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Financial Education and Scholarships Since 1983

2009 Annual Report

Dear Friends of First Command Educational Foundation (FCEF) It’s hard to believe another year has gone by so quickly. Throughout the 27-year history of FCEF, program expansion, growth, and community outreach have always been a constant. 2009 was once again a phenomenal year for FCEF with many record-setting endeavors. Through our work with both teens and adults, FCEF provided much needed financial literacy education to over 2,000 individuals and committed to awarding 128 traditional and nontraditional students with scholarship grants. In this time of economic flux and uncertainty, FCEF saw yet again a marked increase in the demand for educational services and scholarship assistance. Three overarching strategic goals continued to guide key strategic activities within the Foundation. 1. Increase the number and knowledge of clients served 2. Increase operating revenue 3. Increase organizational capacity and capability These goals were used to focus attention, effort, and resource allocation in pursuit of FCEF’s mission. All FCEF activities directly aligned with a stated goal(s) and internal quality assurance was implemented to ensure continual alignment between goals and agency activities. The three goals are simple statements, but are extremely complex in implementation and execution. The above three goals will continue to guide FCEF mission implementation for many years to come. As the staff and board look toward 2010, the mission at FCEF will be even more crucial to the public we serve. With an anticipated improvement in the economy, the projected budget for 2010 is very aggressive with a 22.3% increase over 2009 and the expenses for the educational programs services will virtually double. FCEF has worked hard to lower agency overhead and personnel expenses, ensuring every possible dollar is committed to direct program support. FCEF will step outside of traditional development efforts to raise funds by seeking sponsorships to specifically underwrite educational programs. FCEF will also make significant expense reductions with thorough strategic planning. As demand for services and scholarships increase, FCEF is prepared to meet these major goals in 2010: • Shift the focus of many educational programs to youth and underserved, at-risk populations • Award over $209,000 in scholarships to help students offset the burden of increasing college tuition • Develop a new interactive website with the exceptional ability to provide remote student and teacher training, as well as continuing education credits for educators • Develop “turn-key” educational courses that volunteers can use to instruct others in their communities • Provide FCEF’s accredited high school curriculum to 186,000 seniors in Texas at no cost to them or their schools As you look through this annual report, you will learn more about the important work and accomplishments of FCEF. The entire staff and Board of Directors are very proud of the accomplishments in 2009, but there is so much more that needs to be done, as our goals for 2010 show. The support FCEF receives from donors such as you definitely helps make all of this possible. We want to thank you for your past faith and trust in FCEF, and sincerely hope you will continue to remember FCEF in your charitable giving. Financial Literacy for Life is not just our tagline, it is our way of life. Respectfully,

Vickie C. Mauldin Chief Executive Officer

Robert L. Slaughter Board President

FCEF MAjoR HigHligHtS • Developed third edition of high school financial literacy curriculum, Money Matters, to cover all twelve Texas-mandated subjects

• Conducted three continuing workshops for Region 11 Education Service Center in the 2009-2010 school year

• Launched a new website,, that provides for the first time an

E-learning center and E-store as well as expanded information on new scholarships, endowments, and planned giving

• Committed to $240,750 in scholarship awards • 2nd annual “Chip-in for Education” Golf classic raised over $60,000 in scholarship funds

• Partnered with Unity One Credit Union to create a bilingual Spanish

tAblE oF ContEntS BoD President & Chief Executive Officer comments........................ 2

financial literacy program

• Received funding to distribute high school curriculum to schools in northeast Texas

• Awarded $15,000 in Donaldson D. Frizzell Scholarships • Completed a scholarship endowment for Dallas T. Lower; awarded

the two first Dallas T. Lower Scholarships to First Command Financial Planning Advisors

• Developed a scholarship toolkit for partners on the new website • Completed Anna Ricco Scholarship; awards will begin in 2014

FCEF Major Highlights ............... 3 Educational Programs............. 4-6 Scholarship Programs ............. 7-8 Scholarship Recipients .........9-10 Annual Golf Classic ....................11 Donor Profiles ..............................12 Annual Donors ..................... 13-15 Lifetime Giving/Memorial Donations/Passive Giving .......16 Financial Information ................17 Board and Staff ............................18 Tribute to Don Frizzell...............19


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EduCAtionAl EduCAtion CA CAtion Al pRogRAMS

FCEF invests in people! We believe financial knowledge is not only needed, but must be attainable for those who wish to learn and change their money management behavior. FCEF works to develop financial presentations, workshops, and curricula to meet the needs of its partners and clients in various community organizations, educational institutions, and businesses to promote financial wellness and stability. Real life! Real learning!

