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CHIEF EXECUT IVE OFFICER “There is no greater calling than to serve your fellow men.” Walter Reuther, an American labor organizer, knew what he was talking about. He spent his life serving others, often at great personal risk. In spite of being badly beaten by strike-breakers, two assassination attempts, and an attack that left his hand permanently crippled, he continued serving. As CEO of this great organization I have not had to worry about such personal attacks, but I strive every day to ensure my heart and motivation to serve remain just as pure as the great service to others shown by Mr. Reuther over his lifetime. Depending on the context, the word “serve” has over 20 different meanings, but there is no greater calling than that of the members of our nation’s military services who have dedicated their life to serving others…with the willingness to sacrifice their life if necessary. With the importance of the role of the military forefront in their minds, FCEF’s Board of Directors made a very significant change in our mission statement for the first time in many years. Simply put, FCEF’s new mission is, To educate those who serve. These few words imply great responsibility for FCEF and those who are entrusted to accomplish its mission. FCEF is very proud to now focus the majority of its programs and resources on the military, federal employees and their families. FCEF will continue in 2012 and beyond to work with various community organizations, but serving our military and governmental family will now take center stage.

As FCEF made this major shift in direction, 2011 ended with a very clear picture of what needs to be accomplished in 2012 and beyond. To guide our program activities, the board of directors developed a strategic plan with three major goals and 33 objectives for 2012 alone. The work will be hard, but the path for FCEF to take is clear. As a 30year veteran of the Unites States Air Force, I am honored and humbled to be leading our incredible staff in this work. The Foundation’s accomplishments belong to them, and I am grateful to be able to serve on their team. Together, we look forward to harnessing our efforts to continue serving others. We are proud of the mission changes made in 2011 and look forward to great successes in 2012. Blessings to all,

Vickie C. Mauldin 2

CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD It is hard to believe that I have had the privilege and honor to serve as Chairman of the FCEF Board of Directors the past four years. They have been filled with unbelievable success stories, such as the thrill of presenting high school seniors with scholarships that I know will open the door to the future. Another is that our financial literacy curriculum, Money Matters, was approved by the Texas State Board of Education to provide secondary school students with a financial literacy education before graduating. The new web-based Money Matters Online will be crucial to expanding our reach to the nation’s youth to eliminate financial illiteracy. In coming years this mission will be even more critical; our economy still has many problems to overcome.

I would like to thank Vickie Mauldin, CEO, for guiding FCEF to accomplish its goals and objectives. In addition, the staff’s dedication to the success of the mission is reflected in their ability to reduce expenses while increasing program support; this achievement is nothing less than outstanding. I am equally as proud and impressed with the dedication and tireless efforts of FCEF’s volunteer Board of Directors during my tenure. Their work is not directly reflected in any of our financial reports or program services, but they are a team working on their own time to promote FCEF’s educational services, scholarship support, and financial literacy programs. Also, FCEF’s efforts would not be possible without the support of our steadfast partner, First Command Financial Services. I would be remiss if I didn’t recognize and thank the many FCEF volunteers responsible for planning and making the annual “Chip-In for Education” golf tournament a success. A special thanks to Pam Elliott of the FCEF staff for her dedication and hard work to assure the success of this event. In 2011 the tournament yielded over $16,000 for scholarships. 2012 will be our 5th annual tournament, and will be even more successful. As you review our Annual Report you will read about the many accomplishments of FCEF in 2011. We are very proud of these accomplishments, but we know we must work even harder in 2012 to achieve our lofty goals. Also, it will be impossible for us to accomplish our objectives without the generous help we receive from donors such as you. We would like to thank you for your past support and trust in FCEF. It is our sincere hope that you will continue to remember FCEF in your charitable giving.


Robert L. Slaughter

FCEF major highlights Development Programs: • Cleared over $16,000 for scholarships in the 4th annual “Chip-in for Education” golf classic

table of contents Chief Executive Officer & Chairman of the Board Comments......... 2 FCEF Major Highlights.............. 3 Education Programs............... 4-7

• Netted over $28,000 in FCEF’s first-ever participation in North Texas Giving Day through DonorBridge

Scholarship Programs........... 8-9

Education Programs:

“Chip-In for Education” Golf Classic............................................ 12

• Received 29% of donations from individuals • Served 676 individuals through financial literacy presentations

• Made financial literacy presentations to a total of 91 NCOs at military installations in Texas and Oklahoma • Converted Money Matters high school curriculum to an online, computer-based educational program

Scholarship Recipients.......... 10-11

Annual Donors.............................. 13-17 Financial Highlights..................... 18 Board & Staff Members....... 19

• Distributed 470 teacher kits and 19,281 student kits of the Money Matters written curriculum

