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THE GO-TO MAN 2020 has been a great year for ALISTER HALL. His business is thriving - at a time when many are floundering - and he is growing his team, and the divisions within his business. How has he pulled off this miracle?


lister puts his

something Alister learned when he started

was coming up to 40; I was a director, and in a

success down to

out in the industry as an 18-year-old

good position, but I considered that in five, 10

how he fosters close

telesales agent for a dealer. “That was all

or 15 years’ time there was no possibility they


via the ‘phone using the Spicers catalogue,

were going to give me a share of the company.

relationships with

a record card box and an ashtray on the

I would just be expiring, and not having

customers, something

desk,” he laughs. “I really enjoyed that. I

anything to show for the years I had put in.”

that has been at the heart of what he has

have always enjoyed talking to people in a

done throughout his professional life, and it

consultative, friendly way, rather than having


is a philosophy that has brought him success

that supplier-customer relationship, and

So Alister decided to take the gamble and

for 25 years, whether as a telesales agent or

seeing it as more of a partnership. I have

strike out on his own – and really did put

running his own business.

always been into the partnership element.”

his money where his mouth is. “The first

After success in that role, Alister moved

thing I did was to make big personal lifestyle

Ltd, a new name in the industry, but one that

up to managing a telesales team, along with

changes to significantly my reduce outgoings

has made significant progress this year, thanks

his own roster of premier clients. This later

to take the pressure off myself financially.

in part to developing good relationships

developed into a field role, which again he

with customers, but also listening to these

took to easily. “It was natural for me to sit in

having the pressure of having to replace my

customers and what they need to grow their

front of people and talk to them.”

salary with immediate effect.

Currently he runs product supplier go2

businesses. Alister also partnered his business

However, despite the dealer being

“That gave me the freedom of not

“I effectively gambled on my own ability

with Office Power earlier in the year, and this

successful, and developing significantly during

to replace that salary. Within three years I

has had a huge impact on productivity and

Alister’s time there, by 2014, he felt he had

had doubled it.”

streamlining processes.

plateaued. “I wanted the opportunity to work

Developing customer relationship is

[22] DECEMBER 2020


for myself rather than for others,” he says. “I

In the beginning, Alister joined a couple of old schoolfriends who supplied cleaning and

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Dealer Support December 2020