Reaching Out to Various Communities Communities ReaChed

Educational HigHligHts • Provided educational services to 2,015 individuals through 339 various presentations • 233 educators and 19,258 students received a copy of the new Money Matters curriculum • Piloted La Salud de mi Dinero, a monolingual and bilingual program aimed to educate the Hispanic community, based on funding provided by the Texas Credit Union League • Received grant funding from United Way to expand La Salud classes for another year



la Salud de mi dinero In 2009 First Command Educational Foundation, in partnership with Unity One Credit Union (UOCU), developed and implemented La Salud de mi Dinero (The Health of My Money). This program is designed to teach financial literacy topics to the Hispanic community in the U.S. FCEF works with participants to provide an educational program which is tailored to their financial needs. This pilot program was able to produce a 6-modular curriculum specifically tailored to the needs of the Hispanic community. Each module covers a different topic including: • Credit Unions • Spending Plans • Investing • Credit • Buying a House • Insurance Unity One Credit Union was able to host all three cycles of the pilot program at their Main St. location in Fort Worth, Texas. This partnership helped FCEF market the program to UOCU members to encourage attendance, and UOCU was able to provide several volunteer speakers with experience in teaching financial literacy to their Hispanic clients. FCEF was able to provide classes to 27 participants and gather data regarding the changes in participant knowledge and behavior. There were a total of six units which included a lesson, group discussions, activities, and evaluations.


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MonEy MattErs curriculuM FCEF distributed 223 Money Matters curriculum books and over 19,000 CDs to teachers and students in the north Texas area (Region 11). Money Matters assists high school students in acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary to take control of their financial future. FCEF offers this personal finance curriculum for all high school teachers and students. The Money Matters Curriculum was written to comply with Texas House Bill 492 and is approved by the Texas State Board of Education. Money Matters includes these topics: • Balancing a Checkbook • Renting or Buying A Home • Understanding Credit • Understanding Insurance • Bankruptcy • Starting a Small Business • Home Ownership • Types of Loans • Saving for Retirement • Investment Options • Types of Accounts • Giving to Charities The curriculum includes the 12 magazines, supplemental PowerPoint presentations, quizzes, and online resources. Teachers and students can go online to FCEF’s website to access materials, activities and supplemental information to further their knowledge. FCEF is also approved to provide continuing education (CEU) to Texas educators. This 8-hour credit workshop provides training on approximately one-third of the difficult topics as well as helps educators know how to use the Money Matters resources. The CEU partnership is a key element to the successful distribution and training of this curriculum and FCEF remains committed to providing these workshops as requested throughout the state.



SCHolARSHip pRogRAMS SCHOLARSHIPS: MAKING AN IMPACT 2009 Recipient Spotlight (excerpt from winning essay) “We college applicants for the fall of 2009 have some very unique and difficult challenges to overcome. My future classmates and I submit this information to colleges with the record highest number of applicants in history—in a year when most families have suffered tremendous economic hardship, if not devastation. The colleges to which I am applying have had endowments drastically reduced by stock market plunges; and never before has the availability of scholarship assistance been so highly sought after. The urgency for resources is unprecedented. NEED is a mandate of our times, and merit is in the proof of my ability to claim it.” Nina Rayburn, Davenport, IA University of Missouri- Columbia 2009 Donaldson Frizzell Scholarship Recipient

addrEssing tHE nEEds of tHE nation According to public opinion research published in the 2009 report by the National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education, The Challenge to States: Preserving College Access and Affordability in a Time of Crisis, the American people believe that college access is declining that maintaining opportunity and affordability is a crucial issue and that colleges and universities will drive up tuition and spending rather than look for better ways to spend the money they have. This atmosphere of economic uncertainty created a heavy burden on American families in 2009. With family savings dwindling and unemployment rates rising, the need for financial assistance was greater than ever. First Command Educational Foundation (FCEF) found itself in a position to have a significant impact on American families struggling

to find a way to pay for college. And we rose to the challenge. In 2009 FCEF awarded close to $200,000 in scholarships to over 100 deserving students. FCEF awarded $15,000 in Donaldson D. Frizzell scholarships alone. In response to the growing number of unemployed adults returning to school FCEF expanded its criteria to include nontraditional students and adult continuing education students. In an effort to continue marrying both sides of the mission, scholarships were again awarded to participants in FCEF financial literacy programs. Participants in La Salud de mi Dinero as well as attendees at FCEF educational presentations at the Hispanic Baptist Convention of

Cont’d on nExt pAgE


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AiR FoRCE ASSoCiAtion SCHolARSHipS 2009 Cadet Recipients: Bruce Cunningham Leah Evans Kirsten Kloeppel Evan Mines Christopher Nichols Kane Swaney Daniel Votipka

2009 AFA Recipients Cadets Daniel Votipka and Evan Mines with Sandy Schlitt, ViceChairman of the Board (l) and Joe Sutter, Chairman of the Board (r)


addrEssing tHE nEEds of tHE nation (cont’d) Texas were eligible to apply. New partnerships with universities with strong business schools provided the opportunity to cultivate and support students pursuing degrees in financial planning and sales. FCEF established $3,000 annual scholarships at Kennesaw State (GA), William Patterson (NJ), Texas Tech, and Western Kentucky University. FCEF awarded over $53,000 in partnership with First Command Financial Planning (FCFP) advisors to students across the country. The new scholarship toolkit on was developed to streamline and standardize the award process for advisors making it easier for them to have an even greater impact on their local communities. With the completion of the Dallas T. Lower Memorial endowment FCEF was also able to help FCFP advisors directly with their pursuit of advanced financial designations. As the first recipients of the Dallas T. Lower scholarship, Victor Jones

FCFP Advisor Dave Alley and 2009 recipient Trevor Broadway

of the “Napa Gold” District and Mike Gazzerro of the “Great Lakes” District both received scholarships to offset costs to obtain the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation. FCEF is able to do this great work because of the commitment that donors have made to champion our mission. The scholarship division is dedicated to helping individuals realize their dreams of attending college. FCEF plans to continue and expand this effort to meet what we are sure will be an increased need in 2010.