• Updated and reformatted the Command Financial Specialist Course as a Financial Readiness manual that can be easily adapted for servicemembers, federal employees, and general adult audiences • Uploaded Financial Readiness military modules and associated PowerPoint presentations to FCEF website

• Maintained involvement in financial literacy training for the homeless in Fort Worth, Texas, by partnering with the Salvation Army and supporting Union Gospel Mission programs • Provided La Salud financial literacy training to 18 child care contractors being trained by Camp Fire Boys and Girls

Scholarship Programs:

• Awarded over $129,000 in scholarships to more than 70 students across the nation • Performed technology enhancements so the scholarship application review and selection process can be completed via a web-based interface

• Initiated a donor solicitation campaign exclusively among parents of current-year and previous FCEF scholarship recipients • Established FCEF Scholars Alumni Society


education programs FCEF continued its commitment to providing financial literacy programs and presentations. In addition to making presentations to local and national organizations, we also updated Money Matters and worked on our new web-based curriculum, Money Matters Online, which will provide the Money Matters curriculum, with additional functions, on the internet to many more users at a significantly lower cost. Coming in 2012, as FCEF shifts its focus to our military clients, we will develop a military version of Money Matters Online, update and revise our other material, and concentrate on presentations for military audiences. Whether the audience is military or civilian, the goals of the Education Division are to: • Provide presentations and seminars in financial literacy to meet a variety of needs • Use staff members and volunteer speakers to deliver educational programs

• Make presentations that offer information on general personal financial principles such as basic banking, saving, budgeting, credit and debt management, investing, insurance, retirement planning and saving, etc. • Provide military-specific presentations for active duty and retired military servicemembers

• Have the ability to augment presentations or curricula with issues specific to military members or federal employees • Tailor programs to the needs of the organization, from an individual presentation to an extensive seminar or workshop covering multiple financial topics and containing practical exercises

• Train individuals to become financial coaches by educating them in money management issues and counseling techniques • Provide all programs at little or no cost around the world

Social Services 51%

Target Markets (persons) Served in 2011

Government 14% Faith based 13%

Civic 1%


Education 21%

education programs Addition to Education Personnel

Jay Ellis

A 1976 graduate of the Coast Guard Academy with a B.S. in Ocean Science, Jay served 14 active and 10 reserve years of duty during his career in the U.S. Coast Guard, retiring as a Lieutenant Commander. While in the Coast Guard Jay became a client of First Command Financial Planning, and upon leaving active duty in 1991 began his career with that company as a financial advisor. After some years in the field he accepted a position in their home office in Fort Worth, and he filled a variety of positions while also providing volunteer services to FCEF.

Early in 2011 FCEF hired Jay as a contractor, working from home, to revise the printed version of Money Matters, including its PowerPoint slides, vocabulary list, and numerous tests. In July he turned his attention to Money Matters Online, which required full days in the office. In October a full-time position became available and Jay was made a permanent member of the Foundation staff. Jay’s military career, his financial advisor experience, his familiarity with the FCFP staff, and his M.B.A. from St. Mary’s College of California all provide him with a broad background that will help him fulfill his duties as Education and Communication Specialist with FCEF.


money matters/ money matters online Does Money Matter? Of course it does! As U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan informed the Advisory Council on Financial Capability in January 2010, “I think the challenge we face now is that we don’t have a financially literate population.”

During 2011 the Education Division updated the book and CD version of Money Matters, in addition to beginning work on Money Matters Online, a web-based version of the Texas State Board of Education-approved financial literacy curriculum. Money Matters Online includes the same 12 modules contained in the Money Matters book (now called Money Matters Reference, and available only through our website), in addition to explanatory material, a pre- and post-module exam, and vocabulary and other exercises. The course also includes a pre- and post-course comprehensive exam and an interface that allows instructors to add and delete students to the program and monitor their progress and test results. Students are guided through the curriculum to ensure they complete all the material, and they receive immediate feedback on their test and exercise results. The FCEF staff will also be able to monitor the course’s effectiveness with test results feedback. Money Matters Online “Our education system is geared towards is available on the First Command teaching algebra, geometry, English, Educational Foundation’s website, composition, history, etc., but nowhere is the

effort to teach the fundamental life skill of personal finance. In a world full of increasingly complex financial products and vendors looking to take advantage of the uneducated, First Command Educational Foundation is bringing financial literacy to our nation’s youth.” ­- Michael F. Morrison, FCEF Treasurer


In 2012 we will develop and launch a military-oriented version of Money Matters Online as we refocus our efforts on the military market.

education programs Lead Title Sponsor

“As a former financial advisor, I know the importance of financial knowledge in achieving financial goals. First Command Educational Foundation’s financial literacy program provides the basic information needed to take that first step toward achieving financial independence. The earlier we gain this knowledge the better.” Doris Terrell, FCEF Director

