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...through the roar of the crowds our voice is heard and the direction is clear... COMPASS MANAGEMENT: At Compass, our focus is guiding clients through a disciplined process with respect to the near term and long term objectives, from Financial Guidance and Legacy Planning to Retirement and Estate Planning. Throughout each client's professional career, Compass will be alongside them to help with any important decisions regarding their careers in athletics and beyond. Through close relationships with each client's agent, we will be in constant communication so that our client is always well informed.

CONTACT INFORMATION Compass Management Group, LLC. 380 North Old Woodward Suite 240 Birmingham, Michigan 48009 248.433.1263 (Office) 248.433.1271 (Fax)

OVERVIEW OUR SERVICES Ongoing Daily Planning Long-Term Planning Post-Career Guidance

Integrity. Discipline. Guidance. OUR SERVICES ARE PLANNED FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE ATHLETE: Identification and retention of our client's Trusted Advisor Team: Agent Investment Managers, including League Qualified Financial Advisors Certified Public Accountants and Daily Bookkeepers Estate and Other Attorneys Real Estate and Relocation Experts Marketing, Endorsement and Social Media Coordinators We will secure highly qualified professionals who specialize in providing service to the professional athlete based upon your specific needs. These are professionals who will help us guide you to the continued success that you've worked for.


You have worked hard... ...we want you to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

“Give people enough guidance to make the decisions you want them to make. Don’t tell them what to do but encourage them to do what is best.”

-Jimmy Johnson

We will advise and mentor our clients on multiple venues of establishing and maintaining financial health Monitor and Maintain all Budgets while Maximizing Long-Term Investments and Savings Establishment of LLC for endorsement funds Term and/or Whole Life Insurance as needed Establish Charitable Foundation Post-Career Guidance (Life after Professional Sport: Coaching, Broadcasting, Marketing, Law, etc.)

“Never leave that till tomorrow which you can do today.� -Benjamin Franklin

DAILY TASKS Our services are designed to simplify your life. They include, but are not limited to: Banking, Budgeting and Routine Bill Payment Bookkeeping, Accounting and Tax & Estate Planning Monitoring, Recording and Collecting All Forms of Income Liability Management Negotiaton of Major Purchases: Home, Auto, Lines of Credit, Insurance Oversight of Active Investments and Trusted Advisor Team Work with Agent on all fronts inclusive of Second Contract Negotiations Advise on Business Opportunities Concierge Services: Fine Dining Reservations, Entertainment, Travel and Vacation Planning

“The mould of a man's fortune is in his own hands.� Francis Bacon, Sr.

maintain your focus. We realize that our client’s priority is their craft, whether athletics or entertainment. Therefore, we take care of your daily tasks so that you can focus 100% of your efforts on your career. The creation of a complete budget inclusive of retirement appropriations, short term investments, annual tax liabilities, and everyday expenses is critical to your long term financial success. Equally important is the oversight of contract negotiations with your agents, and even helping you wind down with a fine dining reservation. Compass provides a multitude of services that will allow you to focus on being the best you can be without the stress of life’s daily paperwork.

“The mould of a man's fortune is in his own hands.” Francis Bacon, Sr.


At Compass, we understand that it's not only your image on the field that is important; but equally important is your image off the field. We will create a strategic plan tailored specifically for you. In the world of sports and entertainment it's crucial to develop and maintain a media "brand" appropriate to your endeavors. We carefully monitor the details of all of your public relations and branding opportunities. Compass clients see the immediate effect of our efforts both in the media, and in the bottom line.

"You now have to decide what 'image' you want for your brand. Image means personality. Products, like people, have personalities, and they can make or break them in the market place. " -David Ogilvy

We implement numerous strategies to develop a complete brand and image package. These strategies include: THE USE OF TACTICAL ENDORSEMENTS We realize that you don't have much free time; we don't want you to waste it. We choose endorsement opportunities that are specific to your target audience to maximize impact.

SOCIAL MEDIA EXPOSURE We manage all forms of your social media, from specific webpages and fan pages to Twitter, Facebook and all other social media networks. We protect your privacy through the use of specific social media liability contracts, when applicable.

CHARITABLE FOUNDATIONS AND CAMPS An important piece of the Compass philosophy is giving back to the community. Charitable work is equally important in maintaining a strong image in the public eye. We will work with the charities of your preference and develop further philanthropic networking on your behalf. We want our clients, and their target markets, to know that giving is, indeed, as important as receiving.

MEDIA AND PUBLIC RELATIONS COVERAGE All clients at Compass receive one on one media and public relations training. We work with nationally recognized public relations firms who can assist you to reach your image goals, from public speaking opportunities to leadership within your team.


Compass Management is prepared to advance any client into a level of financial security that will last them, and their families, a life-time. Through our strategic relationships and networks across the spectrum of financial industries, we can provide you with integrity and experience in a field where professional athletes and entertainers are are often overlooked or misguided. We understand the time constraints on high profile professionals and place significant importance on preserving your wealth without the stress of uncertainty. We are here for you.

“Fortune knocks but once, but misfortune has much more patience.�

Chief Executive Officer DAVID SILLMAN David has been managing high net worth clients’ assets through his own enterprises for over 30 years and has completed private investment acquisitions in excess of $450 million. His experience and expertise in the fields of asset allocation and commercial real estate are unparalleled. His conservative approach, along with his successful track record, have made him a highly sought after consultant in both the asset and business management industries and in many operating service business formats. David and his family remain closely connected to their community by supporting numerous charitable causes on an ongoing basis. Principal DANIEL SILLMAN Daniel’s determination is apparent in all of his endeavors, from the formation of his early business ventures, which range from a fully staffed automobile detailing service to a full-scale retail apparel venture, through his work as a junior analyst on a $200 million dollar equity fund in the distressed debt market. While completing his BBA, from the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business he developed friendships with two outstanding NFL draft picks. Daniel saw a tremendous gap in financial management within the world of professional sports and founded Compass Management Group with the idea of preserving the wealth of the professional athlete. Daniel is also a dedicated supporter of the Camp-Make-a-Dream Foundation, and has created and managed large fund-raising events for the charity over the years. Financial Services Director DONI FALL Doni is a conservative business manager having managed over $250 million in assets. Her approach to monitoring and maximizing financial performance of small to mid-size operating businesses has served her in numerous ventures over the years, from her first start-up company to her ongoing roll as business manager for a privately held printing and embroidery company, through her focus on the syndication of commercial real estate investments. Doni has a tremendous attention to detail and a broad knowledge of operating, real estate, and private banking businesses. Doni is involved in numerous charitable activities throughout her community, and has held Board positions on many Detroit charities focused on the mentoring of inner city youths and rehabilitating Detroit neighborhoods.

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