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Date:18th April 2012

Our vision is to democratize learning. Our charter is to empower and foster sharing of knowledge among the community.

Unleashing Edfora-IIT Chapters… Learner’s Paradise is in the Making Edfora is on a mission to take quality education to every nook and corner of the society. Team Edfora embarked upon its journey to partner with the premier T-Schools & B-Schools of the country.

Large number of students turned up and started resonating with the vision of Edfora as the management team shared the roadmap to building a new learning paradigm.

Beginning with IIT Bombay on April 14 the team is all set to visit ITBHU, Varanasi on April 19. Two days in the lush green campus instilled freshness and rejuvenated the mission to revolutionize education. The young minds very enthusiastically participated in the presentation focused on Edfora and its mission.

Tablets were circulated and as the audience explored Edfora’s Android App, their inquisitive minds directed inquiries related to Edfora’s unique education platform. From promotion strategy to technology; and adoption to user experience; the house threw apt questions. The interaction left us with key takeaways.

How we picked our ambassadors? The herculean task of selecting the reformists to take Edfora’s vision to masses entailed shortlisting through group discussions. The finalists presented a write-up to showcase their marketing prowess and missionary acumen. Their perspectives on benefits for various stakeholders were evaluated.

Laying the Foundation of the Edfora-IITB Chapter The selected ambassadors were inducted to engage & onboard the various education stakeholders on Edfora. The students took charge of respective zones defined for Bombay region. Enthusiasts also proposed Hyderabad, Jalgaon, Kota & Jaipur Chapters. The zonal commands would spread awareness by visiting schools and onboarding teachers in their zones. This effort would culminate into onboarding the

unsung heroes of yester years. Amassing their contribution is slated to result in the largest digital collection of educational content in the world. Equipped with skill and armory required for creating a video the budding technocrats would empower the teaching fraternity.

E DUCATION F OR A LL Work Together and Make a real Difference!!

Technology needs to be available (digital universe) instead of being confiscated at the classroom door (digital refugee)...

Student Testimonial “Hundred words for every question were really less to say what all can be done for the betterment of society as well as our initiative. The entire selection process has been a great learning experience to me. I personally have been associated with social causes for past 2-3 years and Edfora seems to be the one directly hitting on the root cause of all evil thoughts/ideas prevailing in the society. I will be really glad to be a part of this team. I enjoyed every part of selection procedure. Besides everything it will be a great experience to work with people with such great vision like Edfora. If I got selected I promise you to work with full dedication and enthusiasm for the betterment and fulfilment of this project.� - Rahul Jain, IIT Bombay (13-14 April, 2012)

Responses From Edfora’s Ambassadors... What are benefits for a school in becoming a partner of Edfora? “It is a known fact that schools discourage private tuitions, as tuitions do not necessarily augment but replace school education. By subscribing to Edfora’s services they provide their students with an assisting learning method which firstly, can be developed. by their very own teachers and secondly, augment school education as students can revisit important concepts at any time and would have familiarity to the teaching methods presented. Edfora can have a significant impact in higher education services as well. University professors have an unenviable task of not only teaching as faculty but also the pressure of churning out high quality research along with it. Edfora can augment their teaching process by being a depository of teaching content developed by them or shared worldwide amongst faculty. This could significantly bring down workload and help them achieve a higher standard of publishing. Some of the initiatives of Edfora could also promote cross-discipline coordination for example in core subjects which have wider application as a supplemental tool and further expansion like core mathematics courses and accounting courses.” - Atulit Khanna, IIT Bombay (13-14 April, 2012)

What are benefits for students in becoming partners of Edfora?

“The vision of Edfora as we know is “Education is our fundamental right; lets make it happen together ” and it is a community service first where without doubt its biggest beneficiaries are students. Students worldwide shall have access to one of the largest pool of data and information which they can study at their own pace and will. Also a major benefit for student any age is that any long term injury or illness will not have any major impact on his academic performance as he would always have access to any topic being taught. The biggest benefit of Edfora for students is that it is free, free to access and free to explore which makes it perfect replacement to any coaching or tuition class a student may have to go to and spend thousands. Also, students have one of the most important roles in Edfora as they are the ones who judge any contributors works. Students ensure that quality stays at the top and also that anything wrong is clearly pointed out, hence not only is Edfora helping them but the student community plays a major role in ensuring the supreme quality provided through Edfora to the entire student community.” - Atulit Khanna, IIT Bombay (13-14 April, 2012)

“Students get everything they ever wanted. An online interface to learn something from the selfchosen teachers anytime, anyplace and any number of times they want. I think this question is answered by the basic idea behind this company, the vision to revolutionize education by substituting or supplementing the current learning methods by more effective ones.” - Manas Avinash Pawar, IIT Bombay (13-14 April, 2012)

What are benefits for the teachers in becoming the partners of Edfora?

“Larger platform for them to be noticed and self actualize and try to empower themselves Teachers even though altruistic in nature have a need like any person to see their work come to fruition and if possible to reach out to a large section of society. Edfora provides them exactly that platform to do this.” - Karma Tshering, IIT Bombay (13-14 April, 2012)

“Edfora sells them a dream. A dream of making them 'The Next Richard Feynman'. We are anyways giving them an opportunity to reach more students than they ever imagined. This will give them a chance of self-evaluation and getting honest feedbacks and gain an insight into the student's minds and understand what they like and what they don't in teaching. Also, this will introduce them a whole new interface to display their skills and win accolades from our side on special events. Personal networks can be invoked and the special bonding with previous students can work as an incentive .” - Manas Avinash Pawar, IIT Bombay (13-14 April, 2012)

Edfora IIT Bombay Chapter Newsletter  

Our vision is to democratize learning. Our charter is to empower and foster sharing of knowledge among the community. We picked Edfora Stude...

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