Platinum Sponsors

Gold Sponsors Dr. Nancy Spiker Thoughtwire Media

Enterprise Holdings Venetian Custom Homes

Silver Sponsors American Independent Marketing & Golden Care USA Denise and Steve McCune (McConstruction) Dick and Doris Terrell Rick and Sue McManus

Andres Construction Services CompEdge

LTCI Partners, LLC Vickie C. Mauldin

Contributing Sponsors Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas Kenneth and Cherrie Garrett Foundation

Thank you very much to these sponsors who have made it possible for us to develop and disseminate Money Matters and Money Matters Online. 7

scholarship programs SUPPORT ING THE PURSUIT OF HIGHER EDUCAT ION According to the National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education, many students are not able to keep pace with rising tuition because family earnings have lost ground over the past decade. Equally alarming is that student financial aid did not keep pace with tuition costs, exacerbating the college affordability problem.

With education as the core mission, FCEF’s scholarship programs engage the talent and resources at its disposal to increase scholarship opportunities for a broader segment of the population and incorporate financial education in every scholarship opportunity. For 2011, FCEF was able to award $129,000 in scholarships. Our scholars come from diverse backgrounds and have chosen to attend a variety of higher-education institutions across the nation.

Refinements in technology drive FCEF’s ability to respond to inquiries, process scholarship applications and disburse award funds. In 2011 we moved to a new scholarship application platform that offers both enhanced application and evaluation features. Our application review committee members are now able to evaluate their assigned applications remotely and in the comfort of their homes. Reviewers from as far away as Florida, New Jersey and Johannesburg, South Africa, were able to serve as our volunteer reviewers. FCEF established a Scholars Alumni Society (SAS) to cultivate a relationship with our scholarship recipients and their families. The SAS is informed of exclusive scholarship opportunities only available by joining NING, a social network website developed to communicate with our scholarship recipients about program updates, scholarship information and college funding bulletins. To comply with the new directive from our Board of Directors, every FCEF scholarship opportunity is now integrated with financial literacy education, allowing us to greatly increase our opportunities to educate students about money matters. All FCEF scholarship applicants are required to complete the Basic Finances 4 All course through the FCEF website “e-learning center.” The web-based course offers vignettes to convey a variety of financial situations and generates a certificate upon successful completion to be included with the application. Looking to the future, as greater numbers of military personnel come home, more scholarship opportunities are being planned for active and former military personnel and their spouses and dependents, and First Command Financial Planning’s clients and employees, and their dependents.

New Scholarship Program Manager

Sandra King


Sandra King, a native of Philadelphia, Pa., joined FCEF in October 2011 after completing a 25-year career in New Jersey state government where she held various leadership positions. Sandra has been at the forefront of addressing critical and sensitive public policy issues during most of her professional career, advocating for the needs of women and disadvantaged populations. She has an extensive background in health and human services program management, human resources, non-profit organizational development, and grant writing. Says Sandra, “While making plans to relocate to Texas and thinking about what would be a good career fit, the desire to contribute my skillsets within a foundation setting was high on my list for consideration. When presented with the opportunity offered by FCEF as the Scholarship Programs Manager, I knew that opportunity and preparation had intersected.” Sandra has an M.P.A. from Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School and a M.H.S. from Lincoln University. Sandra is most passionate about “the importance of the pursuit of education.”

scholarship programs The Frizzell Scholarship: Voices from the Hearts of our Recipients The Donaldson D. Frizzell Scholarship, named after the late FCEF president and former First Command Financial Planning Director of Investments, is the only major scholarship that we have traditionally awarded directly to members of the public and not through a partner organization. FCEF received over 500 entries whose applications were reviewed by a 12-member national scholarship selection committee. After several elimination rounds, the committee awarded $20,000 to six applicants. We looked at applications from many amazing people and FCEF is very proud to highlight just two of these very deserving individuals.

2011 Recipients’ Spotlight (excerpts from winning essays) “All of my life, my parents have taught me to value my education. With their support, I have been able to overcome many barriers preventing me from achieving academically. Their wise words have molded me into the person that I am. They have always encouraged me to triumph and to believe that no struggle should prevent me from accomplishing my dream. However, my biggest hurdle is money for my college expenses. My parents have always been able to provide me with everything I have needed to excel in my academics. Unfortunately, they confessed to me that they could not afford to pay for my tuition. They didn’t want this to affect me and my ability to further my education. This is why I am in need (of) this scholarship. My future relies on this scholarship. It is hard to rely on others when all your life you have always relied on your parents. I knew that I had to work hard in school and set my priorities straight in order to receive some kind of financial assistance. As a result, I have been able to succeed in my academics through all my hard work and drive. My success reflects my ambition and guarantees a great investment in me.” - Cindy Castillo Austin, Texas “The time I spent in college and in the military helped me to figure out exactly which career field I am interested in, and also helped me to grow as an adult. Every successful person has been given a helping hand at one point in their life. This help could have possibly been the extra push that they needed to achieve their dream. I need this scholarship to help place my dreams within my reach. I am thankful that there are opportunities, such as this scholarship, that exist to help students like myself achieve their dreams. I have the ability, the drive, and the determination to make my dreams come true, and with the help of this scholarship I will be one step closer.” 9 - Ncharallah Jasper Phenix City, Alabama


