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BUYER APPOINTMENT FORM NAME(s) _____________________________________________________________________ Address______________________________________________________________________ Home#_____________________Work#________________Cell#________________________ Fax#_______________________Email_____________________________________________ How did you come to call the Cindy Dickerman Team? Where did you get the Number to call us today? (circle all that apply) Top 100, ARCH, Website,, Bus Stop, Postcard, Just Listed/Just Sold, Ad, Other _________________________________________ PROPERTY___________________________ Referral (name)_________________________ Are you planning to buy a home? _________How soon to you plan on buying? __________ On a scale of 1-10, with 1--just beginning to look and 10 being - ready to purchase, where are you?________________________________________________________________ Are you working with a Realtor to purchase? ____________Have you seen any homes or made any offers? ______________________________________________________________ Has anyone explained the PA Consumer Notice to you? Explain _____________________ Are you a 1st time buyer? _______________Are you renting? Or relocating? ____________ Have you been pre-approved for a mortgage? ___________________________if so with whom?______________________________Do you have a pre-approval letter?___________ Do you have a house to sell? _______________ Do you need to sell to buy?_______________ What price range are you comfortable with? __________________________________ How much money do you have for the down payment? ______________________________ If we found the perfect home today, would you buy it? _______________________________ What are you 3 top criteria for selecting a home? (1)__________(2)___________(3)_______ Tell me about the home you have in mind? Location_________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ Style__________Bedrooms________Baths__________Basement________Garage_________ Acres________Age______Features________________________________________________ Is there anything that I didn’t ask you that you feel is important for me to know?________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _ Let me tell you how I work? ______________________When are you available to come into the office to meet me and begin your home search? Offer two available times……………… APOINTMENT DAY AND TIME________________________________________________ TP

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T:\Cd Team\Office Forms\Buyer Appointment Form. UPDATED 3/27/2011

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T:\Cd Team\Office Forms\Buyer Appointment Form. UPDATED 3/27/2011

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Buyer Appointment Form