SCHolARSHip RECipiEntS nt ntS First Name Jacqueline Amber Stephanie Natalie Jacquana Nicholas Trevor Susan Clara Kylie Kristen Megan Christina Percy Meagan Bruce Jacob Diana Justin Leah Ana Mindy Zachary Chris Jenna Mike Cole Amelia Gisella Laura Heather Symone Sue Jean Megan Victor Timothy Katrina Nadeen Kirsten Amy Adam Victoria Sophie Eric Heather Stuart

Last Name Arevalo Bailey Barron Becknal Beckwith Blazier Broadway Bryan Buchanan Burton Burton Butler Carran Castellanos Cavasar Cunningham Dickey Edwards Eubanks Evans Fajardo Flores Francis Frederick Gaska Gazzerro Gindhart Gossman Haidar Hernandez Holden Humble Isaacson Jaio-Alexander Jones Jones Kern Kessler Khoury Kloeppel Kress Krueger Little Luu Madden McGinnis Miller

Hometown San Antonio, TX Kailua, HI Flower Mound, TX North Richland Hills, TX Vacaville, CA Abilene, TX Mooresville, NC Kailua, HI Fort Drum, NY Fort Worth, TX Cibolo, TX Junction City, KS Fairfield, CA Los Angeles, CA Fort Worth, TX Lakewood Ranch, FL Virginia Beach, VA Fort Worth, TX Leesville, LA Del Rio, TX El Paso, TX San Angelo, TX Wahiaha, HI Silverdale, WA San Antonio, TX Beavercreek, OH Cibolo, TX Pylesville, MD Fort Worth, TX Dallas, TX Mooresville, NC DeSoto,TX Fort Worth, TX Fairfield, CA Ft. Wainwright, AK Vacaville, CA Athens, OH Montgomery, AL Burke, VA The Woodlands, TX Colorado Springs, CO Moorehead, MN Hartford, WI Honolulu, HI San Antonio, TX Benbrook, TX Benton City, MO

College/University University of Texas- San Antonio Hawaii Pacific University Biola University Texas A&M University Troy University University of Texas at Austin Mitchell Community College Windward Community College Northern Arizona University Texas A&M University Texas Christian University Southwest Baptist University Northeastern University University of California- Berkeley Tarrant County College Columbia Southern University Unknown Tarrant County College-NE Campus Louisiana State University-Eunice University of the Incarnate Word Moody Bible Institute Baylor University Christendom College Tulane University Southwestern University Dallas T. Lower Scholarship Drexel University Maryland Institute College of Art Texas Christian University Brookhaven College University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill Texas A&M University-Commerce Tarrant County College-NE Campus California State University University of Notre Dame Dallas T. Lower Scholarship Ohio University University of Alabama The University of Virginia Texas A&M University Colorado State University North Dakota State University University of Wisconsin-Madison University of San Francisco Texas State University Texas Christian University University of Missouri

Cont’d on nExt pAgE


9 9

SCHolARSHip RECipiEntS RECipiEnt nt (cont’d) ntS First Name Kory Evan Christopher Mary Jennifer Rachel Jessica R. Katherine Carmen Jennifer Nicholas Nina Marchelle Maria Tiffani Olivia Leady Aleshia Madelon Cynthia Britney Patrick Kane Kanokwan Sara Jahzeel Neil Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Jacqueline Christie Danny Daniel Derrick Cassandra Zachary Chelsie Joshua Christe


Last Name Miller Mines Nichols Niles O’Loughlin Pace Paine Patterson Patulea Peace Porfilio Rayburn Renner Rodriguez Rusinyak Sandoval Santos Self Smith Smith Stevens Stueve Swaney Taweechaisuntis Teague Trejo Trimble Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Vaiana Vennel Vinson Votipka White Wilcox Williams Wilson Woolfolk Young

*Recipient information not received from the University

Hometown Clarksville, TN Tampa, FL Honolulu, HI Edmond, OK Stafford, VA Ocean Springs, MS Stafford, VA Mobile, AL Enterprise, AL Albuquerque, NM Bronx, NY Davenport, IA North Pole, AK Honolulu, HI Virginia Beach, VA North Richland Hills, TX Austin, TX Anchorage, AK Pink Hill, NC Fort Worth, TX Powderly,TX Pleasanton, CA Magnolia, DE Burke, VA Newton, NC Fort Worth, TX Mooresville, NC Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Fairfax Station, VA Fort Worth, TX Fort Worth, TX Chicago, IL Midway Park, NC Enterprise, AL Fort Worth, TX Cheyenne, WY Brandenburg, KY Fargo, ND