(Excerpt from essay) “The Dallas T. Lower Award would allow me to ‘pay it forward’ to other advisors who seek advanced credentialing by showing them that it is not only personally rewarding but financially possible. The combined journey from CFP to CHFC and currently finishing the CLU has taken countless hours and a significant financial commitment. As my experience as an advisor and life experiences grow and mature they will reinforce the Robert McAdams knowledge learned in credentialing and allow me to mentor others the Rocky Mountain District way Dallas did for First Command.” Colorado Springs, CO (Excerpt from essay) “In addition to meeting with clients face to face, I have been holding monthly presentations for women’s groups using the First Command presentation, ‘Create the Life You Love.’ I hope to inspire and motivate women to take responsibility for their financial well-being.”

Pamela Rodriguez Presidential District Camp Springs, MD

Stephen Dyer and Robin Jones

Dave Alley with Alicia Patrick

Samantha Mater and Owen Miller

Brianna Saunders with mother Belinda

Meet more of FCEF’s scholarship recipients! Congratulations to all of our recipients! Ariella Snyder and parents with Carl Cornelius


Divinia Vergara with Owen Miller

scholarship recipients

First Name Last Name Hometown Kelsey Alper Enterprise, AL Heather Anderson West Fargo, ND Ryan Anders San Antonio, TX Ericka Bautista Anchorage, AK Brandon Bear Flower Mound, TX Hillary Benton Merryville, LA Katerina Bierwirth Lansing, MI Brett Boothby El Paso, TX Rebecca Bullock San Antonio, TX Cindy Castillo Brownsville, TX Meagan Cavasar Fort Worth, TX Man Wai Che unavailable Desmond Clark San Antonio, TX Mari Cleven Seabeck, WA Elyse Collat Honolulu, HI Tracie Green Collins Fort Worth, TX Anna Conway Fort Worth, TX Lindsay Crawford Fort Wayne, IN Stephen Dyer Augusta, GA Diane Ellis Rochester, NY Stephen Farrell Niceville, FL Dillom Fleming Lott, TX Jacqueline Forman-Benevidez Rockville, MD Jonathan Franklin Ft. Wainwright, AK Felicia Fultz Fort Worth, TX Beverly Gardner Fort Worth, TX Payton George Chesapeake, VA Shannon Grammel Ft. Campbell, KY Jared Hall Arlington, TX Cori Hatley Ft. Campbell, KY Kiara Heath Alameda, CA Dylan Hesse Fort Drum, NY Mickeal Hoffman Fort Worth, TX Amanda Hoyle Blackwell, TX Robert Hume Carlisle, PA Ncharallah Jasper Phenix City, AL Haley Knighton Euless, TX Nohella Longoria Fort Worth, TX Noah Macmichael Chesapeake, VA Kaylee Mahaffey Lancaster, SC Rachel Markley Woodbridge, VA Christine Massey Fort Worth, TX Samantha Mater Abilene, TX Robert McAdams Colorado Springs, CO Wayne Mowery Middle River, MD Kelly Nupson Midwest City, OK Colten Palmer Eagle River, AK Alicia Patrick Mooresville, NC Daniel Pavich Hickory, NC Elisha Peters Albuquerque, NM Zachary Porfirs Mooresville, NC Harmonee Quarnberg North Pole, AK Sarah Ramsay Biloxi, MS Pamela Rodriguez Bowie, MD Elizabeth Ross Eielson AFB, AK Briana Saunders Fort Worth, TX Brian Schmidt unavailable Sarah Scurry unavailable Thomas Smith Aledo, TX Riley Snow Fairbanks, AK Ariella Synder Mt. Sherman, KY Kelcey Sulak Arlington, TX Divina Vergara Abilene, TX Meghan Webb Virginia Beach, VA Vanessa Wagner Quakake, PA * Recipient information not received from the university ** Dallas T. Lower tuition reimbursement award *** College/university not identified

