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Small is beautiful F

For home and hybrid workers, space matters - but so does working as efficiently as possible. A new personal scanner from PFU (EMEA) Ltd ensures employees can work efficiently in a small space

or the many people

workspaces in home and other non-

who work at home

office workspace.

today, space is at

But help is at hand as PFU (EMEA)

In operation, it maintains its small stature; for example, it has a U-turn feed path, which minimises the device’s

a premium. Home

Ltd has recently launched the ScanSnap

footprint by removing the need to

workers often don’t

iX1300, a new personal document

extend any trays - but, despite its small

have the work space they do in the office,

scanner with a small operational footprint

size, it loses nothing in its practicality.

or want to tidy their equipment away at

to help individuals maximise their

It enables users to do PC-free scanning

the end of the working day to keep a

productivity wherever they work from.

direct to mobile or cloud services and

delineation between work and home.

has the ability to save documents as DESIGNED TO FIT ANY WORKSPACE

searchable PDFs or editable Word,

people who require equipment such

The ScanSnap iX1300, the latest

Excel or PowerPoint files.

as scanners to do their jobs effectively.

addition to the long-established and

Another significant feature of the

Scanners, especially those with the

world’s best-selling personal scanner

ScanSnap iX1300 is the efficiency it brings

functionality required by office workers,

range, is designed to fit on any desk or

to the workspace. It doesn’t need time to

can have quite large footprints when

makeshift workspace; it weighs just two

warm up – it’s ready to scan at 30 pages

drawers and trays are considered, which

kilogrammes and has dimensions, when

per minute in seconds.

can be difficult to accommodate in small

closed, of 296mm x 114mm x 87mm.

This can present a problem for

[24] NOVEMBER 2021

Thanks to its clever return path,