College/University Austin Peay State University University of South Florida San Jose State University Oklahoma State University James Madison University Univ of Southern Mississippi Catawba College Springhill College Samford University American Military University Stanford U- Graduate Business University of Missouri- Columbia University of Alaska-Fairbanks University of Hawaii at Manoa Old Dominion University Texas A&M University Texas State University- San Marcos University of Louisiana Monroe Mount Olive College Tarrant County College Paris Junior College U.S. Coast Guard Academy Wilmington University George Mason University Univ of N. Carolina- Greensboro Baptist University of the Americas Appalachian State University *University of North Texas *University of North Florida *Texas A&M University *The University of Tampa University of Pennslyvania Tarrant County College Tarrant County College Illinois Institute of Technology North Carolina State University Faulkner University Tarleton State University University of Wyoming St. Olaf College North Dakota State University


“CHip-in FoR EduCAtion” AnnuAl golF ClASSiC 2009 The 2nd “Chip-in for Education” Annual Golf Classic raised approximately $60,000 in scholarship funds to be disbursed in the Fort Worth community. This annual event took place October 23, 2009, at Hawks Creek Golf Club. 127 enthusiastic golfers participated in this day of fun supporting FCEF.

Ivy League Level:

First Command Financial Services

Doctorate Level:

CompEdge The Covey Restaurant & Brewery McConstruction Brix Pizza & Wine Bar Enterprise Rent-A-Car Fidelity Investments

Bachelor Level:

AEGON Cisy and Skip Gray Midland National Life Symantec

Executive Hole Level:

Law, Snakard and Gambill, P.C. Pulido’s Mexican Restaurant J.T. Trew of WilliamsTrew FHLB Dallas Invesco AIM

Hole-in-One Sponsors: Golf, Etc. McConstruction

Special thanks to all donors, sponsors, players and volunteers who helped make this event so very successful!!

FOR JUST PENNIES A DAY YOU CAN HELP FCEF GROW AND SUSTAIN VITAL PROGRAMS THAT HELP CREATE ABUNDANT LIVES. Imagine 33 pennies making a difference in someone’s life! $10 a month (33 cents a day) from 250 donors = $30,000 a year That’s 30 $1,000 scholarships in one year! It takes a lot of pennies each year to create scholarship opportunities and financial literacy programs. FCEF’s fundraising efforts are ongoing. We explore all avenues of fundraising each day! Our annual golf classic is FCEF’s main scholarship fundraiser!


33 cents a dayÉ Can make a big difference


donoR pRoFilES Owners of McConstruction, Denise and Steve McCune, are avid

supporters of FCEF. They both feel many of today’s financial problems plaguing society could have been averted if baby boomers were better financially educated. The McCunes donate time and financial resources to help FCEF accomplish its mission and support the Money Matters program. Steve has volunteered to chair the FCEF 2010 “Chip-in for Education” Invitational Golf Classic. Denise is president of McConstruction, which provides construction services, cost estimating and construction monitoring with funds management services to its clients. Prior to McConstruction, Denise was in the insurance industry. As general manager of McConstruction, Steve manages cost estimating and construction operations. Over his 34-year career, he has worked for numerous construction firms in the Metroplex. Steve is also an Eagle Scout. McConstruction was recently featured in the FOCUS – engineering in Fort Worth Business Press. McConstruction was one of three finalists in 1-10 Employees category of the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year competition. The winners will be announced early 2010. FCEF thanks Denise and Steve McCune and McConstruction.

The Covey, a fine dining restaurant with creative cuisine, is a brew pub. The restaurant was created not to be a normal brew pub, but an establishment offering hand-crafted food


as well as hand-crafted beers. Jamie Fulton, owner and onsite brewmaster, wanted The Covey to be a place where everyone could feel comfortable, with extraordinary food and drink. Fulton formed a partnership with First Command Educational Foundation (FCEF) in 2007. He continues that partnership with the FCEF/Covey card. A dining party can help FCEF receive donations ranging from 10% to 12% of their bill at The Covey. Depending on the tab size, The Covey will return this amount to FCEF at no additional cost to its guests. Additionally, The Covey also donates $1 to FCEF for each order of its exclusive Spinach & Artichoke Dip—so eat your spinach! The Covey sponsored dinner at FCEF’s 2009 golf tournament and has volunteered to do the same for 2010. FCEF thanks The Covey Restaurant & Brewery and Jamie Fulton.