College/University Auburn University North Dakota State University Trinity University University of Pennsylvania University of Arkansas Louisiana State University Johns Hopkins University El Paso Community College University of Southern Mississippi St. Edward’s University University of Texas at Austin University of North Texas St. Gregory’s University Northern Arizona University American University Tarrant County College Tarrant County College U.S. Air Force Academy Augusta State University Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School Baylor University *** George Washington University University of Alaska Tarrant County College Texas Wesleyan University University of Notre Dame Harvard University *** Missouri Institute of Science & Technology Dartmouth College Virginia Tech Tarrant County College Tarleton State University United States Military Academy Broome Community College Stephen F. Austin State University University of Texas at Arlington Virginia Tech University of South Carolina University of Chicago *** Oberlin College ** Dallas T. Lower Award University of Maryland Maranatha Bible College Montana State University Catawba College University of California, Santa Barbara University of Phoenix University of North Carolina Wilmington Brigham Young University Charleston Southern University ** Dallas T. Lower Award Empora State University Stephen F. Austin State University University of North Texas University of North Texas University of Texas at Arlington University of Alaska Campbellsville University Texas Tech University Abilene Christian University Florida State University King’s College *Kennesaw State University *University of Tampa *Tarrant County College *Texas A&M University


2011 “Chip-in for Education” Golf Classic Our Golf Classic has become a much anticipated event — even a tradition. 107 eager golfers participated in our 4th annual “Chip-in for Education” golf classic on Thursday, September 22, 2011. Four teams invited from NAS JRB Fort Worth joined us for a day of fun at The Golf Club at Fossil Creek. The tournament was a successful event, in spite of a light touch of rain, raising over $16,000 for local scholarship programs. Thank you all!!!!

A very special thanks to all donors, sponsors, committee members and volunteers who helped make this annual event so very successful!! Watch for the next “Chip-In for Education” Golf Classic, September 13, 2012

sponsors: Doctorate Level

American General Life Companies CompEdge Enterprise Rent-A-Car Pulido’s Mexican Restaurant

Bachelor Level

AEGON/Monumental Cisy and Skip Gray Midland National Life

Volunteers and Committee Members:

Executive Hole Level

AuldridgeGriffin P.C. Franklin Templeton Law, Snakard & Gambill, P.C.

Hole Sponsors

City Vending Logan and Merry Dickinson Betsy Gutierrez of 4Trust Mortgage, Inc. Hinckley Cook P.C. Certified Public Accountants Morgan Keegan & Co. Shay Financial WilliamsTrew

Alexis Ballesteros, David Bayless, John Black, Julie Brownell, Jay Ellis, Taryn Freeby, Betsy Gutierrez, Paul Johnson, Kerri Jones, Sandra King, Deb Krause, Shannon Lehmer, Steve McCune, Monty Miller, Michael Moffitt, David Moore, Rose Morales, Jane Peugh, Caroline Primus, Christy Rippin, Cecelia Rollins, 12 Lisa Sanders, Gary Sheroke, Susan Smith and Doug Worrell

annual donors

THANK YOU! The success of First Command Educational Foundation (FCEF) depends on the generous support from individuals, corporations and private foundations. This ongoing support is the base for FCEF’s ability to educate those who serve. Thanks to all supporters for another strong year. FCEF is pleased to acknowledge 2011 donors who donated more than $500.

$250,000 AND UP

First Command Financial Services

$75,000 T O $99,999 First Command Bank

$10,000 T O $24,999

Philip & Janice Levin Foundation Scott and Nancy Spiker

$5,000 T O $9,999

Anonymous AuldridgeGriffin, P.C. Craig and Lauren Badger Don and Libby Eberly Hyatt Place Mike and Jane Thomas

$2,500 T O $4,999

Anonymous Chevron Humankind Matching Gift Program Enterprise Holding Foundation John Exner John and Karen Foley Jeffrey Gibson Robin Jones James Petersen Glenn Roberts Kathryn Skillington Paul J. and Susan Smith Ron and Linda Testa Texas Aerospace Education Foundation Carl and Janis Wagner

$1,500 T O $2,499

American General Life Companies David and Linda Alley Bill and Mary Bartels Eric Bressman CompEdge Walter Coulter Margaret Coutinho Dyess OSC Thrift Shop Enterprise Rent-A-Car Samantha and Mike Hilliard Kurt and Corey Langenwalter James Lanier Law, Snakard & Gambill, P.C. Vickie Mauldin Michael and Linda Morrison Mark and Annette Nielsen Michael O’Hanlon Jim and Judy Schless

Todd and Patricia Taylor Michael Wheeler Wings Over America Scholarship Foundation Laurie and Jim Wolf

