurer

Other 16% Corporations 54%

Individuals 30%

Program Expenses Management 10% Development 14%

Scholarships 40%

Education 36%

Statement of Activities Public Support and Other Revenue Donations Special Events Other Unrealized gain (loss) on Investments Total Revenue

Unaudited Audited 2012 2011

$678,794 $633,659 $21,256 $17,804 $97,127 $79,739 $42,260 $21,112 $839,437 $752,314

Program Services Expenses Scholarship $307,588 $249,348 Education $274,474 $361,499 Development and Fund Raising $108,217 $104,560 Management and General Administrative $76,316 $94,094 Total Expenses $766,595 $809,501 Net Income $72,842 ($57,187) Net Assets At Beginning of Year $1,055,337 $1,112,524 At End of Year $1,128,179 $1,055,337 Increase (decrease) $72,842 ($57,187) 18

Board of Directors Top row left to right:

Doug Worrell, Treasurer

Vice President/Treasurer, First Command Financial Services, Bedford, Texas

Brent Smith

Bottom row left to right:

Paul J. Smith, Secretary Retired Miramar Beach, Florida

Vickie Mauldin

Robert Slaughter

CEO, First Command Educational Foundation Fort Worth, Texas

Robert Beltram

Retired Fort Worth, Texas

Martha E. “Cisy� Gray, Vice President

Michael F. Morrison

Craig M. Badger, Chairman (not pictured)

Retired Montgomery, AL

V-22 Sr. ILS Specialist, Bell Helicopter Hurst, Texas Retired Fort Worth, Texas

CFO and Executive Vice President, First Command Financial Services Arlington, Texas

Doris M. Terrell

Retired Fort Worth, Texas

Vice President, Enterprise Colleyville, Texas

Staff Members Bottom row left to right: Inge Lavallee, Development Assistant Vickie Mauldin, Chief Executive Officer Sandra King, Scholarship Programs Manager


Next row left to right: Al Godoy, Senior Programs Manager Pam Elliott, Executive Assistant Jay Ellis, Education & Communication Specialist Tania Williams, Administrative Assistant

“Too many people spend money they’ve buy things they don’t want... to impress people that they don’t like.” — Will Rogers

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.” — Ben Franklin

First Command Educational Foundation 1 FirstComm Plaza Fort Worth, TX 76109-4999 Phone: 817.569.2940 Toll Free: 1.877.872.8289 Fax: 817.569.2970

Mission: To educate those who serve. Vision: Become a nationally recognized leader in providing high quality financial literacy and supporting pursuit of higher education.


CFC Program Partner since 2006

Keep up with FCEF activities all year long as they happen. First Command Educational Foundation (FCEF)


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2012 Annual Report  
2012 Annual Report  

2012 FCEF Annual Report