Nichole Jansen

First Command Educational Foundation (FCEF) is so proud to say “we have come full circle!” Nichole Dove Jansen received a $1,000 scholarship awarded by FCEF in 1995. She has been a financial advisor for five years, proving the impact of FCEF’s mission statement. Nichole attended William Jewell College, completing her degree. She currently works in Kansas City, Missouri, where she helps individuals and families plan for their future, reach their financial goals and gain the tools to make wise financial decisions. Jansen states, “People are woefully undereducated about finances.” She would like to have more time to teach financial literacy classes in her community, especially for women. Nichole says “knowing my clients are better off after they leave my office than when they came in” is the most satisfying part of the job. She continued, “the most fulfilling is working with families when there is a loss of life. It makes all the tough days fade away when you get to make a tangible difference for a family when they are suffering the most.” Nichole and Brian have been married for five years and are expecting their first child next spring. FCEF is proud to have been a part of Nichole’s education knowing that she is now using her skills to “educate” others about financial literacy! Jansen is also a regular donor to FCEF. She is giving back so others can benefit from FCEF’s mission. FCEF thanks Nichole and Brian Jansen.


AnnuAl AnnuA nnu l donoRS nnuA Thank you!! Thank you!! FCEF would like to thank all our donors for another successful year. We would like to acknowledge the following individuals and businesses for their generosity and commitment to providing scholarships and financial literacy programs. Thank you for helping us support all those we serve nationwide and in our home community of Fort Worth, Texas. $250,000 AND UP First Command Financial Services

$100,000 TO $249,999

Kathryn L. Skillington Ron and Linda Testa Texas Aerospace Education Foundation United Way of Tarrant County

No donor at this level

$1,500 TO $2,499 $75,000 TO $99,999 First Command Bank

$50,000 TO $74,999 No donor at this level

$25,000 TO $49,999 Anonymous Mark J. Dierlam Nicholas and Anna D. Ricco

$10,000 TO $24,999 Anonymous Cash America International, Inc. Hyatt Place, Cityview Fort Worth McConstruction Company Scott and Nancy Spiker

$5,000 TO $9,999 Craig and Lauren Badger Marty and Sherril Durbin James N. Lanier Paul J. and Susan Smith The Covey Restaurant & Brewery Michael E. Thomas

$2,500 TO $4,999 CompEdge Financial John W. Exner Jeffrey L. Gibson Ron and Myra Huff Vickie C. Mauldin Jim and Louise Petersen


David and Linda Alley Bank of America Foundation Bill and Mary Bartels David C. Bonney Eric K. Bressman Walter F. Coulter Don and Libby Eberly Fidelity Investments First Command Fin Serv Employees Samantha and Mike Hilliard Robin L. Jones Margaret A. Kapuschansky Robert H. and Carolyn W. Kerr Kurt and Corey Langenwalter Law, Snakard & Gambill, P.C. Christopher D. Lee Mark and Annette Nielsen Michael D. O’Hanlon Dave and Kathy Surgent Travis Enlisted Spouses’ Club Travis Officers’ Spouses’ Club Michael J. Wheeler Laurie and Jim Wolf

$1,000 TO $1,499 AEGON Financial Partners Division Rick and Jane Amelon Andres Construction Anonymous Rob and Lori Ashton Kirk H. Baur Lonnie and Janet Bowman Daniel M. Brannon

Kathleen M. and Thomas D. Cheritt John and Allison Draper Jay C. Ellis John and Karen Foley Skip and Cisy Gray Haynes and Boone, LLP Invesco AIM Brian W. Johnston Victor and Kim Jones Deborah I. Lawrence James A. Leach Philip E. Leopold Charles and Rebecca McGee Richard I. McManus Midland National Life Insurance Michael and Linda Morrison Luis and Janine Muniz Frederic W. Offutt Kirk B. Olliff Andy and UkCha Pike Harvey L. Pullen Scott and Susan Rainville Stephen M. Ray Marty and Stacie Robbins Rick and Maureen Rohr Steve and Denise Ross Lamar and Jan Smith Paul R. Soderlund Gary and Virginia Svatek Todd and Patricia Taylor Leonard Thompson Teresa and H. David Tyler Carl and Janis Wagner Jeffrey A. Wallace David White Kelly and Debbie Williams Homer W. Worrell Richard T. Young


AnnuAl AnnuA nnu l donoRS (cont’d) nnuA $500 TO $999 Kurt and Sue Anderson Baptist General Convention of TX Ron Beaver Allen and Karen Bertapelle Mike and Paula Brinkman Gretchen O. Butler Brad D. Cleeton Melissa R. Cox Logan Dickinson Mark and Marion Diunizio East Bay Coast Guard Spouses Club Edward Daffron Enterprises Inc. Bob and Becky Evart FHLB Dallas Franklin Templeton Investments Andrew Fuld Carlos and Monette Garza Tom M. Griffith Anthony and Laurie Hall Scott A. Hallock Anthony G. Harvey Christopher J. Henn Mary L. Hicks Kevin D. Hollis Lt Col (Ret) Susan J. Jennaway LTC (Ret) Michael G. Spight Scott W. Keller Jeffrey A. Luther Kristy J. McCormick Joseph R. McLaughlin Vertis McManus Denise and Pat Miller Edward M. Miller Michael and Jane Neveu Alan E. Orr Paul F. Paine Charles E. Patisaul Dr. Vince Patton Rickard E. Rein T. H. Rush Milton A. Salter Tony Sanders Daniel F. & Eleanor E. Seemann David Sheehan James W. Simons