$1,000 T O $1,499

AEGON Financial Partners Division Rick and Jane Amelon Rob and Lori Ashton Kirk Baur Lindsay and Dalise Blanton David Bonney Lonnie and Janet Bowman Daniel Brannon Mike and Paula Brinkman Kathleen M. and Thomas D. Cheritt Edward Daffron Jim DeGaetano Joan Demetriades and H. Malcom Bennett John and Allison Draper Carlos and Monette Garza Al and Sylvia Godoy Skip and Cisy Gray Henry Hagan Victor and Kim Jones Scott and Terri Kallsen Robert H. and Carolyn W. Kerr Deborah Lawrence James Leach Christopher Lee Philip Leopold Don Marcum McCune Companies Charles and Rebecca McGee Kenneth J. McQuiston Midland National Life Insurance Company Denise and Pat Miller Luis and Janine Muniz Fred Offutt Earl Oliver Kirk Olliff Charles Patisaul Stephen Popelka Harvey Pullen Scott and Susan Rainville Ricco Family Partners LTD Marty and Stacie Robbins James Simons Anthony Smith Paul Soderlund Matthew Steffes Gary and Virginia Svatek Teresa and H. David Tyler David White

Homer Worrell Richard Young

$500 T O $999

BHMS Associates John Black, CSNA Emma and Dennis Blaker Gretchen Butler Claudia Canestra Peter Carlo Brad Cleeton Carl and Cathy Cornelius Missy Cox Timothy Custer Merry and Logan Dickinson Mark Dierlam Mark and Marion Diunizio East Bay Coast Guard Spouses Club Franklin Templeton Investments Kenneth & Cherrie Garrett Foundation Nancy and Mike Gazzerro Tom Griffith Scott Hallock Anthony Harvey Kevin Hollis Kodak Horton Hub International Rigg Susan Jennaway Brian Johnston Larry Markowski Kristy McCormick Joseph McLaughlin Edward Miller Owen Miller Joe and Dana Morrin Michael and Jane Neveu Alan Orr Jill and John Pietrusinski Gregory Pomes The Principal Financial Group® Robert Rausch Rickard Rein Dr. Albert L. Reyes Bill and Bonnie Robeson T. H. Rush Ramona Santos Ojede Bob and Lisa Smith Ted Smith Joey Storaska Benny and Helga Strange Dick and Doris Terrell Michael Theres Mark Timko VAW - VRC Officers’ Spouses’ Assoc. Mike and Bonnie Watson Matthew Wineriter FCEF Board Member


in-kind donations

We are grateful to all our friends, local businesses and corporate donors for supporting FCEF with in-kind donations for the annual “Chip-In for Education” golf classic fundraising event for scholarships. As a result of these donations, the silent auction and raffle are very successful. Each year we are amazed by the generosity of the local community. Thank you!


3 B Enterprises 4imprint Amon Carter Museum Bice’s Florist Billy Bob’s Texas Brite Zone Car Wash C D Ski & Sports Cantina Laredo City Vending Co. Cityview Car Wash & Oil Change Colonial Country Club Coors Distributing Company of Fort Worth Costco Cotton Patch Jennifer Counts - Scentsy Dallas Cowboys Football Club Dallas Mavericks Dallas Stars Foundation Dallas Symphony Orchestra DataSpan David S. Irvin, The Portrait Photographers Edwin Watts Golf EL Arroyo Enterprise Rent-A-Car FedEx Services Fort Worth Cats Baseball Club Fort Worth Museum of Science and History Fox and Hound Fuzzy’s Taco Shop Gaylord Texan Harris Parkway Dental Care Harvey-Daco, Inc. Hilton Fort Worth Hub International Rigg Hyatt Place Jersey Mike’s Subs Keg Restaurants LTD. Kubes Jewelers

A misconception is that gift planning is only for the “wealthy.” The truth is, even people of modest means can make a difference through gift planning. The most common planned gift is a bequest in your will or living trust. Lone Star Park Methodist Weight Management Institute Midland National Life Insurance Company Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth Olmsted-Kirk Omni Fort Worth Hotel P.F. Chang’s China Bistro Palio’s Pizza Cafe Panera Bread The Principal Financial Group® Pulido’s Mexican Restaurant Putt - Putt Fun Center Rahr & Sons Brewing Co. Reata Restaurant Rio Mambo Restaurant Tammy Rogers - Tastefully Simple Shelly Russell - TDG Creative Tony Sanders - Swisher International Scarborough Renaissance Festival Sid Richardson Museum Smoothie King Starbucks Coffee Company Texas Eye and Laser Center Texas Motor Speedway Texas Rangers Baseball Travel Service Everywhere UltraTan United Carpet Cleaning Systems Williams Trew Real Estate Services The Worthington Renaissance Fort Worth Hotel

memorial donations Memorial for Madge Emily Doerler Charles E. and Mary Jean Doerler

Memorial for Joanne Lanier Dan McNeill Dick and Doris Terrell

Memorial for Lt. Jay Smith Scholarship & Exellence Fund Chevron Glenn and Millie Roberts Paul J. and Susan Smith

Memorial for M. Alice Konecny Anonymous Don and Libby Eberly Brad Cleeton Nancy and Mike Gazzerro