Hugh Simpson Bob Slaughter Stoney and Chris Sloan Anthony R. Smith Bob and Lisa Smith Theodore A. Smith Patricia D. Soto David A. Spisak Joey A. Storaska Benny and Helga Strange Dick and Doris Terrell Michael J. Theres Mark R. Timko VAW - VRC Officers Spouses Assoc. Williams Trew Matthew W. Wineriter

$250 TO $499 Sandy T. Allen John and Carla Barton Richard E. Batten Mary Kay and Patrick Benish Joshua D. Black Lindsay and Dalise Blanton David H. Brooks Sean and Erica Brown Nicholas W. Campbell Russell H. Clarke William E. Cook Lanny and Patsy Cox Timothy J. Custer Edward J. Daffron Gordon and Cheryl Edgin Michelle and Glen Eiland Henry C. Evans Edward C. Fariss Richard A. Fleming Tony Ford Nancy and Mike Gazzerro Dennis W. Glynn Ronald E. Hagler Hartman Leito & Bolt, LLP Tracy A. Heichelbech Raymond and Sandra Herzog Ralph L. Hill Kodak Horton

Gary T. James Nichole D. Jansen Lori and Norman Kane David and Inge Lavallee Bavy U. Lopez Leslie and Ryan Mahoney Larry R. Markowski Harold E. McClelland Morgan Keegan & Co., Inc. Joe and Dana Morrin William A. Motley Joseph J. Mulcahy William O. Nichols Mark and Carolyn O’Connor William E. Oliver Greg Orr John C. Osarczuk Michael K. Parker Rich and Candyce Parrington William J. Perry Stacy and Mark Pickard Mitzi and Gregg Pomes Kimberly and James Provo Timothy R. Randle Robert J. Rausch Troy D. Richards Sandy K. Rishel Glenn P. Roberts Heidi and Michael Russell Jim and Judy Schless Shay Investment Services, Inc. Stephen E. Simmons John C. Snider Merle and Cindy Spaulding Gerald I. Stanley David C. Strick Tugg and Jo Ann Thomson JT and Jaclyn M. Thorp Charles S. Tyler Michael A. Walker Mike and Bonnie Watson

$120 TO $249 John E. Anderson Anonymous (2) Adan and Janet Araujo


James M. Bade Jerre L. Baker Matthew J. Baker Dave and Sandy Barber Al Batey and Marilyn Prost Brandon T. Bean Raymond K. Bennett Mark E. Bergman Steven R. Bione Emma and Dennis Blaker Kevin A. Bornhoft Beverly K. Bowden Roger I. Brueckbauer Mike Bunting David B. Burns Claudia Canestra Peter C. Carlo Thomas Carpenter Jr. Rachel J. Chenault Chuck and Linda Cinnamon Nancy Cloud Harry Collins Gail and Parker Consaul John D. Cook Carl E. Cornelius Vincent Croom William A. Crow William W. Cultice Matthew J. Davidson Scott W. Davis Clint and Sheryl DeArman Chris and Stephanie Dentinger James A. Dentinger Rick Disney Susan and Steve Dixon Randal E. Dorf Chris Drake Gary and Luigi Edwards Bruce D. Ellwein Michael H. Fleischbein Albert Galante Jamie M. Giddings Michael Gilbert Jeffrey and Zak Glynn John D. Gosztyla Sunday Grace


Linda Grafa John R. Grigsby David Hansen Michael and Julie Ann Harvin Matthew Hembree Dennis and Youn Hee Hern Cynthia L. Higgins Jeffrey and Christine Hoaglund Byron E. Ingraham Robert E. Jorgensen Timothy Joseph Frederic G. Joy Christina L. Judge Scott and Terri Kallsen Bill and Barbara Kane Robert S. Keaton Ralph B. Kelly Charles D. Kilburn Kenneth and Lillian Krahl Woodward D. Lamar Harold L. Langley Gerald and Donna Lemons Lewis R. Levy William J. Liquori Eleanor M. and Michael B. Loveall Ronald E. Lux Staci and James A. Mapes Christine M. Martin L.C. Martin III Scott G. Matlock Bob C. McAdams Don McCarthy Michael C. McConnell James D. McCullough Adriane McManus Kenya R. Meyers Michael A. Moffitt Jerry and Pong Mi Mohr Will Morris John C. and Arline S. Mott Wes J. Niblack Trisha and Johnny Obregon Stanley L. Obrey Gordon F. Olde Jill and John Pietrusinski Bob and Suzanne Ponton

Arthur R. Porcelli John M. Poutier Jocinta N. Powell Nicholas G. Psaki Bill and Bonnie Robeson Larry and Sally Robinson Harold J. Roesch Curtis L. Ross Charles and Redonda Russell Ron and Lisa Scarborough Martin L. Schoonover Eric K. Schuster Matthew Schwarz Mike Scott Fred and Rumiko Shirley John and Ellen Shull Lori Sidrony Myra and Terry Slaybaugh Jackie Smalls Michelle R. Snyder Glendon C. Speakman Benjamin F. Stahl William J. and Pauline Stropp Dave and Jayme Studer Lawrence Stumpf Robert G. Sutter Brian L. Swanson Clay H. Swindell James C. Swindell Stephen D. and Janet R. Thaeler Zachary T. Thompson Thomas H. Trant Amber and Mike Turley Graydon S. Uyeda Clarence and Cecelia Van Donselaar Steven M. Vause Alan J. Weaver Clifford B. Weddington Esau and Rosa Maria Williamson Brad Willimont Frank Wilson Charles W. and Geri J. Wolfe Douglas C. Worrell Brian K. Young Christopher J. Young Cheryl Zudell


liFEtiME giVing (SinCE 2002) $2,000,000 AND UP First Command Financial Services

Paul J. and Susan Smith Scott and Nancy Spiker

$500,000 TO $999,999 Payne Family

$10,000 TO $24,999 Cash America International, Inc. Marty and Sherril Durbin Jeffrey L. Gibson Hometown Threads Ron and Myra Huff Jay Smith Scholarship & Exellence Fund Vickie C. Mauldin McConstruction Company Mark and Annette Nielsen Michael D. O’Hanlon Jim and Louise Petersen Philip & Janice Levin Foundation Pioneer Investments Kathryn L. Skillington George C. Talley Texas Credit Union Leage Michael E. Thomas United Technologies Corporation

$250,000 TO $499,999 First Command Bank $100,000 TO $249,999 Torchmark Corporation $50,000 TO $99,999 Mark Dierlam Invesco Aim Nicholas and Anna Ricco $25,000 TO $49,999 AIG Life Brokerage Anonymous Charles T. Bauer Franklin Templeton Investments Don and Pattie Frizzell Hyatt Place Premier Wines of Plano Lamar and Jan Smith

$5,000 TO $9,999 Samuel B. Adams Rick and Jane Amelon

Andres Construction Craig and Lauren Badger Bill and Mary Bartels Richard E. Batten Kirk H. Baur Bradley A Berger David C. Bonney Lonnie and Janet Bowman Daniel M. Brannon Barry B. Bridger Kathleen M. and Thomas D. Cheritt Colonial Savings Howard Crump Ronald R. Dorenbusch John and Allison Draper E Management Systems Edward T. Elmendorf John W. Exner FedEx Services John and Karen Foley Richard E. Giles Skip and Cisy Gray Scott L. Hull Robin L. Jones Victor and Kim Jones Margaret A. Kapuschansky Raleigh C. Kone

James N. Lanier Law, Snakard & Gambill, P.C. James A. Leach Donald G. Marcum Charles and Rebecca McGee Richard I. McManus Frederic W. Offutt Kirk B. Olliff Frederick D. Orr Charles E. Patisaul Stephen M. Ray Marty and Stacie Robbins Steve and Denise Ross Hugh Simpson Theodore A. Smith Ron and Linda Testa The Covey Restaurant & Brewery Barry D. Todd Travel Service Everywhere Jay W. Vance Carl and Janice Wagner Michael J. Wheeler Esau and Rosa Maria Williamson Laurie and Jim Wolf Richard T. Young

Memorial for Lt. Jay Smith Scholarship & Exellence Fund Herman and Patricia Block Paul J. and Susan Smith

Memorial for Dallas T. Lower Anonymous Don and Libby Eberly James N. Lanier John and Allison Draper Margaret A. Kapuschansky

MEMoRiAl donAtionS Memorial for Michael A. Fisk Diane A. Protho Memorial for Donaldson D. Frizzell Anonymous Bob Slaughter Bruce Watson Christina Judge Clarence and Cecelia Van Donselaar Dale and Connie Schmidtbleicher Dave and Inge Lavallee Dick and Doris Terrell

Joy Oliver Lamar and Jan Smith Linda Lee Margie L. Veale Nancy Ricker Patricia L. Baldwin Paul and Sherry Cozby Robert and Pam Elliott Robert and Suzanne Zanes Ron and Myra Huff Sharon B. Reynolds Skip and Cisy Gray Stephen and Denise McCune Vickie C. Mauldin

Memorial for M. Alice Konecny Anonymous Anonymous In Honor of Dorothy Rauso Anonymous In Honor of Anthony P. Konecny Don and Libby Eberly

In Honor of the Legal and Compliance Department at First Command Financial Planning Law, Snakard & Gambill, P.C.

pASSiVE giVing A steady increase in donations from “passive income” has proven to be a powerful and significant tool for FCEF. We are proud of our local community partners; their combined donations for 2009 totaled over $17,000. Simple gestures such as grocery shopping and using rewards cards or using GoodSearch as your internet search engine can help FCEF raise funds for scholarships and financial literacy. We are very grateful to:



FinAnCiAl inFoRMAtion Thanks to individual donors, corporate partners, and grant funders, the fiscal year for FCEF ended December 31, 2009, with another year of increased revenue and program services. Despite a turbulent economy, and decreased donations on numerous fronts, FCEF’s overall financial position still increased approximately 3% over 2008 total revenue. The staff’s ability to reduce expenses while increasing program support was directly responsible for this positive outcome. The need for financial literacy has never been greater as evidenced by many economic indicators as well as personal struggles to make ends meet and corporate challenges to continue operations. Each year, I am overwhelmed by the dedication and passion exhibited by the FCEF staff and board of directors which doesn’t show up in any one financial line item. They have continued to find a way to provide services and increase the amount of financial support provided to so many. FCEF continues to be well positioned financially to meet the challenges in 2010 and beyond.