Memorial for Anthony Konecny Tribute for M. Alice Konecny Arthur and Miriam Argall Joan Demetriades and H. Malcom Bennett Georgene Bowe John and Allison Draper Andrew and Marilyn Felsoci Phyllis K. Lane Rolland and Janet Marshall

Memorial for Dallas T. Lower Margaret Coutinho John and Allison Draper Don and Libby Eberly

Memorial for Lindsay Bartholomew Larry and Angela Crawford

In Honor of Dick and Doris Terrell Robert and Carolyn Robertson

In Honor of Lone Star Squadron Nicholas and Anna Ricco

In Honor and Memory of Josef E. Kubes Sr. Kubes Jewelers

In Honor of Ashley Donaldson Anonymous Angela Danner Pam Elliott Suzanne Felton Susan Halstead R. Hunter James Larsen Mark Rybczyk Christi Smith

FCEF Board Member

What Is Gift Planning? Gift planning is finding ways to make charitable gifts now or after your lifetime while enjoying financial benefits for yourself. Planned gifts are sometimes referred to as “stop-and-think” gifts because they require planning. Your age group will help you know what actions are best for your estate, financial, and gift planning needs. See FCEF’s website for specific actions you should consider taking for your life stage.


passive giving Since 2007 “passive giving” has been a welcome source of income. FCEF is grateful for its local community partners. Those partners’ combined donations totaled over $7,000 in 2011.

Please continue to help FCEF raise funds for scholarships and financial literacy education with the search engine, GoodSearch. Using rewards cards while grocery shopping or recycling ink cartridges and cell phones also provide appreciated donations. It all helps FCEF!


Thanks to our 2011 DonorBridge Donors North Texas Giving Day

September 15, 2011

First Command Educational Foundation (FCEF) would like to thank all the donors who took the time to participate in North Texas Giving Day on September 15, 2011. We appreciate your patience; we learned the process had its challenges. Through the perseverance and largess of DonorBridge donors, FCEF was able to raise $28,469.68 to support financial education and scholarship programs!! This was an unprecedented amount raised by the foundation in a single 17-hour event. Thank you again! FOR JUST PENNIES A DAY YOU CAN HELP FCEF GROW AND SUSTAIN VITAL PROGRAMS THAT HELP CREATE ABUNDANT LIVES.

33 cents a day… Can make a big difference


Imagine 33 pennies making a difference in someone’s life! $10 a month (33 cents a day) from 250 donors = $30,000 a year. That’s thirty $1,000 scholarships in one year!

It takes a lot of pennies each year to create scholarship opportunities and financial literacy programs. FCEF’s fundraising efforts are ongoing.

lifetime giving (since 2002) $2,000,000 AND UP First Command Financial Services $500,000 T O $999,999 First Command Bank Payne Family

$100,000 T O $249,999 Torchmark Corporation

$50,000 T O $99,999 Anonymous Mark Dierlam Hyatt Place Fort Worth/Cityview Invesco Nicholas and Anna Ricco Scott and Nancy Spiker

$25,000 T O $49,999 American General Life Companies Charles Bauer Cash America International, Inc. Franklin Templeton Investments Don and Pattie Frizzell McCune Companies Jim and Louise Petersen Philip & Janice Levin Foundation Premier Wines of Plano Kathy Skillington Lamar and Jan Smith Paul J. and Susan Smith $10,000 T O $24,999 Atmos Energy Craig and Lauren Badger Daniel Brannon Margaret Coutinho The Covey Restaurant & Brewery David S. Irvin, The Portrait Photographers Marty and Sherril Durbin Don and Libby Eberly Enterprise Rent-A-Car John Exner John and Karen Foley Jeffrey Gibson Hometown Threads Ron and Myra Huff

Jay Smith Scholarship & Excellence Fund Robin Jones Law, Snakard & Gambill, P.C. Vickie Mauldin Mark and Annette Nielsen Fred Offutt Michael O’Hanlon Pioneer Investments George Talley Ron and Linda Testa Texas Credit Union League Mike and Jane Thomas United Technologies Corporation Mike Wheeler

$5,000 T O $9,999 Boyd Adams David and Linda Alley Rick and Jane Amelon Kurt and Sue Anderson Andres Construction Rob and Lori Ashton AuldridgeGriffin, P.C. Bill and Mary Bartels Richard Batten Kirk Baur Brad Berger Dave Bonney Lonnie and Janet Bowman Eric Bressman Barry Bridger Claudia Canestra Kathleen M. and Thomas D. Cheritt Chevron Colonial Savings CompEdge Consumer Service Alliance of Texas Walter Coulter Howard Crump Mark and Marion Diunizio Ronald Dorenbush John and Allison Draper E Management Systems Edward Elmendorf FedEx Services Carlos and Monette Garza Richard Giles Skip and Cisy Gray