Michael F. Morrison Treasurer

StAtEMEnt oF ACtiVitiES Public Support and Other Revenue Donations Special Events Other Unrealized gain (loss) on Investments Total Revenue Program Services Expenses Scholarship Education Development and Fund Raising Public Awareness Management and General Administrative Total Expenses Net Income Net Assets Increase (decrease) At Beginning of Year At End of Year


Unaudited 2009

Audited 2008

$661,605 $60,951 $105,694 $76,248 $904,498

$848,282 $44,503 $171,549 ($187,404) $876,930

$211,435 $366,160 $167,513 $67,706 $153,702 $965,886 ($61,388)

$367,393 $207,960 $193,164 $158,586 $143,592 $1,070,695 ($193,765)

$154,977 $929,080 $1,084,057

($137, 069) $1,066,149 $929,080

17 17

boARd oF diRECtoRS

Robert Slaughter President

V-22 Sr. ILS Specialist, Bell Helicopter Hurst, TX

Dr. Vince Patton Vice President

Dir of Community Outreach, Military Advantage/Monster Worldwide Alexandria, VA

Craig M. Badger

Vice President, Enterprise Rent-A-Car Keller, TX

Martha E. “Cisy” Gray Secretary Retired Fort Worth, TX

Kim Campbell

Financial Advisor, Edward Jones Arlington, TX

Michael F. Morrison Treasurer CFO and EVP, First Command Financial Services, Ft. Worth, TX

Paul F. Paine

President, Fort Worth South, Inc. Fort Worth, TX

Kurt B. Anderson Retired Fort Worth, TX

Glenn Roberts

Construction Manager, Chevron Energy Solutions Co. Cathedral City, CA

Doris M. Terrell Retired Fort Worth, TX

Paul J. Smith

Retired Miramar Beach, FL


Vickie C. Mauldin Chief Executive Officer


Romy M. Basil

Fin. Education Instructor

Pam Elliott Exec. Asst./Office Mgr

Adriane McManus Scholarship Coordinator

Ingeborg Lavallee Contractor

Tania Williams Contractor


donAldSon (don) d. FRiZZEll (1932 – 2009) For First Command Educational Foundation (FCEF), 2009 started with the very sad news of the loss of its former president, Don Frizzell. He died Thursday, January 8, 2009. FCEF lost not only a good friend and supporter, but also an active board member and former leader. Don was a native of Baltimore, Maryland, and a graduate of the Charlotte Hall Military Academy. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Dairy Husbandry from the University of Maryland and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from George Washington University. Frizzell joined the U.S. Air Force in 1955. By the time he retired as a colonel in 1981, he had served in flying, training and staff positions with Air Training Command, Pacific Air Forces, Tactical Air Command, and the Air University. Throughout his Air Force career, Don had distinguished himself as a military scholar and instructor. He served as a flight and academic instructor early in his career and attended the Air Force’s Academic Instructor’s School at Maxwell AFB in 1958 and again in 1974. A research and career highlight came when he co-authored The Lessons of Vietnam, with Professor W. Scott Thompson, in 1976. This was the first book on the Vietnam War written by actual participants in the conflict. The American Historical Society awarded it runner-up honors for book of the year in 1977. In 1981 Don joined USPA & IRA (the original First Command Financial Planning) as a financial planning and investment professional. During his tenure as Director of Investments, assets accumulated by clients of the company increased from less than $1 million to over $17 billion. This vast experience brought Don to FCEF in 2001 as the foundation’s president. Before Don retired he set the path for the foundation to become a public charity and did the groundwork for FCEF to be included in the Combined Federal Campaign Program. After Don’s retirement he kept on providing guidance and support as a regular volunteer, guest lecturer, and as a member of the FCEF Board of Directors. Don and his wife Pattie Ann were married for 55 years. Don is also missed by four children and seven grandchildren. Next to his family and friends, Don’s great love was golf. He may no longer be seen in the halls around First Command or in the office at FCEF, but his presence and influence will be felt here for many years to come. His hearty laugh, kind nature, and passion for financial education will never be forgotten.


Mission: promote and provide education as the foundation of a productive society through scholarships and financial literacy programs.

First Command Educational Foundation 1 FirstComm Plaza Fort Worth, TX 76109-4999 Phone: 817.569.2940 Toll Free: 1.877.872.8289 Fax: 817.569.2970

Š2009 First Command Educational Foundation


2009 Annual Report  

The 2009 Annual Report for FCEF outlines donor profiles, scholarship, educational programs and staff of FCEF

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