Samantha and Mike Hilliard Kevin Hollis Scott Hull Brian Johnston Victor and Kim Jones Robert H. and Carolyn W. Kerr Raleigh Kone Jim Lanier Deborah Lawrence Jim Leach Christopher Lee Philip Leopold Don Marcum Charles and Rebecca McGee Joseph McLaughlin Rick and Sue McManus Mike and Linda Morrison Luis and Janine Muniz Kirk Olliff Alan Orr Frederick Orr Charles Patisaul Andy and UkCha Pike Pulido’s Mexican Restaurant Harvey Pullen Stephen Ray Marty and Stacie Robbins Steve and Denise Ross T. H. Rush Hugh and Denise Simpson Anthony Smith Ted Smith Paul Soderlund Dave and Kathy Surgent Todd and Patricia Taylor Texas Aerospace Education Foundation Barry Todd Travel Service Everywhere Teresa and H. David Tyler United Carpet Cleaning Systems Jay Vance Venetian Custom Homes Carl and Janice Wagner Esau and Rosa Maria Williamson Laurie and Jim Wolf Homer Worrell Richard Young FCEF Board Member


financial highlights FCEF was fortunate to have another successful year despite the nation’s economic struggles. Each corporate and individual constituent is a valued partner and friend. Each donor, each gift and every different source of donation is just as important as the total revenue raised in a year. The level of giving is raised by each donation, large or small. This is a very important element when seeking grants and outside funding sources. FCEF is very pleased to enjoy strong, steadfast support from corporations and individuals alike.

“In spite of economic challenges, FCEF is financially sound and ready to meet its future program requirements for 2012 and beyond.”

Michael F. Morrison Treasurer

Source of Donations Corporations 66%

Individuals 29% Other 5%

statement of activities Public Support and Other Revenue Donations Special Events Other Unrealized gain (loss) on Investments Total Revenue

Unaudited Audited 2011 2010 $715,598 $17,804 $41,319 ($16,773) $757,948

$762,657 $34,849 $160,765 $42,375 $1,000,646

Program Services Expenses Scholarship $252,158 $250,880 Education $364,113 $367,069 Development and Fund Raising $105,545 $165,198 Management and General Administrative $ 93,504 $103,730 Total Expenses $815,320 $886,877 Net Income ($57,372) $113,769


Net Assets At Beginning of Year $1,112,524 $904,843 At End of Year $1,055,335 $1,112,524 Increase (decrease) ($57,189) $207,681

board of directors

Top row left to right:

Bottom row left to right:

Doug Worrell

Martha E. “Cisy� Gray, Vice President

Vice President/Treasurer, First Command Financial Services Colleyville, Texas

Robert Slaughter, Chairman

V-22 Sr. ILS Specialist, Bell Helicopter Hurst, Texas

Craig M. Badger

Vice President, Enterprise Colleyville, Texas

Paul J. Smith, Secretary Retired Miramar Beach, Florida

Michael F. Morrison, Treasurer

CFO and Executive Vice President, First Command Financial Services Arlington, Texas

Retired Fort Worth, Texas

Vickie Mauldin

CEO, First Command Educational Foundation Fort Worth, Texas

Doris M. Terrell

Retired Fort Worth, Texas

Dr. Albert L. Reyes (not pictured)

President, Buckner Children and Family Services Dallas, Texas

Glenn Roberts (not pictured)

Construction Manager, Chevron Energy Solutions Company Cathedral City, California

staff members

Bottom row left to right: Inge Lavallee, Development Assistant Vickie Mauldin, Chief Executive Officer Sandra King, Scholarship Programs Manager

Next row left to right: Al Godoy, Senior Programs Manager Pam Elliott, Executive Assistant Jay Ellis, Education & Communication Specialist 19 Tania Williams, Administrative Assistant

First Command Educational Foundation 1 FirstComm Plaza Fort Worth, TX 76109-4999 Phone: 817.569.2940 Toll Free: 1.877.872.8289 Fax: 817.569.2970

Mission: To educate those who serve. Vision: Become a nationally recognized leader in providing high quality financial literacy and supporting pursuit of higher education.

Keep up with FCEF activities all year long as they happen. First Command Educational Foundation (FCEF)


“For many years I worked with individuals and families in their pursuit of long-term financial goals. Far too often, past financial mistakes made their journey much more difficult than it needed to be. Prevention is the key to financial health just as it is the key to physical well-being. First Command Educational Foundation provides the basic tools needed to avoid those costly mistakes.” Cisy Gray, FCEF Director

©2012 First Command Educational Foundation


2011 Annual Report  

The 2011 Annual Report for FCEF outlines donor profiles, scholarship and educational programs, and staff of FCEF

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